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Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
family relationship degreeP4500Quantitydegree of kinship: kinship degree, degree of consanguinity, generation of people with this kinship type when clearly identifiable.not applicable-
albedoP4501Quantityalbedo: ratio of reflected radiation to incident radiationSaturn <albedo> 0.47- player IDP4502External identifier for a player on the websiteTony Drago < player ID> 41-
Wimbledon player IDP4503External identifierWimbledon Championships: identifier for a tennis player on the Wimbledon website, in the archive sectionRené Lacoste <Wimbledon player ID> 5663d920-93b7-428b-b67d-41123bd16e89-
IWRP athlete IDP4504External identifierInternational Weightlifting Results Project: identifier for an athlete on the International Weightlifting Results Project websiteChen Shih-chieh <IWRP athlete ID> 10996-
IAFD male performer IDP4505External identifierInternet Adult Film Database: identifier for a male-born performer in the Internet Adult Film DatabaseBuck Adams <IAFD male performer ID> BAdams-
Formal Public IdentifierP4506StringFormal Public Identifier: string that identifies uniquely an item using a Formal Public Identifier according to the ISO/IEC 9070:1991 standardHTML 4.0 <Formal Public Identifier> -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN-
California Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4507External identifierCalifornia Sports Hall of Fame: identifier for an athlete on the California Sports Hall of Fame websiteMichelle Kwan <California Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> 1458-
CycleBase cyclist IDP4508External identifierCycleBase: identifier for a cyclist on the CycleBase websiteJuli Furtado <CycleBase cyclist ID> 32292-
National Monuments of Namibia Site ReferenceP4509External identifierNational Heritage Council of Namibia: reference number used for National Monuments of Namibia by the National Heritage Council of Namibiapetrified forest, Khorixas <National Monuments of Namibia Site Reference> 0041950-
describes a project that usesP4510Itemessential component or tool that was used in the project described in this publicationAnalytical study of a microfludic DNA amplification chip using water cooling effect <describes a project that uses> CFD-ACE+-
vertical depthP4511Quantitydepth: vertical distance from a horizontal area to a point below. Compare with "horizontal depth" (P5524)Dead Sea <vertical depth> 298 metre-
Scottish Cemetery Kolkata person IDP4512External identifierThis website contains the database of Scottish Cemetery in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. The database resource was built by Presidency University in collaboration the University of St. Andrews.Thomas Jones <Scottish Cemetery Kolkata person ID> 339-
Africultures movie IDP4513External identifierAfricultures: identifier for a movie at Africultures.comAn extraordinary Struggle <Africultures movie ID> 4981-
Africultures person IDP4514External identifierAfricultures: ID of a person at French website AfriculturesSamuel Tilman <Africultures person ID> 11519-
Prisma IDP4515External identifierPrisma: identifier for a film (movie) or person, in prisma.deGauguin <Prisma ID> 15847447-
Mémoire du cyclisme cyclist IDP4516External identifierMémoire du cyclisme: identifier for a person on the Mémoire du cyclisme websiteLaurent Fignon <Mémoire du cyclisme cyclist ID> 11650-
ctext work IDP4517External identifierChinese Text Project: identifier for a work, in the ctext database. ctext is a database of pre-modern texts in Chinese languages (works and editions have separate identifiers)Analects <ctext work ID> ctp:work:analects-
Melon album IDP4518External identifierMelon: identifier for a music album on MelonThe Red Summer <Melon album ID> 10077879-
payload massP4519Quantitypayload: amount of mass that can be transported by the vehicleLong March 3B <payload mass> 11,500 kilogram-
SUNCAT IDP4520External identifierSUNCAT: identifier for periodicals from the UK serial union catalogueArwystli Deanery Magazine <SUNCAT ID> 00025933884-
Radio Radicale person IDP4521External identifierRadio Radicale: identifier for a person in the database of Radio RadicaleCarlo Azeglio Ciampi <Radio Radicale person ID> 17588-
Alaska Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4522External identifierAlaska Sports Hall of Fame: identifier for an athlete on the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame websiteNina Kemppel <Alaska Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> nina-kemppel-
Vermont Sports Hall of Fame athlete IDP4523External identifierVermont Sports Hall of Fame: identifier for an athlete on the Vermont Sports Hall of Fame websiteKeith Cieplicki <Vermont Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID> 2013cieplicki-
Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Person IDP4524External identifieridentifier for persons associated with the witch trials in the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft database. For accused witches please use the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Accused Witch IDAlexander Erskine, 3rd Earl of Kellie <Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Person ID> JO/1418-
MuIS object IDP4525External identifierMuIS: identifier for an object in the Estonian museum database MuISFarmhouse with a Stove <MuIS object ID> 262747-
ABA bird IDP4526External identifierAmerican Birding Association: identifier for a bird taxon, issued by the American Birding AssociationCygnus buccinator <ABA bird ID> truswa-
UK Parliament thesaurus IDP4527External identifierThesaurus of subject headings maintained by the libraries of the House of Commons and House of Lords in the UK. Covers around 110,000 topics (concepts, people, places, organisations, legislation, etc), with a structured taxonomyDavid Cameron <UK Parliament thesaurus ID> 299535-
NVE Drainage Basin (REGINE) IDP4528External identifierNVE Drainage Basin (REGINE): identifier for water system areas in Norway by the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy DirectorateGlommavassdraget <NVE Drainage Basin (REGINE) ID> 002.Z-
Douban film IDP4529External identifierDouban: identifier for a film (movie) at the website DoubanThe Shawshank Redemption <Douban film ID> 1292052-
Bangladesh administrative division code (pre-2017)P4530External identifierBangladesh Bureau of Statistics: code used for an area for census calculations in BangladeshBarisal Division <Bangladesh administrative division code (pre-2017)> 10-
ChinesePosters artist IDP4531External identifier for a Chinese propaganda poster artist in the database of chineseposters.netShi Qi <ChinesePosters artist ID> shiqi-
Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Trial IDP4532External identifierіdentifier for trials in the Survey of Scottish Witchcraft database.trial of Agnes Naismith <Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Trial ID> T/LA/1189-
Czech street IDP4533External identifieridentifier for a street in the official registry of the Czech RepublicWenceslas Square <Czech street ID> 477265-
EUTA person IDP4534External identifierEuropean Theatre Architecture: identifier for a person in the European Theatre Architecture (EUTA) databaseFerdinand Fellner <EUTA person ID> 8-
EUTA theatre IDP4535External identifierEuropean Theatre Architecture: identifier for a theatre in the European Theatre Architecture (EUTA) databaseMunicipal Theatre of Mladá Boleslav <EUTA theatre ID> 31-
EThOS thesis IDP4536External identifieridentifier of a doctoral thesis, in the British Library's EThOS databaseProperties of expanding universes <EThOS thesis ID>
Spider Ontology IDP4537External identifierSpider Ontology: identifier for the Spider Ontology which provides a controlled vocabulary for spider comparative biology including anatomical parts (e.g. leg, claw), behavior (e.g. courtship, combing) and products (i.g. silk, web, borrow)brain <Spider Ontology ID> SPD_0000623-
Snooker Database player IDP4538External identifierSnooker Database: identifier for a player on the Snooker Database websiteSimon Lichtenberg <Snooker Database player ID> 2120-
Collective Biographies of Women IDP4539External identifierCollective Biographies of Women: identifier for a person, in the Collective Biographies of Women databaseIrène Joliot-Curie <Collective Biographies of Women ID> 15624-
IBTrACS cyclone IDP4540External identifierInternational Best Track Archive for Climate Stewardship: identifier for a tropical cyclone, issued by the World Data Center for MeteorologyHurricane Alma <IBTrACS cyclone ID> 1970138N12281-
Croatian Olympic Committee athlete IDP4541External identifierCroatian Olympic Committee: identifier for an athlete on the Croatian Olympic Committee (Hrvatski olimpijski odbor / HOO)Bruno Gudelj <Croatian Olympic Committee athlete ID> 16104-
World of O athlete IDP4542External identifierWorld of O: identifier for an orienteering athlete on the World of O websiteYannick Michiels <World of O athlete ID> yannickmichiels-
has listed ingredientP4543Itemingredient: substance that's listed as ingredient on the packaging of the product; use P1545 to qualify the order of the listed ingredientsCoca-Cola Zero <has listed ingredient> water-
Tennis Temple player IDP4544External identifierTennis Temple: identifier for a player on the Tennis Temple websiteJeļena Ostapenko <Tennis Temple player ID> 2785-
sexually homologous withP4545Itemsexual homology: body part that originates from the same tissue or cell during fetal development in the opposing sexclitoris <sexually homologous with> penis-
Gymn Forum athlete IDP4546External identifierGymn Forum: identifier for an athlete on the Gymn Forum websiteDonghua Li <Gymn Forum athlete ID> men/li_donghua-
Serbian Olympic Committee athlete IDP4547External identifierSerbian Olympic Committee: identifier for an athlete on the Olympic Committee of Serbia websiteTijana Ajduković <Serbian Olympic Committee athlete ID> 1289-
Commonwealth Games Federation athlete IDP4548External identifierCommonwealth Games Federation: identifier for an athlete on the Commonwealth Games Federation websiteHeather Armitage <Commonwealth Games Federation athlete ID> 39735-
ARLIMA IDP4549External identifierArchives de littérature du Moyen Âge: identifier for medieval literatureJean Bagnyon <ARLIMA ID> 1443-
CNRS research group IDP4550External identifierNational Center for Scientific Research: identifier for an academic research group issued by the CNRSLaboratoire de Physique Théorique d’Orsay <CNRS research group ID> UMR8627-
Everyone Remembered IDP4551External identifieridentifier for a Commonwealth military person, who died in World War One, on the Everyone Remembered databaseWilfred Owen <Everyone Remembered ID> 336417-
mountain rangeP4552Itemmountain range: range or subrange to which the geographical item belongsMount Mitchell <mountain range> Black Mountains-
RA Collections IDP4553External identifierRoyal Academy of Arts: identifier for an entry in the collections database of the Royal Academy of Arts, LondonPhilip Van Gunst <RA Collections ID> 12991-
ICRC PoW IDP4554External identifieridentifier for a prisoner of war, in the archives of the International committee of the Red CrossArthur Batten-Pooll <ICRC PoW ID> 136094/3/2-
Canada Games athlete IDP4555External identifierCanada Games: identifier for an athlete on the Canada Games websiteGabriela Dabrowski <Canada Games athlete ID> b7222679-db90-4720-9399-1aad03d42950-
FAI IDP4556External identifierFédération Aéronautique Internationale: identifier for an athlete on the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale websiteHonorin Hamard <FAI ID> honorin-hamard-
Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame IDP4557External identifierIndiana Basketball Hall of Fame: identifier for an athlete on the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame websitePatricia Babcock-McGraw <Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame ID> patricia-babcock-
SNCZI-IPE dam IDP4558External identifieridentifier of a dam in Spain, in the SNCZI-Inventario de Presas y Embalses databaseAlarcón Dam <SNCZI-IPE dam ID> 8160006-
IJF judoka IDP4559External identifierInternational Judo Federation: identifier for a judoka on the International Judo Federation websiteClarisse Agbegnenou <IJF judoka ID> 2317-
National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame IDP4560External identifierNational Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame: identifier for a person on the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame websiteDarrell Griffith <National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame ID> darrell-griffith- WNBA player IDP4561External identifier for a Women's National Basketball Association player on the websiteSeimone Augustus < WNBA player ID> a/augusse01w-
Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame IDP4562External identifierJapanese Baseball Hall of Fame: identifier for an inductee on the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame websiteTsunetaro Moriyama <Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame ID> 024-
Art Museum of Estonia artist IDP4563External identifierArt Museum of Estonia: artist identifier for the Art Museum of EstoniaArnold Akberg <Art Museum of Estonia artist ID> 436-
Art Museum of Estonia artwork IDP4564External identifierArt Museum of Estonia: Artwork identifier for the Art Museum of EstoniaPlane <Art Museum of Estonia artwork ID> 818-
electoral district numberP4565Stringconstituency: number of the constituency/electoral district established by law. Only to be used if the number is established by law, regulation, or other legally-binding decision; not to be used for database identifier numbers which lack legal force, even if contained in a government database.Property talk:P4565-
awarded for periodP4566Point in timeaward: period during which the achievement must have been made to be eligible for an awardProperty talk:P4566-
BTO five-letter codeP4567External identifierBritish Trust for Ornithology: identifier for a bird species, issued by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)Aegithalos caudatus <BTO five-letter code> LOTTI-
SNCZI-IPE reservoir IDP4568External identifieridentifier of a reservoir in Spain, in the SNCZI-Inventario de Presas y Embalses databaseLa Jarosa Reservoir <SNCZI-IPE reservoir ID> 3190-
BPH journal IDP4569External identifierBotanico Periodicum Huntianum: identifier for a botanical journal in the Hunt Institute's 'Botanico Periodicum Huntianum'Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences <BPH journal ID> 51100-
West Australian Football League player IDP4571External identifierWest Australian Football League: identifier for a player on the West Australian Football League websiteLin Richards <West Australian Football League player ID> 2209-
SS KL Auschwitz Garrison IDP4572External identifieridentifier for a person, in the Auschwitz camp personnel databaseRichard Baer <SS KL Auschwitz Garrison ID> r419868767,BAER-
Merchant Category CodeP4573StringMerchant Category Code: four-digit number used to classify businesses by the type of goods or services it provides.American Airlines <Merchant Category Code> 3001-
Norwegian historical register of persons IDP4574External identifierhistorical register of persons: Identificator for a person in the Norwegian historical register of personsRoald Amundsen <Norwegian historical register of persons ID> pf01053257046634-
HTML entityP4575StringSGML entity, character entity reference and HTML entity: string in HTML source code that represents this character on a pageÄ <HTML entity> &Auml;-
Tidal artist IDP4576External identifierTidal: identifier of an artist on the Tidal websiteHeikki Kuula <Tidal artist ID> 4768947-
Tidal album IDP4577External identifierTidal: identifier of an album on the Tidal websiteSuomalainen Mies <Tidal album ID> 63596443-
Tidal track IDP4578External identifierTidal: identifier of a track on the Tidal websiteEastside <Tidal track ID> 91556265-
Tidal music video IDP4579External identifierTidal: identifier of a music video on the Tidal websiteTuulisii <Tidal music video ID> 50956283-
Berlinische Galerie artist IDP4580External identifierBerlinische Galerie: artist identifier for the Berlinische GalerieFriedrich Ahlers-Hestermann <Berlinische Galerie artist ID> 5412-
Städel Museum artist IDP4581External identifierStädel Museum: artist and organization identifier for the Städel MuseumFrans Hals <Städel Museum artist ID> hals-frans-
Kulturelles Erbe Köln object IDP4582External identifierKulturelles Erbe Köln: object identifier in Kulturelles Erbe KölnFlag on Orange Field <Kulturelles Erbe Köln object ID> 05010051-
U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame athlete IDP4583External identifierUSA Gymnastics Hall of Fame: identifier for an inductee on the U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame websiteBetty Okino <U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame athlete ID> b_okino-
first appearanceP4584Itemfirst appearance: work in which a fictional/mythical character or entity first appearedSherlock Holmes <first appearance> A Study in Scarlet-
Accademia della Crusca IDP4585External identifierAccademia della Crusca: identifier for a member of Accademia della CruscaDante Isella <Accademia della Crusca ID> 1698-
type foundryP4586Itemtype foundry: company releasing or distributing a font or typefaceMistral <type foundry> Fonderie Olive-
Argentinian Historic Heritage IDP4587External identifierComisión Nacional de Monumentos, de Lugares y de Bienes Históricos, national monument of Argentina, Q55783533, National historical monument of Argentina, Q55784297, Q55784396 and Place or National Historic Site: identifier for historic heritage object included in the national index of ArgentinaTeatro Colón <Argentinian Historic Heritage ID> teatro-colon-
International World Games Association athlete IDP4588External identifierInternational World Games Association: identifier for an athlete on the International World Games Association websiteAlexandra Recchia <International World Games Association athlete ID> 8644-
Dreadnought Project pageP4589External identifierDreadnought Project: page on the Dreadnought Project websiteHMS Majestic <Dreadnought Project page> H.M.S._Majestic_(1895)-
Atomic Heritage Foundation IDP4590External identifierAtomic Heritage Foundation: profile of a person on the website of the Atomic Heritage FoundationJ. Robert Oppenheimer <Atomic Heritage Foundation ID> j-robert-oppenheimer-
National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials IDP4591External identifieridentifier of a military monument or memorial in the Canadian National InventorySherbrooke War Memorial <National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials ID> 3919-
Mountain Project IDP4592External identifierMountain Project: identifier for a climbing area or route on the 'Mountain Project' websiteSeneca Rocks <Mountain Project ID> 105861910-
Spanish Paralympic Committee athlete IDP4593External identifierSpanish Paralympic Committee: identifier of an athlete on the website of the Spanish Paralympic Committeee (Comité Paralímpico Español)Francisco Javier Muñoz Perez <Spanish Paralympic Committee athlete ID> munoz-perez-francisco-javier-
arXiv author IDP4594External identifieridentifier for an author on arXivMiranda Cheng <arXiv author ID> cheng_m_1-
post townP4595Stringpost town: town part of the postal address, for example in the UK or SwedenGällersta <post town> Örebro-
NIOSH Publication NumberP4596External identifierNational Institute for Occupational Safety and Health: identifier for an official publication of the US National Institute of Safety and Health (NIOSH)Community health nursing for working people <NIOSH Publication Number> 70-10253-
FAPESP institution IDP4597External identifierSão Paulo Research Foundation: identifier for institutions funded by the Brazilian research education and innovation foundation, FAPESPFaculty of Philosophy, Languages and Literature, and Human Sciences <FAPESP institution ID> 1533-
FAPESP researcher IDP4598External identifierSão Paulo Research Foundation: identifier for researchers funded by the Brazilian research education and innovation foundation, FAPESPMarilena de Souza Chauí <FAPESP researcher ID> 922-
monomer ofP4599Itemmonomer: polymer composed of this monomer subunitsethylene <monomer of> polyethylenepolymer of