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Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
family relationship degreeP4500Quantitydegree of kinship: kinship degree, degree of consanguinity, generation of people with this kinship type when clearly identifiable.not applicable-
albedoP4501Quantityalbedo: ratio of reflected radiation to incident radiationSaturn <albedo> 0.47- player IDP4502External identifieridentifier for a player on the websiteTony Drago < player ID> 41-
Wimbledon player IDP4503External identifierWimbledon Championships: identifier for a tennis player on the Wimbledon website, in the archive sectionRené Lacoste <Wimbledon player ID> 5663d920-93b7-428b-b67d-41123bd16e89-
IWRP athlete IDP4504External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the International Weightlifting Results Project websiteChen Shih-chieh <IWRP athlete ID> 10996-
IAFD male performer IDP4505External identifieridentifier for a male-born performer in the Internet Adult Film DatabaseBuck Adams <IAFD male performer ID> BAdams-
Formal Public IdentifierP4506StringFormal Public Identifier: string that identifies uniquely an item using a Formal Public Identifier according to the ISO/IEC 9070:1991 standardHTML 4.0 <Formal Public Identifier> -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN-
California Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4507External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the California Sports Hall of Fame websiteMichelle Kwan <California Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> 1458-
CycleBase cyclist IDP4508External identifieridentifier for a cyclist on the CycleBase websiteJuli Furtado <CycleBase cyclist ID> 32292-
National Monuments of Namibia Site ReferenceP4509External identifierreference number used for National Monuments of Namibia by the National Heritage Council of Namibiapetrified forest, Khorixas <National Monuments of Namibia Site Reference> 0041950-
describes a project that usesP4510Itemessential component or tool that was used in the project described in this outputAnalytical study of a microfludic DNA amplification chip using water cooling effect <describes a project that uses> CFD-ACE+-
vertical depthP4511Quantitydepth: vertical distance from a horizontal area to a point below. Compare with "horizontal depth" (P5524)Dead Sea <vertical depth> 298 metre-
Scottish Cemetery Kolkata person IDP4512External identifierThe Scottish Cemetery in Bengal: This website contains the database of Scottish Cemetery in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The database resource was built by Presidency University in collaboration the University of St. Andrews.Thomas Jones <Scottish Cemetery Kolkata person ID> 339-
Africultures movie IDP4513External identifierAfricultures: identifier for a movie at Africultures.comAn extraordinary Struggle <Africultures movie ID> 4981-
Africultures person IDP4514External identifierAfricultures: ID of a person at French website AfriculturesSamuel Tilman <Africultures person ID> 11519-
Prisma IDP4515External identifierPrisma: identifier for a film (movie) or person, in prisma.deGauguin <Prisma ID> 15847447-
Mémoire du cyclisme cyclist IDP4516External identifieridentifier for a person on the Mémoire du cyclisme websiteLaurent Fignon <Mémoire du cyclisme cyclist ID> 11650-
ctext work IDP4517External identifieridentifier for a work, in the ctext database. ctext is a database of pre-modern texts in Chinese languages (works and editions have separate identifiers)Analects <ctext work ID> ctp:work:analects-
Melon album IDP4518External identifieridentifier for a music album on MelonThe Red Summer <Melon album ID> 10077879-
payload massP4519Quantitypayload: amount of mass that can be transported by the vehicleLong March 3B <payload mass> 11,500 kilogram-
SUNCAT IDP4520External identifieridentifier for periodicals from the UK serial union catalogueArwystli Deanery Magazine <SUNCAT ID> 00025933884-
Radio Radicale person IDP4521External identifieridentifier for a person in the database of Radio RadicaleCarlo Azeglio Ciampi <Radio Radicale person ID> 17588-
Alaska Sports Hall of Fame inductee IDP4522External identifieridentifier for an inductee on the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame websiteNina Kemppel <Alaska Sports Hall of Fame inductee ID> nina-kemppel-
Vermont Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4523External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame websiteKeith Cieplicki <Vermont Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> 2013cieplicki-
Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Person IDP4524External identifieridentifier for persons associated with the witch trials in the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft database. For accused witches please use the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Accused Witch IDAlexander Erskine, 3rd Earl of Kellie <Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Person ID> JO/1418-
MuIS object IDP4525External identifieridentifier for an object in the Estonian museum database MuISFarmhouse with a Stove <MuIS object ID> 262747-
ABA bird IDP4526External identifieridentifier for a bird taxon, issued by the American Birding AssociationTrumpeter Swan <ABA bird ID> truswa-
UK Parliament thesaurus IDP4527External identifieridentifier in the thesaurus of subject headings maintained by the librarians in the House of Commons in the UKDavid Cameron <UK Parliament thesaurus ID> 299535-
NVE Drainage Basin (REGINE) IDP4528External identifierNVE Atlas and NVE Theme Map: identifier for water system areas in Norway by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy DirectorateGlomma basin <NVE Drainage Basin (REGINE) ID> 002.Z-
Douban film IDP4529External identifieridentifier for a film (movie) at the website DoubanThe Shawshank Redemption <Douban film ID> 1292052-
Bangladesh administrative division code (pre-2017)P4530External identifiercode used for an area for census calculations in BangladeshBarisal Division <Bangladesh administrative division code (pre-2017)> 10-
ChinesePosters artist IDP4531External identifieridentifier for a Chinese propaganda poster artist in the database of chineseposters.netShi Qi <ChinesePosters artist ID> shiqi-
Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Trial IDP4532External identifierіdentifier for trials in the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft databasetrial of Agnes Naismith <Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Trial ID> T/LA/1189-
Czech street IDP4533External identifieridentifier for a named street (or other public space) in the official registry of the Czech Republic; format: up to 7 digitsWenceslas Square <Czech street ID> 477265-
EUTA person IDP4534External identifierEUTA person ID: identifier for a person in the European Theatre Architecture (EUTA) databaseFerdinand Fellner <EUTA person ID> 8-
EUTA theatre IDP4535External identifierEUTA theatre ID: identifier for a theatre in the European Theatre Architecture (EUTA) databaseMunicipal Theatre of Mladá Boleslav <EUTA theatre ID> 31-
EThOS thesis IDP4536External identifieridentifier of a doctoral thesis, in the British Library's EThOS databaseProperties of expanding universes <EThOS thesis ID>
Spider Ontology IDP4537External identifieridentifier for the Spider Ontology which provides a controlled vocabulary for spider comparative biology including anatomical parts (e.g. leg, claw), behavior (e.g. courtship, combing) and products (i.g. silk, web, borrow)brain <Spider Ontology ID> 0000623-
Snooker Database player ID (archived)P4538External identifieridentifier for a player on the Snooker Database websiteSimon Lichtenberg <Snooker Database player ID (archived)> 2120-
Collective Biographies of Women IDP4539External identifieridentifier for a person, in the Collective Biographies of Women databaseIrène Joliot-Curie <Collective Biographies of Women ID> 15624-
IBTrACS cyclone IDP4540External identifierInternational Best Track Archive for Climate Stewardship: identifier for a tropical cyclone, issued by the World Data Center for MeteorologyHurricane Alma <IBTrACS cyclone ID> 1970138N12281-
Croatian Olympic Committee athlete ID (archived)P4541External identifierformer identifier for an athlete (sportsperson) at, a website of the Croatian Olympic Committee (Croatian: Hrvatski olimpijski odbor)Bruno Gudelj <Croatian Olympic Committee athlete ID (archived)> 16104-
World of O athlete IDP4542External identifieridentifier for an orienteering athlete on the World of O websiteYannick Michiels <World of O athlete ID> yannickmichiels-
has listed ingredientP4543Itemingredient: substance that's listed as ingredient on the packaging of the product; use P1545 to qualify the order of the listed ingredientsCoca-Cola Zero <has listed ingredient> water-
Tennis Temple player IDP4544External identifieridentifier for a player on the Tennis Temple websiteJeļena Ostapenko <Tennis Temple player ID> 2785-
sexually homologous withP4545Itemsexual homology: body part that originates from the same tissue or cell during fetal development in the opposing sexclitoris <sexually homologous with> penis-
Gymn Forum athlete IDP4546External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Gymn Forum websiteDonghua Li <Gymn Forum athlete ID> men/li_donghua-
Olympic Committee of Serbia athlete ID (archived)P4547External identifierformer identifier for an athlete (sportsperson) at, website of the Olympic Committee of Serbia (Serbian: Olimpijski komitet Srbije). Replace by P10978Tijana Ajduković <Olympic Committee of Serbia athlete ID (archived)> 1289-
Commonwealth Games Federation athlete ID (archived)P4548External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Commonwealth Games Federation former website thecgf.comHeather Armitage <Commonwealth Games Federation athlete ID (archived)> 39735-
ARLIMA IDP4549External identifieridentifier for medieval literatureJean Bagnyon <ARLIMA ID> 1443-
CNRS research group IDP4550External identifieridentifier for an academic research group issued by the CNRSLaboratoire de physique théorique <CNRS research group ID> UMR8627-
Everyone Remembered IDP4551External identifieridentifier for a Commonwealth military person, who died in World War One, on the Everyone Remembered databaseWilfred Owen <Everyone Remembered ID> 336417-
mountain rangeP4552Itemmountain range: range or subrange to which the geographical item belongsMount Mitchell <mountain range> Black Mountains-
RA Collections IDP4553External identifieridentifier for an entry in the collections database of the Royal Academy of Arts, LondonPhilip Van Gunst <RA Collections ID> 12991-
ICRC PoW IDP4554External identifieridentifier for a prisoner of war, in the archives of the International committee of the Red CrossArthur Batten-Pooll <ICRC PoW ID> 136094/3/2-
Canada Games athlete IDP4555External identifierCanada Games: identifier for an athlete on the Canada Games websiteGabriela Dabrowski <Canada Games athlete ID> b7222679-db90-4720-9399-1aad03d42950-
FAI IDP4556External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale websiteHonorin Hamard <FAI ID> honorin-hamard-
Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame IDP4557External identifieridentifier for an athlete on the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame websitePatricia Babcock-McGraw <Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame ID> patricia-babcock-
SNCZI-IPE dam IDP4558External identifieridentifier of a dam in Spain, in the SNCZI-Inventario de Presas y Embalses databaseAlarcón Dam <SNCZI-IPE dam ID> 8160006-
IJF judoka IDP4559External identifieridentifier for a judoka on the International Judo Federation websiteClarisse Agbégnénou <IJF judoka ID> 2317-
National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame IDP4560External identifieridentifier for a person on the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame websiteDarrell Griffith <National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame ID> darrell-griffith- WNBA player IDP4561External identifieridentifier for a Women's National Basketball Association player on the websiteSeimone Augustus < WNBA player ID> a/augusse01w-
Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame IDP4562External identifieridentifier for an inductee on the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame websiteTsunetaro Moriyama <Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame ID> 024-
Art Museum of Estonia artist IDP4563External identifierartist identifier for the Art Museum of EstoniaArnold Akberg <Art Museum of Estonia artist ID> 436-
Art Museum of Estonia artwork IDP4564External identifierartwork identifier for the Art Museum of EstoniaPlane <Art Museum of Estonia artwork ID> 818-
electoral district numberP4565Stringelectoral unit: number of the constituency/electoral district established by law. Only to be used if the number is established by law, regulation, or other legally-binding decision; not to be used for database identifier numbers which lack legal force, even if contained in a government database.Saint-Bruno—Saint-Hubert <electoral district number> 24062-
awarded for periodP4566Point in timeaward: period during which the achievement must have been made to be eligible for an award62nd Academy Awards <awarded for period> -
BTO five-letter codeP4567External identifieridentifier for a bird species, issued by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)Long-tailed Tit <BTO five-letter code> LOTTI-
SNCZI-IPE reservoir IDP4568External identifieridentifier of a reservoir in Spain, in the SNCZI-Inventario de Presas y Embalses databaseLa Jarosa Reservoir <SNCZI-IPE reservoir ID> 3190-
BPH journal IDP4569External identifieridentifier for a botanical journal in the Hunt Institute's 'Botanico Periodicum Huntianum'Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society <BPH journal ID> 62757-
West Australian Football League player IDP4571External identifieridentifier for a player on the West Australian Football League websiteLin Richards <West Australian Football League player ID> 2209-
SS KL Auschwitz Garrison IDP4572External identifierSS command of Auschwitz concentration camp: identifier for a person, in the Auschwitz camp personnel databaseRichard Baer <SS KL Auschwitz Garrison ID> r419868767,BAER-
Merchant Category CodeP4573StringMerchant Category Code: four-digit number used to classify businesses by the type of goods or services they provideAmerican Airlines <Merchant Category Code> 3001-
Norwegian historical register of persons IDP4574External identifierIdentificator for a person in the Norwegian historical register of personsRoald Amundsen <Norwegian historical register of persons ID> pf01053257046634-
HTML entityP4575StringHTML entity: escaping sequence in the source code of an HTML document that represents a textual character, either in the content of a text element or a tagged comment, or in the given value of an attributeÄ <HTML entity> &Auml;-
Tidal artist IDP4576External identifieridentifier of an artist on the Tidal websiteHeikki Kuula <Tidal artist ID> 4768947-
Tidal album IDP4577External identifieridentifier of an album on the Tidal websiteSuomalainen Mies <Tidal album ID> 63596443-
Tidal track IDP4578External identifieridentifier of a track on the Tidal websiteEastside <Tidal track ID> 91556265-
Tidal music video IDP4579External identifieridentifier of a music video on the Tidal websiteTuulisii <Tidal music video ID> 50956283-
Berlinische Galerie artist IDP4580External identifierartist identifier for the Berlinische GalerieFriedrich Ahlers-Hestermann <Berlinische Galerie artist ID> 5412-
Städel Museum artist IDP4581External identifierartist and organization identifier for the Städel MuseumFrans Hals <Städel Museum artist ID> hals-frans-
Kulturelles Erbe Köln object IDP4582External identifierobject identifier in Kulturelles Erbe KölnFlag on Orange Field <Kulturelles Erbe Köln object ID> 05010051-
U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame athlete IDP4583External identifieridentifier for an inductee on the U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame websiteBetty Okino <U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame athlete ID> b_okino-
first appearanceP4584Itemfirst appearance: work in which a fictional/mythical character or entity first appearedSherlock Holmes <first appearance> A Study in Scarlet-
Accademia della Crusca IDP4585External identifieridentifier for a member of Accademia della CruscaDante Isella <Accademia della Crusca ID> 1698-
type foundryP4586Itemtype foundry: company releasing or distributing a font or typefaceMistral <type foundry> Fonderie Olive-
Argentinian Historic Heritage IDP4587External identifiernational historic monument of Argentina, Q55783533, National historical monument of Argentina, Q55784297, Q55784396 and Place or National Historic Site: identifier for historic heritage object included in the national index of ArgentinaTeatro Colón <Argentinian Historic Heritage ID> teatro-colon-
World Games athlete IDP4588External identifierWorld Games: identifier for an athlete at, the official website of The World GamesAlexandra Recchia <World Games athlete ID> 8644-
Dreadnought Project pageP4589External identifierpage on the Dreadnought Project websiteHMS Majestic <Dreadnought Project page> H.M.S._Majestic_(1895)-
Atomic Heritage Foundation IDP4590External identifierprofile of a person on the website of the Atomic Heritage FoundationRobert Oppenheimer <Atomic Heritage Foundation ID> j-robert-oppenheimer-
National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials IDP4591External identifieridentifier of a military monument or memorial in the Canadian National InventorySherbrooke War Memorial <National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials ID> 3919-
Mountain Project IDP4592External identifieridentifier for a climbing area or route on the 'Mountain Project' websiteSeneca Rocks <Mountain Project ID> 105861910-
Spanish Paralympic Committee athlete ID (archived)P4593External identifierformer identifier for an athlete (sportsperson) at, a website of the Spanish Paralympic Committee (Spanish: Comité Paralímpico Español, CPE)Francisco Javier Muñoz Perez <Spanish Paralympic Committee athlete ID (archived)> munoz-perez-francisco-javier-
arXiv author IDP4594External identifieridentifier for an author on arXivMiranda Cheng <arXiv author ID> cheng_m_1-
post townP4595Stringpost town: town/city part of the postal address, can be different from administrative locationSödra Bro <post town> Örebro-
NIOSH Numbered Publication IDP4596External identifieridentifier for an official publication of the U.S. National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH)Community health nursing for working people <NIOSH Numbered Publication ID> 70-10253-
FAPESP institution IDP4597External identifieridentifier for institutions funded by the Brazilian research education and innovation foundation, FAPESPFaculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Human Sciences <FAPESP institution ID> 1533-
FAPESP researcher IDP4598External identifieridentifier for researchers funded by the Brazilian research education and innovation foundation, FAPESPMarilena de Souza Chauí <FAPESP researcher ID> 922-
monomer ofP4599Itemmonomer: polymer composed of this monomer subunitsethylene <monomer of> polyethylenepolymer of