User:Pintoch/property creation

I use a script to create automatically properties when their proposals have reached maturity. The script also reports some common issues back to the proposer. This page explains how to improve your property proposals, so that they are created as soon as possible.

Why haven't you created my property yet?Edit

I only consider properties which have been marked as ready for creation, using |status=ready. Feel free to mark your own proposal as ready if there is a clear consensus for creation. My script will only create the property 7 days after you created the proposal page (so it is okay to mark your proposal as ready shortly before that).

My regular expression and examples are not compatible, help!Edit

If you have proposed an external identifier, then my script expects that the |allowed values= field of the proposal template contains a regular expression for the values of the property. If one of your examples does not match the |allowed values= (understood as a regular expression), then creation will be stalled. Here is how to fix it:

  • you have entered free text in the |allowed values= field, such as |allowed values=three-letter code in capitals. Replace it by a regular expression, such as |allowed values=[A-Z]{3}
  • you might have added extra text in the |allowed values=, such as |allowed values=regex: [1-9]\d* or |allowed values=[1-9]\d* (only numbers), which my scripts understands as being part of the regular expression. Just delete this text and your property will be created shortly.
  • your examples do not conform to the usual format, so their values were incorrectly parsed by my script. Here is an example of a property proposal with correctly formatted examples.
  • your regular expression is incompatible with your examples.

If you want to try interactively your regular expression on your examples, you can use

If you are unsure about this whole "regular expression" thing, then just erase the contents of the |allowed values= field.

My description is too long or contains Wikicode, help!Edit

Property descriptions and labels should not contain wiki markup such, such as uses of {{Q}} or {{P}} - make sure you remove any such markup from them. Property descriptions have a maximum length of 250 characters, so make sure all descriptions are shorter than this length. Remember that property descriptions will mostly be read via the suggest widget when entering new statements on an item, so the description should be concise and informative.

Descriptions and labels are identicalEdit

Wikidata requires that the descriptions and labels of a property are different in each language. Make sure you add a meaningful description which helps users understand what the property is about.

Should I thank your edits when creating my property?Edit

It is kind of you but that is not needed, as the creation is automated. You should thank the editors who voted and marked your proposal as ready instead - reviewing proposals is what requires work.

Can you stop pinging me when you create properties where I voted?Edit

Yes, just add your username to this list.