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J. Novotný (born 1981 in Brno) – You can reach me here or on cswiki, where I focus on Czechoslovak football history and smaller Moravian and Silesian football clubs. Supporting Zbrojovka Brno since 1985/86 when my father took me with him to the old beloved stadium Za Lužánkami. Missed only few home matches 1992–2001 merely for three reasons – family funerals, being hospitalised or playing match far from Brno at the time myself (active 1988–1997 and 2001–2003). Was collecting various football magazines and books (first one I got on Christmas 1991 from my mother!) and I have started to do so again.

Lucky to watch Roman Kukleta in his absolute prime (...he scored in each and every match I saw him play 1986–1988). Unfortunately never saw Karel Kroupa senior play in an official game (by 2 years) – the king of all club legends who served the club for more then 25 years (12 and a half as a player) and yet the only right answer when it comes to „Who was the best footballer of SK Židenice/Zbrojovka Brno ever?”. Two other names ought to be mentioned as I had watched them since they started their senior career with the club and they lately became cult persona for me: Richard Dostálek and Petr Křivánek. Keeping club archive (mostly data) of SK Židenice/Spartak ZJŠ/Zbrojovka Brno since 2008 and searching for/contacting old players (mostly „czech football pre-internet era” let's say before 2001–2002).

There are some clubs abroad I like for historical reasons (Lokomotíva Košice, West Ham United, Cagliari, Aberdeen...) with Crvena Zvezda Beograd and Hajduk Split both sharing top of that list. But there is only one Zbrojovka Brno in the world and that is also the only unbeaten team in ECC ever (1955–1992), although the club played only four matches in the autumn of 1978 (drawn three and won one away).

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