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Q6252485 John Penn ("the American") born February 29, 1700, Julian calendar.

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These are important policies and data models that apply to Wikidata, whether they are hosted at www.wikidata.org or elsewhere.

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A concept URL identifies a topic of a WD item, such as a person, mountain, philosophical concept, etc. The concept of the Wikidata Sandbox is:


If entered in a browser, it would be redirected to the data WD has about the concept:


Content negotiation would give a suitable format for the source of the request; web browsers would see the user interface.

If a specific format is desired, it can be indicated by a suffix. For example, the closest one can come to the raw WD information is json, which would be requested by


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Mediawiki example:


English Wikipedia example

en:Xantus's murrelet

Table of prefixes:


More info:


m:Help:Interwiki linking

Showing that a issue is being tracked in Phabricator: {{Tracked|T123021}} which displays in a box.

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