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Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
Flora of Australia ID (old)P3100External identifierFlora of Australia: identifier for a plant taxon, in the Flora of Australia OnlineAcacia pruinocarpa <Flora of Australia ID (old)> 41037-
FloraBase IDP3101External identifierFloraBase: identifier for a plant taxon, in the Government of Western Australia's FloraBase databaseBanksia epica <FloraBase ID> 10798-
Plantarium IDP3102External identifierPlantarium: identifier for a plant taxon, in the Plantarium databaseSalvia splendens <Plantarium ID> 33541-
has tenseP3103Itemtense: grammatical category expressing time reference of the language. To include a sample, use qualifier "quote" (P1683), sample: "He writes". If an activity before is needed "He sees". If an activity afterwards is needed: "He reads".French <has tense> pluperfect-
Gares & Connexions IDP3104External identifierID for a railway station on the official website for French railway stationsGare de Vernon <Gares & Connexions ID> frdqc-
Tela Botanica IDP3105External identifierTela Botanica: identifier for a plant taxon in Tela Botanica's 'base des trachéophytes de France métropolitaine' - BDTFX - (Metropolitan France Tracheophyte Database)Quercus ile <Tela Botanica ID> 54442-
Guardian topic IDP3106External identifieridentifier for a topic at the Guardian newspaper websitemusic <Guardian topic ID> music-
LdiF IDP3107External identifierLexicon of international films: identifier of a film (movie) in the Lexikon des Internationalen Films (Lexicon of International Films)00 Schneider – Jagd auf Nihil Baxter <LdiF ID> 64422-
Yelp IDP3108External identifierYelp: identifier of a place, in Yelp.comCencio la Parolaccia <Yelp ID> cencio-la-parolaccia-roma-
Peakbagger mountain IDP3109External identifier for a mountain, on the websiteMount Everest <Peakbagger mountain ID> 10640-
ISzDb film IDP3110External identifierQ64589519: identifier of a film in the ISzDb (a Hungarian dub database)The Empire Strikes Back <ISzDb film ID> 789-
FEI person IDP3111External identifierInternational Federation for Equestrian Sports: identifier of athlete at the FEI websiteKasey Perry-Glass <FEI person ID> 10093657-
DistroWatch IDP3112External identifieridentifier for an operating system at DistroWatch.comYellow Dog Linux <DistroWatch ID> yellowdog-
does not have partP3113Itemexpected part that the item does not have (for qualities, use P6477)Franklin County State Airport <does not have part> control tower-
ISzDb person IDP3114External identifierQ64589519: identifier of a person in the ISzDb (a Hungarian dub database)Harrison Ford <ISzDb person ID> 3822-
ISzDb company IDP3115External identifierQ64589519: identifier of a company in the ISzDb (a Hungarian dub database)InterCom <ISzDb company ID> 66-
ISzDb dub IDP3116External identifierQ64589519: identifier of a dub version for a film in the ISzDb (a Hungarian dub database)A Birodalom visszavág <ISzDb dub ID> 811-
DSSTox substance IDP3117External identifierDSSTOX: DSSTox substance identifier (DTXSID) used in the Environmental Protection Agency CompTox Dashboardbenzene <DSSTox substance ID> DTXSID3039242-
OpenDomesday settlement IDP3118External identifierOpen Domesday: Identifier for a British settlement, in the OpenDomesday digitisation of the Domesday BookAxminster <OpenDomesday settlement ID> SY2998/axminster-
Code for China Reservoir NameP3119External identifierCode for China Reservoir Name: an identifer for Chinese reservoirsThree Gorges Dam <Code for China Reservoir Name> BFA03000161-
TOIDP3120External identifierTOID: TOpographic IDentifier assigned by the Ordnance Survey to identify a feature in Great BritainSurrey <TOID> 7000000000013965-
Epguides IDP3121External identifieridentifier for a television programme or series, at epguides.comM*A*S*H <Epguides ID> Mash Mash-
OpenDomesday person IDP3122External identifierOpen Domesday: Identifier for a person, in the OpenDomesday digitisation of the Domesday BookDrogo de la Beuvrière <OpenDomesday person ID> 150950/drogo-of-la-beuvriere-
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy IDP3123External identifierStanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: identifier of a topic in the online Stanford Encyclopedia of PhilosophyZeno's paradoxes <Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ID> paradox-zeno-
Polish scientist IDP3124External identifieridentifier for a scientist, in the Polish Government's Information Processing Centre databaseAndrzej Paczkowski <Polish scientist ID> 49505-
EDRPOU codeP3125External identifierEDRPOU code: Ukrainian state registry legal entity identifierNaftogaz <EDRPOU code> 20077720-
ALCUIN IDP3126External identifierALCUIN: identifier of a philosopher in the ALCUIN Infothek der ScholastikGiles of Rome <ALCUIN ID> 73-
Latindex IDP3127External identifieridentifier of a journal in LatindexBulletin Hispanique <Latindex ID> 20156-
CiNetMag film IDP3128External identifieridentifier for a movie at the Iranian movie database CiNetMagOffside <CiNetMag film ID> 407- film IDP3129External identifier for a movie at the Greek movie database cine.grMeteora < film ID> 716535-
NSW Flora IDP3130External identifierNSW Flora Online: identifier for a plant taxon, in the NSW Flora OnlineSyncarpia glomulifera <NSW Flora ID> Syncarpia~glomulifera-
Redalyc journal IDP3131External identifieridentifier of a journal in Red de Revistas Científicas de América Latina y el Caribe, España y Portugal (Redalyc)Revista Ion <Redalyc journal ID> 3420-
last lineP3132Monolingual textexplicit: last line (excipit) of a poem, last sentence of a novel, etc.The Great Gatsby <last line> So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.-
NSZL name authority IDP3133External identifierID of a person or organisation in the "Integral Information System of the National Library" (NEKTÁR) in HungaryAntal Szerb <NSZL name authority ID> 114-
TripAdvisor IDP3134External identifierTripAdvisor: identifier of a place (region, hotel, restaurant, attraction), in TripAdvisorSaint Paul hermitage <TripAdvisor ID> g670770-d4037786-
elCinema film IDP3135External identifier for a movie at elCinema678 <elCinema film ID> 1528600-
elCinema person IDP3136External identifier for a person at elCinemaMohamed Diab <elCinema person ID> 1045331-
parent peakP3137Itemparent peak: parent is the peak whose territory this peak resides in, based on the contour of the lowest colScafell Pike <parent peak> Snowdon-
OFDb IDP3138External identifierOnline-Filmdatenbank: identifier for a film (movie) in the German Online-Filmdatenbank websiteClose Encounters of the Third Kind <OFDb ID> 7396-
SourehCinema film IDP3139External identifieridentifier for a movie at the Iranian movie database SourehCinemaOffside <SourehCinema film ID> 138306082003-
SourehCinema person IDP3140External identifieridentifier for a person at the Iranian movie database SourehCinemaJafar Panahi <SourehCinema person ID> 138112200905-
EDb film IDP3141External identifieridentifier for a movie at the Israeli movie database EDbAlila <EDb film ID> t0000612-
EDb person IDP3142External identifieridentifier for a person at the Israeli movie database EDbAmos Gitai <EDb person ID> n0005014-
elFilm film IDP3143External identifieridentifier for a movie at the Arabic movie database elFilm678 <elFilm film ID> 1485427-
elFilm person IDP3144External identifieridentifier for a person at the Egypt movie database elFilmMohamed Diab <elFilm person ID> 1795936-
Sratim IDP3145External identifieridentifier for a movie or person at the Israeli movie database Sratim ( <Sratim ID> tt158057-
CiNetMag person IDP3146External identifieridentifier for a person at the Iranian movie database CiNetMagJafar Panahi <CiNetMag person ID> 508-
United States Reports IDP3147External identifierUnited States Reports: ID for US Supreme Court Opinions on OpenJurist websiteFlorida Lime and Avocado Growers, Inc. v. Jacobsen <United States Reports ID> 362/us/73-
repealsP3148Itemrepeal: this document or act repeals that other document or actSollicitudo omnium ecclesiarum <repeals> Dominus ac Redemptorrepealed by
molecule conformationP3149Itemconformational isomerism: qualifier to be used with property "electric dipole moment" (P2201)ethyl formate <molecule conformation> synclinal conformation-
birthdayP3150Itembirthday: item for day and month on which the subject was born. Used when full "date of birth" (P569) isn't known.Haruka Shimotsuki <birthday> November 15-
iNaturalist taxon IDP3151External identifieriNaturalist: identifier in iNaturalistPanamanian golden frog <iNaturalist taxon ID> 21723-
Findsmiley IDP3152External identifieridentifier for Danish companies serving foodNoma <Findsmiley ID> 113807-
Crossref funder IDP3153External identifieridentifier for an organisation that funds research, in the Crossref registryNatural History Museum <Crossref funder ID> 501100000831-
Runeberg author IDP3154External identifierIdentifier for an author in the Runeberg digital libraryHans Christian Andersen <Runeberg author ID> andersen-
Runeberg book IDP3155External identifierIdentifier for book item in the Runeberg digital library collectionAanden i Naturen <Runeberg book ID> aanden-
Australian ClassificationP3156ItemAustralian Classification: content rating of an audiovisual work or video game in the Australian Classification systemSuper Mario Odyssey <Australian Classification> PG-
event distanceP3157Quantitydistance: distance over which a race or other event is conducted or was achievedBoston Marathon <event distance> 42.195 kilometre-
enclosureP3158Itemenclosure: the type of structure enclosing another structureSubaru Telescope <enclosure> cylindrical dome-
UGentMemorialis IDP3159External identifierUGentMemorialis: identifier for a professor at the Ghent UniversityDaniël Vangroenweghe <UGentMemorialis ID> 000005697-
Minnesota legislator IDP3160External identifierofficial identifier for a Minnesota legislatorBill Luther <Minnesota legislator ID> 10390-
has grammatical moodP3161Itemgrammatical mood: language has this grammatical mood/mode for signaling modalityEnglish <has grammatical mood> indicative-
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame IDP3162External identifierRock and Roll Hall of Fame: identifier for an inductee (individual or group), in the US Rock & Roll Hall of FamePink Floyd <Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ID> pink-floyd-
Scottish Charity numberP3163External identifierofficial number of a charity registered with the Scottish Charity RegulatorRoyal Zoological Society of Scotland <Scottish Charity number> SC004064-
Horsetelex IDP3165External identifieridentifier for a horse on Horsetelex databaseNankin <Horsetelex ID> 1068-
Webpedigrees IDP3166External identifieridentifier for a horse on Webpedigrees databaseNankin <Webpedigrees ID> 2307-
Allbreedpedigree IDP3167External identifieridentifier for a horse on Allbreedpedigree databaseNankin <Allbreedpedigree ID> nankin-
Sporthorse data IDP3168External identifierSporthorse-Data: identifier for a horse on Sporthorse data databaseNankin <Sporthorse data ID> nankin-
Infochevaux IDP3169External identifieridentifier for a horse on the official French Infochevaux databaseNankin <Infochevaux ID> nankin-HRi0yi2OR66X2zKLDrcrew-
Cultural Heritage Armenia IDP3170External identifiercultural heritage monument in Armenia: identifier for a cultural object in ArmeniaEtchmiadzin Cathedral <Cultural Heritage Armenia ID> 4.2/14.1-
International Olympic Committee athlete IDP3171External database: identifier for a person at, the official website of the International Olympic Committee (IOC)Carine Verbauwen <International Olympic Committee athlete ID> carine-verbauwen-
World Bridge Federation IDP3172External identifierWorld Bridge Federation: identifier for a bridge player, issued by the World Bridge FederationOmar Sharif <World Bridge Federation ID> 553-
offers view onP3173Itemthings, places another place offers views onHall of Mirrors <offers view on> Park of Versailles-
art directorP3174Itemart director: person credited as the art director/artistic director of this workGiant Woman <art director> Kevin Dart-
Statoids IDP3175External identifieridentifier for a place in the Statoids wikiAlgeria <Statoids ID> ydz-
uses propertyP3176PropertyWikidata property: Wikidata property used, discussed, or otherwise analyzed in this work (not the meaning of the property itself)WikiReading: A Novel Large-scale Language Understanding Task over Wikipedia <uses property> start time-
Patrimonio Web JCyL IDP3177External identifieridentifier of a building or site in Patrimonio Web of Junta de Castilla y LeónSegovia Cathedral <Patrimonio Web JCyL ID> 11823-
Zaragoza monument IDP3178External identifierID of a monument catalogued in zaragoza.esLa Seo Cathedral <Zaragoza monument ID> 0-
territory overlapsP3179Itemterritorial overlap: part or all of the area associated with (this) entity overlaps part or all of the area associated with that entityDiocese of Auxerre <territory overlaps> Yonne-
Visual Novel Database IDP3180External identifierVisual Novel Database: identifier at the Visual Novel DatabaseDo You Like Horny Bunnies? <Visual Novel Database ID> v133-
OpenCitations bibliographic resource IDP3181External identifierOpenCitations: identifier for an article or publication, in the OpenCitations CorpusEndometrial Glandular Dysplasia with Frequent p53 Gene Mutation: A Genetic Evidence Supporting Its Precancer Nature for Endometrial Serous Carcinoma <OpenCitations bibliographic resource ID> 173-
FANTOIR codeP3182External identifierFANTOIR: unique code to identify French thoroughfares and placesrue Duguesclin <FANTOIR code> 3502382660T-
WSJ topic IDP3183External identifieridentifier for a topic, at the Wall Street Journal websiteBill Gates <WSJ topic ID> person/G/bill-gates/685-
Czech National Bibliography book IDP3184External identifieridentifier for a book at the Czech National LibraryDuch Německa <Czech National Bibliography book ID> cnb000567876-
VK usernameP3185External identifierVK: identifier for a person or organization in VKontakteNational University “Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine” <VK username> nlu_edu_ua-
TAXREF IDP3186External identifierTAXREF: identifier for a biological taxon in TAXREF, the national taxonomic reference for fauna, flora and Fungi of metropolitan France and overseas developed by the National Museum of Natural HistoryAlpine newt <TAXREF ID> 444430-
Marburger Professorenkatalog IDP3187External identifierMarburger Professorenkatalog: identifier for a professor, in the Marburger Professorenkatalog of professors at the Philipps-Universität Marburg, GermanyDenis Papin <Marburger Professorenkatalog ID> 8834-
Nobel prize IDP3188External identifierID in the Nobel prize organization homepageAlbert Einstein <Nobel prize ID> physics/laureates/1921/einstein-
innervated byP3189Iteminnervation: nerves which innervate this anatomical structurebiceps brachii <innervated by> musculocutaneous nerveinnervates
innervatesP3190Iteminnervation: anatomical structures innervated by this nervemusculocutaneous nerve <innervates> biceps brachiiinnervated by
IMIS person IDP3191External identifierIMIS person ID: identifier for a person in IMIS, database of Flanders Marine InstituteMagda Vincx <IMIS person ID> 19- IDP3192External identifier for an artist, group or work, on Last.fmPink Floyd < ID> Pink Floyd-
GS1 Manufacturer codeP3193External identifierGS1: codes for a company or organisation, used in GS1 barcodes (note UPC prefixes are GS1 prefixes that start with "0", without the leading "0")Google <GS1 Manufacturer code> 08653210001-
INA video IDP3194External identifieridentifier of a video on the INA websitediscours de Jacques Chirac du 16 juillet 1995 au Vélodrome d'Hiver <INA video ID> CAB95040467-
league points systemP3195Itemsports league: point system of an e.g. sports league2015–16 Premier League <league points system> three points for a win-
USGS earthquake IDP3196External identifierUSGS earthquake id and Advanced National Seismic System: identifier for an earthquake or other seismic event, in the United States Geological Survey database2014 South Napa earthquake <USGS earthquake ID> nc72282711-
Federal Heritage Buildings ID (Canada)P3197External identifierFederal Heritage Building: identifier of a building designated by the Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office of CanadaCentre Block <Federal Heritage Buildings ID (Canada)> 2833-
JewishGen Locality IDP3198External identifieridentifier of a town in The JewishGen Communities DatabaseRadzanów, Mława County <JewishGen Locality ID> 524980-
charity number (Isle of Man)P3199External identifierCharity number of a charity or charitable organisation registered on the Isle of ManMacmillan Cancer Support <charity number (Isle of Man)> 604-