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Nov 2020 - here's a vidoeo of some of the work I've done, integrating Wikidata into Wikipedia articles.

Hi! I'm usually on Wicipedia Cymraeg, the Welsh language Wikipedia, aka User:Llywelyn2000.

The first use of Wikidata on cywiki was by Doug on the Richard Burton page; then on 19 November 2015‎ I created the cy:Rhestr o luniau gan Jacob van Ruisdael article, which brought Listeria into mainspace, with full community consent!

My latest project: add Celtic language names of European+ birds. Totals to date:

ga / Irish Gaeilge - 1582
br / Brezhoneg / Breton - 911
gd / Gàidhlig / Scottish Gaelic - 434
gv / Gaelg vanninagh / Manx - 545
kw / Kernewek / Cornish - 268
cy / Cymraeg / Welsh - 1757

March 2020 - created over 22,000 articles on US counties, cities and towns, with 95% of the content generated automatically from Wikidata eg Choctaw County, Alabama, cy:Hampstead, Maryland.

Automatically generated WD driven female articles, which ensured (on 15th December 2016) that the Welsh / Cymraeg Wikipedia became the first to achieve gender equality.

The Current number of Wikidata lists on Wikipedia mainspace (cy): 17,108 ot of a total of 25,000 (July 2017). I've created 16,400 myself or with community editors who I've trained.

The Current % of WP articles which include Wikidata infoboxes (Dec 2019) is c. 78% all of which were created by myself or editors I've trained.

I've also worked with the Welsh fauna and flora body 'Llen Natur' to take images from Commons (currently around 18,000). Here's a link to their illustrated discionary Y Bywiadur. Life is about giving to others, not taking.

'Wikidata Lists' (diolch i Magnus!) on other language wikisEdit

Llên Natur Wikimedia UK Conference; 2017

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Pobl yn y Bywgraffiadur - DWB - 8,200Edit

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Lluniau John Ingleby - 1,660Edit