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instance of (P31) human (Q5)

sex or gender (P21) male (Q6581097)

country of citizenship (P27) South Korea (Q884)

languages spoken, written or signed (P1412) Korean (Q9176)

languages spoken, written or signed (P1412) English (Q1860)

position held (P39) Project:Administrators (Q4039395) / start time (P580) 2013-11-14

position held (P39) Oversight (Q4048674) / start time (P580) 2019-11-09

position held (P39) Project:Steward (Q10978204) / start time (P580) 2018-02-28

IPA transcription (P898) ræbi

Wikimedia username (P4174) Hym411 / start time (P580) 2013-05-27

Wikimedia username (P4174) Hym411 / end time (P582) 2014-09-29

Wikimedia username (P4174) Gisado / start time (P580) 2014-12-09

Wikimedia username (P4174) Revi (WMF) / start time (P580) 2017-09-25

  1. RfA: WD:Requests for permissions/Administrator/Hym411
  2. RfOS: WD:Requests for permissions/Oversight/-revi
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