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label Label wo2 description instance of image named after country located in the administrative territorial entity location exact match
Aek Pamienke Aek Pamienke internment camp North Sumatra
Allach concentration camp complex Allach building in Upper Bavaria, Germany Nazi concentration camp
list of subcamps of Dachau
concentration camp
Wzwz munich kz allach 4.JPG
Germany Q25391981
Amersfoort concentration camp Kamp Amersfoort Nazi concentration camp
Kamp Amersfoort wachthuisje.JPG
Arbe concentration camp Rab concentration camp
Rab Concentration camp.jpg
Auschwitz concentration camp Auschwitz network of concentration and extermination camps Nazi concentration camp
extermination camp
Entrance Auschwitz I.jpg
Oświęcim Poland Oświęcim County
Auschwitz II-Birkenau concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau one of the three main camps in the Auschwitz concentration camp system concentration camp
extermination camp
Museum Auschwitz Birkenau.jpg
Brzezinka Poland Brzezinka
Auschwitz III Monowitz concentration camp Monowitz one of the three main camps in the Auschwitz concentration camp system concentration camp
labor camp
Bundesarchiv Bild 146-2007-0056, IG-Farbenwerke Auschwitz.jpg
Poland Q19447869
Belzec extermination camp Bełżec Nazi German extermination camp in Poland extermination camp
concentration camp
Belzec lubelskie oboz zaglady brama wejsciowa.JPG
Bergen-Belsen concentration camp Bergen-Belsen Nazi concentration camp Nazi concentration camp
concentration camp
Bergen Belsen Liberation 03.jpg
Germany Celle
Blechhammer concentration camp Blechhammer concentration camp
Börgermoor concentration camp Börgermoor Nazi concentration camp
Boergermoor KZ-Gedenkstein 01.jpg
Germany Surwold
Brandenburg-Görden Prison Brandenburg-Görden prison prison
Stamps of Germany (DDR) 1964, MiNr 1016.jpg
Germany Brandenburg an der Havel
Brastagi Brastagi internment camp
Buchenwald concentration camp Buchenwald nazi concentration camp Nazi concentration camp
military museum
concentration camp
Buchenwald Memorial.JPG
Nazi Germany
Chełmno extermination camp Chełmno extermination camp in Chelmno nad Nerem near the town of Dabie at the time of the Second World War in Occupied Poland extermination camp
concentration camp
Chełmno - Pomnik 02.JPG
Dautmergen concentration camp Dautmergen concentration camp
Dessauer Ufer concentration camp Dessauer Ufer Nazi concentration camp
concentration camp
Lagerhaus G am Dessauer Ufer in Hamburg-Kleiner Grasbrook (ehemaliges KZ-Außenlager).jpg
Duin en Bosch Duin en Bosch buurtschap Netherlands Castricum
Emslandlager Emslandlager prisoner-of-war camp
concentration camp
Germany Emsland
County of Bentheim
Erika concentration camp Kamp Erika Nazi concentration camp
internment camp
concentration camp
Netherlands Ommen
Fort aan de Jisperweg Fort aan de Jisperweg fort
Overzicht fort met gracht - Beemster - 20324069 - RCE.jpg
Netherlands Beemster Westbeemster
Fort aan de Middenweg Fort aan de Middenweg fort
D Middenweg 1914" - Beemster - 20324075 - RCE.jpg
Netherlands Beemster Zuidoostbeemster
Fort aan de St. Aagtendijk Fort Aagtendijk architectural structure Netherlands
Fort benoorden Purmerend Fort Benoorden Purmerend fort
Fort benoorden Purmerend 002.JPG
Netherlands Beemster Zuidoostbeemster
Fort bij Edam Fort bij Edam fort
Fort bij Edam 004.JPG
Fort bij Hoofddorp Fort bij Hoofddorp fort Netherlands Haarlemmermeer Hoofddorp
Fort bij Penningsveer Fort bij Penningsveer fort
Luchtfoto's - Penningsveer - 20181736 - RCE.jpg
Netherlands Haarlemmerliede en Spaarnwoude
Fort bij Spijkerboor Fort bij Spijkerboor fort
Fort Spijkerboor Seitenansicht mit Legende.jpg
Fort bij Veldhuis Fort bij Veldhuis Fort in Heemskerk, Netherlands fort Netherlands Heemskerk
Fort bij Vuren Fort bij Vuren fort
Fort Vuren.jpg
Netherlands Lingewaal Vuren
Fort Blauwkapel Fort Blauwkapel fort
Fort Blauwkapel Kazerne.jpg
Netherlands Utrecht
Fort de Bilt Fort De Bilt fort
Overzicht - Utrecht - 20413829 - RCE.jpg
Netherlands Utrecht
Fort de Queuleu concentration camp Fort Queuleu concentration camp France
Fort Ellewoutsdijk Fort Ellewoutsdijk fort
Fort Ellewoutsdijk.jpg
Netherlands Borsele
Fort Erfprins Fort Erfprins fort
WLM - Lumperjack - Fort Erfprins (Fort Lasalle) (1).jpg
Netherlands Den Helder
Fort Honswijk Fort Honswijk ensemble
Luchtfoto's fort Honswijk - Houten - 20117545 - RCE.jpg
Netherlands Houten
Fort Prins Frederik Fort Prins Frederik fort
Fort Prins Hendrik, ingang met tunnel - Ooltgensplaat - 20173615 - RCE.jpg
Netherlands Goeree-Overflakkee Ooltgensplaat
Fort Zuidwijkermeer Fort Zuidwijkermeer fort
Luchtfoto's - Velsen - 20240241 - RCE.jpg
Netherlands Beverwijk North Sea Canal
Fossoli concentration camp Fossoli human settlement concentration camp
Italy Fossoli
Fürstengrube concentration camp Furstengrube concentration camp Poland
Grini concentration camp Grini concentration camp
Grini 1941-43.jpg
Halberstadt-Langenstein-Zwieberge concentration camp Langenstein-Zwieberge Nazi concentration camp
concentration camp
Germany Halberstadt
Harzungen concentration camp Harzungen concentration camp Germany
Kamp De Bruine Enk Kamp De Bruine Enk labor camp Netherlands Nunspeet Nunspeet
Kamp De Fledders Kamp De Fledders labor camp Netherlands
Kamp Molengoot Kamp Molengoot labor camp
internment camp
Netherlands Hardenberg Q2240483
Kamp Nuis Kamp Nuis internment camp Netherlands Marum Q1978418
Kaufering IV concentration camp Kaufering concentration camp
Koudenhorn Kazerne Koudenhorn Kazerne barracks
Koudenhorn, voorgevel - Haarlem - 20096489 - RCE.jpg
Netherlands Haarlem
Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp Plaszów Nazi German labour and concentration camp Nazi concentration camp
concentration camp
PLASZOW-German concentration camp near Krakow PL.jpg
Poland Kraków
Leipzig-Schönefeld concentration camp Leipzig-Schönefeld concentration camp
Les Milles concentration camp Camp des Milles concentration camp concentration camp
Camp des Milles 20 (Les Milles, Bouches-du-Rhône, France).jpg
France Aix-en-Provence Les Milles
Mauthausen concentration camp Mauthausen large group of German concentration camps in Upper Austria Nazi concentration camp
military museum
concentration camp
Bundesarchiv Bild 192-269, KZ Mauthausen, Häftlinge im Steinbruch.jpg
Austria Mauthausen
Sankt Georgen an der Gusen
Moringen-Solling concentration camp Moringen concentration camp concentration camp Germany Moringen
Niederhagen concentration camp Niederhagen German Nazi concentration camp Nazi concentration camp
concentration camp
Germany Büren
Ravensbrück concentration camp Ravensbrück notorious women's concentration camp during World War II, located in northern Germany Nazi concentration camp
military museum
concentration camp
Ravensbrück Mauer der Nationen.jpg
Ravensbrück Germany
Redl-Zipf concentration camp Redl-Zipf building in Upper Austria, Austria Nazi concentration camp
concentration camp
Zipf KZ-Nebenlager.jpg
Austria Upper Austria
Riga-Kaiserwald concentration camp Kaiserwald Nazi concentration camp
concentration camp
Sobibór extermination camp Sobibor Nazi extermination camp located in Poland extermination camp
concentration camp
Nazi Germany
Gmina Włodawa
Soldau concentration camp Soldau Nazi concentration camp
concentration camp
Poland Działdowo
Stara Gradiška concentration camp Stara Gradiška concentration camp in Croatia protected area
concentration camp
Stara Gradiska concentration camp.jpg
Croatia Stara Gradiška prison
Tjideng Tjideng internment camp
Westerbork concentration camp Westerbork transit camp
Nazi concentration camp
internment camp
Q62131728 Netherlands Midden-Drenthe Hooghalen
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(objID)	{\n    "de": "Lager De Bruine Enk",\n    "en": "Camp De Bruine Enk",\n    "nl": "Kamp De Bruine Enk"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "Durchgangslager Amersfoort",\n    "en": "Amersfoort concentration camp",\n    "nl": "Kamp Amersfoort"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp Laan 1914'",\n    "en": "Camp 'Laan 1914'",\n    "nl": "Kamp Laan 1914"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp De Harskamp'",\n    "en": "Camp 'De Harskamp'",\n    "nl": "Kamp De Harskamp"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp N.S.F.'",\n    "en": "Camp 'N.S.F.'",\n    "nl": "Kamp N.S.F."\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Sanatorium Lommerrijk'",\n    "en": "'Sanatorium Lommerrijk'",\n    "nl": "Sanatorium Lommerrijk"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "Lager Bruinhorst",\n    "en": "Camp Bruinhorst",\n    "nl": "Kamp Bruinhorst"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "Lager Schut",\n    "en": "Camp Schut",\n    "nl": "Kamp Schut"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp Ede'",\n    "en": "Camp 'Ede'",\n    "nl": "Kamp Ede"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp Wezep'",\n    "en": "Camp 'Wezep'",\n    "nl": "Kamp Wezep"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp De Roskam'",\n    "en": "Camp 'De Roskam'",\n    "nl": "Kamp De Roskam"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Fort Blauwkapel'",\n    "en": "'Fort Blauwkapel'",\n    "nl": "Fort Blauwkapel"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Fort De Bilt'",\n    "en": "'Fort De Bilt'",\n    "nl": "Fort De Bilt"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp Rhynauwen'",\n    "en": "Camp 'Rhynauwen'",\n    "nl": "Kamp Rhynauwen"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp Nieuwersluis'",\n    "en": "Camp 'Nieuwersluis'",\n    "nl": "Kamp Nieuwersluis"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "Ramspol",\n    "en": "Ramspol",\n    "nl": "Ramspol"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp Schokland'",\n    "en": "Camp 'Schokland'",\n    "nl": "Kamp Schokland"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Fort bij Edam'",\n    "en": "'Fort bij Edam'",\n    "nl": "Fort bij Edam"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Levantkade'",\n    "en": "'Levantkade'",\n    "nl": "Levantkade"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp Deventer'",\n    "en": "Camp 'Deventer'",\n    "nl": "Kamp Deventer"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp Enservaart'",\n    "en": "Camp 'Enservaart'",\n    "nl": "Kamp Enservaart"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp Zwartemeer'",\n    "en": "Camp 'Zwartemeer'",\n    "nl": "Kamp Zwartemeer"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp De Centrale Bakkerij'",\n    "en": "Camp 'De Centrale Bakkerij'",\n    "nl": "Kamp De Centrale Bakkerij"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "Lager Het Overbroek",\n    "en": "Camp Het Overbroek",\n    "nl": "Kamp Het Overbroek"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Huis van Bewaring Zwolle'",\n    "en": "'Huis van Bewaring Zwolle'",\n    "nl": "Huis van Bewaring Zwolle"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp Zuidvaart'",\n    "en": "Camp 'Zuidvaart'",\n    "nl": "Kamp Zuidvaart"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp Espelerbocht'",\n    "en": "Camp 'Espelerbocht'",\n    "nl": "Kamp Espelerbocht"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp De Heuvel'",\n    "en": "Camp 'De Heuvel'",\n    "nl": "Kamp De Heuvel"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Kamp De Voorst'",\n    "en": "Camp 'De Voorst'",\n    "nl": "Kamp De Voorst"\n}\n	{\n    "de": "'Fort Honswijk'",\n    "en": "'Fort Honswijk'",\n    "nl": "Fort Honswijk"\n}\n