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Target value type violatorsEdit

... can prevent constraints violations.

Properties generally make sense when the item that they point to is a certain type of thing. For example, member of political party (P102) should only point to a political party (Q7278). In the righthand column, the WDQ (WikiData Query) link finds items that make a claim using the property on the lefthand column but whose claims of that property do not point to an item that belongs to an acceptable type. There are a few possible reasons:

  1. The item that the claim points to doesn't have an instance of (P31) claim. Be bold and add one if you can. It can be any of the constraints or their subclasses: click "tree" to see all of them.
  2. The item that the claim points to has an instance claim which is correct but not yet connected to an accepted constraint via a chain of subclass of (P279) claims. Again, please be bold and help build the ontology if you can.
  3. There is an instance claim which is already well-connected. If you disagree with the claims or the constraints on the property's talk page, be bold but be prepared to discuss your edits.
  4. A bot misfired and added something weird.
  5. Vandalism. Undo the bogus claim.
Target value type violators
If it uses this, it should point to one of this or this or this WDQ
head of government (P6) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
P7 (P7) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
P9 (P9) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
place of birth (P19) geographic location (Q2221906) (tree) WDQ
father (P22) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
mother (P25) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
country of citizenship (P27) state (Q7275) (tree) WDQ
continent (P30) continent (Q5107) (tree) WDQ
head of state (P35) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
capital (P36) human settlement (Q486972) (tree) WDQ
official language (P37) language (Q34770) (tree) WDQ
currency (P38) currency (Q8142) (tree) WDQ
position held (P39) position (Q4164871) (tree) WDQ
child (P40) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
P43 (P43) human (Q5) (tree) fictional character (Q95074) (tree) WDQ
P44 (P44) human (Q5) (tree) fictional character (Q95074) (tree) WDQ
shares border with (P47) geographical object (Q618123) (tree) WDQ
author (P50) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
family (P53) noble family (Q13417114) (tree) WDQ
member of sports team (P54) sports organization (Q4438121) (tree) WDQ
director (P57) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
screenwriter (P58) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
constellation (P59) constellation (Q8928) (tree) WDQ
site of astronomical discovery (P65) geographic location (Q2221906) (tree) WDQ
ancestral home (P66) geographical object (Q618123) (tree) WDQ
educated at (P69) educational institution (Q2385804) (tree) fictional educational institution (Q15690029) (tree) WDQ
top-level Internet domain (P78) country code top-level domain (Q42032) (tree) WDQ
connecting line (P81) railroad line (Q728937) (tree) WDQ
anthem (P85) musical composition (Q207628) (tree) WDQ
composer (P86) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
librettist (P87) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
commissioned by (P88) human (Q5) (tree) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
sexual orientation (P91) sexual orientation (Q17888) (tree) WDQ
noble title (P97) royal or noble rank (Q355567) (tree) WDQ
editor (P98) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
member of political party (P102) political party (Q7278) (tree) WDQ
native language (P103) languoid (Q17376908) (tree) WDQ
taxon rank (P105) taxonomic rank (Q427626) (tree) WDQ
occupation (P106) Q13516667 (tree) WDQ
employer (P108) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
illustrator (P110) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
measured physical quantity (P111) physical quantity (Q107715) (tree) WDQ
founded by (P112) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
airline hub (P113) airport (Q1248784) (tree) WDQ
airline alliance (P114) airline alliance (Q465909) (tree) WDQ
home venue (P115) architectural structure (Q811979) (tree) WDQ
league (P118) sports league (Q623109) (tree) WDQ
item operated (P121) aircraft (Q11436) (tree) WDQ
basic form of government (P122) form of government (Q1307214) (tree) WDQ
publisher (P123) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
maintained by (P126) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
owned by (P127) organization (Q43229) (tree) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
regulates (molecular biology) (P128) biological process (Q2996394) (tree) WDQ
located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) administrative territorial entity (Q56061) (tree) WDQ
has dialect (DEPRECATED) (P134) dialect (Q33384) (tree) WDQ
movement (P135) group action (Q3533467) (tree) WDQ
genre (P136) genre (Q483394) (tree) WDQ
operator (P137) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
religion (P140) religion (Q9174) (tree) WDQ
architectural style (P149) art style (Q1792644) (tree) WDQ
contains administrative territorial entity (P150) administrative territorial entity (Q56061) (tree) WDQ
killed by (P157) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
headquarters location (P159) geographic location (Q2221906) (tree) WDQ
cast member (P161) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
producer (P162) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
flag (P163) flag (Q14660) (tree) WDQ
award received (P166) award (Q618779) (tree) WDQ
structure replaced by (P167) architectural structure (Q811979) (tree) WDQ
chief executive officer (P169) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
creator (P170) organization (Q43229) (tree) person (Q215627) (tree) group of humans (Q16334295) (tree) WDQ
manufacturer (P176) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
crosses (P177) geographical object (Q618123) (tree) WDQ
developer (P178) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
part of the series (P179) series of creative works (Q7725310) (tree) WDQ
endemic to (P183) Q7703766 (tree) WDQ
doctoral advisor (P184) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
doctoral student (P185) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
material used (P186) base material (Q214609) (tree) WDQ
location of discovery (P189) geographic location (Q2221906) (tree) WDQ
twinned administrative body (P190) administrative territorial entity (Q56061) (tree) WDQ
main building contractor (P193) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
legislative body (P194) legislature (Q11204) (tree) WDQ
collection (P195) organization (Q43229) (tree) architectural structure (Q811979) (tree) collection (Q2668072) (tree) WDQ
minor planet group (P196) Q6188101 (tree) WDQ
adjacent station (P197) railway station (Q55488) (tree) WDQ
business division (P199) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
lake inflows (P200) watercourse (Q355304) (tree) WDQ
lake outflow (P201) watercourse (Q355304) (tree) WDQ
basin country (P205) state (Q7275) (tree) WDQ
located in or next to body of water (P206) body of water (Q15324) (tree) WDQ
executive body (P208) executive branch (Q35798) (tree) WDQ
highest judicial authority (P209) court (Q41487) (tree) WDQ
party chief representative (P210) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
coat of arms (P237) coat of arms (Q14659) (tree) WDQ
military branch (P241) military branch (Q781132) (tree) WDQ
official residence (P263) building (Q41176) (tree) WDQ
record label (P264) record label (Q18127) (tree) WDQ
production company (P272) company (Q783794) (tree) WDQ
license (P275) license (Q79719) (tree) WDQ
location (P276) geographic location (Q2221906) (tree) WDQ
programming language (P277) programming language (Q9143) (tree) WDQ
writing system (P282) notation (Q2001982) (tree) WDQ
head coach (P286) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
designed by (P287) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
vessel class (P289) ship class (Q559026) (tree) fictional spacecraft class (Q18039177) (tree) WDQ
place of publication (P291) human-geographic territorial entity (Q15642541) (tree) WDQ
operating system (P306) operating system (Q9135) (tree) WDQ
director of photography (P344) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
subsidiary (P355) company (Q783794) (tree) WDQ
discography (P358) thematic catalog (Q2560570) (tree) WDQ
original language of film or TV show (P364) languoid (Q17376908) (tree) WDQ
presenter (P371) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
space launch vehicle (P375) launch vehicle (Q697175) (tree) WDQ
located on astronomical location (P376) fictional planet (Q2775969) (tree) substellar object (Q3132741) (tree) WDQ
parent astronomical body (P397) astronomical object (Q6999) (tree) WDQ
child astronomical body (P398) astronomical object (Q6999) (tree) fictional astronomical object (Q15831598) (tree) WDQ
companion of (P399) astronomical object (Q6999) (tree) WDQ
mouth of the watercourse (P403) body of water (Q15324) (tree) WDQ
game mode (P404) game mode (Q1971694) (tree) WDQ
taxon author (P405) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
soundtrack release (P406) soundtrack album (Q4176708) (tree) WDQ
language of work or name (P407) languoid (Q17376908) (tree) WDQ
software engine (P408) software engine (Q2622299) (tree) WDQ
military rank (P410) military rank (Q56019) (tree) WDQ
canonization status (P411) canonization status (Q15978876) (tree) WDQ
voice type (P412) voice type (Q1063547) (tree) WDQ
position played on team / speciality (P413) position (Q1781513) (tree) WDQ
stock exchange (P414) stock exchange (Q11691) (tree) WDQ
radio format (P415) radio format (Q589183) (tree) WDQ
patron saint (P417) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
seal description (P418) seal (Q162919) (tree) WDQ
located in time zone (P421) time zone (Q12143) (tree) WDQ
shooting handedness (P423) laterality (Q10927834) (tree) WDQ
field of this occupation (P425) knowledge (Q9081) (tree) activity (Q1914636) (tree) WDQ
taxonomic type (P427) taxon (Q16521) (tree) list of taxonomic terms that include "type" (Q3546082) (tree) WDQ
distribution format (P437) distribution (Q867147) (tree) WDQ
original network (P449) broadcast network (Q141683) (tree) WDQ
astronaut mission (P450) spaceflight (Q5916) (tree) manned spacecraft (Q7217761) (tree) WDQ
partner (P451) human (Q5) (tree) fictional character (Q95074) (tree) WDQ
industry (P452) industry (Q8148) (tree) WDQ
character role (P453) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
color (P462) color (Q1075) (tree) WDQ
member of (P463) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
occupant (P466) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
legislated by (P467) legislature (Q11204) (tree) WDQ
dan/kyu rank (P468) dan (Q373498) (tree) WDQ
lakes on river (P469) body of water (Q15324) (tree) WDQ
input method (P479) input device (Q864114) (tree) WDQ
archives at (P485) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
chairperson (P488) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
country of origin (P495) country (Q6256) (tree) WDQ
enclave within (P501) state (Q7275) (tree) administrative territorial entity (Q56061) (tree) WDQ
honorific prefix (P511) title of honor (Q3320743) (tree) WDQ
academic degree (P512) academic degree (Q189533) (tree) WDQ
phase of matter (P515) state of matter (Q11430) (tree) WDQ
powered by (P516) engine (Q44167) (tree) WDQ
interaction (P517) fundamental interaction (Q104934) (tree) WDQ
type of orbit (P522) orbit (Q4130) (tree) WDQ
temporal range start (P523) geochronological unit (Q6156156) (tree) WDQ
temporal range end (P524) geochronological unit (Q6156156) (tree) WDQ
diplomatic relation (P530) state (Q7275) (tree) WDQ
diplomatic mission sent (P531) diplomatic mission (Q213283) (tree) WDQ
port of registry (P532) human settlement (Q486972) (tree) WDQ
streak color (P534) color (Q1075) (tree) WDQ
office contested (P541) position (Q4164871) (tree) WDQ
officially opened by (P542) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
oath made by (P543) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
torch lit by (P545) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
version type (P548) software release life cycle (Q1211457) (tree) WDQ
chivalric order (P550) order of chivalry (Q2003221) (tree) WDQ
residence (P551) geographic location (Q2221906) (tree) WDQ
handedness (P552) laterality (Q10927834) (tree) WDQ
website account on (P553) communication medium (Q340169) (tree) WDQ
crystal system (P556) crystal system (Q898786) (tree) WDQ
direction (P560) direction (Q2151613) (tree) WDQ
central bank/issuer (P562) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
point group (P589) point group (Q899720) (tree) WDQ
commander of (P598) military unit (Q176799) (tree) WDQ
conflict (P607) conflict (Q180684) (tree) WDQ
exhibition history (P608) Q15284002 (tree) WDQ
highest point (P610) mountain (Q8502) (tree) WDQ
religious order (P611) religious order (Q2061186) (tree) WDQ
mother house (P612) monastery (Q44613) (tree) WDQ
captain (P634) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
route of administration (P636) route of administration (Q621636) (tree) WDQ
sport (P641) sport (Q349) (tree) WDQ
drafted by (P647) sports team (Q12973014) (tree) WDQ
tracklist (P658) musical work (Q2188189) (tree) WDQ
EC enzyme classification (P660) enzyme (Q8047) (tree) WDQ
located on street (P669) thoroughfare (Q83620) (tree) WDQ
characters (P674) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
lyrics by (P676) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
incertae sedis (P678) taxonomic rank (Q427626) (tree) WDQ
space group (P690) space group (Q899033) (tree) WDQ
replaced synonym (for nom. nov.) (P694) taxon (Q16521) (tree) later homonym (Q17276484) (tree) WDQ
ex taxon author (P697) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
encoded by (P702) gene (Q7187) (tree) WDQ
found in taxon (P703) taxon (Q16521) (tree) WDQ
located on terrain feature (P706) geographic location (Q2221906) (tree) WDQ
satellite bus (P707) satellite bus (Q372881) (tree) WDQ
diocese (P708) diocese (Q665487) (tree) WDQ
asteroid spectral type (P720) asteroid spectral type (Q1750705) (tree) WDQ
voice actor (P725) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
family name (P734) family name (Q101352) (tree) WDQ
given name (P735) given name (Q202444) (tree) WDQ
cover art by (P736) human (Q5) (tree) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
ammunition (P739) ammunition (Q185785) (tree) WDQ
location of formation (P740) geographic location (Q2221906) (tree) WDQ
asteroid family (P744) asteroid family (Q249083) (tree) WDQ
appointed by (P748) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
parent organization (P749) company (Q783794) (tree) WDQ
distributor (P750) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
electoral district (P768) constituency (Q192611) (tree) WDQ
significant drug interaction (P769) medication (Q12140) (tree) WDQ
symptoms (P780) clinical sign (Q1441305) (tree) WDQ
significant event (P793) occurrence (Q1190554) (tree) WDQ
notable work (P800) work (Q386724) (tree) WDQ
separated from (P807) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
academic minor (P811) academic discipline (Q11862829) (tree) WDQ
academic major (P812) academic discipline (Q11862829) (tree) WDQ
tonality (P826) tonality (Q192822) (tree) WDQ
parent club (P831) sports team (Q12973014) (tree) WDQ
public holiday (P832) public holiday (Q1197685) (tree) WDQ
ESRB rating (P852) content rating system (Q5165090) (tree) WDQ
CERO rating (P853) content rating system (Q5165090) (tree) WDQ
instrumentation (P870) musical instrument (Q34379) (tree) WDQ
printed by (P872) company (Q783794) (tree) WDQ
CPU (P880) central processing unit (Q5300) (tree) WDQ
type of variable star (P881) variable star (Q6243) (tree) WDQ
origin of the watercourse (P885) body of water (Q15324) (tree) WDQ
PEGI rating (P908) content rating system (Q5165090) (tree) WDQ
topic's main category (P910) Wikimedia category (Q4167836) (tree) WDQ
USK rating (P914) content rating system (Q5165090) (tree) WDQ
filming location (P915) ship (Q11446) (tree) geographic location (Q2221906) (tree) media studio facility (Q19364326) (tree) WDQ
magnetic ordering (P922) magnetic ordering (Q15706549) (tree) WDQ
place served by transport hub (P931) Q7703766 (tree) WDQ
inspired by (P941) work (Q386724) (tree) WDQ
theme music (P942) musical work (Q2188189) (tree) WDQ
allegiance (P945) country (Q6256) (tree) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
catalog (P972) catalog (Q2352616) (tree) WDQ
tributary (P974) body of water (Q15324) (tree) WDQ
successful candidate (P991) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
applies to jurisdiction (P1001) political territorial entity (Q1048835) (tree) WDQ
engine configuration (P1002) engine configuration (Q2576663) (tree) WDQ
asteroid taxonomy (P1016) asteroid classification (Q15101896) (tree) WDQ
donated by (P1028) human (Q5) (tree) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
crew member (P1029) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
honorific suffix (P1035) award (Q618779) (tree) WDQ
director/manager (P1037) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
relative (P1038) human (Q5) (tree) fictional character (Q95074) (tree) WDQ
film editor (P1040) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
socket supported (P1041) CPU socket (Q727009) (tree) WDQ
worshipped by (P1049) belief (Q34394) (tree) WDQ
medical condition (P1050) Q15281399 (tree) WDQ
product or material produced (P1056) chemical substance (Q79529) (tree) WDQ
chromosome (P1057) chromosome (Q37748) (tree) WDQ
pathogen transmission process (P1060) pathogen transmission (Q525512) (tree) WDQ
track gauge (P1064) track gauge (Q214519) (tree) WDQ
student of (P1066) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
instruction set (P1068) instruction set architecture (Q272683) (tree) WDQ
location of final assembly (P1071) geographic location (Q2221906) (tree) WDQ
readable file format (P1072) file format (Q235557) (tree) WDQ
writable file format (P1073) file format (Q235557) (tree) WDQ
rector (P1075) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
valvetrain configuration (P1078) poppet valve (Q1127794) (tree) WDQ
launch contractor (P1079) launch service provider (Q11753232) (tree) WDQ
from fictional universe (P1080) fictional universe (Q559618) (tree) WDQ
solved by (P1136) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
political ideology (P1142) political ideology (Q14934048) (tree) WDQ
Lagrangian point (P1145) Lagrangian point (Q190463) (tree) WDQ
topic's main Wikimedia portal (P1151) Wikimedia portal (Q4663903) (tree) WDQ
home world (P1165) fictional location (Q3895768) (tree) WDQ
approximation algorithm (P1171) approximation algorithm (Q621751) (tree) WDQ
connecting service (P1192) Q16323955 (tree) WDQ
mode of inheritance (P1199) Q15729061 (tree) WDQ
bodies of water basin category (P1200) Wikimedia category (Q4167836) (tree) WDQ
space tug (P1201) space tug (Q1958838) (tree) WDQ
carries scientific instrument (P1202) scientific instrument (Q3099911) (tree) WDQ
supercharger (P1210) forced induction (Q1949814) (tree) WDQ
fuel system (P1211) engine fuel system (Q1786017) (tree) WDQ
compressor type (P1221) compressor (Q178898) (tree) WDQ
astronomical filter (P1227) astronomical passband (Q15987503) (tree) WDQ
godparent (P1290) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
instrument (P1303) musical instrument (Q34379) (tree) WDQ
central bank (P1304) central bank (Q66344) (tree) WDQ
officeholder (P1308) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
has facet polytope (P1312) polytope (Q747980) (tree) WDQ
office held by head of government (P1313) position (Q4164871) (tree) WDQ
place of origin (Switzerland) (P1321) municipality of Switzerland (Q70208) (tree) WDQ
dual to (P1322) curve (Q161973) (tree) planar graph (Q547823) (tree) polytope (Q747980) (tree) WDQ
eye color (P1340) eye color (Q23786) (tree) WDQ
described by source (P1343) work (Q386724) (tree) WDQ
ploidy (P1349) ploidy (Q118406) (tree) WDQ
contains settlement (P1383) human settlement (Q486972) (tree) WDQ
convicted of (P1399) crime (Q83267) (tree) WDQ
script directionality (P1406) Q17321709 (tree) WDQ
licensed to broadcast to (P1408) geographic location (Q2221906) (tree) WDQ
nominated for (P1411) award (Q618779) (tree) WDQ
languages spoken, written or signed (P1412) languoid (Q17376908) (tree) WDQ
affiliation (P1416) organization (Q43229) (tree) WDQ
topic's main template (P1424) Wikimedia template (Q11266439) (tree) WDQ
start point (P1427) geographic location (Q2221906) (tree) WDQ
has pet (P1429) Vertebrata (Q25241) (tree) WDQ
executive producer (P1431) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
published in (P1433) work (Q386724) (tree) WDQ
takes place in fictional universe (P1434) fictional universe (Q559618) (tree) WDQ
heritage designation (P1435) cultural heritage (Q210272) (tree) WDQ
legal form (P1454) type of business entity (Q1269299) (tree) WDQ
list of works (P1455) thematic catalog (Q2560570) (tree) WDQ
standards body (P1462) standards organization (Q1328899) (tree) WDQ
category for people born here (P1464) Wikimedia category (Q4167836) (tree) WDQ
category for people who died here (P1465) Wikimedia category (Q4167836) (tree) WDQ
motto (P1546) motto (Q42470) (tree) WDQ
tempo marking (P1558) tempo (Q189214) (tree) WDQ
domain (P1568) set (Q36161) (tree) class (set theory) (Q217594) (tree) WDQ
codomain (P1571) set (Q36161) (tree) class (set theory) (Q217594) (tree) WDQ
natural product of taxon (P1582) taxon (Q16521) (tree) WDQ
consecrator (P1598) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ
undercarriage (P1637) landing gear (Q263421) (tree) WDQ
pendant of (P1639) work of art (Q838948) (tree) WDQ
has index case (P1660) human (Q5) (tree) WDQ
index case of (P1677) disease outbreak (Q3241045) (tree) WDQ
for work (P1686) work (Q386724) (tree) WDQ
brand (P1716) brand (Q431289) (tree) WDQ
Fach (P1731) Fach (Q1748957) (tree) WDQ
category related to list (P1754) Wikimedia category (Q4167836) (tree) WDQ
chief operating officer (P1789) person (Q215627) (tree) WDQ