• number of animated films by year query
    • share of animated films by year: query
  • number of animated films with female directors per year: query
    • share of animated films with female directors per year, considering only years with more than 1 animated film: query(years with less than 2 animated films are marked with value -1)


Production CompaniesEdit

  • number of animated films/animated feature films/animated short films by production company: query (according to Wikidata)

Disney's traditionally animated featuresEdit


  • number of artistic/key crew members (all/all credited/all credited without additional artists): query
    • number of story artists (screenwriters and storyboard artists): query
    • number of character animators: query
    • number of effects animators: query
    • number of background artists: query
    • number of layout artists: query
    • number of concept artists: query
  • share of credited women working as artistic/key crew members: query
    • share of credited women visualised as scatter chart with the dimensions date and female share in percent query
  • average age per film (of crew members with a birth date in wikidata): query (The age calculation considers the first release - this applies especially to parts of package films having been released before the release of the whole package film)
    • age distribution over the years: query

Crew MembersEdit

  • supervising animators and their number of screen credit as supervising animator: query
  • character animators and the characters they worked on: query
  • credited crew members who were older than 70 at release date along with their overall number of films (returns only the latest film if there's more than one): query


  • Gender ratio: query
    • Gender ratio by character type: query (including protagonist, antagonist, main antagonist, villain, sidekick, supporting character, minor character, henchmen)
    • female character share per film: query
  • dead characters: query
    • number of deaths per film query
  • characters with female supervising animators: query
... characters with female character animators (including supervising animators): query Weighted share: female share, counting supervising animators triple