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Magnus Sälgö Stockholm, Sweden I have "given up working" and spend time on Wikidata...

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  • WikiTree WikiTree person ID (P2949)
    • Quality: Community based research
    • +40000 items connected
    • is a community based genealogy lesson learned
      • has a project checking Wikidata and WikiTree data every week
      • the WikiTree website is missing a clearly defined quality process and the trend is a lot of copy paste from Wikipedia
        • My vision is that WikiTree
          • Should focus on genealogy sources and add genealogy quality
          • Be an "easy" way to document profiles of people not notable enough on Wikidata and how they connect to profiles in Wikidata
  • SBL Dictionary of Swedish National Biography Dictionary of Swedish National Biography (P3217)
    • Quality: Professional researcher
    • Swedish National Archives has what is said to be one of the best sources for bibliographies they have had full time historians since 1917 and have produced every second yeara new book. They also have a simple web version of the books
      • Used Mix and match and a lot of manual works see catalog 528
      • TODO: need create some tool to check consistancy


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