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uk-N Для цього користувача українська мова є рідною.
ru-4 Этот участник владеет русским языком почти как родным.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
lv-1 Šis lietotājs latviešu valodu prot pamatlīmenī.
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Tools edit


  • A selection of cool tools on Wikidata

Here are a few tools that are recommended by some Wikidata community members. External websites, gadgets or scripts, they are very useful for Wikidata editors or users!

    • The Wikidata Query Service is an infinite source of amazing data and one of the best ways to explore and use Wikidata. (TweetsFactsAndQueries)
    • QuickStatements is a powerful tool that can edit or add Wikidata item en masse, via a text editor or importing a spreadsheet. (Éder Porto via Facebook)
    • Mix'n'match (manual), which helps us to interlink Wikidata with the rest of the web and the world :-) (Spinster, Siobhan via Twitter)
    • WikiShootMe! allows you to see Wikidata items plotted out on a map and shows you whether they have images or not. (Ham II)
    • Yair Rand's WikidataInfo script adds the QID of the equivalent Wikidata item to the page being viewed (on sister projects), along with its Wikidata label and description. (Andy Mabbett)
    • Recoin measures the degree of completeness of relevant properties of a Wikidata item and suggests any relevant statements that can be added to the item. (Rachmat04)
    • Template:Wikidata list ("Listeria") Self-updating lists on wiki pages, to drive projects and show results. Over 14,000 now live. (Jheald)
    • DuplicateReferences gadget adds a link to copy references and add them to other statements on the same item. (PKM)
    • checkConstraints gadget adds notifications on the interface to easily notice the violation of constraints and help people fixing them (Léa)
    • Resolve authors lists scientific articles with the property author name string (P2093) and groups them on the basis of co-authors and topic, which helps to distinguish people referred to by identical name strings. (Daniel Mietchen)
    • The Wiki Loves Monuments map is powered by Wikidata. You can look for a city and find the monuments around. (Stefano Sabatini via Facebook)