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About meEdit

Hi,I'm AinoV204.My hobbies are mainly dancing,singing,drawing,reading,writing,and putting on lipstick. I read Sailor ‚Ą≥oon,Harry Potter,and Narnia. I hope I do a lot of work here.Drop by anytime on the talk page to leave a comment~! I am half korean and half amercian.I have a lot of good event and news for people on this page.leave a comment to get the latest events/news. Also,this account has random articles for you to edit!In order for random articles to appear on the page,say something on the talk page to links to pages for peeps to edit!

This is my user page!

Airports I've been toEdit

-Amercian Airlines

-Korea Airlines

-Japan Airlines

-China Airplanes

fave artistsEdit

Female singers

Katy perry

Nicki minaj


Male singers/bands

Kim Jong kook

Maroon 5

Bruno Mars

Me on other wikisEdit

MinakoAinoFan666 on Wikinews and Wikictionary and others