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User:Malore/Wikidata structure/Mathematics

Modelling proofEdit

  • Create properties
    •   Not done "statement assumptions formula"/"hypothesis": mathematical expression
    •   Not done "statement conclusion formula": mathematical expression
    •   Not done "mathematical statement"/"claim": multilingual text
    •   Not done "demonstration"/"proof": mathematical formula
    •   Not done "demonstration sketch": multilingual text
    •   Doing… "mathematical concept definition formula": mathematical formula
    •   Doing… "mathematical concept definition"/"definition sketch": multilingual text


  • Create an item for every mathematical expression with statements like "implies" (qualified with ""), "is implied by", "equivalent to"


  • add "languages" to mathematical expressions in order to indicate the formal language (first order logic, proposition logic...)
  • add a "math" language (in addition to "English", "Italian", "French"...) in order to visualize mathematical expressions


  • How to name theorems without a name?