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Oversatte egenskaberEdit

Nr Label Beskrivelse
6 head of government head of the executive power of this town, city, municipality, state, country, or other governmental body
leder af forvaltning leder af forvaltning i lande og administrative inddelinger af lande (regeringschef, rådsformand, borgmester etc.)
10 video relevant video. For images, use the property P18. For film trailers, qualify with "object has role" (P3831)="trailer" (Q622550)
video videofil fra Commons
14 traffic sign graphic symbol describing the item, used at the side of or above roads to give instructions or provide information to road users
15 route map image of route map at Wikimedia Commons
16 highway system system (or specific country specific road type) of which the highway is a part
17 country sovereign state of this item (not to be used for human beings)
land den selvstændige stat hvori dette objekt befinder sig
18 image image of relevant illustration of the subject; if available, use more specific properties (sample: coat of arms image, locator map, flag image, signature image, logo image, collage image); only images which exist on Wikimedia Commons are acceptable
billede illustration
19 place of birth most specific known (e.g. city instead of country, or hospital instead of city) birth location of a person, animal or fictional character
fødested det mest specifikke sted, som kendes (f.eks. by fremfor land, eller hospital fremfor by) hvor en given person, et givent dyr eller en opdigtet figur blev født
20 place of death most specific known (e.g. city instead of country, or hospital instead of city) death location of a person, animal or fictional character
dødssted det mest specifikke sted (f. eks. by i stedet for land)
21 sex or gender sex or gender identity of human or animal. For human: male, female, non-binary, intersex, transgender female, transgender male, agender. For animal: male organism, female organism. Groups of same gender use subclass of (P279)
køn for mennesker: mand (Q6581097), kvinde (Q6581072), intersexuel (Q1097630), transmand (Q2449503) eller transkvinde (Q1052281) for andre arter: han (Q44148) eller hun (Q43445)
22 father male parent of the subject. For stepfather, use "stepparent" (P3448)
far den mandlige forælder
25 mother female parent of the subject. For stepmother, use "stepparent" (P3448)
mor den kvindelige forælder
26 spouse the subject has the object as their spouse (husband, wife, partner, etc.). Use "unmarried partner" (P451) for non-married companions
ægtefælle subjektet er gift med objektet (mand eller kvinde)
27 country of citizenship the object is a country that recognizes the subject as its citizen
statsborgerskab land, som anerkender eller anerkendte personen som statsborger
30 continent continent of which the subject is a part
31 instance of that class of which this subject is a particular example and member
tilfælde af dette emne er et konkret objekt af denne kategori, klasse eller objektgruppe.
35 head of state official with the highest formal authority in a country/state
36 capital primary city of a country, province, state or other type of administrative territorial entity
37 official language language designated as official by this item
officielt sprog
38 currency currency used by item
39 position held subject currently or formerly holds the object position or public office
embede embede eller stilling, som personen varetager eller varetog
40 child subject has object as child. Do not use for stepchildren
barn objektet er subjektets barn
41 flag image image of the item's flag
billede af flag
47 shares border with countries or administrative subdivisions, of equal level, that this item borders, either by land or water. A single common point is enough.
grænser op til
50 author main creator(s) of a written work (use on works, not humans); use P2093 when Wikidata item is unknown or does not exist
forfatter forfatteren til et værk
51 audio relevant sound. If available, use a more specific property. Samples: "spoken text audio" (P989), "pronunciation audio" (P443)
lyd lydfil
53 family family, including dynasty and nobility houses. Not family name (use P734 for family name).
slægt den familie en person tilhører, inklusive dynastier og fyrstehuse (brug P734 for familienavn)
54 member of sports team sports teams or clubs that the subject currently represents or formerly represented
medlem af sportshold sporthold eller klub som personen er eller har været aktiv på
57 director director(s) of film, TV-series, stageplay, video game or similar
instruktør instruktør for en film, teater, spil eller lignende
58 screenwriter person(s) who wrote the script for subject item
manuskriptforfatter forfatteren til manuskriptet eller drejebogen
59 constellation the area of the celestial sphere of which the subject is a part (from a scientific standpoint, not an astrological one)
61 discoverer or inventor subject who discovered, first described, invented, or developed this discovery or invention
opdager eller opfinder opdaget eller opfundet af
65 site of astronomical discovery the place where an astronomical object was discovered (observatory, satellite)
sted for astronomisk opdagelse
66 ancestral home place of origin for ancestors of subject
hjemstavn oprindelsessted for en person
69 educated at educational institution attended by subject
uddannelsessted uddannelsessted for personen
78 top-level Internet domain Internet domain name system top-level code
81 connecting line railway line(s) subject is directly connected to
jernbanelinje den jernbanelinje, en station ligger på
84 architect person or architectural firm responsible for designing this building
arkitekt person eller arkitektvirksomhed, som har formgivet denne bygning
85 anthem subject's official anthem
86 composer person(s) who wrote the music [for lyricist, use "lyrics by" (P676)]
komponist person som har skrevet musik
87 librettist author of the libretto (words) of an opera, operetta, oratorio or cantata, or of the book of a musical
librettist forfatter af libretto til en opera mv.
88 commissioned by person or organization that commissioned this work
bestilt af person eller organisation, som har bestilt dette værk
91 sexual orientation the sexual orientation of the person — use IF AND ONLY IF they have stated it themselves, unambiguously, or it has been widely agreed upon by historians after their death
seksuel orientering en persons seksuelle orientering - MÅ KUN anvendes, hvis personen selv har erklæret det eller der er bred enighed om det blandt historikere efter personens død
92 main regulatory text text setting the main rules by which the subject is regulated
94 coat of arms image image of the item's coat of arms - for the shield part only use P4004
billede af våbenskjold billede af våbenskjold
97 noble title titles held by the person
adelstitel personens kongelige eller adellige titel
98 editor editor of a compiled work such as a book or a periodical (newspaper or an academic journal)
redaktør redaktør af en sammensat værk som en bog eller et tidsskrift
101 field of work specialization of a person or organization; see P106 for the occupation
arbejdsfelt personens eller organisationens primære arbejdsområder, ikke beskæftigelse - se Property:P106.
102 member of political party the political party of which this politician is or has been a member or otherwise affiliated
medlem af politisk parti det parti som en politiker er eller har været medlem af
103 native language language or languages a person has learned from early childhood
modersmål sproget som personen er opvokset med
105 taxon rank level in a taxonomic hierarchy
taksonrang niveau i et taksonomisk hierarki
106 occupation occupation of a person; see also "field of work" (Property:P101), "position held" (Property:P39)
beskæftigelse en persons beskæftigelse, se også arbejdsfelt (Property: P101)
108 employer person or organization for which the subject works or worked
arbejdsgiver organisation for hvilken subjektet arbejdede eller arbejder
109 signature image of a person's signature
signatur billede af persons underskrift
110 illustrator person drawing the pictures in a book
illustrator illustrator af bøger
111 measured physical quantity value of a physical property expressed as number multiplied by a unit
målt fysisk egenskab fysisk egenskab målt af en enhed
112 founded by founder or co-founder of this organization, religion or place
grundlægger person eller organisation, som har grundlagt organisation og lignende
113 airline hub airport that serves as a hub for an airline
flyselskabsknudepunkt lufthavn, som er et flyselskabs knudepunkt
114 airline alliance alliance the airline belongs to
luftfartsselskabsalliance alliancen, som flyselskabet er medlem af
115 home venue home stadium or venue of a sports team or applicable performing arts organization
hjemmebane hjemmebane for sportshold eller lignende
117 chemical structure image of a representation of the structure for a chemical compound
kemisk struktur gengivelse af en kemisk forbindelses struktur
118 league league in which team or player plays or has played in
liga den liga, som sportsklubben spiller i
119 place of burial location of grave, resting place, place of ash-scattering, etc. (e.g., town/city or cemetery) for a person or animal. There may be several places: e.g., re-burials, cenotaphs, parts of body buried separately.
gravsted sted hvor personen er begravet - by eller kirkegård
121 item operated equipment, installation or service operated by the subject
122 basic form of government subject's government
regeringsform subjektets regering
123 publisher organization or person responsible for publishing books, periodicals, printed music, podcasts, games or software
udgiver organisation (eller eventuel person) der har udgivet et værk
126 maintained by person or organization in charge of keeping the subject (for instance an infrastructure) in functioning order
vedligeholdes af organisation som står for driften af en vej
127 owned by owner of the subject
ejet af subjektets ejer
128 regulates (molecular biology) process regulated by a protein or RNA in molecular biology
regulerer (molekylær biologi)
129 physically interacts with physical entity that the subject interacts with
interagerer fysisk med fysisk entitet, som subjektet interagerer med
131 located in the administrative territorial entity the item is located on the territory of the following administrative entity. Use P276 (location) for specifying locations that are non-administrative places and for items about events
beliggende i det administrative område emnet er beliggende i den følgende administrative enheds område
135 movement literary, artistic, scientific or philosophical movement or scene associated with this person or work
bevægelse litterær, kunstnerisk eller filosofisk bevægelse knyttet til denne person eller dette værk
136 genre creative work's genre or an artist's field of work (P101). Use main subject (P921) to relate creative works to their topic
genre et kreativt værks genre eller genren indenfor hvilken, en kunstner arbejder
137 operator person, profession, or organization that operates the equipment, facility, or service; use country for diplomatic missions
operatør Virksomhed eller organisation der driver en ting eller sted
138 named after entity or event that inspired the subject's name, or namesake (in at least one language). Qualifier "applies to name" (P5168) can be used to indicate which one
opkaldt efter entitet eller begivenhed, som gav inspiration til subjektets navn
140 religion religion of a person, organization or religious building, or associated with this subject
religion en persons religion (SKAL være udtalt af subjektet eller dokumenteret ved historiske kilder)
141 IUCN conservation status conservation status assigned by the International Union for Conservation of Nature
IUCN bevaringsstatus Bevaringsstatus tildelt af World Conservation Union (tidligere International Union for Conservation of Nature).
143 imported from Wikimedia project source of this claim's value; used in references section by bots importing data from Wikimedia projects; also allowed to be used for manual imports
importeret fra kilde for denne værdi (bruges kun i kildesektionen)
144 based on the work(s) used as the basis for subject item
baseret på værket/værkerne, som udgør basis for subjektet
149 architectural style architectural style of a structure
arkitektonisk stil en konstruktions eller arkitekts arkitektoniske stil
150 contains administrative territorial entity (list of) direct subdivisions of an administrative territorial entity
inddeles i direkte underenheder af en administrativ enhed
154 logo image graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and products
billede af logo grafisk mærke eller emblem, som generelt anvendes af virksomheder og organisationer
155 follows immediately prior item in a series of which the subject is a part [if the subject has replaced the preceding item, e.g. political offices, use "replaces" (P1365)]
forrige forgænger i en serie som dette er en del af. Brug P1365 (erstatter) hvis subjektet har erstattet det foregående emne, f.eks. i et politisk embede.
156 followed by immediately following item in a series of which the subject is a part [if the subject has been replaced, e.g. political offices, use "replaced by" (P1366)]
næste efterfølger i en serie som dette er en del af
157 killed by person who killed the subject
dræbt af personen, som tog subjekt af dage
158 seal image image of subject's seal (emblem)
seglbillede billede af segl
159 headquarters location city, where an organization's headquarters is or has been situated. Use P276 qualifier for specific building
hovedkvarterets beliggenhed beliggenhed, hvor en organisations hovedkvarter ligger eller har ligget
161 cast members actor in the subject production [use "character role" (P453) and/or "name of the character role" (P4633) as qualifiers] [use "voice actor" (P725) for voice-only role]
medvirkende skuespiller eller medvirkende i film, stykker, dokumentar, etc. Anvend kvalifikatorer til at adskille hoved- og biroller
162 producer person(s) who produced the film, musical work, theatrical production, etc. (for film, this does not include executive producers, associate producers, etc.) [for production company, use P272, video games - use P178]
producent værkets producent
163 flag subject's flag
beskrivelse af flag Wikipedia's artikel om flaget
166 award received award or recognition received by a person, organisation or creative work
udmærkelser modtaget udmærkelser modtaget af person, organisation eller værk. fx film
167 structure replaced by the item which replaced this building or structure, at the same geographic location
struktur erstattet af bygningsværk mv, er blevet erstattet af dette bygningsværk o.lign på samme sted
169 chief executive officer highest-ranking corporate officer appointed as the CEO within an organization
administrerende direktør den højestrangerende medarbejder i en organisation
170 creator maker of this creative work or other object (where no more specific property exists). Paintings with unknown painters, use "anonymous" (Q4233718) as value.
skaber skaber af et objekt eller et kreativt værk
171 parent taxon closest parent taxon of the taxon in question
nærmeste højere takson den nærmeste højere takson for den aktuelle takson
172 ethnic group subject's ethnicity (consensus is that a VERY high standard of proof is needed for this field to be used. In general this means 1) the subject claims it themself, or 2) it is widely agreed on by scholars, or 3) is fictional and portrayed as such)
befolkningsgruppe subjektets etnicitet *Omstridt* - se diskussionssiden
175 performer actor, musician, band or other performer associated with this role or musical work
udøvende kunstner den person eller gruppe, som udfører et værk
176 manufacturer manufacturer or producer of this product
fabrikant hovedfremstiller af et produkt
177 crosses obstacle (body of water, road, railway...) which this bridge crosses over or this tunnel goes under
krydser vand eller andet, som broen krydser over
178 developer organisation or person that developed the item
udvikler person eller organisation som udvikler et objekt
179 part of the series series which contains the subject
serie subjektet er del af en serie, hvis sum udgør objektet
180 depicts depicted entity (see also P921: main subject)
afbilder afbildet person, sted, objekt eller begivenhed
181 taxon range map image range map of a taxon
udbredelseskort en biologisk arts geografiske udbredelse
183 endemic to sole location or habitat type where the taxon lives
endemisk i eneste område eller habitattype, hvori taksonen lever
184 doctoral advisor person who supervised the doctorate or PhD thesis of the subject
doktoratsrådgiver den person, som rådgav i forbindelse med udarbejdelse af subjektets doktor- eller ph.d.-afhandling
185 doctoral student doctoral student(s) of a professor
doktoratsstuderende en person, som rådgives i forbindelse med udarbejdelse af en afhandling
186 material used material the subject is made of or derived from
anvendt materiale det materiale, subjektet er lavet af
189 location of discovery where the item was located when discovered
fundsted sted, hvor emnet befandt sig, da det blev opdaget
190 twinned administrative body twin towns, sister cities, twinned municipalities and other localities that have a partnership or cooperative agreement, either legally or informally acknowledged by their governments
193 main building contractor the main organization responsible for construction of this structure or building
194 legislative body legislative body governing this entity; political institution with elected representatives, such as a parliament/legislature or council
lovgivende forsamling politisk institution med valgte repræsentanter, for eksempel parlament eller byråd
195 collection art, museum, archival, or bibliographic collection the subject is part of
samling kunst- eller museumssamling, som emnet tilhører
196 minor planet group is in grouping of minor planets according to similar orbital characteristics
197 adjacent station the stations next to this station, sharing the same line(s)
nabostationer de næste stationer på en jernbane
199 business division organizational divisions of this organization (which are not independent legal entities)
virksomhedsafdeling denne organisations afdelinger
200 inflows major inflow sources — rivers, aquifers, glacial runoff, etc. Some terms may not be place names, e.g. none
søtilløb større kilde til sø, f.eks. en flod eller å
201 lake outflow rivers and other outflows waterway names. If evaporation or seepage are notable outflows, they may be included. Some terms may not be place names, e.g. evaporation
søafløb hvilken vandløb, som søen har afløb til.
205 basin country country that have drainage to/from or border the body of water
lande tilgrænsende vandområde lande der tilgrænser vandområde
206 located in or next to body of water sea, lake or river
placeret ved vandområdet Hav, sø eller flod
207 bathymetry image image showing bathymetric chart, bathymetric map
batymetrisk billede fil med batymetrisk figur, batymetrisk kort
208 executive body branch of government for the daily administration of the state
udøvende magt
209 highest judicial authority supreme judicial body within a country, administrative division, or other organization
højeste juridiske instants
210 party chief representative chief representative of a party in an institution or an administrative unit (use qualifier to identify the party)
partisekretær ledende organisatorisk medarbejder i et politisk partis sekretariat
212 ISBN-13 identifier for a book (edition), thirteen digit
ISBN-13 International Standard Book Number, variant med 13 cifre
213 ISNI International Standard Name Identifier for an identity. Format: 4 blocks of 4 digits separated by a space, first block is 0000
ISNI International standardidentifikation af navne (ISO 27729)
214 VIAF ID identifier for the Virtual International Authority File database [format: up to 22 digits]
VIAF subjekts Virtual International Authority File id
215 spectral class spectral class of an astronomical object
217 inventory number identifier for a physical object or a set of physical objects in a collection
inventarnummer streng, som identificerer et fysisk objekt eller et sæt af fysiske objekter i en samling
218 ISO 639-1 code two-letter identifier for a language or family of languages defined in ISO 639-1 standard
ISO 639-1 ISO 639-1 kode for sprog
219 ISO 639-2 code identifier for a language or macrolanguage or language family language, defined in ISO 639-2 standard, 3-letter technical or bibliographical  code
ISO 639-2 ISO 639-2 kode for sprog
220 ISO 639-3 code identifier for a language defined in ISO 639-3
ISO 639-3 ISO 639-3 kode for sprog
221 ISO 639-6 code identifier for a language per ISO 639-6
ISO 639-6
223 galaxy morphological type galaxy morphological classification code
Hubble-klassifikation en galakses morfologiske klassifikation
225 taxon name correct scientific name of a taxon (according to the reference given)
videnskabeligt navn navn for biologisk gruppe (takson)
227 GND ID identifier from an international authority file of names, subjects, and organizations (please don't use type n = name, disambiguation) - Deutsche Nationalbibliothek
GND-identifikator international autoritetsfil for navne, subjekter og organisationer
229 IATA airline designator two-character identifier for an airline
IATA-luftfartsselskabskode totegnskode til brug for luftfartsselskaber
230 ICAO airline designator three letter identifier for an airline (two letters only until 1982) (for airports, see P239)
ICAO-luftfartsselskabskode trebogstavskode til brug for luftfartsselskaber
231 CAS Registry Number identifier for a chemical substance or compound per Chemical Abstract Service's Registry database
CAS-nummer Registreringsnummer af kemiske stoffer i den Chemical Abstract Service's Registry database
232 EC number identifier for a chemical compound per EINECS or ELINCS
EU-nummer identifikationskoder for kemiske forbindelser
233 canonical SMILES Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification (canonical format)
SMILES kemisk strukturkode
234 InChI International Chemical Identifier
InChI IUPACs internationale kemi identifikator
235 InChIKey A hashed version of the full standard InChI - designed to create an identifier that encodes structural information and can also be practically used in web searching.
InChIKey kompakte udgave af den fulle InChI
236 ISSN International Standard Serial Number (print or electronic)
ISSN International Standard Serial Number, et unikt identifikationsnummer til tidsskrifter
237 coat of arms subject's coat of arms
våbenskjold emnet, som beskriver subjektets våbenskjold
238 IATA airport code three-letter identifier for designating airports or cities (for airlines, see P229)
IATA lufthavnskode
239 ICAO airport code four-character alphanumeric identifier for designating airports (for airlines, see P230)
ICAO lufthavnskode
240 FAA airport code three-letter or four-letter alphanumeric code identifying United States airports
FAA lufthavnskode
241 military branch branch to which this military unit, award, office, or person belongs, e.g. Royal Navy
værn det værn en militær enhed eller person hører til, fx Royal Marines eller Søværnet
242 locator map image geographic map image which highlights the location of the subject within some larger entity
243 OCLC control number identifier for a unique bibliographic record in OCLC WorldCat
OCLC Online Computer Library Center kontrolnummer
244 Library of Congress authority ID Library of Congress identifier for persons, organizations, events, places, titles, and subject headings [Format: 1-2 specific letters followed by 8-10 digits (see regex). For manifestations of works, use P1144]
LCAuth Library of Congress Name Authority File
245 Union List of Artist Names ID identifier from the Getty Union List of Artist Names
Union List of Artist Names kunstners identifikationsnummer i ULAN
246 element symbol identifier for a chemical element
grundstofsymbol bogstavforkortelse for et grundstof
247 COSPAR ID international satellite designation, administered by the UN Committee on Space Research (COSPAR), similar but not synonymous with the NSSDCA ID (P8913)
248 stated in to be used in the references field to refer to the information document or database in which a claim is made; for qualifiers use P805
anført i til brug i kildeangivelser
249 ticker symbol identifier for a publicly traded share of a particular stock on a particular stock market or that of a cryptocurrency
aktiesymbol forkortelse, som anvendes til unikt at kunne identificere bestemte aktier, som handes på en bestemt børs
263 official residence the residence at which heads of government and other senior figures officially reside
officiel residens boligen, hvor statsoverhovedet eller anden højtstående person officielt bor
264 record label brand and trademark associated with the marketing of subject music recordings and music videos
267 ATC code therapeutic chemical identification code per ATC
ATC-kode Anatomisk terapeutisk kemisk klassifikation
268 Bibliothèque nationale de France ID identifier for the subject issued by BNF (Bibliothèque nationale de France). Format: 8 digits followed by a check-digit or letter, do not include the initial 'cb'.
BNF subjektets autoritetskontrolnummer ved BNF (Bibliothèque nationale de France)
269 IdRef ID identifier for authority control in the French collaborative library catalog (see also P1025). Format: 8 digits followed by a digit or "X"
SUDOC subjektets autoritetskontrolnummer i SUDOC (système universitaire de documentation)
270 CALIS ID identifier for authority control per CALIS (China Academic Library & Information System)
CALIS autoritetskontronummer i CALIS (China Academic Library & Information System)
271 CiNii author ID (books) identifier for a book author in CiNii (Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator)
CiNii-forfatteridentifikator autoritetskontrolnummer for forfattere ved CiNii
272 production company company that produced this film, audio or performing arts work
produktionsselskab virksomhed der har produceret værket
274 chemical formula description of chemical compound giving element symbols and counts
kemisk formel beskrivelse af et kemisk stof baseret på grundstofsymboler
275 copyright license license under which this copyrighted work is released
licens licens under hvilken dette rettighedsbeskyttede værk er frigivet
276 location location of the object, structure or event. In the case of an administrative entity as containing item use P131. In the case of a geographic entity use P706
placering dér, hvor et objekt befinder sig
277 programming language the programming language(s) in which the software is developed
programmeringssprog programmeringssprog som dette software er udviklet i
278 GOST 7.75–97 code identifier for a language according to GOST 7.75–97
GOST 7.75–97 sprogkode
279 subclass of next higher class or type; all instances of these items are instances of those items; this item is a class (subset) of that item. Not to be confused with P31 (instance of)
underklasse til alle disse emner er tilfælde af disse emner; dette emne er en klasse af det emne (eksempel: bil er en underklasse af motorkøretøj)
281 postal code identifier assigned by postal authorities for the subject area or building
282 writing system alphabet, character set or other system of writing used by a language, supported by a typeface
skriftsystem alfabet, tegnsæt eller andet skriftsystem som bruges af sproget
286 head coach on-field manager or head coach of a sports club (not to be confused with a general manager P505, which is not a coaching position) or person
cheftræner person, som lægger den taktiske og tekniske linje i sport
287 designed by person(s) who designed the item
designer designer af et objekt
289 vessel class series of vessels built to the same design of which this vessel is a member
291 place of publication geographical place of publication of the edition (use 1st edition when referring to works)
udgivelsessted geografisk sted, hvor første udgave udkom
296 station code generic identifier for a railway station, when possible, use specific property on certain coding system (e.g. P1378 for China Railway TMIS codes)
297 ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code identifier for a country in two-letter format per ISO 3166-1
landekode (ISO 3166-1 alfa-2) tobogstavkode for lande
298 ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code identifier for a country in three-letter format per ISO 3166-1
landekoder (ISO 3166-1 alfa-3) trebogstavskode for lande
299 ISO 3166-1 numeric code identifier for a country in numeric format per ISO 3166-1
landekoder 3166-1, numerisk numerisk kode for lande i ISO 3166-1
300 ISO 3166-2 code identifier for a country subdivision per ISO 3166-2 (include country code)
ISO 3166-2 alfanumerisk kode for underinddeling af nationer
301 category's main topic primary topic of the subject Wikimedia category
hovedartikel i kategori kategoriens overordnede emne
304 page(s) page number of source referenced for statement
side(r) sidenummer for reference
305 IETF language tag identifier for a language per the Internet Engineering Task Force
IETF sprogkode identifikation af sprog defineret af Internet Engineering Task Force
306 operating system operating system (OS) on which a software works or the OS installed on hardware
operativsystem operativsystem for (OS) for hvilken software kan bruges på
344 director of photography person responsible for the framing, lighting, and filtration of the subject work
filmfotograf værkets kamerafører
345 IMDb ID identifier for the IMDb [with prefix 'tt', 'nm', 'co', 'ev', 'ch' or 'ni']
IMDb-identifikationsnummer Identifikationsnummer i Internet Movie Database (IMDb) inklusive præfiks (tt-, nm-, ch-, co-, ev-)
347 Joconde work ID identifier in the Joconde database of the French Ministry of Culture
Joconde ID i det franske kulturministeriums Joconde-database
348 software version identifier numeric or nominal identifier of a version of a software program or file format, current or past
version version af software
349 National Diet Library ID identifier for authority control per the National Diet Library of Japan
NDL-nummer autoritetskontrolnummer ved det japanske parlamentsbibliotek
350 RKDimages ID identifier per RKDimages of the Netherlands Institute for Art History
RKDimages identifikatornummer til brug for Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentaties database, RKDimages
351 Entrez Gene ID identifier for a gene per the NCBI Entrez database
NCBI Entrez Gene-id Identifikator for element i Entrez Gene databasen
352 UniProt protein ID identifier for a protein per the UniProt database.
UniProt-id Identifikator for element i UniProt bioinformatiske database
353 HGNC gene symbol The official gene symbol approved by the HGNC, which is typically a short form of the gene name.
gensymbol standardiseret navn for et gen
354 HGNC ID A unique ID provided by the HGNC for each gene with an approved symbol. HGNC IDs remain stable even if a name or symbol changes.
355 subsidiary subsidiary of a company or organization, opposite of parent organization (P749)
datterselskaber en virksomheds underselskaber
356 DOI serial code used to uniquely identify digital objects like academic papers (use upper case letters only)
DOI Digital Object Identifier
358 discography item for list pages with discography of artist or band
diskografi link til diskografi på kunstners eller musikgruppes side
359 Rijksmonument ID identifier for a monument assigned by the Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed
Rijksmonument-id identifikator til brug for kulturarv, angivet af Rijksdienst voor het Cultureel Erfgoed
360 is a list of common element between all listed items
liste over dette er en liste over følgende emner
361 part of object of which the subject is a part (if this subject is already part of object A which is a part of object B, then please only make the subject part of object A). Inverse property of "has part" (P527, see also "has parts of the class" (P2670)).
del af dette objekt er en del af dét objekt
364 original language of film or TV show language in which a film or a performance work was originally created. Deprecated for written works and songs; use P407 ("language of work or name") instead.
originalsprog sproget som bog, film mv. oprindeligt blev lavet på (Bruges for bøger ikke mere, For skrevet tekst brug P407 i stedet)
366 use main use of the subject (includes current and former usage)
brug hovedbrug af subjektet
367 astronomic symbol image image of the symbol that identify a planet or an asteroid of the solar system
astronomisk symbol
368 Sandbox-CommonsMediaFile Sandbox property for value of type "Commons Media File"
369 Sandbox-Item sandbox property for value of type "Item"
Sandkasse-element Test af meget lang beskrivelse på over 1000 tegn: Lang sætning som kun bruges til fyld i denne beskrivelse der som som et forsøg er meget, meget lang. Endnu en lang sætning som kun bruges til fyld i denne beskrivelse der som som et forsøg er meget, meget lang. Den 3. lange sætning som kun bruges til fyld i denne beskrivelse der som som et forsøg er meget, meget lang. Den 4. lange sætning som kun bruges til fyld i denne beskrivelse der som som et forsøg er meget, meget lang. Den 5. lange sætning som kun bruges til fyld i denne beskrivelse der som som et forsøg er meget, meget lang. Den 6. lange sætning som kun bruges til fyld i denne beskrivelse der som som et forsøg er meget, meget lang. Den 7. lange sætning som kun bruges til fyld i denne beskrivelse der som som et forsøg er meget, meget lang. Den 8. lange sætning som kun bruges til fyld i denne beskrivelse der som som et forsøg er meget, meget lang. Den 9. lange sætning som kun bruges til fyld i denne beskrivelse der som som et forsøg er meget, meget lang. Den 10. lange sætning som kun bruges til fyld i denne beskrivelse der som som et forsøg er meget, meget lang.
370 Sandbox-String Sandbox property for value of type "String"
371 presenter someone who takes a main role in presenting a radio or television program or a performing arts show
vært personen, som har nøglerollen i præsentationen af et radio- eller tv-program
373 Commons category name of the Wikimedia Commons category containing files related to this item (without the prefix "Category:")
Commons-kategori Navn på kategori på Wikimedia Commons, som indholder filer relateret til dette emne (uden forstavelsen Category:)
374 INSEE municipality code identifier with 5 digits or letters for a municipality or a municipal arrondissement in France, per the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies
INSEE kommunekode
377 SCN Satellite Catalog Number, 5-digit-number including leading zeros (e.g. '00266')
380 Mérimée ID identifier for a monument in the Mérimée database of French cultural heritage
Mérimée-identifikator identifikator til brug for databasen over kulturarv i Frankrig, Mérimée
381 PCP reference number identifier for cultural properties in Switzerland
KGS-DS-nummer identifikatornummer til kulturarv i Schweiz
382 CBS municipality code identifier for a Dutch municipality as defined by Statistics Netherlands (CBS)
CBS kommunekode Nederlandsk kommunekode
393 edition number number of an edition (first, second, ... as 1, 2, ...) or event
udgavenummer nummeret på udgivelsen (første, anden...) af en bog eller en begivenhed
395 licence plate code distinguishing signs or parts of license plate associated with the subject. For countries: international licence plate country code or distinguishing sign of vehicles
396 SBN author ID identifier issued by National Library Service (SBN) of Italy
ICCU kontrolnummer ved Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico
397 parent astronomical body major astronomical body the item belongs to
moderlegeme det større himmellegeme som emnet tilhører
398 child astronomical body minor body that belongs to the item
astronomisk datterobjekt
399 companion of two or more astronomic bodies of the same type relating to each other
ledsager to eller flere himmellegemer af samme type som påvirker hinanden
400 platform platform for which a work was developed or released, or the specific platform version of a software product
platform platform for hvilken software er udviklet og frigivet til.
402 OpenStreetMap relation ID identifier for a relation in OpenStreetMap
OpenStreetMap relations-ID ID for et OSM objekt af typen "relation"
403 mouth of the watercourse the body of water to which the watercourse drains
vandvejsudløb Det vandområde et vandløb udmunder i
404 game mode a video game's available playing mode(s)
405 taxon author the author(s) that (optionally) may be cited with the scientific name
406 soundtrack release music release that incorporates music directly recorded from the soundtrack of an audiovisual work
soundtrack musik i en film eller computerspil
407 language of work or name language associated with this creative work (such as books, shows, songs, or websites) or a name (for persons use "native language" (P103) and "languages spoken, written or signed" (P1412))
værkets sprog sprog på værk
408 software engine software engine employed by the subject item
409 Libraries Australia ID identifier issued by the National Library of Australia (see also P1315 for the newer People Australia identifier). VIAF component. Format: 1-12 digits, removing leading zero-padding.
NLA autoritetskontrolnummer ved det australske nationalbibliotek
410 military rank military rank achieved by a person (should usually have a "start time" qualifier), or military rank associated with a position
militær grad den højeste militære grad, personen har opnået
411 canonization status stage in the process of attaining sainthood per the subject's religious organization
helgenkåringsstatus status i processen mod at opnå helgenstatus
412 voice type person's voice type. expected values: soprano, mezzo-soprano, contralto, countertenor, tenor, baritone, bass (and derivatives)
stemmetype en persons stemmetype
413 position played on team / speciality position or specialism of a player on a team
position på holdet den position, spilleren spiller på banen. F.eks. forsvarsspiller eller målmand
414 stock exchange exchange on which this company is traded
børs børsen hvor aktien er handlet
415 radio format describes the overall content broadcast on a radio station
radioformat beskriver generelt typen af en radiostations udsendelser
416 quantity symbol (string) symbol for a mathematical or physical quantity
kvantitetssymbol symbol for en fysisk kvantitet
417 patron saint patron saint adopted by the subject
418 seal description description of a subject's seal
421 located in time zone time zone for this item
423 shooting handedness whether the hockey player passes or shoots left- or right-handed
skydehånd (venstre/højre) for hockeyspillere
424 Wikimedia language code identifier for a language or variant as used by Wikimedia projects
Wikimedia sprogkode sprogkode som bruges på Wikimedias projekter
425 field of this occupation activity corresponding to this occupation (use only for occupations - for people use Property:P101, for profession use P425, for companies use P452)
domæne for dette erhverv
426 aircraft registration identifier assigned to an individual aircraft by civil aircraft registry
427 taxonomic type the type genus of this family (or subfamily, etc), or the type species of this genus (or subgenus, etc)
taksonomisk type
429 dantai code identifier for administrative division in 6-digit format assigned by the interior ministry of Japan
dantai-kode japansk administrativ kode
432 callsign of airline identifier used in radio transmissions to refer to the subject airline
kaldesignal identifikation i radiotransmissioner, som refererer til et flyselskab
433 issue issue of a newspaper, a scientific journal or magazine for reference purpose
nr./udgave udgave af en avis eller tidsskrift til kildeangivelser
434 MusicBrainz artist ID identifier for an artist in the MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia
MusicBrainz-kunstner-ID kunstnerens ID i MusicBrainz
435 MusicBrainz work ID identifier for a work per the MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia
ID for kunstværk i MusicBrainz identifikator for et kunstværk i den åbne musikencyklopædi MusicBrainz
436 MusicBrainz release group ID identifier for a release group per the MusicBrainz open music encyclopedia (album, single, etc.)
MusicBrainz-udgivelsesgruppeidentifikator udgivelsesgruppeidentifikator for album i MusicBrainz
437 distribution format method (or type) of distribution for the subject
distribution distributionsmetode for et værk
439 German municipality key identifier for municipalities and independent towns in Germany
tysk kommunenøgle identifikator for kommuner og uafhængige byer i Tyskland
440 German district key identifier for districts (Landkreise) and independent towns in Germany
tysk distriktsnøgle
442 China administrative division code identifier for administrative divisions of People's Republic of China (with spaces)
kinesiske administrativ opdelingskode
443 pronunciation audio audio file with pronunciation
udtale (lydfil) lydfil på commons med udtale; benyt kvalifikatorer til at identificere sprog mv.
444 review score review score received by a creative work or other entity
bedømmelse anmeldelse af et kreativt værk
447 review score by issuer of a review score
anmeldt af forfatteren til en anmeldelse
449 original broadcaster network(s) or service(s) that originally broadcasted a radio or television program
oprindelig udsendt på den tv-kanal, som først udsendte programmet. Dette omfatter ikke senere genudsendelser.
450 astronaut mission space mission that the subject is or has been a member of (do not include future missions)
rumfartsmission rumfartsmissioner, som astronauten er del af eller har været del af
451 unmarried partner someone with whom the person is in a relationship without being married. Use "spouse" (P26) for married couples
partner en anden person, som personen står i forhold til uden at være gift
452 industry industry of company or organization
branche den branche, en virksomhed virker indenfor
453 character role specific role played or filled by subject -- use only as qualifier of "cast member" (P161), "voice actor" (P725)
rolle den rolle, som varetages eller spilles i skabelse eller udførelse af et værk
454 Structurae structure ID identifier for a building in the Structurae database
Structurae Identifikator i den internationale database for bygningsværker Structurae
455 Emporis building ID identifier for a building in the Emporis database (for building complexes, see P2270)
Emporis identifikator nummer i Emporis-databasen
457 foundational text text through which an institution or object has been created or established
stiftelsesgrundlag tekst som bestemmer en institutions stiftelse
458 IMO ship number identifier for a ship, ship owner or ship manager per the International Maritime Organization
IMO-skibsnummer unik 7-cifret ID for skibe og andre fartøjer
459 determination method how a value is determined, or the standard by which it is declared
bestemmelsesmetode kvalifikator som angiver hvordan en værdi er fastlagt
460 said to be the same as this item is said to be the same as that item, but it's uncertain or disputed
siges at være det samme som ifølge kilden kan emnet være det samme som dette emne
461 opposite of item that is the opposite of this item
det modsatte af emnet som er dette emnes modsætning
462 color color of subject
farve emnets farve
463 member of organization, musical group, or club to which the subject belongs. Do not use for membership in ethnic or social groups, nor for holding a position such as a member of parliament (use P39 for that).
medlem af personen er medlem af en bestemt organisation, klub, forening el.lign. Må ikke bruges om etniske og sociale grupper eller om et medlem af et parlament (brug P39 til det).
464 NOR identifier for French official texts
NOR ID for franske officielle tekster
465 sRGB color hex triplet sRGB hex triplet format for subject color (e.g. 7FFFD4) specifying the 8-bit red, green and blue components
farve (hex-notation) farve angivet i heksadecimal notation (eksempel: 7FFFD4)
466 occupant a person or organization occupying property
beboer/benytter person eller organisation som bor i en bygning
467 legislated by indicates that an act or bill was passed by a legislature. The value can be a particular session of the legislature
vedtaget af myndighed som har vedtaget en lov eller bestemmelse
468 dan/kyu rank rank system used in several board games (e.g. go, shogi, renju), martial arts (e.g. judo, kendo, wushu) and some other games
dan/kyu-rang rangsystem, som anvendes i flere brætspil, i kampsport og i andre spil
469 lakes on river lakes, reservoirs, waterfalls the river flows through
sø eller reservoir som en flod eller å løber igennem, ind til eller flyder ud af
470 Eight Banner register Manchu household register for people of the Qing Dynasty
ottebannerstilhørsforhold en forvaltningsenhed for manchuriske familier i Kina under Qing-dynastiet
473 local dialing code identifier dedicated to subject city by the area communication network
474 country calling code identifier for a country - dialed on phone after the international dialing prefix (precede value by +)
international telefonkode landenummer som bruges efter udlandsprefiks ved telefonopkald til et andet land (start koden med +)
476 CELEX number identifier for European legal texts in EUR-Lex database
477 Canadian Register of Historic Places ID identifier in the Canadian Register of Historic Places
identifikator til Canadian Register of Historic Places identifikator til brug for kulturarv i Canada
478 volume volume of a book or music release in a collection/series or a published collection of journal issues in a serial publication
bind/årgang bind for bog/årgang for tidsskrifter, til brug for kildeangivelser
480 FilmAffinity ID FilmAffinity identification number of a creative work
Filmaffinity-nummer Filmaffinity-identifikator for et kreativt værk
481 Palissy ID identifier in the Palissy database of moveable objects of French cultural heritage
483 recorded at studio or venue studio or location where a musical composition was recorded
optaget hos studie hvor et musikstykke er indspillet
484 IMA Number, broad sense identifier for a mineral per the International Mineralogical Association - Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification (IMA-CNMNC)
IMA-nummer En kode som International Mineralogical Association giver til mineraler
485 archives at the institution holding the subject's archives
arkiveret på institution eller anden organisation som opbevarer emnets arkiver
486 MeSH descriptor ID identifier for Descriptor or Supplementary concept in the Medical Subject Headings controlled vocabulary
MeSH ID unik identifikator for emner i MeSH database fra det amerikanske National Library of Medicine
487 Unicode character Unicode character representing the item
Unicodetegn emnets Unicodetegn
488 chairperson presiding member of an organization, group or body
formand formand for en organisation eller forening
489 currency symbol description item with description of currency symbol
valutasymbol emne som beskriver valutaens symbol
490 provisional designation designation of an astronomical body after its discovery and before its official name
overgangsnavn astronomisk navn
491 orbit diagram image with the diagram of the orbit of an astronomical body
kredsløbsdiagram billede med diagram over et astronomisk objekts kredsløb
492 OMIM ID Online "Mendelian Inheritance in Man" catalogue codes for diseases, genes, or phenotypes
OMIM ID identifikationsnummer for databasen Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man
493 ICD-9 identifier in the ICD catalogue codes for diseases – Version 9
ICD-9 niende udgave af WHO's sygdomsklassifikationssystem.
494 ICD-10 identifier in the ICD catalogue codes for diseases - Version 10
ICD-10 identifikator for sygdomme i Den Internationale Sygdomsklassifikation, revision nummer 10.
495 country of origin country of origin of this item (creative work, food, phrase, product, etc.)
oprindelsesland landet, som det kreative værk stammer fra
496 ORCID iD identifier for a person
ORCID iD ORCID-identifikator for en person
497 CBDB ID identifer for a person in the China Biographical Database
CBDB-ID identifikationsnummer i China Bibliographical Database
498 ISO 4217 code identifier for a currency per ISO 4217
ISO 4217 ISO 4217 kode for valuta
500 exclave of territory is legally or politically attached to a main territory with which it is not physically contiguous because of surrounding alien territory. It may also be an enclave.
eksklave af eksklave tilhører dette område