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Nimetön painting by Angelika Kaufmann
The Moment of Clarity painting by Timo Ryhänen
Ruukut painting by Karoliina Hellberg
Shalom painting by Olli Piippo
E's and K's Awakening painting by Elida Runeson
Einfühlungsvermögen belegt painting by Ninna Korhonen-Schwegler
tunturi painting by Kalle Leino
Annabelle painting by Lotta Ingman
Corridor (Homo sapiens) painting by Satu Rautiainen
Shaky painting by Leonor Ruiz Dubrovin
Nimetön painting by Kaarlo Stauffer
Kaanon painting by Tuomas A. Laitinen
Fresh Meat in Fishnets! painting by Riikka Hyvönen
Surrender painting by Reima Nevalainen
Matti painting by Jaakko Heikkinen
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