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Hey, I'm Tomodachi94. I'm a regular editor here at Wikidata. My Meta-wiki page has some more information about who I am.

Property creator edit

I'm a fairly recent property creator here at Wikidata. My main goal is to deal with the extremely large backlog of property proposals that are ready for creation. I'm just going through the normal category; if you have any property requests, go to the property proposal discussion page.

I've made a pre-flight checklist for property creation that I use when creating properties; other property creators might find it useful as well, as well as anyone who is interested in the property creation process.

Here is a list of all properties I have created.

Automation edit

Occasionally I will run scripts through this account. All of the scripts I have created are available on GitHub under the MIT License.

Userscripts edit

Sometimes I write userscripts. These scripts have no stability guarantees and are built for myself; use at your own risk (but generally they won't blow up in your face after I change something; I'll try to keep it compatible, but sometimes that will not work).

Ping all users involved in discussion.js edit

Ping all participants in a (property proposal) discussion. By default, it pings everyone who has left a message on the page: You can mitigate this by pressing the 'edit' button that appears in specific sections (which is what I do anyways).

This script also observes Template:Don't ping/Template:No ping; however, this implementation is not perfect and sometimes it will break.

This script automatically hides itself if you're not editing a page; otherwise, it goes under the 'Tools' section of the sidebar. If the script cannot find any users on the page, it will send a notification.

Subpages edit