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Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
platformP400Itemcomputing platform: platform for which a work was developed or released, or the specific platform version of a software productGoogle Chrome <platform> Microsoft Windows-
OSM relation IDP402External identifierOpenStreetMap: identifier for a relation in OpenStreetMapSan Francisco <OSM relation ID> 111968-
mouth of the watercourseP403Itemriver mouth: the body of water to which the watercourse drainsRhine <mouth of the watercourse> Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt delta-
game modeP404Itemgame mode: a video game's available playing mode(s)Commandos 2: Men of Courage <game mode> multiplayer game-
taxon authorP405Itemthe author(s) that (optionally) may be cited with the scientific namebanana <taxon author> Carl Linnaeus-
soundtrack releaseP406Itemsoundtrack album, soundtrack single and soundtrack extended play: music release that incorporates music directly recorded from the soundtrack of an audiovisual workAvatar <soundtrack release> Avatar: Music from the Motion Picture-
language of work or nameP407Itemlanguage: language associated with this creative work (such as books, shows, songs, or websites) or a name (for persons use "native language" (P103) and "languages spoken, written or signed" (P1412))Pokémon Diamond and Pearl <language of work or name> Japanese-
software engineP408Itemsoftware engine: software engine employed by the subject itemAssassin's Creed III <software engine> Anvil-
Libraries Australia IDP409External identifierNational Library of Australia: identifier issued by the National Library of Australia (see also P1315 for the newer People Australia identifier). VIAF component. Format: 1-12 digits, removing leading zero-padding.Cape Verde <Libraries Australia ID> 36750003-
military rankP410Itemmilitary rank: military rank achieved by a person (should usually have a "start time" qualifier), or military rank associated with a positionNeil Armstrong <military rank> lieutenant (junior grade)-
canonization statusP411Itemcanonization status: stage in the process of attaining sainthood per the subject's religious organizationJohn Paul II <canonization status> beatification-
voice typeP412Itemvoice type: person's voice type. expected values: soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, countertenor, tenor, baritone, bass (and derivatives)Ringo Starr <voice type> baritone-
position played on team / specialityP413Itemposition: position or specialism of a player on a team, e.g. Small ForwardAnthony Swarzak <position played on team / speciality> relief pitcher-
stock exchangeP414Itemexchange: exchange on which this company is tradedIntel <stock exchange> NASDAQ-
radio formatP415Itemradio format: describes the overall content broadcast on a radio stationCIDC-FM <radio format> rhythmic contemporary-
quantity symbol (string)P416Stringquantity symbol: symbol for a mathematical or physical quantityelectric charge <quantity symbol (string)> Q-
patron saintP417Itempatron saint: patron saint adopted by the subjectRome <patron saint> Pedro apostoldomain of saint or deity
seal descriptionP418Itemseal: description of a subject's sealFederated States of Micronesia <seal description> flag of the Federated States of Micronesia-
located in time zoneP421Itemtime zone: time zone for this itemZürich <located in time zone> UTC+01:00-
shooting handednessP423Itemwhether the hockey player passes or shoots left- or right-handedJoe Thornton <shooting handedness> left-handed shot-
Wikimedia language codeP424StringWikimedia language code: identifier for a language or variant as used by Wikimedia projectsTurkish <Wikimedia language code> tr-
field of this occupationP425Itemfield of work and occupation: activity corresponding to this occupation (use only for occupations - for people use Property:P101, for profession use P425, for companies use P452)scientist <field of this occupation> sciencepracticed by
aircraft registrationP426Stringaircraft registration: identifier assigned to an individual aircraft by civil aircraft registryAir France Flight 447 <aircraft registration> F-GZCP-
taxonomic typeP427Itemtype: the type genus of this family (or subfamily, etc), or the type species of this genus (or subgenus, etc)Disocactus <taxonomic type> cereus biformis-
botanist author abbreviationP428External identifierInternational Plant Names Index: standard form (official abbreviation) of a personal name for use in an author citation (only for names of algae, fungi and plants)Louis Pasteur <botanist author abbreviation> Pasteur-
dantai codeP429External identifierZenkoku chihō kōkyō dantai kōdo: identifier for administrative division in 6-digit format assigned by the interior ministry of JapanTokyo <dantai code> 130001-
callsign of airlineP432External identifierairline callsign: identifier used in radio transmissions to refer to the subject airlineSingapore Airlines <callsign of airline> SINGAPORE-
issueP433Stringissue: issue of a newspaper, a scientific journal or magazine for reference purposeReview of Particle Physics <issue> 1-
MusicBrainz artist IDP434External identifierMusicBrainz: identifier for an artist in the MusicBrainz open music encyclopediaBlanche of Castile <MusicBrainz artist ID> bf0fb4a2-b51c-43b5-a0e0-5ba0d2ac002c-
MusicBrainz work IDP435External identifierMusicBrainz: identifier for a work per the MusicBrainz open music encyclopediaGangnam Style <MusicBrainz work ID> dc650d46-73a8-4137-ae85-757a83c202fb-
MusicBrainz release group IDP436External identifierMusicBrainz: identifier for a release group per the MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia (album, single, etc.)Everything That Happens Will Happen Today <MusicBrainz release group ID> c9cf80df-db8f-34b4-9b86-012edfa6180f-
distribution formatP437Itemmethod (or type) of distribution for the subjectCyclone <distribution format> Compact Audio Cassette-
German municipality keyP439External identifierCommunity Identification Number: identifier for municipalities and independent towns in GermanyBorken <German municipality key> 05554012-
German district keyP440External identifieridentifier for districts (Landkreise) and independent towns in GermanyWarendorf District <German district key> 05570-
China administrative division codeP442External identifierAdministrative division codes of the People's Republic of China: identifier for administrative divisions of People's Republic of China (with spaces)Hong Kong <China administrative division code> 81-
pronunciation audioP443Commons media filepronunciation: audio file with pronunciationIran <pronunciation audio> Iran name.ogg-
review scoreP444Stringreview score received by a creative work or other entity007 Legends <review score> 4.5/10-
review score byP447Itemissuer of a review scoreIndestructible <review score by> Dotdash-
original broadcasterP449Itembroadcaster: network(s) or service(s) that originally broadcasted a radio or television programBeakman's World <original broadcaster> TLC-
astronaut missionP450Itemspaceflight: space mission that the subject is or has been a member of (do not include future missions)Marcos Pontes <astronaut mission> Soyuz TMA-8crew member
unmarried partnerP451Itemsignificant other: someone with whom the person is in a relationship without being married. Use "spouse" (P26) for married couplesJoachim Gauck <unmarried partner> Daniela Schadtunmarried partner
industryP452Itemindustry, economic branch and sector: industry of company or organizationSNCF <industry> railway-
character roleP453Itemrole: specific role played or filled by subject -- use only as qualifier of "cast member" (P161), "voice actor" (P725)Adrien Brody <character role> Władysław Szpilmanperformer
Structurae structure IDP454External identifierStructurae: identifier for a building in the Structurae databaseCabot Tower <Structurae structure ID> s0040416-
Emporis building IDP455External identifierEmporis Building Directory: identifier for a building in the Emporis database (for building complexes, see P2270)Empire State Building <Emporis building ID> 114095-
foundational textP457Itemarticles of association: text through which an institution or object has been created or establishedUnited Nations <foundational text> Charter of the United Nations-
IMO ship numberP458External identifierIMO number: identifier for a ship, ship owner or ship manager per the International Maritime OrganizationWasa Express <IMO ship number> 8000226-
determination methodP459Itemdetermination method: how a value is determined, or the standard by which it is declaredInterchange Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler <determination method> Normalhöhennull-
said to be the same asP460ItemWikimedia duplicated page: this item is said to be the same as that item, but the statement is disputedMaidilibala <said to be the same as> Uskhal Khan Tögüs Temür-
opposite ofP461Itemopposite and antonym: item that is the opposite of this itemwar <opposite of> peaceopposite of
colorP462Itemcolor: color of subjectruby <color> red-
member ofP463Itemmember: organization, musical group, or club to which the subject belongs. Do not use for membership in ethnic or social groups, nor for holding a position such as a member of parliament (use P39 for that).France <member of> European Union-
NORP464External identifierNOR system: identifier for French official textsQ11680174 <NOR> MENB9200481D-
sRGB color hex tripletP465StringsRGB: sRGB hex triplet format for subject color (e.g. 7FFFD4) specifying the 8-bit red, green and blue componentsblue <sRGB color hex triplet> #0000FF-
occupantP466Itema person or organization occupying propertyFederal Palace of Switzerland <occupant> Swiss Federal Council-
legislated byP467Itemindicates that an act or bill was passed by a legislature. The value can be a particular session of the legislatureBill of Rights 1689 <legislated by> Parliament of England-
dan/kyu rankP468Itemdan and kyū: rank system used in several board games (e.g. go, shogi, renju), martial arts (e.g. judo, kendo, wushu) and some other gamesLee Chang-ho <dan/kyu rank> 9 dan-
lakes on riverP469Itemlake: lakes, reservoirs, waterfalls the river flows throughAare <lakes on river> Lake Wohlen-
Eight Banner registerP470ItemEight Banners: Manchu household register for people of the Qing DynastyEmpress Dowager Cixi <Eight Banner register> Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner-
local dialing codeP473Stringtelephone numbering plan and area code: identifier dedicated to subject city by the area communication networkToronto <local dialing code> 416-
country calling codeP474Stringtelephone numbering plan: identifier for a country - dialed on phone after the international dialing prefix (precede value by +)United Kingdom <country calling code> +44-
CELEX numberP476External identifierEUR-Lex: identifier for European legal texts in EUR-Lex databaseTreaty of Lisbon <CELEX number> 12007L/TXT-
Canadian Register of Historic Places IDP477External identifierCanadian Register of Historic Places: identifier in the Canadian Register of Historic PlacesPointe-au-Père Lighthouse <Canadian Register of Historic Places ID> 10876-
volumeP478Stringvolume: volume of a book or music release in a collection/series or a published collection of journal issues in a serial publicationPrincipia Mathematica II <volume> 2-
input methodP479Itemuser interface and input device: input method or device used to interact with a software productCounter-Strike <input method> mouse and keyboard-
FilmAffinity IDP480External identifierFilmAffinity: FilmAffinity identification number of a creative workGone with the Wind <FilmAffinity ID> 470268-
Palissy IDP481External identifierPalissy database, Object as Historical Monument and Q86830939: identifier in the Palissy database of moveable objects of French cultural heritageTree of Jesse in Notre-Dame-de-Berven <Palissy ID> PM29000833-
recorded atP483Itemrecording studio: studio or location where a musical composition was recordedOn the Floor <recorded at> Henson Recording Studios-
IMA Number, broad senseP484External identifierInternational Mineralogical Association: identifier for a mineral per the International Mineralogical Association - Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification (IMA-CNMNC)manganvesuvianite <IMA Number, broad sense> IMA 2000-040-
archives atP485Itemarchives: the institution holding the subject's archivesJohann Sebastian Bach <archives at> Bach-Archiv Leipzig-
MeSH descriptor IDP486External identifierMedical Subject Headings: identifier for Descriptor or Supplementary concept in the Medical Subject Headings controlled vocabularysystemic lupus erythematosus <MeSH descriptor ID> D008180-
Unicode characterP487StringUnicode character: Unicode character representing the itemcomet <Unicode character> -
chairpersonP488Itemchairperson, leader and president: presiding member of an organization, group or bodyFlemish Parliament <chairperson> Jan Peumans-
currency symbol descriptionP489ItemCurrency Symbols: item with description of currency symboleuro <currency symbol description> euro sign-
provisional designationP490StringMinor planet designation: designation of an astronomical body after its discovery and before its official name90377 Sedna <provisional designation> 2003 VB12-
orbit diagramP491Commons media fileorbit: image with the diagram of the orbit of an astronomical body1105 Fragaria <orbit diagram> 1105orbit.gif-
OMIM IDP492External identifierOnline Mendelian Inheritance in Man: Online "Mendelian Inheritance in Man" catalogue codes for diseases, genes, or phenotypesHuntington disease <OMIM ID> 143100-
ICD-9P493External identifierInternational Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision (ICD-9): identifier in the ICD catalogue codes for diseases – Version 9headache <ICD-9> 339-
ICD-10P494External identifierInternational Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10) and International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems: identifier in the ICD catalogue codes for diseases - Version 10influenza <ICD-10> J10-
country of originP495Itemcountry of origin: country of origin of this item (creative work, food, phrase, product, etc.)Rookie Blue <country of origin> Canada-
ORCID iDP496External identifierORCID iD: identifier for a personMike Taylor <ORCID iD> 0000-0002-1003-5675-
CBDB IDP497External identifierChina Biographical Database: identifer for a person in the China Biographical DatabaseLi Bai <CBDB ID> 0032540-
ISO 4217 codeP498External identifierISO 4217: identifier for a currency per ISO 4217Sri Lankan rupee <ISO 4217 code> LKR-