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Mix'n'match catalogs createdEdit

I know enough about regular expressions to be slightly dangerous. :) These were created for various reasons: for subjects I i'm interested in, for properties that were underused, to add to the pool of creation candidates, or just because I found an easily scrapeable catalog. (Apologies to anyone who watches the list of newly added catalogs after I've added a bunch of stuff.) This list is probably incomplete.

# Name Property
1999 Academy Awards Database (films) Academy Awards Database film ID (P6145)
2249 Oscars 2018 films
2000 Academy Awards Database (people and organizations) Academy Awards Database nominee ID (P6150)
2248 Oscars 2018 nominees
3112 AMC theatres N/A
1933 Animated Knots Animated Knots ID (P5031)
1998 AtariAge AtariAge ID (P4857)
3146 Atlas Obscura places N/A
2901 BBC programme BBC programme ID (P827)
3050 The Believer contributors N/A
1952 Biographical Directory of Federal Judges Biographical Directory of Federal Judges ID (P2736)
2385 BlackPast.org BlackPast.org ID (P6723)
2239 BoardGameGeek designer BoardGameGeek designer ID (P3505)
2096 BoardGeekGame game publisher BoardGameGeek game publisher ID (P6160)
3191 Catholic News Service Movie Reviews (pre-2011) N/A
3193 Catholic News Service Movie Reviews (since 2011) N/A
2241 ChinesePosters artist ChinesePosters artist ID (P4531)
2325 Common Sense Media reviews N/A
2246 Computer Desktop Encyclopedia N/A
3393 Computer Hope computer inventors and pioneers N/A
3613 CounterPunch authors N/A
3137 The Criterion Channel films N/A
1891 DeadMalls.com N/A
3428 DC Comics talent DC Comics talent ID (P7951)
1812 Disney A to Z Disney A to Z ID (P6181)
3009 Disney+ movie Disney+ movie ID (P7595)
3010 Disney+ series Disney+ series ID (P7596)
3123 DIX Project people N/A
2798 Downdetector Downdetector ID (P7306)
3156 Dove.org work Dove.org work ID (P7236)
3177 Dove.org work 2
3183 Dove.org work 3
3189 Dove.org work 4
2682 Edge.org contributors N/A
3392 Emojipedia N/A
1837 Encyclopedia of Television N/A
1890 Encyclopedia Virginia ID Encyclopedia Virginia ID (P5981)
1881 Episodes of The Simpsons at SimpsonsWorld.com N/A
2290 Fandango films Fandango film ID (P5693)
3200 Fandango performers N/A
2313 Fandango theaters Fandango theater ID (P6644)
2347 Fandango theaters
2658 The First Amendment Encyclopedia N/A
1929 Florida Historical Marker List Florida Historical Marker List ID (P6567)
3739 Funding Universe company history described at URL (P973)
2779 Grammy Awards artist Grammy Awards artist ID (P7303)
2830 Healthfinder.gov organizations N/A
3249 HCA Red List of Endangered Crafts ID HCA Red List of Endangered Crafts ID (P6599)
3301 Hollywood Bowl artist ID N/A
2441 Hoopla artist ID Hoopla artist ID (P6868)
2442 Hoopla publisher ID Hoopla publisher ID (P6869)
3046 Hoopla series ID N/A
3090 Hulu movie Hulu movie ID (P6466)
3081 Hulu series Hulu series ID (P6467)
1781 IANA Root Zone Database ID IANA Root Zone Database ID (P5914)
3141 IDFA film ID IDFA film ID (P7741)
2806 iHeartRadio artist iHeartRadio artist ID (P7317)
2808 iHeartRadio podcast iHeartRadio podcast ID (P7324)
1878 IMAX theaters N/A
2105 INDUCKS publisher INDUCKS publisher ID (P4482)
1893 Internet Pinball Database Internet Pinball Database ID (P6011)
1960 John J. Audubon's Birds of America ID John J. Audubon's Birds of America ID (P6041)
3143 Kennedy Center artists N/A
2417 Know Your Meme ID Know Your Meme ID (P6760)
2043 Letterboxd film Letterboxd film ID (P6127)
1844 LF Examiner list of large-format movie theaters N/A
3213 ManualsLib brand ManualsLib brand ID (P6422)
3142 Marvel Comics creators Marvel Comics creators ID (P7950)
3297 Masterworks Broadway bios N/A
3458 McSweeney's authors N/A
3856 Media Bias/Fact Check ID N/A
2095 Mormon Literature and Creative Arts Database Works Mormon Literature and Creative Arts Database Works ID (P5495)
2323 Motorsports Hall of Fame of America inductees N/A
2319 Movies Anywhere Movies Anywhere ID (P5990)
2778 MUBI film MUBI film ID (P7299)
3251 National Film Board of Canada director identifier National Film Board of Canada director identifier (P6891)
1884 National Film Board of Canada film ID National Film Board of Canada film ID (P4606)
3152 National Aviation Hall of Fame inductees N/A
3421 National Historic Lookout Register ID National Historic Lookout Register ID (P7942)
1943 National Humanities Medal winner National Humanities Medal winner ID (P5657)
1016 New Georgia Encyclopedia New Georgia Encyclopedia ID (P4903)
1979 Newseum newspaper front page ID Newseum newspaper front page ID (P6136)
1980 Newseum newspaper front page ID 2
1817 NPR podcasts NPR podcast ID (P5840)
2232 Official Charts Company artist ID Official Charts artist ID (P6559)
3051 Oneworld authors N/A
3040 OverDrive publishers N/A
3041 OverDrive series N/A
2122 Panoptikum identifier Panoptikum podcast ID (P4818)
2077 PatientLikeMe treatment PatientsLikeMe treatment ID (P4235)
3139 Penguin Random House authors N/A
1892 Pinpedia N/A
2258 Pitchfork album reviews N/A
3658 Pitchfork musical artists N/A
1931 Playbill productions Playbill production ID (P5833)
1961 Playbill theatres Playbill venue ID (P6113)
4709 Podchaser creator ID Podchaser creator ID (P9743)
3422 PolitiFact people and groups PolitiFact people and groups ID (P2267)
2240 Railways Archive event ID Railways Archive event ID (P2478)
2256 Resident Advisor album reviews N/A
2253 Resident Advisor artists Resident Advisor artist ID (P6600)
2252 Resident Advisor record labels Resident Advisor label ID (P6601)
3262 Rotten Tomatoes critics [and publications] Rotten Tomatoes ID (P1258)
2391 Saturday Evening Post artists N/A
2450 Simon and Schuster authors N/A
1879 Simpsons World character N/A
2317 setlist.fm venues setlist.fm venue ID (P5432)
1942 Songfacts artist Songfacts artist ID (P5287)
2045 Songfacts song Songfacts song ID (P5241)
1763 Television Academy Foundation show Television Academy Foundation show ID (P5829)
2236 TheatreOnline TheatreOnline ID (P6403)
1955 The Trading Card Database person Trading Card Database person ID (P5421)
2833 Trailers from Hell films N/A
3104 Tubi movies Tubi movie ID (P7760)
3105 Tubi series Tubi series ID (P7761)
3299 U.S. federal agencies N/A
3300 usa.gov departments and agencies N/A
3212 VideoGameGeek game ID VideoGameGeek game ID (P7591)
3206 VideoGameGeek platform VideoGameGeek platform ID (P7592)
1937 Virginia Sports Hall of Fame Virginia Sports Hall of Fame ID (P4386)
2799 Vudu videos Vudu video ID (P7334)
2800 Vudu videos 2
2801 Vudu videos 3
2813 Vudu videos 4
2816 Vudu videos 5
2143 Workman Publishing author ID N/A
2703 World Encyclopedia of Puppetry Arts World Encyclopedia of Puppetry Arts ID (P7012)
2934 Worlds Without End author ID Worlds Without End author ID (P8287)


Despite my user name, I'm not an actual trivialist.

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