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(+/-)-5-fluoro-amp group of stereoisomers
(+/-)-gepefrine group of stereoisomers
(+/-)-hydroxybupropion group of stereoisomers
(+/-)-israpafant group of stereoisomers
(+/-)-propyl lactate pair of enantiomers
(+/-)-resiniferatoxin group of stereoisomers
(+/-)-salsolinol group of stereoisomers
(+/-)-salsolinol hydrochloride group of stereoisomers
(+/-)-α-methoxy-α-trifluoromethylphenylacetic acid group of stereoisomers
(±)-atrolactic acid pair of enantiomers
(±)-ecgonidine group of stereoisomers
(±)-ethyl phenyllactate pair of enantiomers
(±)-limonene chemical compound
(±)-linalyl acetate pair of enantiomers
Linalyl acetate - 3D - Stick Model.png
(±)-penicillamine pair of enantiomers
(±)-tropic acid group of stereoisomers
(1S,3R,4R,5R)-3-[3-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-1-oxoprop-2-enoxy]-1,4,5-trihydroxy-1-cyclohexanecarboxylic acid group of cis/trans compounds
(2EZ)-crotonaldehyde pair of cis–trans-isomers
(2R)-3-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-2-[3-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-1-oxoprop-2-enoxy]propanoic acid group of cis–trans isomers
(2S)-homocystine group of stereoisomers
(3S,8R,9S,10S,13R,14S,17R)-17-[(2R)-5-ethyl-6-methylheptan-2-yl]-10,13-dimethyl-2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,14,15,16,17-tetradecahydro-1H-cyclopenta[a]phenanthren-3-ol group of stereoisomers
(5-L-Glutamyl)-L-amino acid class of chemical compounds
(5S)-5-methyl-1-oxidanylidene-1,4-thiazinane-2-carboxylic acid group of stereoisomers
(9Z)-12-hydroxyoctadec-9-enoic acid group of stereoisomers
(E/Z)-1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene pair of stereoisomers
(E/Z)-cinnamonitrile group of cis/trans compounds
(E/Z)-ferulic acid chemical compound
(EZ)-1-chloro-2-butene pair of cis/trans isomers
(RS,RS)-lysinoalanine group of stereoisomers
(RS)-2-aminopropanol pair of enantiomers
(RS)-2-ethylhydracrylic acid group of enantiomers
(RS)-2-hydroxy-2-methylbutyric acid group of enantiomers
(RS)-2-hydroxyisovaleric acid group of enantiomers
(RS)-2-hydroxypentanoic acid group of enantiomers
(RS)-2-methyl-1-butanol group of stereoisomers
(RS)-2,4,5-trimethoxyamphetamine group of stereoisomers
(RS)-2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine pair of enantiomers
(RS)-2,5-dimethoxy-4-methylamphetamine hydrochloride pair of enantiomers
(RS)-3-hydroxybutyric acid group of enantiomers
(RS)-3-hydroxyvaleric acid group of enantiomers
(RS)-4-hydroxyamphetamine group of stereoisomers
(RS)-4-hydroxyisovaleric acid group of enantiomers
(RS)-4-hydroxyvaleric acid group of enantiomers
(RS)-baclofen group of stereoisomers
(RS)-brolamfetamine pair of enantiomers
(RS)-coclaurine mixture of stereoisomers
(RS)-eflornithine Eflornithine
(RS)-eflornithine hydrochloride group of stereoisomers
(RS)-eflornithine hydrochloride hydrate chemical compound
(RS)-linalyl benzoate pair of enantiomers
(RS)-methadones group of stereoisomers
(RS)-methylone group of stereoisomers
(RS)-nornicotine mixture of stereoisomers
(RS)-primaquine pair of enantiomers
(S,RS)-lysinoalanine group of stereoisomers
(S)-[(2R,5R)-5-ethenyl-1-azabicyclo[2.2.2]octan-2-yl]-quinolin-4-ylmethanol group of stereoisomers
[(2R)-1,7,7-trimethyl-2-bicyclo[2.2.1]heptanyl] acetate group of stereoisomers
1-(1-phenylethylsulfanyl)ethylbenzene group of stereoisomers
1-amino-2-propanol pair of enantiomers
1-chloropropene (unspecified) group of stereoisomers
1-methyl-1-(4-methylcyclohexyl)ethyl hydroperoxide group of stereoisomers
1-methylguanosine group of stereoisomers
1-p-menthene-8-thiol chemical compound
1-phenylazonaphthalen-2-amine group of cis/trans compounds
1-phosphatidylglycerol (R1,R2) (defined stereochemistry) A phosphatidylglycerol(1−) in which the phosphatidyl moiety has R-configuration and the glycerol moiety has S-configuration.
1-pyrroline-3-hydroxy-5-carboxylic acid group of stereoisomers
1-pyrroline-5-carboxylic acid group of stereoisomers
1,2-butanediol group of stereoisomers
1,2-diacyl-sn-glycero-3-phospho-(1'-sn-glycerol-3'-phosphate) class of chemical compounds
1,2-dibromoethene group of stereoisomers
1,2-dichlorocyclohexane racemate
1,2-dichloroethene group of stereoisomers
1,2-diiodopropane group of stereoisomers
1,2-hexanediol group of stereoisomers
1,2,2,3,3,4,7,7-octachloro-5,5-dimethyl-6-methylidenebicyclo[2.2.1]heptane chemical compound
1,4,5,6,7,7-hexachloro-2,2-bis(chloromethyl)-3-methylidenebicyclo[2.2.1]heptane group of stereoisomers
1,5-diphenyl-1,4-pentadiene-3-one group of trans/cis chemical compounds
1,7-dioxaspiro(5.5)undecane chemical compound
12-hydroxystearic acid group of stereoisomers
14-methylhexadecanoic acid group of stereoisomers
19-HETE group of stereoisomers
2-(2-ethyl-2-phenyl-1,3-dioxolan-4-yl)piperidine group of stereoisomers
2-(4-methoxyphenoxy)propanoic acid chemical compound
[[:d:Q168453|2-[[4-[(2-amino-4-oxo-5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-1H-pteridin-6-yl)methylamino]benzoyl]amino]pentanedioic acid]] group of stereoisomers
2-[5-[3-phenil-2-methylprop-2-enylidene]-4-oxo-2-thioxo-3-thiazolidinyl]acetic acid group of cis/trans isomers
2-{[2-[(acetylthio)methyl]-1-oxo-3-phenylpropyl]amino}acetic acid (phenylmethyl) ester chemical compound
2-amino-5-(4-sulfophenyl)azobenzenesulfonic acid group of stereoisomers
2-amino-5-[2-[4-(hydroxymethyl)phenyl]hydrazinyl]-5-oxopentanoic acid groupe of stereoisomers
2-amino-6-(1,2-dihydroxy-propyl)-3H-pteridin-4-one group of stereoisomers
2-butanol group of stereoisomers
2-decenoic acid group of cis/trans compounds
2-deoxy-D-ribofuranose 1-phosphate group of stereoisomers
2-ethylhexyl DL-lactate group of stereoisomers
2-ethylhexyl hydrogen sulfate chemical compound
2-hydroxybutanal group of stereoisomers
2-hydroxyglutaric acid group of steroisomers
2-hydroxyglycals class of chemical compounds, derivatives of glycals having hydroxyl group at C2 position
2-hydroxyoleic acid group of stereoisomers
2-hydroxytryptophan group of stereoisomers
2-methylglutaric acid chemical compound
2-methylpropanal oxime group of cis/trans compounds
2-octanol pair of enantiomers
2-pentanol group of stereoisomers
2-pentylamin mixture of stereisomers
2-phenyl-3-aminobutane chemical compound
2-phenylpropionic acid chemical compound
2-thiothinone group of stereoisomers
2,2,2-trifluoroethyl N-[3-methyl-1-[(4-methylbenzoyl)amino]butan-2-yl]carbamate group of stereoisomers
2,2,3-trimethylpentane group of enantiomers
2,2,4,4-tetramethyl-1,3-cyclobutanediol group of stereoisomers
2,3-Dimethylhexane group of enantiomers
2,3-diphosphoglyceric acid groupe of stereoisomers
2,4-dichloromuconic acid chemical compound
2,4-dimethylhexane group of enantiomers
2,4,6-trimethoxyamphetamine group of stereoisomers
2,6-diaminopimelic acid group of stereoisomers
2,6,6-trimethyl-13-methylenetetracyclo[,10.02,7]hexadecane group of stereoisomers
3-(2-{4-[3-(Trifluormethyl)phenyl]-1-piperazinyl}ethyl)-5,5a,6,7,8,8a-hexahydrocyclopenta[3,4]pyrrolo[2,1-c][1,2,4]triazol group of isomers
3-(2-propenylsulfinyl)-alanine group of stereoisomers
3-(4-hydroxy-3,5-diiodophenyl)lactic acid group of enantiomers
3-(6-hydroxyindol-3-yl)lactic acid chemical compound
3-[(2,4,6-trimethoxyphenyl)methylidene]-1H-indol-2-one group of cis–trans isomers
3-amino-3-phenylpropanoic acid group of stereoisomers
3-aminopropane-1,2-diol group of stereoisomers
3-fluoromethcathinone group of stereoisomers
3-hydroxy-2-methylbutanoic acid group of stereoisomers
3-hydroxy-DL-kynurenine group of stereoisomers
3-hydroxyisobutyric acid group of stereoisomers
3-iodo-DL-tyrosine group of stereoisomers
3-Methylheptane group of enantiomers
3-octanol group of stereoisomers
3-phenyl-2-propen-1-ol group of isomers
3-phosphoglyceric acid group of stereoisomers
3-sn-phosphatidyl-L-serine (R) lipid class
3‐butyl‐5‐(1‐oxopropyl)indolizidine chemical compound
3,4-dihydroxybutyric acid group of stereoisomers
3,4-dihydroxyphenylethyleneglycol group of stereoisomers
3,4-dimethylhexane group of stereoisomers
3,4-Methylenedioxy-N-propylamphetamine chemical compound
3,5-dimethylpiperidine group of stereoisomers
3,5-stilbenediol group of isomers
3',4'-methylenedioxy-α-pyrrolidinobutiophenone group of stereoisomers
3',4'-methylenedioxy-α-pyrrolidinobutiophenone hydrochloride group of stereoisomers
3C-E group of stereoisomers
4-(2-(5,5-dimethylhex-1-inyl)-cyclopropyl)imidazol group of stereoisomers
4-(4-nitrophenylazo)aniline group of cis/trans chemical compounds
4-[(4-aminophenyl)diazenyl]benzenesulfonic acid group of isomers
[[:d:Q56867649|4-[4-[4-[4-[[(5R)-5-(2,4-difluorophenyl)-5-(1,2,4-triazol-1-ylmethyl)oxolan-3-yl]methoxy]phenyl]piperazin-1-yl]phenyl]-2-[(2S,3S)-2-hydroxypentan-3-yl]-1,2,4-triazol-3-one]] group of stereoisomers
4-hydroxy-1-pyrroline-2-carboxylic acid group of stereoisomers
4-hydroxy-2-oxoglutaric acid group of stereoisomers
4-hydroxytamoxifen group of cis–trans isomers
4-hydroxytryptophan group of stereoisomers
4-methyl-1-heptanol chemical compound
4-octanol group of stereoisomers
4,4'-dinitrostilbene-2,2'-disulfonic acid group of cis/trans compounds
4,5-dehydropipecolic acid group of stereoisomers
4-methoxydalbergione group of stereoisomers
4′-hydroxytamoxifen group of cis–trans isomers
4BP-TQS group of stereoisomers
5-(bromomethyl)-1,2,3,4,7,7-hexachlorobicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-ene group of stereoisomers
5-chloro-2-methyl-2,3,3a,12b-tetrahydrodibenzo[2,3:6,7]oxepino[4,5-c]pyrrole group of stereoisomers
5-decene group of cis/trans chemical compounds
5-hydroxy-DL-kynurenine group of stereoisomers
6-(sec-butyl)quinoline pair of enantiomers
6,7,8,9-tetrahydro-6,10-methano-6H-pyrazino(2,3-h)benzazepine group of stereoisomers
7-chlorotryptophan group of stereoisomers
7-hydroxytryptophan group of stereoisomers
7,8-epoxy-2-methyloctadecane group of stereoisomers
9,11,13-octadecatrienoic acid chemical compound
acetogenins group of chemical compounds
acetylcholine receptor
acetylide chemical compound in which one or both hydrogen atoms of acetylene (ethyne) was replaced by a metal or other cationic group; also analogous compound derived from terminal acetylenes
acid type of chemical substance that reacts with a base
acid anhydride any chemical compound having two acyl groups bonded to the same oxygen atom
acidic oxide
Acidomanganate(IV) complex
acrasin class of chemical compound
actinomycin class of antibiotics
active ingredient chemical compound
acyclic compound
acyl halide any chemical compound having a halogen atom bonded to an acyl group
Acyl-CoA chemical compound
acylal any chemical compound being a diester of geminal diol
acylglycerone phosphate class of chemical compounds
Acylurea class of chemical compounds
aldehydic acid class of chemical compounds
Aldonic acid
aliphatic compound class of chemical compounds without aromatic ring
Alkyl cycloalkane
Alkyl sulfonate organic compound that contains a sulfonate group
Alpha acid group of chemical compounds
alpha-pinene chemical compound
aluminoxane class of chemical compounds
aluminum acetate group of chemicals
aluminum lactate pair of enantiomers
amatoxin family of toxins
amedalin group of stereoisomers
amide group of chemical substances
aminobenzaldehydes group of isomers
aminonitrile class of chemical compounds
aminoxyl radical radical derived from substituted hydroxylamine by removal of the hydrogen atom from the hydroxy group
Aminoxyl radical.svg
ammonia fertilizers
ammonium lactate pair of enantiomers
ammonium salt any salt having at least one ammonium cation
ammono compounds series of chemical compounds proposed in 1935 by Edward Curtis Franklin, consisted of ammonia derivatives that can be prepared in analogous reactions as water derivatives
Amorphous silicon
A-Si structure.jpg
amphoteric compound molecule or ion that can react as either an acid or a base
amphoteric hydroxides class of chemical compounds
amprotropine group of stereoisomers
amurensin group of chemical compounds
androstane group of stereoisomers
Androstane 5alpha-beta.png
anethole group of stereoisomers
anhydride any chemical compound derived (practically or just theoretically) from an acid or a base by elimination of one molecule of water (i.e. two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen)
aniline dyes class of chemical compounds used as dyes
Anisic acid
Annulene completely conjugated monocyclic hydrocarbons
anol pair of stereoisomers
anomer diastereoisomer of glycosides, hemiacetals or related cyclic forms of sugars, or related molecules differing in configuration only at C-1 of an aldose, C-2 of a 2-ketose, etc
anterior pituitary hormones
antihypoxic drugs class of pharmaceutical drugs
antimonide class of chemical compounds
antiozonant class of chemical compounds
aristolochic acids class of chemical compounds
aroma compound chemical compound that has a smell or odor
arsenic compounds any chemical compound having at least one arsenic atom
asphalt fume volatile compounds released by asphalt
asphaltene heavy, non-volatile component of crude oil
astragaloside group of chemical compounds
atrane class of chemical compounds
atrovenetinone group of stereoisomers
azadipyrromethene class of chemical compounds
azasteroid class of chemical compounds
azide chemical compound with azide ion or azide group
azo compounds class of organic compounds bearing the functional group R–N=N–R′, in which R and R′ can be either aryl or alkyl
Azobenzene group of cis/trans compounds
azobenzoic acids class of chemical compounds
azobilirubin group of stereoisomers
bacoside group of chemical compounds
Bacteriochlorophyll group of chemical compounds
bafilomycin group of chemical compounds
barbiturate drug that acts as central nervous system depressants
Kwas barbiturowy.svg
barium compound any chemical compound having at least one barium atom
barnidipine mixture of stereoisomers
base substance that can accept hydrogen ions (protons) or more generally, donate a pair of valence electrons
Potassium hydroxide.jpg
Basic oxide
benzalkonium chloride surfactant and antiseptic agent
benzatropine group of stereoisomers
Benzenetricarboxylic acids
benzenetriol group of isomers
benzo[a]pyrene-11,12-epoxide mixture of stereoisomers
benzo[a]pyrene-9,10-oxide group of stereoisomers
beryllide intermetallic compound of beryllium with other metals, e.g. zirconium, tantalum, titanium, nickel, or cobalt
beryllium compound chemical compound with the element beryllium
beta-amylase beta-amylase enzyme
Beta-lactamase inhibitor Endogenous substances and drugs that inhibit or block the activity of beta-lactamases
betalamic acid group of stereoisomers
bicarbonate salt of carbonic acid having bicarbonate anion or ester of carbonic acid in which only one acidic group is esterified
biguanide class of chemical compounds
bile salts salts of bile acids
binary compound chemical compound that contains exactly two different elements
biotinylated dextran amine class of chemical compounds
biperiden group of stereoisomers
Biperiden Stereoisomers.png
bis-trimethylammonium compounds compounds containing polymethylene bis-trimethylammonium cations - members of this group frequently act as ganglionic blockers and neuromuscular depolarizing agents
bisbiguanide class of chemical compounds
bisindolylmaleimide any chemical compound having a pyrrole-2,5-dione (maleimide) ring with two indolyl groups attached to C3 and C4 positions
bisulfate salt salt of the bisulfate ion
bivalent chromium chemical compounds that contain the element chromium in the +2 oxidation state
Black tar heroin
Bleach activator chemical compounds
bleomycins class of chemical compounds
bornane-2,3-dione stereoisomer mixture
boron compound any chemical compound having at least one boron atom
branched glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraethers class of chemical compounds
Bremazocine group of stereoisomers
bromoaniline chemical compound of the bromoaniline family
bromoanisole group of ortho, meta, para isomers
Bromobenzaldehyde group of isomers
bromochlorobenzene group of chemical compounds
Bromonitrobenzenes group of isomers
bromophenol group of chemical compounds
bromosuccinic acid group of stereoisomers
bromothiophene group of chemical compounds
bromoxylene chemical compound
BrP-LPA group of stereoisomers
bruceanol group of chemical compounds
brydioside group of chemical compounds
bufadienolide any steroid with 2-pyrone ring attached to C17 position
Bufadienolide skeletal.svg
bupranolol group of strerosimers
but-2-ene group of cis/trans compounds
butane-2,3-diol group of stereoisomers
butene family of chemical compounds
butyraldoxime group of cis/trans isomers
C16 DHLactosylceramide (incomplete stereochemistry) chemical compound
C4-benzenes group of chemical compounds
cadinene family of chemical compounds
cadmium compound compound containing the element cadmium
caffeic acid pair of cis–trans isomers
calcium compounds any chemical compound having at least one calcium atom
calcium lactate pair of enantiomers
calcium lactate gluconate grupa stereoizomerów
calcium lactate monohydrate chemical compound
calcium lactate pentahydrate chemical compound
calcium lactate trihydrate chemical compound
calcium salt
calicheamicin group of chemical compounds
calphostin group of chemical compounds
calyculin group of chemical compounds
camphor group of stereoisomers
capnophile microorganisms that thrive in the presence of high concentrations of carbon dioxide
carbamate salt or ester of carbamic acid or N-substituted carbamic acid
carbide inorganic compound group
carbodiimide class of organic chemical compounds
carbonate salt or ester of carbonic acid
Carbonate group structural formulae v.3.png
carboxylic acid derivative derivative of any carboxylic acid
carotene organic pigment
caspase family of cysteine proteases
Caspofungin group of stereoisomers
centralite substance added to nitroglycerine powder as a stabilizer
cephalosporin antibiotic class of pharmaceutical drugs
ceramide compound from a family of lipid compounds
chalcones group A ketone that is 1,3-diphenylpropenone (benzylideneacetophenone), ArCH=CH(=O)Ar, and its derivatives formed by substitution.
Channel blocker molecule able to block protein channels, frequently used as pharmaceutical
Chemical probe
chlorate salt or ester of chloric acid
chlorite salt or ester of chlorous acid
chloroaniline group of isomers
chloroanisole group of ortho, meta, para isomers
chlorobenzaldehyde group of chemical compounds
chlorobenzenes family of compound
Chlorobenzenesulfonic acid group of isomeric chemical compounds
chlorobenzotrifluoride group of chemical compounds
chloromonilicin group of stereoismers
chloronitrobenzene group of chemical compounds
chloronitrobenzenes group of ortho, meta, para isomers
chlorophenol group of chemical substances
chlorophyll group of chemical compounds
chlorotoluene group of ortho, meta, para isomers
cholane chemical compound
cholecalciferol (undefined stereochemistry) chemical compound
choline alfoscerate (not stereospecific)
chondroitin sulfate sulfated glycosaminoglycan
chromate salts containing chromate anion
cilomilast group of stereoisomers
cis vernolic acid mixture of stereoisomers
citral group of cis–trans isomers
citrinin group of stereoisomers
citronellyl oxalate group of stereoisomers
clathrate compound chemical substance consisting of a lattice that traps or contains molecules
clovene groupe of stereoisomers
coal tar pitch volatiles group of chemical compounds
cobalt amino complexes
cobalt antimonide group of chemical compounds
cobalt arsenide group of chemical compounds
cobalt compound chemical compound containing the element cobalt
coenzyme Q group of chemical compounds
cofactor a non-protein chemical compound or metallic ion that is required for a protein's biological activity to happen
compost accelerator
compound of berkelium any chemical compound having at least one berkelium atom
compound of californium any chemical compound having at least one californium atom
compound of carbon any chemical compound having at least one carbon atom
compound of lead any chemical compound having at least one lead atom
compound of oxygen any chemical compound having at least one oxygen atom
compound of thorium any chemical compound having at least one thorium atom
compound of zinc any chemical compound having at least one zinc atom
conditionally essential amino acids Synthesis of these amino acids can be limited under special pathophysiological conditions, such as prematurity in the infant or individuals in severe catabolic distress
coordination complex molecule or ion containing ligands covalently bonded to a central atom
copaene group of chemical compounds
copper compound any chemical compound having at least one copper atom
corrinoid class of chemical compounds
corrosion inhibitor chemical compounds decreasing the corrosion rate of a metal
cresol group of chemical compounds
Cresol structures.png
Criegee biradical
Crinsarnine chemical compound
cryptand class of chemical compounds
cryptate class of chemical compounds
cucurbituril group of chemical compounds
Models of cucurbiturils.jpg
cularine group of stereoisomers
curcuminoid class of chemical compounds
CXCR4 antagonist substance which blocks the CXCR4 receptor
cyanate salt or ester of cyanic acid
cyanide any chemical compound with cyanide anion
cyanoacrylate group of chemical compounds
cyclic compound chemical compound in which a series of atoms is connected to form a loop or ring
cyclododecahexaene chemical compound
cyclooctene group of stereoisomers
cymenes group of isomeric chemical compounds
Cymenes general structure.svg
cystathionine chemical compound
cysteic acid group of stereoisomers
dec-2-enal group of cis/trans compounds
decalin pair of cis–trans isomers
Delta endotoxin
demecolcine group of stereoisomers
depsipeptide natural or synthetic compounds having sequences of amino and hydroxy carboxylic acid residues (usually α-amino and α-hydroxy acids), commonly but not necessarily regularly alternating
Depsipeptide Principle V.1.png
diamine class of chemical compounds
diaminopyrimidine group of isomers
Diaminotoluene group of chemical compounds
diazaquinone class of chemical compounds
diazepine group of chemical compounds
diazoles class of chemical compounds which contain five-membered aromatic ring with two nitrogen heteroatoms
dibromophenol group of isomeric chemical compounds
dichloroaniline group of chemical compounds
dichlorobenzene family of chemical compound
diethyl DL-tartrate group of stereoisomers
diethylbenzene group of chemical compounds
diethylstilbestrol diphosphate group of chemical compounds
dihydroflavonols class of chemical compounds
dihydrogen chalcogenide
dihydroisocoumarin class of chemical compounds
dihydrothiophene pair of isomeric chemical compounds
dihydroxybenzene family of compound
dihydroxybenzoic acid
diisopropylbenzene group of alkylbenzenes
diisopropylnaphthalene group of chemical compounds
Dimethoxybenzene Wikimedia disambiguation page
dimethyloctane substance
Dinitroaniline chemical compound class
dinitrobenzene class of compounds
dinitrophenol family of compound
dinitrotoluene group of chemical compounds
Dioxazine violet
dioxin simple dioxins 1,2-dioxin and 1,4-dioxin
diphosphate salt or ester of diphosphoric acid
dipolar compound
discodermin group of chemical compounds
dispensable amino acids Amino acids which can be synthesized in the body.
Disubstituierte Benzole
disulfide salt or other derivative of disulfane or organic compound having the structure RSSR (R ≠ H)
dithiocarbamate salt or ester of any dithiocarbamic acid
Divinylbenzene chemical compound
diyne class of unsaturated hydrocarbon
dizinc plutonium
DL-2-aminooctanoic acid group of stereoisomers
DL-2-hydroxybutyric acid group of stereoisomers
DL-3-O-methyldopa group of stereoisomers
DL-3-phenyllactic acid group of stereoisomers
DL-3,3',5'-triiodothyronine pair of enantiomers
DL-5-fluorotryptophan group of stereoisomers
DL-5-hydroxytryptophan group of stereoisomers
DL-5-hydroxytryptophan monohydrate group of stereoisomers
DL-6-fluorotryptophan group of stereoisomers
DL-acetyltryptophan group of stereoisomers
DL-amphetamine sulfate group of stereoisomers
DL-ascorbic acid group of chemical compounds
DL-butyl lactate group of stereoisomers
DL-eutylone group of stereosimers
DL-fructose-6-phosphate group of stereoisomers
DL-homocysteine group of stereoisomers
DL-homocystine group of stereoisomers
DL-isoleucine A 2-amino-3-methylpentanoic acid having either D- or L-configuration.
DL-Isovaline group of stereoisomers
DL-lactophosphoric acid group of enantiomers
DL-lanthionine group of stereoisomers
DL-magnesium lactate group of stereoisomers
DL-magnesium lactate dihydrate group of stereoisomers
DL-magnesium lactate trihydrate group of stereoisomers
DL-malic acid chemical compound
DL-methyl lactate group of stereoisomers
DL-N-carbamoylaspartic acid group of enantiomers
DL-norvaline group of stereoisomers
DL-ofloxacin pair of enantiomers
DL-ornithine group of stereoisomers
DL-pantoic acid group of stereoisomers
DL-phenylglycine chemical compound
DL-propoxyphene group of chemical compounds
DL-ribulose-5-phosphoric acid group of stereoisomers
DL-selenomethionine group of stereoisomers
DL-selenomethionine se-75 group of stereoisomers
DL-tartaric acid C4-organic acid with different stereoisomers
DL-threonic acid group of stereoisomers
DL-threonine group of stereoisomers
DL-triiodothyronine pair of enantiomers
DL-tryptophan mustard group of stereoisomers
Doisynolic acid group of stereoisomers
dropropizine chemical compound
eleutheroside group of chemical compounds
emamectine benzoate chemical compound
Endothall group of stereoisomers
enediyne chemical compounds with two triple bonds separated by a double bond
enkephalin group of chemical compounds
enol chemical compound having a hydroxyl group attached to a carbon atom connected to another carbon atom via double bond
enoses group of chemical compounds
eosin groups of chemical compound used as dyes
epanolol group of stereoisomers
epimer stereoisomers
ergosine group of chemical compounds
erythrulose group of stereoisomers
ethacridine lactate pair of enantiomers
ethyl D-glucuronide group of stereoismers
ethyl DL-lactate group of enantiomers
ethylhexyl compounds
Ethylphenol Wikimedia disambiguation page
EVOH copolimer
fatty acyl class of chemical compounds
Fatty acyl-CoA Acyl CoA with a fatty acid tail (unspecified)
fatty aldehyde class of chemical compounds
fecapentaene class of chemical compounds
ferrous lactate pair of enantiomers
flavagline class of chemical compounds
flavokavain group of chemical compounds
Flavones group of chemical compounds
fluorine compound any chemical compound having at least one fluorine atom
fluorine compounds in rocket technology class of chemical compounds
fluorobenzaldehydes group of chemical compounds
Fluorobenzyl alcohols
fluoroolefin class of chemical compounds
flurtamone groups of stereoisomers
formazan class of chemical compounds
Fosinopril mixture of stereoisomers
four-membered heterocycle class of chemical compounds
fructose-asparagine chemical compound
fulleride chemical compound
fumonisin group of chemical compounds
furanocoumarin class of chemical compounds
fusarin class of chemical compounds
G protein-coupled receptor kinase
G-quadruplex secondary structures formed in nucleic acids by sequences that are rich in guanine. These structures are four stranded helical structures and occur naturally in nature
gallates class of gallium compounds
Gamma globulin
gaseous signaling molecule molecular gases which transmit information within organisms, for example NO, CO, H2S, SO2
geminal dithiol class of chemical compounds
geranylgeraniol group of cis/trans isomers
germanium compound chemical compound that contains the element Germanium
gibberellin plant hormone
ginkgolide-M group od stereoisomers
ginsenoside group of chemical compounds
gluconic acid gluconic acid with undefined stereochemistry
glutaconic acid chemical compound
glutamic acid chemical compound
glycals class of chemical compounds
glyceric acid chemical compound
glyceryl 1-phosphate group of stereoisomers
glycopeptide peptides that contain carbohydrate moieties (glycans) covalently attached to the side chains of the amino acid residues that constitute the peptide
gold compound
gossypol group of atropisomers
Gossypol (structure).png
granatins group or chemical compounds
grayanotoxins group of chemical compounds
H-phosphonate any salt or ester of phosphonic acid having H-P=O group
halide binary compound, of which one part is a halogen atom and the other part is an element or radical that is less electronegative
heptane chemical compound family
Heptanoles chemical compound family
Hexachlorocyclohexane group of chemical compounds
hexachloroplumbates class of chemical compounds
hexafluoroplumbates class of chemical compounds
hexavalent chromium chemical compounds that contain the element chromium in the +6 oxidation state
hexestrol dipropionate (undefined stereochemistry) chemical compound
hidreto de oxigênio
hodulcine chemical compound
homatropine chemical compound
homologue chemical compound belonging to a series of compounds differing from each other by a repeating unit
homoserine group of stereoisomers
hormone chemical released by a cell or a gland in one part of the body that sends out messages that affect cells in other parts of the organism
humin acids
humins class of organic compounds insoluble in water: in soil chemistry – the insoluble organic components of soil; in saccharide chemistry – products of dehydration of sugars
hydrate substance that contains water or its constituent elements
hydrazines organic derivatives of hydrazine of which protons have been replaced with one or more alkyl or aryl groups
hydrogen acceptor molecular entity that can be reduced by accepting an hydrogen
hydrogen compound any chemical compound having at least one atom of hydrogen
hydroquinidine group of stereoisomers
hydroxide salts family of the hydroxide salts
hydroxyethylrutoside chemical compound
hydroxystilbamidine group of cis/trans compounds
hymatomelanic acids group of chemical compounds
hypothalamic hormones
hypothetical chemical compound chemical compound which existence is or was predicted, but its existence has not been confirmed
imazamethabenz chemical mixture used as an herbicide
indenestrol A group of stereoisomers
indenestrol B group of stereoisomers
inorganic compound chemical compound that is not organic
inositol group of chemical compounds
intermetallic solid-state compound exhibiting metallic bonding, defined stoichiometry and ordered crystal structure
Cr11Ge19 crystals.jpg
Intravenous immunoglobulin blood product administered intravenously
inulobiose (anomeric mixture) chemical compound
iodate chemical compounds containing iodate ion
iodine compound any chemical compound having at least one atom of iodine
Iodnitrobenzoles family of compounds
iodoaniline group of isomers
iodophenol group of chemical compounds
ionic compound chemical compound involving ionic bonding
iron carbides group of chemical compounds
Iron compounds
Iron supplement dietary supplement containing iron
isoamyl lactate pair of enantiomers
isocyanate salt or ester of isocyanic acid
isocyanide chemical compound with isocyanide group (C≡N)
FunktionelleGruppen Isocyanide.svg
isononyl alcohol chemical compound
isophorone diamine group of chemical compounds
isotopic compound chemical compound whith defined isotopic composition
isovanilloids class of chemical compounds
jojoba wax esters cosmetics ingredient
juvenoid synthetic analogs of insect juvenile hormones
ketamine group of stereoisomers
kynapcin class of chemical compounds
L-methionine sulfoxide chemical compound
lactid group of stereoisomers
lactose (stereochemistry undefined)
lanthanum carbonate hydrate group of chemical compounds
lathyrine group of stereoisomers
Latrunculin group of chemical compounds
lenalidomide chemical compound
leptosphaerin group of chemical compounds
leucine amino acid
Lewis acids and bases
lignan group of polyphenols in plant matter
lipoamide group of stereoisomers
lithium dialkylamide class of chemical compounds
lume luminous compound
lutein chemical compound
Lutein molecule spacefill.png
lye class of caustic compounds
lysergamides class of chemical compounds
magnesium arsenate group of compounds composed of magnesium and arseniate including hydrates
magnesium compound any chemical compound having at least one magnesium atom
magnesium perchlorate hydrate group of chemical compound with different amount of water of crystallization
malonyl-[acyl-carrier protein] class of chemical compounds
maltose (2 ring structure, not stereospecific)
manganate chemical compound
manganese carbides group of chemical compounds
manganese compound inorganic compound containing manganese
mecamylamine group of stereoisomers
Medicarpin group of stereosiomers
meprodine chemical compound
mercury compound any chemical compound having at least one atom of mercury
meso-2,3-dimercaptosuccinic acid pharmaceutical drug
mesylate salt or ester of methanesulfonic acid
metabolite chemical substance
Metal amides
metal ammine complex class of chemical compounds
metal oxide chemical compound
metanicotine group of isomers
metasilicate chemical compounds containing metasilicate ion
methacrylate class of chemical compounds
Methastyridone group of stereoisomers
methcathinone chemical compound
methcathinone hydrochloride chemical compound
methionine S-oxide chemical compound
methomyl group of cis/trans compounds
methoxybenzaldehyde group of ortho, meta, para isomers
methoxytoluene group of chemical compounds
methyl (RS)-3-hydroxybutyrate group of enantiomers
methyl 3-oxo-2-((E)-pent-2-enyl)cyclopentaneacetate group of stereoisomers
methyl violet family of organic compounds that are mainly used as dyes
methylamines group of chemical compound
Methylbenzyl alcohols
methyllysine group of chemical compounds
methylsuccinic acid chemical compound
methylthiophene group of chemical compounds
metoxybenzenosulfonic acids group of structural isomers
mirabamide group of chemical compounds
mitomycin group of antibiotics
MK-608 chemical compound
mogroside group of chemical compounds
Molozonide group of chemical compounds
monastrol group of stereoisomers
monobromophenol group of chemical compounds
monochlorophenol group of chemical compounds
monohydroxybenzoic acid group of chemical substances
mononitrotoluene group of chemical compounds
mytilin group of chemical compounds
N-(DL-gamma-glutamyl)-2-aminobutyric acid group of stereoisomers
N-hydroxy-3-[3-(phenylsulfamoyl)phenyl]-2-propenamide chemical compound
N-hydroxyarylamine class of chemical compounds
N-methylconiine group of stereoisomers
N-methylmethanamonium sulfate undefined mixture
N-methylproline group of stereoisomers
N-Nitrosonornicotine group of stereoisomers
N-piperidyl-3,4-methylenedioxycinnamoylamide group of isomers
N,N-dimethyl-4-[(3-methylphenyl)diazenyl]aniline group of cis/trans compounds
Naphthoquinone diketone derived from naphthalene
naphthylmedetomidine chemical compound
narbomycin group of stereoisomers
Natriuretic peptide
neolignans class of chemical compounds
nerve agent class of organophosphates; classified as weapons of mass destruction
VX storage.jpeg
neuropeptides peptides released by neurons as intercellular messengers
neurotransmitter endogenous chemicals that transmit signals across a synapse from one neuron to another
nickel antimonide group of chemical compounds
nickel arsenide group of chemical compounds
nickel compound any chemical compound having at least one nickel atom
nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide NAD species with an undefined oxidation state
nicotine group of stereoisomers
nitrate salt or ester of nitric acid
nitrile any chemical compound with cyano group (–C≡N)
nitrite ester chemical compound containing a nitrite ester
Nitro compound organic compounds that contain one or more nitro functional groups
FunktionelleGruppen Nitroverbindungen.svg
nitroalkane class of chemical compounds
nitrobenzoic acid group of isomeric chemical compounds
nitrogen compound any chemical compound having at least one nitrogen atom
nitrophenol group of chemical compounds
nitrosamine class of chemical compounds
nitrosophenol class of chemical compounds
noble gas compound any chemical compound having at least one atom of a noble gas
non-dependence-producing substance a substance which, although the substance has no dependence potential, is accompanied by harmful psychological or physical effects
non-standard amino acid class of chemical compounds
Non-stoichiometric compound Crystallography
nonylphenol family of organic compounds
nordihydroguaiaretic acid group of stereisomers
norgestrel pair of enantiomers
NOx nitrogen oxides in atmosphere
nucleic acid analogue compound which is analogous (structurally similar) to naturally occurring RNA and DNA, used in medicine and in molecular biology research
Difference DNA RNA-EN.svg
Nucleoside phosphoramidite
nucleotide biological molecules that form the building blocks of nucleic acids
nutlin-3 chemical compound
o-aminoazotoluene group of isomers
O-isovalerylcarnitine pair of enantiomers
O-phthalodinitrile chemical compound
obesogen foreign chemical compound that disrupts lipid balance causing obseity
octadec-9-enoic acid pair of cis–trans isomers
octopamine group of stereoisomers
oil additive
oligomer substance composed of oligomer molecules
oligomycins group of chemical compounds
Open-chain compound compound with a linear structure, rather than a cyclic one
organic compound chemical compound that contains carbon (except for a several compounds traditionally classified as inorganic compounds)
organic thiocyanate chemical compound
Organocadmium compound
organohafnium compound class of chemical compounds
organothiophosphate class of chemical compounds
ornithinoalanine group of stereoisomers
ortho-plumbates(IV) class of chemical compounds
orthonitrate chemical compounds containing orhtonitrate ion
orthosilicate chemical compounds containing orthosilicate ion
oxide chemical compound with at least one oxygen atom
Rust screw.jpg
oxygenate chemical compounds containing oxygen often used as fuel additives
palladium compound any chemical compound having at least one palladium atom
papuamide group of chemical compounds
PEG-150 hydrogenated jojoba cosmetics ingredient
penem antibiotic class of antibiotics
penicillin binding proteins
pent-3-enoic acid chemical compound
peptide natural biological or artificially manufactured short chains of amino acid monomers linked by peptide (amide) bonds
peptide nucleic acid
perchlorate salt or ester of perchloric acid
perillic acid group of stereoisomers
peroxynitrate chemical compounds containing peroxynitrate ion
perrhenate chemical compounds containing perrhenate ion
persulfates class of chemical compounds
pertechnetate chemical compound containing pertechnetate ion
Perylene pigments
pH indicator halochromic chemical compound added in small amounts to a solution so the pH of the solution can be determined visually
PH indicator paper.jpg
phellandrene group of chemical compounds
phenanthrenoid subclass of chemical compounds
phenitidine group of isomeric chemical compounds
phenylaminotetralin class of chemical compounds
Phenylenediamine Wikimedia disambiguation page
Phenylpropanoid Any organic aromatic compound with a structure based on a phenylpropane skeleton.
Safrole acsv.svg
phenyltriazine class of chemical compounds
phenyltropane class of chemical compounds
Pheophytin chlorophyll molecule lacking a central Mg2+ ion
pheromone secreted or excreted chemical factor that triggers a social response in members of the same species
phoratoxin class of poisonous peptides
phoriospongin group of chemical compounds
phosphate salt or ester of phosphoric acid
phosphinate ester organic chemical compound containing phosphinate ester or phosphinic acid group
phosphine imide class of chemical compounds
phosphite salt or ester of phosphorous acid
phosphonate Organo-phosphorous compound
phosphoric acids and phosphates
phosphorus compound any chemical compound having at least one phosphorus atom
phoxim group of stereoisomers
phthalein dyes class of chemical compounds
phytocassane class of chemical compounds
phytochemical chemical compound produced by plants
Picoline pyridine
picrate salts and esters of picric acid
piericidin group of chemical compounds
piperidinedione class of chemical compounds
plasmid small DNA molecule within a cell that is physically separated from a chromosomal DNA and can replicate independently
Plasmid (english).svg
plastic additive additive added to plastics for various reasons
platinum-based antineoplastic
plumbate salt having one of the several lead-containing oxoanions
plutonate(VII) chemical compound derived from plutonic(VII) acid
plutonium carbides group of chemical compounds
plutonium dicarbide chemical compound
plutonium diselenide
plutonium disulphide chemical compound
polybenzimidazole fiber polimer
polybrominated diphenyl ether group of chemical compounds
Polycomb-group proteins
polymyxin B chemical compound
posterior pituitary hormones
potassium alginate chemical compound
potassium compound any chemical compound having at least one potassium atom
potassium lactate chemical compound
pralidoxime chloride group of cis/trans compounds
primary arylamine class of chemical compounds
Progestin Steroidal compounds related to progesterone, the major mammalian progestational hormone
propaquizafop group of stereoisomers
propylene glycol 2-oleate group of stereoisomers
propylphenol group of ortho, meta, para isomers
prostetische groep
Protein phosphatase
protoporphyrin group of chemical compounds
pyrazolopyridine group of chemical compounds
pyrimidinedione class of chemical compounds
Q63413189 group of stereoisomers
Q64827884 group of stereoisomers
Q64827893 group of stereoisomers
quaternary phase compound containing four different elements
quinolone any chemical compound having 2-quinolone or 4-quinolone skeleton in its structure
quinone compounds having a fully conjugated cyclic dione structure derived from aromatic compounds by conversion of an even number of number of –CH= groups into –C(=O)– groups with any necessary rearrangement of double bonds
Radical clock chemical compound
Reactive nitrogen species
reactive oxygen species chemical compound
reagent substance or compound that is added to a system in order to bring about a chemical reaction, or added to see if a reaction occurs
Reichstein's compound
Releasing hormone
retinoic acid group of chemical compounds
retinoid group of tetraterpenes, with four terpene units joined head-to-tail
rhenium boride group of chemical compounds
rhodium chlorides group of chemical compounds
ribose group of chemical compounds
ribosomal RNA RNA component of the ribosome, and is essential for protein synthesis in all living organisms
RNA family of large biological molecules
RNA pol.jpg
Roche ester group of enantiomers
rokushō traditional Japanese chemical compound
rosmarinic acid group of enantiomers
rylene dye class of chemical compounds
[[:d:Q59652821|S-[2-[3-[[4-[[[(2R,3S,4R,5R)-5-(6-aminopurin-9-yl)-4-hydroxy-3-phosphonooxyoxolan-2-yl]methoxy-hydroxyphosphoryl]oxy-hydroxyphosphoryl]oxy-2-hydroxy-3,3-dimethylbutanoyl]amino]propanoylamino]ethyl] propanethioate]] group of stereoisomers
S-substituted glutathione class of chemical compounds
salt ionic compound
Salubrinal group of stereoisomers
sargachromanol group of chemical compounds
Sarniensinol chemical compound
saturated compound chemical compound with single bonds only
saturated silicon hydride silicon hydride
schisandrin group of chemical compounds
silatrane class of chemical compounds
silazane class of chemical compounds
silicates class of chemical compounds, salts and esters of silicic acids
silicic acid family of acid compounds
silicide chemical compound class
silicon alkoxide class of chemical compounds
silicon chloride class of chemical compounds
silicon compound any chemical compound having at least one silicon atom
silver lactate pair of enantiomers
silver lactate monohydrate pair of enenatiomers
silver sulfide Wikimedia disambiguation page
six-membered heterocycle class of chemical compounds
sodium (RS)-phenyllactate pair of enantiomers
sodium 2-(4-methoxyphenoxy)propanoate chemical compound
sodium compound any chemical compound having at least one sodium atom
sodium lactate group of stereoisomers
sodium phosphates group of related chemicals
sodium thiopental group of stereiosimers
sodium;(EZ)-2-[4-(dimethylamino)phenyl]azobenzoate group of stereoisomers
soluble aluminum salts group of chemical compounds
soluble molybdenum compound group of chemical compounds
soluble platinum salt group of chemical compounds
soluble rhodium salts group of chemical compounds
soluble thallium compounds chemical compound group
soluble tungsten compound chemical compound group
soluble uranium compounds chemical compound group
sphingomyelin chemical compound
spiculisporic acid group of stereoisomers
spiruchostatin group of chemical compounds
stilbene pair of cis–trans isomers
Streptogramin B subgroup of the streptogramin antibiotics family
stylopine group of stereoisomers
sugar acid
sulfate any chemical compound that contains a sulfate group, either ionic or covalent
sulfate ester any ester derived from sulfuric acid
sulfenyl chloride
sulfide salt or other derivative of hydrogen sulfide or organic compound having the structure RSR (R ≠ H)
sulfine class of chemical compounds
sulfoxide chemical compound containing the sulfinyl group
Synuclein InterPro Family
Tachykinins family of biologically active peptides sharing a common conserved C-terminal sequence
target compound desired end product of chemical synthesis
taxuspines family of chemical compounds
taxuyunnanine group of chemical compounds
ternary compound compound containing three different elements
Terpinene family of compound
terpineol family of chemical compounds
tetrachlorbenzole chemical compound
tetrahydrometalate chemical compound
tetrahydropapaveroline mixture of stereoisomers
tetramethylbenzenes group of chemical compounds
thallium compound any chemical compound having at least one thallium atom
thallium(I) sulfate chemical compound
theonezolide A group of stereoisomers
thial class of chemical compounds
thiazolidine any heterocyclic compound having a five-membered saturated ring with sulfur and nitrogen heteroatoms at 1 and 3 positions
Thiazolidine numbering.png
thienobenzodiazepine class of chemical compounds
thienodiazepine class of chemical compounds
thiomalates Derivatives of thiomalic acid including its salts and esters
thiopental group of stereoisomers
Thioredoxins chemical compound
thiosulfate salt or ester of thiosulfuric acid
thujone chemical compound
thyroid gland hormones
thyroid hormone hormones produced by the thyroid gland
tocotrienol group of chemical compounds
tolualdehydes group of ortho, meta, para isomers
Toluenesulfonic acid
toluic acids group of chemical compounds
toluidine group of chemical compounds
torreyanic acid group of chemical compounds
triazene any chemical compound having a diazoamino group
tribromoaniline group of chemical compounds
trichloranilines group of chemical compounds
trichlorobenzene group of chemical compounds
trichloroethane substance
Tricresyl phosphate group of isomers
Trihydroxybenzoic acid Wikimedia disambiguation page
trimetaphan (RS)-camsilate group of stereoisomers
Trimethyl ammonium compounds
trimethylaniline group of isomeric compounds
trimethylbenzenes group of isomeric chemical compounds
trisubstituted benzenes group of chemical compounds
Trithorax-group proteins
trivalent chromium chemical compounds that contain the element chromium in the +3 oxidation state
tropic hormone class of hormones
tropolone family of chemical compounds
UDP-D-galactose group of stereoisomers
ultramarine blue deep blue color and a pigment which was originally made by grinding lapis lazuli into a powder
undecaprenyl diphosphate chemical compound
undecaprenyl phosphate class of chemical compounds
unsaturated compound chemical compound with at least one multiple bond
uranium compound any chemical compound having at least one uranium atom
uric acids class of compounds
urobilinogenic body class of chemical compounds
vaccenic acid group of cis/trans compounds
valinol group of stereoisomers
Vanillactic acid pair of enantiomers
vanilloids class of chemical compounds
vasicine mixture of stereoisomers
vermixocin group of chemical compounds
Vesicular transport protein
Victoria dye group of chemical compounds used as pigments
vinyl toluene chemical compound
vitamin B12 several chemical forms of vitamin B12
B12 Cobalamin.svg
vitamin D group of molecules used as vitamin
Xanthosine monophosphate chemical compound
xylidine group of isomers
xylulose 5-phosphate chemical compound group; "a xylulose phosphate, where the P-group is at position 5"
Xylyl bromide
Zhan catalyst group of chemical compounds
zirconium lactate pair of enantiomers
α-aminoadipic acid
α-methyl-D,L-tryptophan group of stereoisomers
α-terpinyl butyrate pair of enantiomers
α-terpinyl isovalerate group of stereoisomers
β-ionone group of cis/trans chemical compounds
γ-nonalactone group of stereoisomers
γ-undecalactone group of stereoisomers
Алюминий ашудастары
Аммониевые соединения
Бораты (минералы)
кислородсодержащие соединения серы
Металдардың қосылыстары. Оксидтер мен гидроксидтер
Нитраты (минералы)
Нитриды кобальта
Нитриды никеля
Нитриды рения
Нитроксильные радикалы
Нитроксильные радикалы имидазолинового ряда
Оксикоричные кислоты
Органические сульфиты
Основные гидроксиды
Политионаты калия
Селенид плутония
Силицид плутония
Силициды рения
Сульфид плутония
Теллурид плутония
Трикарбид диплутония
Триселенид диплутония
Трисилицид диплутония
Трисилицид пентаплутония
Трисульфид диплутония
Трителлурид диплутония
Трителлурид плутония
Фосфид плутония
Фосфиды кобальта
Фосфиды рения
Фосфонистые кислоты
Фосфордың оттекті қосылыстары
Фторид плутония(IV)-рубидия
Фтороплутонат(V) рубидия
Фтороплутонат(V) цезия
Хлорид плутония(IV)-цезия
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