A draft project page, to move later

Semantic Scholar Data ProjectEdit

  • 180M article records
  • 88M records mapped to DOIs.

Not yet monitored: which articles are cited how often on the Projects. Could start w/ the ~2000 papers where there are links.

Importing authors mapped to ORCIDEdit

How many?
  • Currently this is a manual process (via Mix'n'Match). 1800 authors imported so far. (see what's easy + hard w/ Andy)

Importing papers mapped to DOIEdit

88M in all
  • Currently WD hasn't decided it's ready yet to accept all papers. So: import to a standalone WikiCite wikibase
  • What metadata to include? Thoughts: “entities” and “fields of study

General: imports at scaleEdit

  • WikiLoop working on options: identify easy low hanging fruit to do at bot-speed. Start w/ those

Updating citations on WikipediaEdit