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Q306	Dar	"مستثمر تشيلي"
Q331	Dar	"محامي تشيلي"
Q335	Dar	"محامي تشيلي"
Q475	Dar	"محامي تشيلي"
Q301	Dar	"مهندس معماري إسباني"
Q448	Dar	"Q3589290 فرنسي"
Q493	Dar	"Q20722777 فرنسي"
Q368	Dar	"ضابط تشيلي"
Q410	Dar	"Q15143181 أمريكي"
Q449	Dar	"مغن مؤلف فرنسي"
Q260	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q272	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q296	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q297	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q303	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q307	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q320	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q346	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q354	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q352	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q353	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q360	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q379	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q377	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q392	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q400	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q407	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q409	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q440	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q464	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q489	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q498	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q502	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q501	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q504	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q512	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q517	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q530	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q529	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q535	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q539	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q555	Dar	"{{{occupationlabel}}} {{{ar_sex}}}"
Q326	Dar	"مهندس سويسري"
Q329	Dar	"محامي فرنسي"
Q444	Dar	"عامل كهربائي بولندي"
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