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This bot uses Pywikibot framework.


  • How to add edit summary through option setting[1] -summary:"Bot: Adding category using Pywikibot in automatic mode"


Doing mainly anatomy related tasks

Task1: Gray's AnatomyEdit

  • Target: About 2,700 pages   Done

Task2: Importing MeSH Tree Number ("A" domain, to say anatomy terms)Edit

  • Target: About 2,000 to 3,000 pages   Done

Task3: Checking Neurolex ID importing statusEdit

  • Target: About 0 to Some pages   Done

Task4: Importing NeuroNames IDEdit

  • Target: About 400 pages   Done

Task5: Importing ICD-9 and ICD-10 IDs from English Wikipedia Medical templatesEdit

This task was done semi-manually. This section is just a memo.

  • Target: 727 templates. About 400 medical ID data were moved from WP templates to corresponding WD items.   Done--08:52, 14 August 2020 (UTC)

Task6: Counting medical external link template usage at English WikipediaEdit

This task was analysis. Different from original bot request. Because the original request was very difficult to me. I did this based on the spirit that something is better than nothing, although bit different from original request.


Experiences related to (semi-)automatic Wikimedia editingsEdit

  • I am AWB user in JaWp (ja:User:Wasabot) and EnWp (en:User:Was a bee)
  • I did some code translations (mainly interfaces and manuals but also functions, mainly from English to Japanese) of semi-automatic editing tools. (e.g. Vandal fighter, HotCat Navigation Popup, Huggle and so on)