In many cases instance of (P31) is used for a wide and generic type with other properties used to make this more specific.

Instance of additional info further info
human (Q5) occupation (P106) field of work (P101)
sports team (Q12973014) sport (P641) .
company (Q783794) industry (P452) .
Example BB Example

I propose we use a similar pattern for other "type" properties.

Items with property P60 (P60) should also be instance of (P31)=astronomical object (Q6999)
Items with property P132 (P132) should also be instance of (P31)=administrative territorial entity (Q56061)
Items with property taxon rank (P105) should also be instance of (P31)=taxon (Q16521)
Items with property subclass of (P279) should also be instance of (P31)=class (Q5127848)

In general every item should have the P31 property and this should tell us the broad type of item it is and be used to select the appropriate template of properties which we can expect to find for that item.