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Wiki Loves GLAMs aims to improve the information about heritage institutions on Wikidata and promote the use of this information on Wikipedia and in other projects. The goal is to achieve a complete an high-quality inventory of heritage institutions and make this information available on an international level. Wiki Loves GLAMs is being carried out as a pilot project in Switzerland in 2020.

Aims and ScopeEdit

Inventory of heritage institutionsEdit

Wiki Loves GLAMs aims at the creation of a complete, high-quality and regularly updated inventory of heritage institutions. The main advantages of using Wikidata for this inventory is that it is multilingual, available to the whole world and that it can be enriched or updated by anybody at any time. In this regard, the Swiss pilot is part of the larger project Wikidata:WikiProject Heritage institutions which aims at such an inventory of GLAMs on an international level.

Wikidata driven infoboxesEdit

On Wikipedia, more and more infobox models extract information automatically from Wikidata. This means Wikidata increasingly acts as a central, reliable, multilingual hub from which the Wikipedia articles fetch the information. The information only has to be maintained in one place and will be updated automatically on all the related pages using a Wikidata driven infobox. This is especially useful for information which changes on a regular basis, such as the number of visitors per year or the director of the institution. Wiki Loves GLAMs aims at the implementation and promotion of such infobox models in the several language communities.

Findability of collection fundsEdit

Wikidata enables heritage institutions to give their collection funds a greater visibility, for example by using the property "archives at". Wiki Loves GLAMs aims to promote the use of such properties by the institutions and help them increase the findability of their funds.

Involvement of the heritage institutionsEdit

In order to achieve the goals of the project, the heritage institutions themeselves need to be involved. The project page Wiki Loves GLAMs will therefore provide practical information and tutorials addressed specificalla to Swiss heritage institutions.