Introduction to the Computer History Museum Oral History collectionEdit

The mission statement of the Computer History Museum (Q964035) is “to preserve and present for posterity the artifacts and stories of the Information Age.”

The CHM has conducted hundreds of oral history interviews, transcribed them, and made them available from their website. This set of oral histories is very rich with information and I imagine that many people interested in the history of computing might like to read the transcripts of these oral histories.

Getting Links to Oral Histories into WikidataEdit

Working from a spreadsheet that lists the name of the person who is providing their oral history and a link to the text transcript of the interview, and (if available) the video or audio file of the interview.

I searched for the names of the participants in Wikidata using the searchbox. If I found the person, I added a link to their interview through the use of property archives at (P485).

For example, the Wikidata item Donald Knuth (Q17457) now has a statement expressing a claim that his archives at (P485) the Computer History Museum (Q964035), and the evidence provided for that claim is the reference which points to the URL of the interview transcript.