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About me on WikidataEdit

I've been a member of the Wikidata community since almost the begining, I became a property creator on Nov 2012, and since then I've been involved in creating/discussing properties and policies. For instance back in 2013 I drafted the RFC that later became Help:Sources (the technology to source statements was already there but it was not common to use it because there was no indication about how to). I also helped establish Wikidata:WikiProject Books and participated in the many discussions that gave birth to the property edition or translation of (P629). I have been quite involved in Wikidata:Lexicographical data (back then I even drafted a proposal together with a linguist) because languages fascinate me. On the more social side in 2014 I started Wikidata:Lounge, which unfortunately didn't take off because of time constraints and because there was no easy access from the interface. In 2017 I was a member of the committee that selected which participants would get a scholarship to attend Wikidata:WikidataCon 2017, which unfortunately I had to miss because of health issues. Currently I'm trying to improve the property creation process to make it scale, but it takes time.

My stance on Wikidata community strategyEdit

I believe the Wikidata community could do better on the global multi-project arena, basically because it acts as a hub for all projects. I think there could be a better dialogue with other communities like the Wikipedias, but so far the conversations were not held in a neutral digital terrain. My impression is that volunteers can accomplish a lot, however sometimes they need to be supported not only by their peers or their project, but by the whole Wikimedia community. It is my impression that better ways are needed for volunteers to voice their global concerns and that those concerns are given the attention that they deserve. I am open to discuss the specifics with anyone, but for me only consensus-based solutions are the way forward, and for that better governance structures are needed.

Expertise and motivationEdit

See: User:Micru/Expertise and motivation

Personal stuffEdit

Tasks (not necessarily up to date):


# Subclass tree to depth 3

SELECT ?root ?rootLabel ?c1 ?c1Label ?c2 ?c2Label ?c3 ?c3Label WHERE {
  VALUES ?root { wd:Q35120  }
  ?c1 wdt:P279 ?root .
     ?c2 wdt:P279 ?c1 .
       ?c3 wdt:P279 ?c2 .
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
} ORDER BY ?c1Label ?c2Label ?c3Label

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