Olá! Eu sou o Esquilo. Eu não entendo Português.

I am the user Esquilo, it means squirrel in portugese. I live i Stockholm, Sweden.

I used to do a lot of work on Wikidata with items related to Sweden (Q34), but I have mostly stopped. New properties are introduced every week adding to the complexity and chaos of unconsidered and uncoordinated data model. Old properties are missused in a way they were not intended to or deleted for arbitrary reasons and replaced with new properties that are not fit to replace them. The number of statements on Wikidata increases, but it does not add to the quality and usability of the data. Quite the contrary. The possibility of using data from Wikidata for infoboxes in Wikipedia (Wikidata phase two) have never seen further away than it does now. It works for simple one-statement queries like Commons category (P373) or for subsections where an existing, well thought out and tested data model was imported outright (like authority control).

Therefore, I have mostly stopped editing Wikidata. I only go here to add interwiki to new articles in Swedish Wikipedia (Q169514) or on an occasional drive when I find a scope with a usable data-model.