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Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
NHF player IDP3700External identifierNorwegian Handball Federation: identifier for a player on the Norwegian Handball Federation (NHF) websiteLaila Schou Nilsen <NHF player ID> 401-
incarnation ofP3701Itemincarnation: incarnation of another religious or supernatural beingKrishna <incarnation of> Vishnu-
Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts IDP3702External identifierCatalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts: manuscript identifier in the British Library Catalogue of Illuminated ManuscriptsBruges Garter Book <Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts ID> 7656-
JMDb person or company IDP3703External identifierJapanese Movie Database: ID of an actor or a company at Japanese Movie DatabaseAkira Kurosawa <JMDb person or company ID> 0121190-
KMDb film IDP3704External identifierKorean Movie Database: ID of a film at Korean Movie DatabaseAnarchists <KMDb film ID> 05226-
RITVA Program IDP3705External identifierRadio and Television Archive Program ID of The National Audiovisual Institute of FinlandA-studio <RITVA Program ID> 5982666-
RITVA Person IDP3706External identifierRadio and Television Archive Person ID of The National Audiovisual Institute of FinlandMinttu Mustakallio <RITVA Person ID> 3189-
Gridabase glacier IDP3707External identifierGridabase: identifier for a glacier on the Glacier Risks Data Base websiteGlacier des Nantillons <Gridabase glacier ID> 1946-
PhDTree person IDP3708External identifierPhDTree: ID of a person at PhDTreeGeorge Logemann <PhDTree person ID> logemann-george-wahl-2-
category for value different from WikidataP3709ItemWikidata property usage tracking category: item for categories of pages with template parameter value different from WikidataFed Cup player ID <category for value different from Wikidata> Category:Fed Cup player template with ID different from Wikidata-
Jewish Encyclopedia Daat IDP3710External identifierJewish Encyclopedia Daat: identifier for an entry at Jewish Encyclopedia DaatAvraham Danzig <Jewish Encyclopedia Daat ID> 60- Statues IDP3711External identifieridentifier for a public sculpture in the Statues – Hither & Thither online databaseErasmus < Statues ID> ZH58ar-
objective of project or actionP3712Itemgoal: desired result or outcomeManhattan Project <objective of project or action> nuclear weapon-
category for value not in WikidataP3713ItemWikidata property usage tracking category: item for categories of pages with template parameter value not as property value in Wikidatadate of birth <category for value not in Wikidata> Category:Date of birth not in Wikidata and Category:Articles with Template:Bio and date of birth not in Wikidata, but available on Wikipedia- point of interest IDP3714External identifier for a point of interest in an American recreation area on the websiteCrater Lake Lodge < point of interest ID> 231800-
NISH Hall of Fame IDP3715External identifierNiedersächsisches Institut für Sportgeschichte: identifier for an inductee in its Hall of Fame on the Niedersächsisches Institut für Sportgeschichte websiteDRC Hannover <NISH Hall of Fame ID> 164-
social classificationP3716Itemsocial class, nobility of Brazil, szlachta, nobility of Russia, peerage of Ireland, nobility of Ireland, Gaelic nobility of Ireland, nobility of Sweden, nobility in Austria and personnal status in France: social class as recognized in traditional or state lawSally Hemings <social classification> slave-
MEROPS enzyme IDP3717External identifierMEROPS: ID for a proteolytic enzyme in MEROPS databaseRNA-binding S4 domain <MEROPS enzyme ID> S41-
NCMEC person IDP3718External identifieridentifier of a missing or unidentified person at the United States' National Center for Missing & Exploited ChildrenJohnny Gosch <NCMEC person ID> NCMC/601763-
regulated byP3719Itemorganization that acts as regulator of an activity, financial market, or stock exchangetourism in Thailand <regulated by> Tourism Authority of Thailand-
GPnotebook IDP3720External identifierID of a topic, in the British medical database GPnotebookdyspnea <GPnotebook ID> 825557022-
public key fingerprintP3721Stringpublic key fingerprint: short sequence of bytes to identify a longer cryptographic public keyLinus Torvalds <public key fingerprint> ABAF 11C6 5A29 70B1 30AB E3C4 79BE 3E43 0041 1886-
USCG Lighthouse IDP3723External identifierUSCG Lighthouse ID: іdentifier for lighthouses in the USA by the US Coast GuardMount Desert Light <USCG Lighthouse ID> 1-5-
USHMM Holocaust Encyclopedia IDP3724External identifierHolocaust Encyclopedia: identifier in the Holocaust Encyclopedia of the United States Holocaust Memorial MuseumTheresienstadt concentration camp <USHMM Holocaust Encyclopedia ID> 10005424-
CEV player IDP3725External identifierEuropean Volleyball Confederation: identifier for a player on the European Volleyball Confederation's websiteMathieu Labadie <CEV player ID> 24778- player IDP3726External identifier for an association football player on the websiteJops Reeman < player ID> 17503-
Serbia municipality IDP3727External identifiermunicipalities and cities of Serbia: identifier of municipalities of SerbiaAleksandrovac Municipality <Serbia municipality ID> 70017-
New Zealand Heritage List numberP3728External identifierNew Zealand Heritage listed site: list number in the New Zealand Heritage List, issued by the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere TaongaAntrim House <New Zealand Heritage List number> 208-
next lower rankP3729Itemlower rank or level in a ranked hierarchy like sport league, military ranks. If there are several possible, list each one and qualify with "criterion used" (P1013), avoid using ranks and date qualifiers. For sports leagues/taxa, use specific properties instead.General of the Army <next lower rank> General of the Armies of the United Statesnext higher rank
next higher rankP3730Itemhigher rank or level in a ranked hierarchy like sport league, military ranks. If there are several possible, list each one and qualify with "criterion used" (P1013), avoid using ranks and date qualifiers. For sports leagues/taxa, use specific properties instead.cardinal <next higher rank> popenext lower rank
Serbia cadastral municipality IDP3731External identifiermunicipalities and cities of Serbia and cadastral municipality of Serbia: identifier of cadastral municipalities of SerbiaAleksandrovac <Serbia cadastral municipality ID> 700029-
PhilPapers recordP3732External identifieridentifier for papers on PhilPapersThe Conscious Mind <PhilPapers record> CHATCM-
MOOMA artist IDP3733External identifierMOOMA: ID of an artist at the Israeli music website MOOMAShlomo Artzi <MOOMA artist ID> 1524-
category for value same as WikidataP3734ItemWikidata property usage tracking category: item for categories of pages with template parameter value same as Wikidataimage <category for value same as Wikidata> Category:Local image same as Wikidata-
Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos IDP3735External identifierThe Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos During the Holocaust: identifier of a ghetto, or a place containing a ghetto, in the Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the GhettosKrichaw <Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos ID> 996-
Eurovision Song Contest song IDP3736External identifieridentifier for a song in the Eurovision Song ContestSatellite <Eurovision Song Contest song ID> 24883-
maximum wavelength of sensitivityP3737Quantitywavelength: maximum wavelength that the item can detectArecibo Observatory <maximum wavelength of sensitivity>metre-
minimum wavelength of sensitivityP3738Quantitywavelength: minimum wavelength that the item can detectArecibo Observatory <minimum wavelength of sensitivity>centimetre-
inflorescenceP3739Iteminflorescence: placement of flowers on the stem of a flower plantwater forget-me-not <inflorescence> scorpioid cyme-
number of worksP3740Quantityqualifier on identifiers, eg for creators or locations, giving the number of works in the external database associated with the subject of the identifierProperty talk:P3740-
seed dispersalP3741Itemseed dispersal: mode used by the item to disperse its seedsArabidopsis thaliana <seed dispersal> anemochory-
FIH player IDP3742External identifierInternational Hockey Federation: identifier for a field hockey player on the International Hockey Federation websiteLuciana Aymar <FIH player ID> 348-
ITU/ISO/IEC object identifierP3743External identifierOID: unique global identifier standardized by the ITU and ISO/IEC for naming any object, concept, or thingIntel <ITU/ISO/IEC object identifier>
number of subscribersP3744Quantitysubscriber: number of subscribers for subscription based companies, e.g. telecommunication companies, newspapers, pay-TV channels, etc.China Mobile <number of subscribers> 851,000,000-
World Rugby Sevens Series player IDP3745External identifierWorld Rugby Sevens Series and Rugby World Cup Sevens: identifier for a male rugby sevens player on the World Rugby Sevens Series websiteSeabelo Senatla <World Rugby Sevens Series player ID> 48582-
Wildflowers of Israel IDP3746External identifierWildflowers of Palestine: identifier of a taxon in the Wildflowers of Israel databaseCitrus medica <Wildflowers of Israel ID> 797-
SSRN author IDP3747External identifierSocial Science Research Network: identifier for an author at the Social Science Research NetworkMichael Jensen <SSRN author ID> 9-
Israel Football Association player IDP3748External identifierIsrael Football Association: identifier for a player on the Israel Football Association websiteAvraham Reznik <Israel Football Association player ID> 80935-
Google Maps Customer IDP3749External identifierGoogle Maps: in Google Maps, Customer identifier for a placeEmpire State Building <Google Maps Customer ID> 15074921902713971043-
KMDb documentary film IDP3750External identifierKorean Movie Database: ID of a documentary film at Korean Movie DatabaseOld Partner <KMDb documentary film ID> 04614-
Shoftim BeIsrael judge IDP3751External identifierdatabase about the judges of IsraelAnat Baron <Shoftim BeIsrael judge ID> 362-
worst-case time complexityP3752Mathematical expressiontime complexity: time complexity of an algorithm at mostquicksort <worst-case time complexity> -
best-case time complexityP3753Mathematical expressiontime complexity: time complexity of an algorithm at leastquicksort <best-case time complexity> -
average time complexityP3754Mathematical expressiontime complexity: time complexity of an algorithm on averagequicksort <average time complexity> -
worst-case space complexityP3755Mathematical expressionspace complexity: space complexity of an algorithm at mostquicksort <worst-case space complexity> -
best-case space complexityP3756Mathematical expressionspace complexity: space complexity of an algorithm at leastProperty talk:P3756-
average space complexityP3757Mathematical expressionspace complexity: space complexity of an algorithm on averageProperty talk:P3757-
DOCOMOMO Ibérico IDP3758External identifieridentifier of a building, structure or group of buildings in Registros del Movimiento Moderno database, DOCOMOMO IbéricoTorres Blancas <DOCOMOMO Ibérico ID> 2287-
SAHRA heritage site IDP3759External identifierSouth African Heritage Resources Agency: identifier of heritage sites in South Africa, assigned by the South African Heritage Resources AgencyHorse Memorial <SAHRA heritage site ID> 920730033-
Iditarod musher IDP3760External identifierIditarod Trail Sled Dog Race: identifier for a musher on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race websiteSue Firmin <Iditarod musher ID> 609-
IPv4 routing prefixP3761StringIPv4 routing prefix: range of IPv4 addressesUniversity of Oxford <IPv4 routing prefix>
openMLOL author IDP3762External identifieridentifier of an author in the openMLOL digital library of cultural resourcesRay Bradbury <openMLOL author ID> 1304-
MIMO instrument IDP3763External identifieridentifier for a musical instrument, on the instrument keyword thesaurus from Musical Instruments Museums Onlinetimbales <MIMO instrument ID> 2887-
pole positionP3764Itempole position: person, who starts race at first row (leader in the starting grid)2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix <pole position> Lewis Hamilton- IDP3765External identifier for an athlete on the websiteJacqueline Curtet < ID> 294703-
European Athletics IDP3766External identifierEuropean Athletic Association: identifier for an athlete on the European Athletic Association websiteMarisa Barros <European Athletics ID> b/athlete=132854-barros-marisa-
French Athletics Federation athlete IDP3767External identifierFédération française d'athlétisme: identifier for an athlete on the French Athletics Federation websiteHaoua Kessely <French Athletics Federation athlete ID> 485150494257514851484851-
Medieval Libraries of Great Britain IDP3768External identifieridentifier for books known to have been in British libraries during the Middle AgesHarley Psalter <Medieval Libraries of Great Britain ID> 1265-
It's Rugby player IDP3769External identifierIT'S RUGBY: identifier for a rugby player on the It's Rugby websiteLouis Picamoles <It's Rugby player ID> 815-
PeakFinder IDP3770External identifierPeakFinder: identifier for a mountain peak on the PeakFinder websiteMount Aylmer <PeakFinder ID> 68-
activator ofP3771Itemprotein for which this chemical acts as an activatorXNT [PMID: 18391097] <activator of> Angiotensin I converting enzyme 2-
agonist ofP3772Itemagonist: protein for which this chemical acts as an agonistmibolerone <agonist of> Androgen receptor-
antagonist ofP3773Itemantagonist: protein for which this chemical compound acts as an antagonisttretinoin <antagonist of> Nuclear receptor ROR-beta-
blocker ofP3774Itemprotein (e.g. channel/pore protein) for which this chemical compound acts as a blocker9-anthroic acid <blocker of> Anoctamin 1-
disrupting agent forP3775Itemprotein/protein complex for which this chemical compound acts as a disrupting agentMDM2 proto-oncogene <disrupting agent for> Tumor protein p53-
inhibitor ofP3776Itemreaction inhibitor: protein for which this chemical compound acts as an inhibitor; only specify the inhibited function if the protein has more than one function (qualifier "of")vemurafenib <inhibitor of> B-Raf proto-oncogene, serine/threonine kinase-
antisense inhibitor ofP3777Itemprotein/gene for which this chemical (e.g. a miRNA/siRNA) acts as an antisense inhibitorEteplirsen <antisense inhibitor of> Dystrophin-
positive allosteric modulator ofP3778Itemallosteric modulator: protein for which this chemical acts as a positive allosteric modulatorVPC171 <positive allosteric modulator of> Adenosine A1 receptor-
negative allosteric modulator ofP3779Itemallosteric modulator: protein for which this chemical compound acts as a negative allosteric modulatorMK-2206 <negative allosteric modulator of> AKT serine/threonine kinase 1-
active ingredient inP3780Itemactive ingredient: is part of and forms biologically active component. Inverse of "has active ingredient"glyphosate <active ingredient in> Rounduphas active ingredient
has active ingredientP3781Itemactive ingredient: has part biologically active component. Inverse of "active ingredient in"Roundup <has active ingredient> glyphosateactive ingredient in
Artnet artist IDP3782External identifierArtnet: identifier of an artist in the Artnet database of auction resultsEdward Davis <Artnet artist ID> edward-thompson-davis-
Christie's object IDP3783External identifieridentifier for an object offered for sale by ChristiesPortrait of Tieleman Roosterman <Christie's object ID> 1480064-
CiteSeerX article IDP3784External identifierCiteSeerX: identifier string for a scientific article available from CiteSeerThe immune response in autism: a new frontier for autism research <CiteSeerX article ID>
danskefilm film IDP3785External identifier for a film in danskefilm.dkPelle the Conqueror <danskefilm film ID> 85-
danskefilm person IDP3786External identifier for a person in danskefilm.dkLars von Trier <danskefilm person ID> 3258-
danskefilm silent film IDP3787External identifier for a silent film in danskefilm.dkThe Abyss <danskefilm silent film ID> 184-
BNA authority IDP3788External identifierauthority control identifier used at the National Library of ArgentinaJorge Luis Borges <BNA authority ID> 000021685-
Telegram usernameP3789External identifierTelegram and Template:Telegram: this item's username, channel or group on TelegramCristina Fernández de Kirchner <Telegram username> CFKenTelegram- guest IDP3790External identifieridentifier for a person or group at AnimeCons.comThe Pillows < guest ID> 1324-
Art Renewal Center artist IDP3791External identifierArt Renewal Center: identifier of an artist at the Art Renewal Center's ARC Museum websiteAlphonse Mucha <Art Renewal Center artist ID> 598-
rate of fireP3792Quantityrate of fire: the frequency at which a specific weapon can fire or launch its projectilesM198 howitzer <rate of fire>rounds per minute-
IPv6 routing prefixP3793StringIPv6 routing prefix: range of IPv6 addressesUniversity of Oxford <IPv6 routing prefix> 2001:630:440::/44-
Dictionary of Sydney IDP3794External identifierDictionary of Sydney: identifier in the Dictionary of SydneyMichelle Bachelet <Dictionary of Sydney ID> person/bachelet_michelle-
Flora of Israel Online plant IDP3795External identifierFlora of Israel Online: identifier for a plant taxon or cultivar in the Flora of Israel Online databasePolygonaceae <Flora of Israel Online plant ID> systematics/polygonaceae-
Bureau of Meteorology station IDP3796External identifierBureau of Meteorology station number: identifier of an Australian meteorological station issued by the Bureau of MeteorologyFlinders Island Airport <Bureau of Meteorology station ID> 099005-
autonomous system numberP3797External identifierautonomous system number: unique identifier for a collection of connected Internet Protocol (IP) routing prefixes under the control of one or more network operatorsCogent Communications <autonomous system number> 174-
Star Wars Databank IDP3798External identifieridentifier of a fictional character and organization at Star Wars DatabankQui-Gon Jinn <Star Wars Databank ID> qui-gon-jinn-
Safsal player IDP3799External identifierSafsal: basketball player Id in Safsal websiteYotam Halperin <Safsal player ID> 51-