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Joined 20 December 2012

Faizan Munawer Ali Varya(born February 18, 1989), I have been contributing in Wikipedia since 2005. I was editing without any ID, I finally created my ID and have been serving Wikipedia professionally since 2010.

About MeEdit

I am Wikipedian first then Editor Wikipedia, an author, an editor, a blogger, a journalist, a v-logger, a motivational speaker, a youth activist last but not least President & Founder of Pakistan's 1st youth oriented Non-governmental organization (NGO) which known as Youth Welfare Organization(YWO) and Youth Club International (YCI) whose 98% constitution/By laws focuses only on Youth which is working for benefits of youth for past 4 years which has legal status and legally registered with Government of Sindh, Pakistan.

I mostly focus on youth voice, student engagement, youth empowerment, youth development, youth activism, community youth development, thanks to Allah the almighty who made me quite skilled, talented and blessed person in the world with blessings of Allah the almighty (THE GOD). I am bit known in the world because my name came up in Guinness World Records in 2006 and 2007 I am professional polyglot, and I am among top 23 bloggers in the world.

I am International journalist, I want to make my self a better individual than others therefore I want to see myself as someone different from the rest in the world. I just try to be the best in everything whatever I do. I have also taken into my consideration that no one is the best in the world however as human on earth we should try to do whatever we can or want to do with the best of our ability and that is what, I am doing. I believe in hard work therefore I work extremely hard because I know this is my time and I want to prove myself.

Contributions Towards SocietyEdit

  • Founder and President of Youth Welfare Organization
  • Founder and President Youth Club International
  • Founder of Faizan Varya Productions
  • International Languages Trainer and Learner
  • Blogger
  • Director (Stage Drama/Documentaries/Stage Plays in Karachi and Alhamra Arts Council)
  • Script Writer
  • International Campaign Consultant in Business Process Outsource Industry
  • Social Welfare Activist
  • Social Media Expert
  • Educational Consultant (For Europe, United State and Few Asian Countries)

If you have any question and quarries regarding me or in your life kindly leave your message for me on my blog.

On WikimediaEdit

I am mostly active on English Wikipedia kindly visit for more information.