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  • Royal Military Canal (Q2294027)

defensive canal in southern England

  • Dunluce Castle (Q1266167)

on north Irish coast

  • Wincobank (Q8023890)

hillfort in South Yorkshire

  • Caerau Hillfort (Q5016882)

hillfort in Cardiff

  • Stonehenge Cursus (Q7619217)

Neolithic cursus monument

  • Tomen y Castell (Q13131953)

castle in Wales

  • Piercebridge Roman Bridge (Q7191840)
  • Ringmoor (Q7334939)
  • Garendon Abbey (Q1494181)


  • Eshott Hall (Q5397889)
  • The Longstones (Q7748355)
  • St. Plegmund's well (Q7591569)
  • Vindomora (Q7932358)

auxiliary fort

  • The Hurlers (Q120836)
  • Wade's Causeway (Q7959012)
  • Stanton Moor (Q7600258)
  • Engine Arm (Q5377670)
  • Bran Ditch (Q4956293)
  • Hackpen, Warren & Gramp's Hill Downs (Q5637387)
  • Grim's Ditch (Q16246777)

series of linear earthwork in the Chilterns

  • Pulford Castle (Q7259293)
  • Binchester Roman Fort (Q4913955)
  • HMS A1 (Q3492947)

Royal Navy's first British-designed submarine

  • Bowstones (Q4951435)
  • Bangor Abbey (Q591192)

abbey in Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland

  • Hobson's Conduit (Q5875206)
  • Parciau hill fort (Q20602502)

hillfort in Isle of Anglesey

  • Margery Hill (Q6760304)

mountain in United Kingdom

  • Roman Rig (Q7362152)
  • Trefadog Castle (Q24660286)

ringwork castle

  • Ferrybridge Henge (Q5445526)

Neolithic henge monument

  • Llanddona Standing Stone (Q26111106)

standing stone west of the village of Llanddona in Anglesey, north Wales

  • Dogdyke Engine (Q5288322)
  • Ford Moss (Q5467855)
  • The More (Q7752234)
  • Dorset Cursus (Q5298848)
  • Ingarsby (Q6031905)
  • Aldford Castle (Q4713789)
  • Hob Hurst's House (Q5874611)
  • Piercebridge Roman Fort (Q7191841)
  • Beaumaris town walls (Q4877532)

Grade I listed building in Beaumaris Community.

  • Castell Aberlleiniog (Q2275648)

Grade II* listed building in Anglesey.

  • Scholes Coppice (Q7432089)
  • Swavesey Priory (Q7654063)
  • Boxley Abbey (Q895699)


  • Museum of Power (Q6940997)
  • Hastings Hill (Q5680373)
  • Madeley Old Manor (Q6726977)
  • Pentre Ifan (Q1738425)

neolithic dolmen in Nevern, Pembrokeshire, Wales

  • Owain Glynd┼Ár's Mount (Q13126900)

site of a former castle in Glyndyfrdwy, Wales

  • Devil's Dyke, Hertfordshire (Q5267125)

prehistoric defensive ditch

  • Thornborough Henges (Q2428964)

Neolithic henge monument complex

  • Welwyn Roman Baths (Q7982152)
  • Hangman's Wood (Q5648055)
  • Marlborough Castle (Q6771659)

11th-century English castle

  • Devil's Jumps, Treyford (Q5267175)

group of barrows in England

  • Gidlow Hall (Q5559723)
  • Grovely Castle (Q55382658)

Iron Age univallate hill-fort in Wiltshire, England

  • The archaeology of Ashdown Forest (Q7776931)
  • Astley Green Colliery Museum (Q4810913)
  • Racton Monument (Q7279862)

folly in West Sussex, England

  • Harold's House, Portskewett (Q38619868)

possible castle in Monmouthshire

  • Fovant Badges (Q5476337)
  • Metchley Fort (Q6823362)
  • Maiden Castle Fort (Q24662689)
  • Biggleswade Castle (Q4906930)
  • Brixham Battery (Q4971709)
  • Stanlow Abbey (Q16248123)

human settlement in the United Kingdom

  • Bristol Castle (Q4968836)
  • Norsey Wood (Q11992251)

woodland nature reserve in Billericay, Essex

  • Stow Fair, Lincolnshire (Q11227486)

fair formerly held in Threekingham, Lincolnshire, England

  • Woolbury (Q8033776)
  • Kingsley Castle (Q6413287)

also known as Castle Cob, a medieval motte in Kingsley, Cheshire, England

  • Car Dyke (Q120052)

levee in the United Kingdom

  • Totternhoe Knolls (Q7828483)
  • Castlerigg stone circle (Q1850757)

stone circle near Keswick in Cumbria, North West England

  • Dovecote And Barn At Penmon Priory (Q17742299)

Grade II* listed building in Anglesey.

  • Three Bridges, London (Q19817773)

crossing of bridges in west London

  • Hanging Bridge (Q5647984)
  • Carreghofa Castle (Q15097770)
  • Great Haigh Sough (Q5599283)
  • Caer y Twr (Q5016875)

hillfort in Isle of Anglesey

  • Llantrisant Castle (Q21037221)

castle in the United Kingdom

  • Devil's Quoits (Q5267216)

Neolithic henge monument; stone circle

  • Ravenstone Priory (Q7296552)

human settlement in United Kingdom

  • Wolverhampton Pillar (Q16903638)

shaft of an Anglo-Saxon High cross, still standing in its original location in the churchyard of St Peter's Collegiate Church, in Wolverhampton, England

  • Urishay Castle (Q7900646)
  • Y Werthyr hillfort (Q20601207)

hillfort in Isle of Anglesey

  • Alderton (Q2798718)

village and civil parish in Northamptonshire, England, UK

  • Waterbeach Abbey (Q7973886)

human settlement in United Kingdom

  • Eleanor cross (Q2917190)
  • Duxford Chapel (Q5317663)
  • Montem Mound (Q6905126)
  • Upholland Priory (Q7898308)

church in United Kingdom

  • High Cross, Leicestershire (Q3135364)
  • Six Hills (Q15278003)

collection of Roman barrows in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England

  • The Franciscan Friary, Lichfield (Q7735140)

human settlement in United Kingdom

  • Kingsgate (Q6413221)

one of two surviving medieval gates to the city of Winchester, England

  • Papplewick Pumping Station (Q7133101)
  • Caer Idris Hillfort (Q20586583)

hillfort in Isle of Anglesey

  • Tanworth (Q24661476)

archaeological site in Cheswick Green, Solihull, West Midlands, UK

  • Beaudesert Castle (Q4877442)
  • Longovicium (Q6674222)
  • Odin Mine (Q7077817)

mine in the United Kingdom

  • Wakefield Castle (Q7961035)
  • Derwent Valley Mills (Q646076)

World Heritage Site, where water-powered cotton-spinning mills were first built in the UK

  • Pack Horse Bridge (Q17743141)

A Grade II* Listed Building in Hope, Flintshire

  • Duffield Castle (Q2073299)

Norman Castle in Duffield, Derbyshire

  • Barbrook One (Q14949367)
  • Moseley Bog (Q82671)

peat bog and nature reserve in Birmingham, England

  • Old Sarum Cathedral (Q3663693)

Grade I listed cathedral in the United Kingdom

  • Dinas Porth Ruffydd (Q13127883)

hillfort in Isle of Anglesey

  • Marden Henge (Q139573)

Neolithic henge monument

  • Beaumont Cut (Q4877553)
  • Pot House Hamlet (Q7234574)

human settlement in United Kingdom

  • Holmside Hall (Q5883795)
  • Hale Duck Decoy (Q5641391)

nature reserve in the United Kingdom

  • Kings Langley Palace (Q6412947)

former 13th-century Royal Palace located at Kings Langley in Hertfordshire

  • Gannocks Castle (Q5521428)
  • Kelly Rounds (Q6386273)
  • Stratton Park Moated Enclosure (Q15796479)

moat in England

  • Old Church of St Nidan, Llanidan (Q7083671)

church in Llanidan, UK

  • St Clears Castle (Q15129928)
  • Thurleigh Castle (Q7799314)

former medieval castle in Bedfordshire, England

  • St Michael's Church, Llanfihangel Ysgeifiog (Q15979453)

church in Anglesey, UK Shrub's Wood Long Barrow (Q60790860) barrow near Elmsted, Kent, England

  • Buckland Rings (Q4983297)
  • Rugemont Castle (Q7378523)
  • Kents Cavern (Q835378)

show cave in Devon, England

  • Dinas Cadnant Hillfort (Q20590493)
  • Kent's Moat (Q17601548)

Scheduled Monument in Birmingham, England

  • Wren's Nest (Q8037727)
  • Horston Castle (Q5906591)
  • Flitwick Castle (Q5459772)

Uninscribed Roman milestone at Codley Gate (Vindolanda) (Q17668738)

  • Fort Amherst (Q5470717)
  • Toddington Castle (Q7812735)
  • Yielden Castle (Q8053553)
  • Pilsbury Castle (Q7194511)
  • Heath Wood barrow cemetery (Q2002979)

Viking burial site near Ingleby, Derbyshire

  • Shotwick Castle (Q7502621)
  • Haw Hill (Q24661301)

castle in the United Kingdom

  • Burradon Tower (Q5000359)
  • Gadebridge Park Roman Villa (Q5516331)
  • Underfall Yard (Q7883583)
  • Blaenau 'Tower' (Q39010993)
  • Baynard House (Q4874647)

building in London

  • Capel Lligwy (Q5035240)

Grade II listed building in Anglesey. Ruined chapel in Anglesey, North Wales

  • Beadlam Roman villa (Q4876064)
  • Jacob's Well, Bristol (Q6118230)

architectural structure in Bristol, UK

  • Fin Cop (Q1415865)

mountain in the United Kingdom

  • Renhold Castle (Q7313213)
  • Devil's Humps, Stoughton (Q5267169)
  • Penstowe Castle (Q7164903)

Castle in Cornwall, United Kingdom

  • 11th-century castle in England (Q7783566)

11th-century castle in England

  • Goffers knoll (Q16839498)

Barrow in England

  • Round Loaf (Q4390932)

late-Neolithic or Bronze Age tumulus on Anglezarke Moor, England

  • Moated site at Moat House (Q17664618)
  • Cholesbury Camp (Q5104310)

human settlement in United Kingdom

  • Mitchell's Fold (Q1939531)

Bronze Age stone circle in South-West Shropshire

  • Down Barns Moated Site (Q16989029)

Scheduled Ancient Monument in Northolt in the London Borough of Ealing

  • Jacket's Field Long Barrow (Q60785682)

barrow near Boughton Aluph, Kent, England

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