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Pawel Marynowski (WMIE)

Joined 28 May 2017
Paweł Marynowski
Paweł Marynowski
Irish Monuments Data Contractor, Wikimedia Community Ireland

About me

I've been involved in editing Polish Wikipedia since 2005 (time flies!), member of Wikimedia Polska since 2007. Now I'm mainly contribute to Wikimedia Commons focusing on architecture images needed around Poland and Wikidata, working on improving entries about structures related to Poland. Outside wiki-world I work as a front-end developer.

My work

I will be working on Irish monuments datasets as a preparation for 2017 Wiki Loves Monuments, including:

  • merging existing and new datasets of Irish monuments
  • fix Wikidata entries of already existing monuments
  • upload to Wikidata missing monuments

Contact me