The article about the championship does not correctly indicate (mixed up) the venue of two tournaments. It will be right - 2007 in Cameroon and 2008 in Morocco.

Some sites say that on the March 28 calendar there was a race Critérium International de Blida (Q15989603) (cyclingarchives, procyclingstats, firstcycling) on the calendar, another that a race Critérium International d'Alger (Q15924510) (cqranking, the-sports, memoire-du-cyclisme). I set a race Critérium International de Blida 2016 (Q83854775)

Race Univest Grand Prix 2005 (Q84251839) was held on September 17 (17-09-2005 procyclingstats, memoire-du-cyclisme, cyclebase). relates this race to the criteria --> [1] And as the main indicates the race held on September 18 --> cyclingarchives

  • The winners for 2015 were mixed up

Clásico Aniversario de la Federación Venezolana de Ciclismo (Q1103779) -->
Copa Federacion Venezolana de Ciclismo (Q15249020) -->

  • Cycling race in Tobago

There were two races in Tobago. The names could be different, but the format was constant. In the articles now these two races are combined into one. I shared them on Wikidata.
- multi-day, amateur / national - Tobago International (Q85017082) - cyclingarchives
- one-day and included in the UCI tour - Tobago Cycling Classic (Q3530122) - cyclingarchives

As a source, a video review of the 2014 races. 6 min 30 sec - schedule of two races. Then at first there is a review of the multi-day race, and from 42 min 45 sec one-day goka begins.