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Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
NHF player IDP3700External identifierNorwegian Handball Federation: identifier for a player on the Norwegian Handball Federation (NHF) websiteLaila Schou Nilsen <NHF player ID> 401-
incarnation ofP3701Itemincarnation: coming into reality of a religious or supernatural being in form of a human, a basically religious concept incompatible with modern scienceKrishna <incarnation of> Vishnu-
Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts IDP3702External identifierCatalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts: manuscript identifier in the British Library's Catalogue of Illuminated ManuscriptsBruges Garter Book <Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts ID> 7656-
JMDb person or company IDP3703External identifierJapanese Movie Database: ID of an actor or a company at Japanese Movie DatabaseAkira Kurosawa <JMDb person or company ID> 0121190-
KMDb film IDP3704External identifierKorean Movie Database: ID of a film at Korean Movie DatabaseAnarchists <KMDb film ID> 05226-
RITVA Program IDP3705External identifierRadio and Television Archive Program ID of The National Audiovisual Institute of FinlandA-studio <RITVA Program ID> 5982666-
RITVA Person IDP3706External identifierRadio and Television Archive Person ID of The National Audiovisual Institute of FinlandMinttu Mustakallio <RITVA Person ID> 3189-
Gridabase glacier IDP3707External identifierGridabase: identifier for a glacier on the Glacier Risks Data Base websiteNantillons Glacier <Gridabase glacier ID> 1946-
PhDTree person IDP3708External identifierPhDTree: ID of a person at PhDTreeGeorge Logemann <PhDTree person ID> logemann-george-wahl-2-
category for value different from WikidataP3709ItemWikidata property usage tracking category: item for categories of pages with template parameter value different from WikidataBillie Jean King Cup player ID <category for value different from Wikidata> Category:Billie Jean King Cup player template with ID different from Wikidata-
Jewish Encyclopedia Daat IDP3710External identifierJewish Encyclopedia Daat: identifier for an entry at Jewish Encyclopedia DaatAvraham Danzig <Jewish Encyclopedia Daat ID> 60- Statues IDP3711External identifierStatues Hither & Thither: identifier for a public sculpture in the Statues – Hither & Thither online databaseErasmus < Statues ID> ZH58ar-
has goalP3712Itemgoal: desired result or outcomeManhattan Project <has goal> nuclear weapon-
category for value not in WikidataP3713ItemWikidata property usage tracking category: item for categories of pages with template parameter value not as property value in Wikidatadate of birth <category for value not in Wikidata> Category:Date of birth not in Wikidata and Category:Articles with Template:Bio and date of birth not in Wikidata, but available on Wikipedia- point of interest IDP3714External identifier for a point of interest in an American recreation area on the websiteCrater Lake Lodge < point of interest ID> 231800-
NISH Hall of Fame ID (archived)P3715External identifierNiedersächsisches Institut für Sportgeschichte: identifier for a Hall of Fame inductee at the Niedersächsisches Institut für Sportgeschichte (Lower Saxony Institute for Sports History)DRC Hannover <NISH Hall of Fame ID (archived)> 164-
social classificationP3716Itemsocial class, personnal status in France and social status: social class as recognized in traditional or state lawSally Hemings <social classification> slave-
MEROPS enzyme IDP3717External identifierMEROPS: ID for a proteolytic enzyme in MEROPS databaseRNA-binding S4 domain <MEROPS enzyme ID> S41-
NCMEC person IDP3718External identifieridentifier of a missing or unidentified person at the United States' National Center for Missing & Exploited ChildrenJohnny Gosch <NCMEC person ID> NCMC/601763-
regulated byP3719Itemorganization that acts as regulator of an activity, financial market, or stock exchangetourism in Thailand <regulated by> Tourism Authority of Thailand-
GPnotebook IDP3720External identifierID of a topic, in the British medical database GPnotebookdyspnea <GPnotebook ID> 825557022-
public key fingerprintP3721Stringpublic key fingerprint: short sequence of bytes to identify a longer cryptographic public keyLinus Torvalds <public key fingerprint> ABAF 11C6 5A29 70B1 30AB E3C4 79BE 3E43 0041 1886-
USCG lighthouse IDP3723External identifierUSCG Lighthouse ID: іdentifier for lighthouses in the USA by the US Coast GuardMount Desert Light <USCG lighthouse ID> 1-5-
USHMM Holocaust Encyclopedia IDP3724External identifierHolocaust Encyclopedia: identifier in the Holocaust Encyclopedia of the United States Holocaust Memorial MuseumTheresienstadt concentration camp <USHMM Holocaust Encyclopedia ID> 10005424-
CEV player IDP3725External identifierCEV people database: identifier for a player on the European Volleyball Confederation's websiteMathieu Labadie <CEV player ID> 24778- player IDP3726External identifier for an association football player on the websiteJops Reeman < player ID> 17503-
Serbia municipality IDP3727External identifiermunicipalities and cities of Serbia: identifier of municipalities of SerbiaAleksandrovac Municipality <Serbia municipality ID> 70017-
New Zealand Heritage List numberP3728External identifierNew Zealand Heritage listed site: list number in the New Zealand Heritage List, issued by the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere TaongaAntrim House <New Zealand Heritage List number> 208-
next lower rankP3729Itemlower rank or level in a ranked hierarchy like sport league, military ranks. If there are several possible, list each one and qualify with "criterion used" (P1013), avoid using ranks and date qualifiers. For sports leagues/taxa, use specific properties instead.General of the Army <next lower rank> General of the Armies of the United Statesnext higher rank
next higher rankP3730Itemhigher rank or level in a ranked hierarchy like sport league, military ranks. If there are several possible, list each one and qualify with "criterion used" (P1013), avoid using ranks and date qualifiers. For sports leagues/taxa, use specific properties instead.cardinal <next higher rank> popenext lower rank
Serbia cadastral municipality IDP3731External identifiercadastral municipality of Serbia: identifier of cadastral municipalities of SerbiaAleksandrovac <Serbia cadastral municipality ID> 700029-
PhilPapers recordP3732External identifieridentifier for papers on PhilPapersThe Conscious Mind <PhilPapers record> CHATCM-
MOOMA artist IDP3733External identifierMOOMA: ID of an artist at the Israeli music website MOOMAShlomo Artzi <MOOMA artist ID> 1524-
category for value same as WikidataP3734ItemWikidata property usage tracking category: item for categories of pages with template parameter value same as Wikidataimage <category for value same as Wikidata> Category:Local image same as Wikidata-
Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos IDP3735External identifierThe Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos During the Holocaust: identifier of a ghetto, or a place containing a ghetto, in the Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the GhettosKrychaw <Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos ID> 996-
Eurovision Song Contest song IDP3736External identifieridentifier for a song in the Eurovision Song ContestSatellite <Eurovision Song Contest song ID> 24883-
maximum wavelength of sensitivityP3737Quantitywavelength: maximum wavelength that the item can detectArecibo Radio Telescope <maximum wavelength of sensitivity>metre-
minimum wavelength of sensitivityP3738Quantitywavelength: minimum wavelength that the item can detectArecibo Radio Telescope <minimum wavelength of sensitivity>centimetre-
inflorescenceP3739Iteminflorescence: placement of flowers on the stem of a flower plantMyosotis scorpioides <inflorescence> scorpioid cyme-
number of worksP3740Quantitynumber of works: qualifier on identifiers, e.g. for creators or locations, giving the number of works in the external database associated with the subject of the identifierMatthew Ryan <number of works> 1-
seed dispersalP3741Itemseed dispersal: mode used by the item to disperse its seedsArabidopsis thaliana <seed dispersal> anemochory-
International Hockey Federation player IDP3742External identifierInternational Hockey Federation: identifier for a field hockey player on the International Hockey Federation websiteLuciana Aymar <International Hockey Federation player ID> 348-
ITU/ISO/IEC object IDP3743External identifierOID: unique global identifier standardized by the ITU and ISO/IEC for naming any object, concept, or thingIntel <ITU/ISO/IEC object ID>
number of subscribersP3744Quantitysubscriber and number of subscribers: number of subscribers for subscription-based companies, e.g. telecommunication companies, newspapers, pay-TV channels, software, etc.China Mobile <number of subscribers> 851,000,000-
World Rugby Sevens Series mens player ID (archived)P3745External identifierSVNS and Rugby World Cup Sevens: identifier for a male rugby sevens player on the World Rugby Sevens Series websiteSeabelo Senatla <World Rugby Sevens Series mens player ID (archived)> 48582-
Wildflowers of Israel IDP3746External identifierWildflowers of Palestine: identifier of a taxon in the Wildflowers of Israel databaseCitrus medica <Wildflowers of Israel ID> 797-
SSRN author IDP3747External identifierSocial Science Research Network: identifier for an author at the Social Science Research NetworkMichael Jensen <SSRN author ID> 9-
Israel Football Association player IDP3748External identifierIsrael Football Association: identifier for a player on the Israel Football Association websiteAvraham Reznik <Israel Football Association player ID> 80935-
Google Maps Customer IDP3749External identifierGoogle Maps: in Google Maps, Customer identifier for a placeEmpire State Building <Google Maps Customer ID> 15074921902713971043-
KMDb documentary film IDP3750External identifierKorean Movie Database: ID of a documentary film at Korean Movie DatabaseOld Partner <KMDb documentary film ID> 04614-
Shoftim BeIsrael judge IDP3751External identifierdatabase about the judges of IsraelAnat Baron <Shoftim BeIsrael judge ID> 362-
worst-case time complexityP3752Mathematical expressiontime complexity: time complexity of an algorithm at mostquicksort <worst-case time complexity> -
best-case time complexityP3753Mathematical expressiontime complexity: time complexity of an algorithm at leastquicksort <best-case time complexity> -
average time complexityP3754Mathematical expressiontime complexity: time complexity of an algorithm on averagequicksort <average time complexity> -
worst-case space complexityP3755Mathematical expressionspace complexity: space complexity of an algorithm at mostquicksort <worst-case space complexity> -
best-case space complexityP3756Mathematical expressionspace complexity: space complexity of an algorithm at leastmerge sort <best-case space complexity> -
average space complexityP3757Mathematical expressionspace complexity: space complexity of an algorithm on averagequicksort <average space complexity> -
DOCOMOMO Ibérico IDP3758External identifieridentifier of a building, structure or group of buildings in Registros del Movimiento Moderno database, DOCOMOMO IbéricoTorres Blancas <DOCOMOMO Ibérico ID> 2287-
SAHRA heritage site IDP3759External identifierSouth African Heritage Resources Agency: identifier of heritage sites in South Africa, assigned by the South African Heritage Resources AgencyHorse Memorial <SAHRA heritage site ID> 920730033-
Iditarod musher IDP3760External identifierIditarod Trail Sled Dog Race: identifier for a musher on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race websiteSue Firmin <Iditarod musher ID> 609-
IPv4 routing prefixP3761StringIPv4 routing prefix: range of IPv4 addressesUniversity of Oxford <IPv4 routing prefix>
openMLOL author IDP3762External identifieropenMLOL: identifier of an author in the openMLOL digital library of cultural resourcesRay Bradbury <openMLOL author ID> 1304-
MIMO instrument IDP3763External identifierMIMO – Musical Instrument Museums Online: identifier for a musical instrument, on the instrument keyword thesaurus from Musical Instruments Museums Onlinetimbales <MIMO instrument ID> 2887-
pole positionP3764Itempole position: person, who starts race at first row (leader in the starting grid)2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix <pole position> Lewis Hamilton- ID (archived)P3765External identifier for an athlete on the websiteJacqueline Curtet < ID (archived)> 294703-
European Athletics athlete IDP3766External identifierEuropean Athletic Association: identifier for an athlete on the European Athletic Association websiteMarisa Barros <European Athletics athlete ID> 014294793-
French Athletics Federation athlete IDP3767External identifierFédération française d'athlétisme: identifier for an athlete on the French Athletics Federation websiteHaoua Kessely <French Athletics Federation athlete ID> 485150494257514851484851-
Medieval Libraries of Great Britain IDP3768External identifieridentifier for books known to have been in British libraries during the Middle AgesHarley Psalter <Medieval Libraries of Great Britain ID> 1265-
It's Rugby player IDP3769External identifierIt's Rugby: identifier for a rugby player on the It's Rugby websiteLouis Picamoles <It's Rugby player ID> 815-
PeakFinder IDP3770External identifierPeakFinder: identifier for a mountain peak on the PeakFinder websiteMount Aylmer <PeakFinder ID> 68-
activator ofP3771Itemprotein for which this chemical acts as an activatorXNT [PMID: 18391097] <activator of> angiotensin I converting enzyme 2-
agonist ofP3772Itemagonist: protein for which this chemical acts as an agonistmibolerone <agonist of> androgen receptor-
antagonist ofP3773Itemantagonist: protein for which this chemical compound acts as an antagonisttretinoin <antagonist of> Nuclear receptor ROR-beta-
blocker ofP3774Itemprotein (e.g. channel/pore protein) for which this chemical compound acts as a blocker9-anthroic acid <blocker of> Anoctamin 1-
disrupting agent forP3775Itemdisrupting agent: protein/protein complex for which this chemical compound acts as a disrupting agentMDM2 proto-oncogene <disrupting agent for> tumor protein p53-
inhibitor ofP3776Itemreaction inhibitor: protein for which this chemical compound acts as an inhibitor; only specify the inhibited function if the protein has more than one function (qualifier "of")vemurafenib <inhibitor of> B-Raf proto-oncogene, serine/threonine kinase-
antisense inhibitor ofP3777Itemprotein/gene for which this chemical (e.g. a miRNA/siRNA) acts as an antisense inhibitoreteplirsen <antisense inhibitor of> Dystrophin-
positive allosteric modulator ofP3778Itemallosteric modulator and positive allosteric modullator: protein for which this chemical acts as a positive allosteric modulatorVPC171 <positive allosteric modulator of> Adenosine A1 receptor-
negative allosteric modulator ofP3779Itemallosteric modulator and negative allosteric modulator: protein for which this chemical compound acts as a negative allosteric modulatorMK-2206 <negative allosteric modulator of> AKT serine/threonine kinase 1-
active ingredient inP3780Itemactive ingredient: is part of and forms biologically active component. Inverse of "has active ingredient"glyphosate <active ingredient in> Rounduphas active ingredient
has active ingredientP3781Itemactive ingredient: has part biologically active component; inverse of "active ingredient in" (P3780)Roundup <has active ingredient> glyphosateactive ingredient in
Artnet artist IDP3782External identifierArtnet: identifier of an artist in the Artnet database of auction resultsEdward Davis <Artnet artist ID> edward-thompson-davis-
Christie's object IDP3783External identifieridentifier for an object offered for sale by ChristiesPortrait of Tieleman Roosterman <Christie's object ID> 1480064-
CiteSeerX article IDP3784External identifierCiteSeerX: identifier string for a scientific article available from CiteSeerThe immune response in autism: a new frontier for autism research <CiteSeerX article ID>
danskefilm film IDP3785External identifier for a film in danskefilm.dkPelle the Conqueror <danskefilm film ID> 85-
Danskefilm person IDP3786External identifier for a person in danskefilm.dkLars von Trier <Danskefilm person ID> 3258-
danskefilm silent film IDP3787External identifier for a silent film in danskefilm.dkThe Abyss <danskefilm silent film ID> 184-
BNMM authority IDP3788External identifierCatálogo de autoridades BNMM: authority control identifier used at the National Library of ArgentinaJorge Luis Borges <BNMM authority ID> 000021685-
Telegram usernameP3789External identifierTelegram and Telegram channel: this item's username, channel or group on TelegramCristina Fernández de Kirchner <Telegram username> CFKenTelegram- guest IDP3790External identifier for a person or group at AnimeCons.comThe Pillows < guest ID> 1324-
Art Renewal Center artist IDP3791External identifierArt Renewal Center: identifier of an artist at the Art Renewal Center's ARC Museum websiteAlphonse Mucha <Art Renewal Center artist ID> 598-
rate of fireP3792Quantityrate of fire: the frequency at which a specific weapon can fire or launch its projectilesM198 <rate of fire>rounds per minute-
IPv6 routing prefixP3793StringIPv6 routing prefix: range of IPv6 addressesUniversity of Oxford <IPv6 routing prefix> 2001:630:440::/44-
Dictionary of Sydney IDP3794External identifierDictionary of Sydney: identifier in the Dictionary of SydneyMichelle Bachelet <Dictionary of Sydney ID> person/bachelet_michelle-
Flora of Israel Online plant IDP3795External identifierFlora of Israel Online: identifier for a plant taxon or cultivar in the Flora of Israel Online databasePolygonaceae <Flora of Israel Online plant ID> systematics/polygonaceae-
Bureau of Meteorology station IDP3796External identifierBureau of Meteorology station number: identifier of an Australian meteorological station issued by the Bureau of MeteorologyFlinders Island Airport <Bureau of Meteorology station ID> 099005-
autonomous system numberP3797External identifierautonomous system number: unique identifier for a collection of connected Internet Protocol (IP) routing prefixes under the control of one or more network operatorsCogent Communications <autonomous system number> 174-
Star Wars Databank IDP3798External identifieridentifier of a fictional character and organization at Star Wars DatabankQui-Gon Jinn <Star Wars Databank ID> qui-gon-jinn-
Safsal player IDP3799External identifierSafsal: basketball player Id in Safsal websiteYotam Halperin <Safsal player ID> יותם-הלפרין-