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Fellows of learned societiesEdit

Other academic awardsEdit

  • Guggenheim Fellows
    • All imported so far: Choreography; Photography; Statistics; Sociology; Political Science; Psychology; Applied Mathematics; Mathematics; Economics; Chemistry; Fiction; General Nonfiction; Music and Dance Research; Music Composition; Folklore and Popular Culture; Film, Video and Radio Script Writing; South Asian Studies; Photography Studies; New Media Arts; New Media Studies; African Studies; East Asian Studies; Near Eastern Studies; History of Science, Technology and Economics; Film (and Video); Poetry; Translation; Science Writing; Biography; Bibliography; Classics; Philosophy; Dance; Anthropology; Planning; Genetics; Medicine; Italian History; Iberian and Latin American History; Spanish and Portuguese Literature; German and East European History; German and Scandinavian Literature; Film, Video and Radio Studies; Theatre Arts; Architecture, Planning and Design; German and East European History; Iberian and Latin American History; German and Scandinavian Literature; Spanish and Portuguese Literature; Fine Arts Research; Education; Law; Anthropology and Cultural Studies; Geography and Environmental Studies; Neuroscience; Computer Science; Astronomy and Astrophysics; Linguistics; Religion; Earth Science; Engineering; Slavic Literature; Italian Literature; Latin American Literature; American Literature; French Literature; Literary Criticism; and every fellow on or after 2010.
    • Checked as already finished: Applied Science; Painting; Film - Video; Music and Dance Research; Installation Art and Video; Constitutional Studies; Sound Art; Dance Studies; Economics and Political Science; Latin American History; Medieval and Renaissance History; European and Latin American Literature; Medieval and Renaissance Literature; Literary Studies; Biochemistry and Molecular Biology