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# Article item description
1 180 Out Q20312203 musical group in United States of America, from 2008
2 Babamania Q4837492 musical group from Teichiku Entertainment
3 Be The Bear Q15052789 musical group, from 2016
4 Berliner Saxophon Quartett Q821723 musical group
5 Big Thief Q28228836 American indie rock band
6 BKS Q4835795 musical group
7 Black Flame Q559739 band
8 Black Machine Q65162255 musical group from Carrere, from 1992
9 Blush Q196696 band
10 Cairokee Q11183143 musical group
11 City Morgue Q57444866 American hip-hop group
12 Culture Abuse Q65047907 musical group from Epitaph Records
13 Da Cruz Q5207220 Brazilian World music group
14 DAAN Q2283004 band that plays rock music
15 DCappella Q65084070 Capella music group
16 Dynasty Q20684051 musical group in United States of America from Facedown Records, from 2004
17 Empathy Test Q63203779 musical group
18 Flawless Q4038812 English street dance troupe based in the UK
19 Gaia Q28442879 musical group and musical duo from Armada Music, from 2000
20 group inou Q11221938 musical group
21 Gummibär Q5618186 Cartoon song band
22 HMLTD Q60742830 musical group
23 HYPE Q12390346 musical group
24 Joe Russo's Almost Dead Q18712367 American rock band
25 Just Us Q48783533 musical group from CBS Records, from 1971
26 Kamaya Painters Q2750616 musical group from Black Hole Recordings
27 Kings County Queens Q41556429 country music band
28 Les anarchistes Q11931760 musical group
29 Lethian Dreams Q6533353 musical group, from 2002
30 LISP Q11229138 2011 musical group and girl group from Shufunotomo
31 Lo Moon Q48699948 American indie rock band
32 Los Carayos Q938580 band
33 Los Fugitivos Q13404248 Mexican cumbia band
34 LosDelGás Q12392102 musical group in Spain, from 2003
35 Mainland Q25936437 band from New York, New York
36 Malbec Q6742118 band
37 Metropolis Q25215431 german 1970s band
38 Molotov Jukebox Q12327526 musical group, from 2008
39 Moonbabies Q6907649 Artist
40 Mt Joy Q60744472 musical group
41 NEW ID Q18391485 Dutch DJ duo from Amsterdam
42 Overcoats Q30606282 musical group
43 Pavo Pavo Q28229414 musical group in United States of America
44 Press Play Q7241625 musical group, from 2008
45 Primitive Race Q15052729 musical group from Metropolis Records, from 2013
46 Radical Dads Q29097302 musical group
47 RebelMatic Q37514584 New York City-based alternative punk band
48 Roadstar Q17104089 musical group, from 2003
49 Robin og Bugge Q17195016 musical group
50 Sauna Youth Q55099015 musical group, from 2009
51 Savak Q28229431 indie rock band
52 Save Our Souls Q1584726 band
53 Scala Q25171575 British band
54 Serial Killers Q30600041 musical group
55 Sex Stains Q28449289 musical group
56 Shoreline Mafia Q59155690 musical group from Atlantic Records
57 Show Me the Body Q48698556 musical group
58 Siamese Fighting Fish Q7506742 musical group
59 Sleep for Sleepers Q20685569 musical group in United States of America from Facedown Records, from 2004
60 Sorry About Your Daughter Q30674084 musical group
61 Sphere Q1207816 Japanese pop band
62 Spirits in the Sky Q7578081 musical group
63 Stadiumx Q17101875 Disc jockeys and Hungarian producers
64 Stand Four Q7598075 musical group, from 2012
65 Stash (USA) Q21501446 band
66 Sukima Switch Q1141242 Japanese music unit (1999-)
67 Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Q20824772 Dutch DJ and record producer duo
68 Supreme Majesty Q7645057 musical group from Massacre Records
69 Swahili Blonde Q2308854 band that plays alternative rock
70 Teuterekordz Q63799632 Berlin-based rap band
71 The Blood of Heroes Q25056484 music project based in Brooklyn.
72 The Carrier Q7721440 musical group from Deathwish Inc., from 2006
73 The Curtains Q7728490 musical group from Asthmatic Kitty
74 The Durgas Q15053235 musical group, from 2004
75 The Echoes Q48720239 musical group
76 The Four Fellows Q27817138 musical group, from 1953
77 The Hissyfits Q39054158 musical group
78 The Keys Q16843412 musical group from A&M Records, from 1979
79 The Mariners Q28457972 pop and gospel singing group
80 The New Clear Heads Q15743210 musical group from EMI, from 1973
81 The Other Colors Q16930080 musical group, from 2007
82 The Partysquad Q2677822 musical group from Universal Music Group
83 The Savage Nomads Q17021616 Britisch indie rock band
84 The Still Tide Q24204313 musical group
85 The Wellspring Q24911667 musical group, from 2009
86 Thin Lizard Dawn Q7784268 musical group from RCA Records
87 Told Slant Q28229177 musical group in United States of America
88 Tortured Soul Q20687414 American jazz fusion band
89 Trash Kit Q55099014 British post-punk trio based in London
90 Triptykon Q952013 band
91 Villain Accelerate Q7930812 musical group
92 Warmduscher Q48699944 London-based post-punk band
93 Westminster Cathedral Choir Q11705286 musical group from Hyperion Records
94 Why Don't We Q30113721 American boy band
95 Worldview Q25056728 musical group, from 2013
96 Wormburner Q28229312 musical group in United States of America
97 wristmeetrazor Q63753137 musical group
98 Wrongchilde Q18164882 musical group, from 2013
99 Y.A.S. Q15052981 musical group, from 2007
100 Young Oceans Q20979460 musical group in United States of America, from 2012
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