This page is under construction and the content can change. One way to prepare data for uploading to Wikidata with QuickStatements is using a Spreadsheet computer program like Excel, LibreOfficeCalc, OpenOfficeCalc, GoogleSpreadsheet or other Web based or not mentioned spreadsheet programs. This is a introduction how you can use these programs for preparing data for upload.

== Finding Compounds of a word If you want to find possible words a word exists of you can extract parts of a word with a specific length and do that with different lengths and then check every extrakt if there is a match with the already existing words in a list. In spreadsheets there is a function called MID or in German TEIL. The arguments of the function are the cell with the content you refer to, the number of the first character and the number of characters or in other programs the number of the position of the last character of the string that should be extracted.

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Columns and RowsEdit

A Spreadsheet is a tabular data collection. Data can be found in Columns and Rows. In the most programs the name of the rows are numbers and the name of the columns are letters of the alphabet. A combination of these two positions is a cell.


For preparing the data in a spreadsheet you can use functions.