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Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
Safsal coach IDP3800External identifierSafsal: basketball coach Id in Safsal websiteOded Kattash <Safsal coach ID> 3930-
INEGI municipality IDP3801External identifierINEGI municipality code: identifier for a municipality in Mexico published by INEGIAguascalientes Municipality <INEGI municipality ID> 01001- project IDP3802External identifierLaunchpad: identifier for an official Launchpad repository ("project") for a software applicationInkscape < project ID> inkscape-
original film formatP3803Itemfilm format and film gauge: film format used to create a work (aliases: film gauge, film size)2001: A Space Odyssey <original film format> Super Panavision 70-
TV Guide show ID (former scheme)P3804External ID of a television program at TV GuideVeritas: The Quest <TV Guide show ID (former scheme)> 100564-
Tax-exempt heritage asset IDP3805External identifieridentifier of an artwork, in the UK government's HMRC database of tax-exempt heritage assetsNature Morte aux Pêches <Tax-exempt heritage asset ID> 56037-
Mapa place IDP3806External identifieridentifier for a place, in the Mapa database of places in IsraelMarj Naaja <Mapa place ID> 4108-
S2A3 Biographical Database IDP3807External identifierBiographical Database of Southern African Science: identifier of a person in the S2A3 Biographical Database of Southern African ScienceAndrew Geddes Bain <S2A3 Biographical Database ID> 128-
The Numbers movie IDP3808External identifierThe Numbers: ID of a film at The NumbersMoonlight <The Numbers movie ID> Moonlight-(2015)-
YerelNET district IDP3809External identifieridentifier for a district of Turkey, in the YerelNET databasePalandöken <YerelNET district ID> 298887- IDP3810External identifier for an Italian protected area on the websiteAsinara National Park < ID> parco.nazionale.asinara-
Evidence & Conclusion Ontology IDP3811External identifierEvidence and Conclusion Ontology: identifier in the Evidence & Conclusion Ontology for capturing evidence in biological researchProperty talk:P3811- person IDP3812External identifierElle: identifier for a person on the websiteIsabelle Huppert < person ID> Isabelle-Huppert- pass IDP3813External identifierBivouac Mountain Encyclopedia: identifier of a North American mountain pass, at Bivouac.comRogers Pass < pass ID> 336-
BoF person IDP3814External identifierThe Business of Fashion: identifier for a person on the Business of Fashion websiteAlexandre de Betak <BoF person ID> alexandre-de-betak-
volcano observatoryP3815Itemvolcano observatory: institution that monitors this volcanic landform or phenomenonIrruputuncu <volcano observatory> Southern Andean Volcano Observatory-
film scriptP3816Itemscreenplay: script version for subject film is described atThe King's Speech <film script> The King's Speech: The Shooting Script-
FI WarSampo person IDP3817External identifierWarSampo: іdentifier in the WarSampo Finnish WW2 portalPaavo Talvela <FI WarSampo person ID> 50-
KMRB film ratingP3818ItemKMRB film rating system: rating of a film in the South Korean film/video rating systemThe Handmaiden <KMRB film rating> Adults only-
FI WarSampo army unit IDP3819External identifierWarSampo: identifier in the WarSampo Finnish WW2 portalProperty talk:P3819-
Flanders Arts Institute venue IDP3820External identifierKunstenpunt and identifier of a venue in the Flanders Arts Institute database for performing artsKVS <Flanders Arts Institute venue ID> 131036-
Bangla Movie Database IDP3821External identifierBangla Movie Database: ID of actors or movies at Bangla Movie DatabaseTareque Masud <Bangla Movie Database ID> person/1133-
rules for classificationP3822Itemsports league: the rules for classification of a sports league2016–17 Cypriot First Division <rules for classification> more points-
Ethnologue language statusP3823ItemEthnologue language status: language status identifier by using EGIDS scaleIndonesian <Ethnologue language status> 1 National-
permanent building number VTJ-PRTP3824External identifierPersistent building identifier of the Population Information System in FinlandStockmann <permanent building number VTJ-PRT> 1030367460, 1030367471 and 1030367482-
United States Statutes at Large citationP3825External identifierUnited States Statutes at Large: citation of an Act of the United States Congress to the United States Statutes at LargeAmericans with Disabilities Act of 1990 <United States Statutes at Large citation> 104-327-
Welsh Rugby Union men's player IDP3826External identifierWelsh Rugby Union: identifier for a rugby union player selected with the Wales national team on the Welsh Rugby Union websiteLeigh Halfpenny <Welsh Rugby Union men's player ID> SH226786-
JSTOR topic IDP3827External identifierJSTOR: identifier for a topic at JSTORstorytelling <JSTOR topic ID> storytelling-
wearsP3828Itemclothing: clothing or accessory worn on subject's bodyCatherine, Princess of Wales <wears> wedding dress of Catherine Middletonworn by
Publons author IDP3829External identifierPublons: identifier of an author or reviewer, in Publons that redirects, along with P1053, to an ID in Clarivate's Web of ScienceAndreas Karch <Publons author ID> 654601-
CueTracker player IDP3830External identifierCueTracker: ID about a specific snooker player at the databaseJohn Higgins <CueTracker player ID> john-higgins-
object has roleP3831Itemrole: (qualifier) role or generic identity of the value of a statement ("object") in the context of that statement; for the role of the item the statement is on ("subject"), use P2868Louis XI of France <object has role> confessor-
Europeana Fashion Vocabulary IDP3832External identifierEuropeana Fashion Vocabulary: identifier for clothing and fashion termsfashion show <Europeana Fashion Vocabulary ID> 10338-
diasporaP3833Itemdiaspora: diaspora that a cultural group belongs toSino-Mauritian <diaspora> Overseas Chinese-
RTC film ratingP3834ItemRTC film classification system: rating of a film in the Mexican film classification systemLogan <RTC film rating> C-
Mendeley person IDP3835External identifierMendeley: deprecated identifier for an author of scholarly works, at (for numeric ID, see P1153)Christoph Kaserer <Mendeley person ID> christoph-kaserer-
Pinterest usernameP3836External identifierPinterest: username of the Pinterest account of a person or an organizationGoodreads <Pinterest username> goodreads-
United States Public LawP3837External identifierUnited States public law: citation to United States Public LawAmericans with Disabilities Act of 1990 <United States Public Law> 101-336-
Tab4u song IDP3838External identifierTab4u: ID in the Israeli song database "Tab4u"Derech Hashalom <Tab4u song ID> 5838-
Tab4u artist IDP3839External identifierTab4u: ID in the Israeli artist database "Tab4u"Chava Alberstein <Tab4u artist ID> 119-
slope ratingP3840Quantityslope rating: the slope rating of a golf course is a measure of its difficulty for bogey golfersRiviera Country Club <slope rating> 137-
Human Phenotype Ontology IDP3841External identifierHuman Phenotype Ontology: The Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO) is a widely used vocabulary of phenotypic abnormalities encountered in human diseaseadult onset <Human Phenotype Ontology ID> HP:0003581-
located in the present-day administrative territorial entityP3842Itemthe item was located in the territory of this present-day administrative unit; however the two did not at any point coexist in timeMetropolitan Borough of St Marylebone <located in the present-day administrative territorial entity> City of Westminster-
DLV athlete IDP3843External identifierDLV database: identifier for an athlete on the German Athletics Association websiteNadine Müller <DLV athlete ID> nadine-mueller-
Deutsche Synchronkartei film IDP3844External identifierDeutsche Synchronkartei: identifier for films in the synchronisation database Deutsche SynchronkarteiThe Intouchables <Deutsche Synchronkartei film ID> 20916-
TV Guide person ID (former scheme)P3845External ID of a person at TVGuide.comSimone Signoret <TV Guide person ID (former scheme)> 174849-
DBC author IDP3846External identifierDBC: identifier for authors set by the Danish Bibliographic CentreAndré Passebecq <DBC author ID> 87097969640613-
Open Library subject IDP3847External identifierOpen Library: identifier for a topic in the Open Library databaseHalley's Comet <Open Library subject ID> halley's_comet-
Irish Rugby Football Union men's player IDP3848External identifierIrish Rugby Football Union: identifier for a rugby union player selected with Ireland national team on the Irish Rugby Football Union websiteBrian O'Driscoll <Irish Rugby Football Union men's player ID> BO547336-
LombardiaBeniCulturali institution IDP3849External identifierLombardia Beni Culturali: identifier of a historical institution in the cultural heritage database of the Lombardy Region of ItalySan Vittore al Corpo <LombardiaBeniCulturali institution ID> 8110296-
LombardiaBeniCulturali toponym IDP3850External identifierLombardia Beni Culturali: identifier of a historical toponym in the cultural heritage database of the Lombardy Region of ItalyZelbio <LombardiaBeniCulturali toponym ID> 3000424- movie IDP3851External identifier for a movie at database (from Argentina)Nine Queens < movie ID> nueve-reinas-
FlyBase Gene IDP3852External identifierFlyBase: Identifier for a gene in the FlyBase database of Drosophila genes and genomesdpp <FlyBase Gene ID> FBgn0000490-
Rat Genome Database IDP3853External identifierRat genome database: Identifier for a genetic element in the Rat Genome DatabaseSlbp <Rat Genome Database ID> 1584682-
Soundtrack Collector title IDP3854External identifierSoundtrackCollector: ID that characterizes a soundtrack at Soundtrack Collector ( Panther <Soundtrack Collector title ID> 113784-
LombardiaBeniCulturali artwork IDP3855External identifierLombardia Beni Culturali: identifier of an artwork in the cultural heritage database of the Lombardy Region of ItalyUnique Forms of Continuity in Space <LombardiaBeniCulturali artwork ID> 5i180-01405-
Quebec municipalities geographical codeP3856External identifiergeographical code of the municipalities, indigenous comunauties and unorganized areas in QuebecChazel <Quebec municipalities geographical code> 87095- person IDP3857External identifier for a person at database (from Argentina)Ulises Dumont < person ID> ulises-dumont-
route diagramP3858ItemWikimedia route diagram: Wikimedia route diagram templateCentral line <route diagram> Template:Central line RDT-
Environment Ontology IDP3859External identifierEnvironment Ontology: ID from OBO Environment Ontology (without prefix)oceanic trench <Environment Ontology ID> 00000275-
Wormbase Gene IDP3860External identifierWormBase: Identifier for a genetic element in Wormbasedaf-2 <Wormbase Gene ID> WBGene00000898-
App Store app IDP3861External identifierApp Store and Mac App Store: identifier for a mobile application in App StoreWhatsApp <App Store app ID> 310633997-
MyDramaList name IDP3862External identifierMyDramaList: identifier for a person in the MyDramaList databaseHan Ji-hye <MyDramaList name ID> 438-
Italian Navy Lighthouses and Beacons IDP3863External identifierFari e Segnalamenti: identifier of a lighthouse or beacon in "Fari e Segnalamenti" list of the Italian NavyPunta Penna Lighthouse <Italian Navy Lighthouses and Beacons ID> 3856-
suicide rateP3864Quantitylist of countries by suicide rate and suicide rate: amount of suicides per 100,000 people and year in the place or groupUnited States of America <suicide rate> 12.1-
type of referenceP3865Itemused to specify the type of a referenceJoris Ivens <type of reference> death notice-
LAWA waterbody IDP3866External identifierGewässerkennzahl: identifier for bodies of water in Germany according to the Bund/Länder-Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wasser (LAWA)Rhine <LAWA waterbody ID> 2-
Israel Chess Federation player IDP3867External identifierThe Israel Chess Federation: identifier for a chess player from the Israel Chess FederationTatiana Zatulovskaya <Israel Chess Federation player ID> 14236-
MyDramaList title IDP3868External identifierMyDramaList: identifier for a Film and TV Series in the MyDramaList databaseVery Good Times <MyDramaList title ID> 8306-
IAFD female performer IDP3869External identifierInternet Adult Film Database: identifier for a female-born performer in the Internet Adult Film DatabaseJynx Maze <IAFD female performer ID> jynxmaze-
ZFIN Gene IDP3870External identifierZebrafish Model Organism Database: identifier for a genetic element in the Zebrafish Model Organism Databasebmp2a <ZFIN Gene ID> ZDB-GENE-980526-388-
tributary orientationP3871Itemtributary: specify if the stream confluence is a left bank or right bank tributaryPripyat River <tributary orientation> right bank-
patronageP3872Quantityridership and number of individuals: number of passengers, patrons or visitors in specified time periodTimes Square–42nd Street/Port Authority Bus Terminal <patronage> 64,815,739-
Justia Patents inventor IDP3874External identifierJustia: ID of an inventor in Justia PatentsSteve Jobs <Justia Patents inventor ID> steve-jobs-
Justia Patents company IDP3875External identifierJustia: ID of a company in Justia PatentsApple <Justia Patents company ID> apple-
category for alumni of educational institutionP3876Itemalumnus and Wikimedia category: category containing people who studied at this institutionBelarusian National Technical University <category for alumni of educational institution> Category:Belarusian National Technical University alumni-
HappyCow restaurant IDP3877External identifierHappyCow: identifier for a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, on the HappyCow reviews websiteSOJO <HappyCow restaurant ID> 89820-
SoundexP3878StringSoundex: phonetic algorithm for indexing names by sound, as pronounced in English. Format: initial of word followed by 3 digits (0–6)Robert <Soundex> R163-
Cologne phoneticsP3879StringCologne phonetics: phonetic algorithm which assigns to words a sequence of digits, the phonetic codeMüller <Cologne phonetics> 657-
CaverphoneP3880StringCaverphone: phonetic algorithmThompson <Caverphone> TMPSN1 and TMPSN11111-
USA Track & Field Hall of Fame ID ( identifierNational Track and Field Hall of Fame: identifier for a person at the USA Track & Field Hall of Fame websiteMike Larrabee <USA Track & Field Hall of Fame ID (> 198-
Tilastopaja female athlete IDP3882External identifierTilastopaja: identifier for a female athlete on the Tilastopaja websiteAlana Barber <Tilastopaja female athlete ID> 121569-
Red Bull athlete IDP3883External identifierRed Bull athletes database: identifier for a sponsored athlete on the Red Bull websiteLuc Alphand <Red Bull athlete ID> luc-alphand-
Tilastopaja male athlete IDP3884External identifierTilastopaja: identifier for a male athlete on the Tilastopaja websiteArmand Duplantis <Tilastopaja male athlete ID> 170852-
History of Modern Biomedicine IDP3885External identifieridentifier of a person or topic in the History of Modern Biomedicine databaseEldryd Parry <History of Modern Biomedicine ID> eldryd-parry-
number of perpetratorsP3886Quantityobject of crime and delinquent: number of perpetrators in an event, as reported by reliable sources2015 Thalys train attack <number of perpetrators> 1-
KVAB member IDP3887External identifier of member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the ArtsDiderik Batens <KVAB member ID> 778-
Boijmans artist IDP3888External identifierCollectie Boijmans Online and Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen: identifier for an artist in the Museum Boijmans Van BeuningenRichard Serra <Boijmans artist ID> 16313-
Swiss Federal Archives IDP3889External identifierSwiss Federal Archives: Identifier for an entity (portfolio, dossier, document) of the Swiss Federal ArchivesGeneva Conventions <Swiss Federal Archives ID> 3645-
MetaboLights Compound IDP3890External identifierMetaboLights: identifiers for compound entries in the MetaboLights databases.dimethylamine <MetaboLights Compound ID> MTBLC17170-
observing time availableP3891Quantitytelescope time: amount of observing time available at a telescope (or other instrument)McMath–Pierce Solar Telescope <observing time available> 263 nights per year-
PictoRight ID-Droit de suiteP3892External identifierartist's resale right: identifier for a visual artist for their droit de suite (money collection with artwork transfers) of the Dutch collective rights management organisation PictoRight and sister organisations worldwidePaul Huf <PictoRight ID-Droit de suite> M-000747-
public domain dateP3893Point in timepublic domain date: date the item enters into the public domain in a jurisdictionHet achterhuis <public domain date> -
OSTI article IDP3894External identifierOffice of Scientific and Technical Information: identifier of a scientific article at Office of Scientific and Technical InformationCataracts induced by microwave and ionizing radiation <OSTI article ID> 6071133-
INAO product IDP3895External identifierInstitut national de l'origine et de la qualité: identifier of a geographical indication in Institut national de l'origine et de la qualitéRoquefort cheese <INAO product ID> 3291-
geoshapeP3896Geographic shapegeographic data from Wikimedia CommonsNew York City <geoshape> Data:Neighbourhoods/New York
Ladies European Tour golf player IDP3897External identifierLadies European Tour: identifier for a golf player, in the Ladies European Tour databaseSuzann Pettersen <Ladies European Tour golf player ID> 101190- hotel IDP3898External identifier for a hotel on the websiteCrater Lake Lodge < hotel ID> ho492920-
Medium usernameP3899External identifierMedium: username of the Medium account of a person or an organizationEmmanuel Macron <Medium username> EmmanuelMacron-