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Article description image chemical formula
ammonium diuranate chemical compound
becquerelite uranyl hydroxide mineral
curite uranyl hydroxide mineral
Curit mineralogisches museum bonn.jpg
Pb₃(UO₂)₈O₈(OH)₆ * 3H₂O
insoluble uranium compounds chemical compound group
magnesium diuranate chemical compound MgO₇U₂
soddyite uranyl nesosilicate mineral
sodium diuranate chemical compound Na₂O₄U-₆
sodium uranate chemical compound Na₂UO₄
soluble uranium compounds chemical compound group
uranate any chemical compound having an oxyanion with at least one atom of uranium
uranium hexafluoride chemical compound F₆U
uranyl compound any chemical compound having an uranyl(2+) cation
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