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label description developer has part PRONOM file format identifier Library of Congress Format Description Document ID topic's main category described by source official website File Format Wiki page ID
.arpa top-level domain RFC 6761: Special-Use Domain Names
.com generic top-level domain
.DS Store proprietary format hidden file Apple Inc. fmt/394 <no value> Desktop_Services_Store
.edu sponsored top-level domain intended for educational institutions
.google top-level Internet domain
.int sponsored top-level Internet domain reserved for intergovernmental organisations
.kim sponsored top-level Internet domain
.mobi sponsored top-level Internet domain
.NET Generic Top Domain
.org generic top-level domain
.xxx sponsored top-level Internet domain intended for pornographic websites
%clay vane file system %clay_vane
+D file system +D_filesystem
16 mm film film gauge 16_mm_movies
1tracker module file format <no value> <no value> 1tracker_module
23andMe biotechnology company 23andMe
2SF file format <no value> <no value> 2SF
3-DI type of barcode 3-DI
35 mm film film gauge 35_mm_slides
3D Manufacturing Format file format fmt/829 <no value> 3D Manufacturing Format Core Specification & Reference Guide, version 1.1 3MF
3D modeling software type of software which allows a user to develop a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of an object (either inanimate or living) 3D_and_CAD/CAM_Models
3D Studio mesh-file format file format Autodesk x-fmt/19 <no value> Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition 3DS
3DMF Data format for Apple Macintosh 3DMF
3GPP file format file format 3rd Generation Partnership Project fmt/357 <no value> 3GPP file format (3GP) technical specification, version 13.4.1 3GP
3GPP2 file format file format 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 <no value> <no value> 3GPP2 C.S0050-B 3GPP2 File Formats for Multimedia Services, version 1.0 3G2
3M Printscape Design software for 3M paper products 3M_Printscape
4bottle data and file format for archiving collections of files and folders <no value> <no value> 4Q
4X IMA ADPCM file format <no value> <no value> 4X_IMA_ADPCM
7-Zip open source file archiver Igor Pavlov Category:7-Zip 7-Zip
7z family of file compression formats Igor Pavlov 7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 3.08 beta)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 4.16 beta, distributed with 7zip v4.20)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 4.16 beta, distributed with 7zip v4.26)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 4.27, distributed with 7zip v4.27)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 4.27, distributed with 7zip v4.28)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 4.38)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 4.43)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 4.45)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 4.56)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 4.61)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 4.65)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 9.04)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 9.18)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 9.24)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 15.00)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 15.06)
7z, version 0.2 (with compression methods version 16.03)
fmt/484 <no value> 7z
8 mm film film gauge Disney A to Z: The Official Encyclopedia 8_mm_movies
8 mm video format family of video recording formats for 8mm magnetic tape Video8
8-Bit Sampled Voice file format Electronic Arts
Commodore International
fmt/339 <no value> 8-Bit_Sampled_Voice
8-track tape magnetic tape sound recording technology Museum of Obsolete Media 8-Track
A Virtual File System file system AVFS
a.out old unix executable file format AT&T
Ken Thompson
<no value> <no value> A.out
AAE sidecar format file format fmt/980 <no value> AAE_sidecar_format
AAI file format <no value> <no value> AAI
aBA routing transit number nine digit code which appears on the bottom of negotiable instruments to identify the financial institution on which it was drawn Routing_transit_number
ABC notation file format family ABC notation, version 1.6
ABC notation, version 2.0
ABC notation, version 2.1
<no value> <no value> ABC_(musical_notation)
Abekas YUV file format <no value> <no value> Abekas_YUV
Ability Database file format <no value> <no value> Ability_Database
Ability Office PhotoPaint file format <no value> <no value> Ability_Office_PhotoPaint
Ability Spreadsheet Document file format <no value> <no value> Ability_Spreadsheet
Ability Spreadsheet Template file format <no value> <no value> Ability_Spreadsheet
Ability Write file format <no value> <no value> Ability_Write
AbiWord free software word processor Category:AbiWord AbiWord
Ableton Live file format family Ableton Device Group
Ableton Device Preset
Ableton Groove File
Ableton Live Clip
Ableton Live Pack
Ableton Live Set
Ableton Meta Sound
Ableton Max for Live Device
Ableton Warp Analysis
Ableton Skin File
<no value> <no value> Ableton_Live
Abyss' Highest eXperience file format <no value> <no value> AHX_(Abyss)
AC1D-DC1A Packer file format AC1D-DC1A_Packer
Accelerated Mobile Pages website publishing technology developed by Google Accelerated_Mobile_Pages
Access to Biological Collection Data file format Access to Biological Collection Data ABCD
Accolade MIDI File Format file format Accolade_MIDI_File_Format
accounting software application software that records and processes accounting transactions Category:Accounting software Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia Finance_and_Accounting
ACE archive file format <no value> <no value> ACE
Ace Film file format Ace_Film
Acorn Draw file format Acorn_Draw
Acorn Font file format Acorn_Font
Acorn Replay file format Acorn_Replay
Acorn Sprite file format Acorn_Sprite
AcqKnowledge File file format ACQ
Actionamics Sound Tool file format Actionamics_Sound_Tool
ActionScript file format Macromedia <no value> <no value> ActionScript
ActiveMime file format ActiveMime
Ada programming language Jean Ichbiah
S. Tucker Taft
Category:Ada (programming language) Ada
ADA audio file format ADA
adaptive differential pulse-code modulation A technique used to encode voices in telephony Interactive Multimedia Association IMA_ADPCM
Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband audio data compression scheme optimized for speech coding fmt/954 fdd000255 Adaptive_Multi-Rate_WideBand_Audio
Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding act adaptive transform coding ATRAC Advanced Lossless Adaptive_Transform_Acoustic_Coding
Additive Manufacturing File Format file format for additive manufacturing fmt/697 Additive_Manufacturing_File_Format
Adler-32 32-bit hash algorithm used to detect accidental data corruption Adler-32
AdLib instrument bank file format <no value> <no value> AdLib_instrument_bank
Adlib Tracker II instrument file format <no value> <no value> Adlib_Tracker_II_instrument
Adlib Tracker II instrument bank file format <no value> <no value> Adlib_Tracker_II_instrument_bank
Adlib Tracker II instrument bank with macros file format <no value> <no value> Adlib_Tracker_II_instrument_bank
Adlib Tracker II instrument with fm-register macro file format <no value> <no value> Adlib_Tracker_II_instrument
Adlib Tracker II module file format <no value> <no value> Adlib_Tracker_II_module
Adlib Tracker II pattern file format <no value> <no value> Adlib_Tracker_II_pattern
Adlib Tracker II tiny module file format <no value> <no value> Adlib_Tracker_II_module
Adlib Tracker instrument file format <no value> <no value> Adlib_Tracker_instrument
Adlib Tracker module file format <no value> <no value> Adlib_Tracker_module
AdLib Visual Composer / Roland Synthesizer song file format AdLib_Visual_Composer_/_Roland_Synthesizer_song
Admiral stove fault codes fault code used by Admiral stoves Admiral_stove_fault_codes
Adobe Action File file format Adobe Adobe Photoshop File Formats Specification, August 2016 edition Photoshop_Action_File
Adobe Cross Domain Policy File file format Adobe_Cross_Domain_Policy_File
Adobe FrameMaker document processor for the production and manipulation of large structured documents Adobe FrameMaker
Adobe FreeHand Two-dimensional vector graphics editing application Adobe FreeHand
Adobe Illustrator Artwork file format family Adobe Adobe Illustrator Artwork, version 1.0/1.1
Adobe Illustrator Artwork, version 8
Adobe Illustrator Artwork, version 3.0/3.2
Adobe Illustrator Artwork, version 4.0
Adobe Illustrator Artwork, version 5.0/5.5
Adobe Illustrator Artwork, version 5.x Japenese Edition
Adobe Illustrator Artwork, version 6.0
Adobe Illustrator Artwork, version 7.0
<no value> <no value> Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition Adobe_Illustrator_Artwork
Adobe PageMaker one of the first desktop publishing programs Adobe PageMaker
Adobe PhotoDeluxe software Adobe PhotoDeluxe
Adobe Photoshop raster graphics editor with limited vector graphics and 3D graphics editing capabilities Adobe Category:Adobe Photoshop Photoshop
Adobe RGB (1998) RGB color space developed by Adobe Systems in 1998 Adobe Adobe RGB (1998) Color Image Encoding Adobe_RGB_(1998)
Adobe Standard Encoding 8-bit encoding extended from ASCII, used as the default encoding for many PostScript fonts Adobe Adobe_Standard_Encoding
Adobe Swatch Exchange file format Adobe Adobe_Swatch_Exchange
Adobe Type 1 ASCII Font Metrics file format Adobe_Type_1
Adobe Type 1 Printer Font Metrics file format Adobe fmt/660 <no value> Adobe_Type_1
ADRIFT file format ADRIFT
ads.txt protocol Computer network protocol and surveillance capitalism by Interactive Advertising Bureau Ads.txt
Advanced Authoring System file format AAS
Advanced Digital Audio file format ADA
Advanced Disc Filing System file system for Acorn MOS and RISC OS, from 1983 ADFS
Advanced Encryption Standard block cipher standard Category:Advanced Encryption Standard Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems, 2nd edition
ISO/IEC 18033
Advanced Function Presentation file format AFP
Advanced Mario Sequencer file file format Advanced_Mario_Sequencer_file
Advanced Systems Format file format Microsoft Windows Media Audio
Windows Media Video
fmt/131 fdd000067 Advanced Systems Format (ASF) Specification, version 01.20.03 ASF
Advanced Video Attribute Terminal Assembler and Recreator file format AVATAR
Advanced Video Coding file format AVC_(file_format)
Adventure Definition Language programming language and system for writing text adventure games Adventure_Definition_Language
Adventure Game Toolkit software that supports the development of adventure games BAGS
AdvSys Cannot auto-describe AdvSys
afio compression software and file format for Unix-like Afio
AGBreder Binary file format Breder
Age of Empires Graphics File file format Age_of_Empires_Graphics_File
Age of Mythology BAR format file format BAR_(Age_of_Mythology)
AgGateway Sales Reporting File Format file format AgGateway_Sales_Reporting_File_Format
AGSC file format AGSC_Audio_File
AHK script Script and file format AutoHotkey
Aiee! Cannot auto-describe Aiee!
AIML XML dialect for creating natural language software agents AIML
AIPD file format AIPD
Akai Disk Format Floppy disk format Akai Akai_Disk_Format
Aley's Module file format Aley's_Module
ALGOL family of imperative computer programming languages Category:Algol programming language family Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia ALGOL
Alias PIX file format Alias_PIX
All Sound Tracker module file format All_Sound_Tracker_module
Allegro packfile Cannot auto-describe Allegro_packfile
Alpha Microsystems BMP file format Alpha_Microsystems_BMP
Alt code method for entering non-ASCII characters into a computer Alt_codes
Alter Ego Vignette Script format file format Alter_Ego_Vignette_Script_format
ALZ file format ALZ
Amazon downloader file file format Amazon_downloader_file
Amazon Marketplace Web Service Cannot auto-describe Amazon_Marketplace_Web_Service
Amazon S3 cloud storage and product, part of Amazon Web Services, from 2006 Amazon_S3
Amber ARR Bitmap Image file format Amber_ARR_Bitmap_Image
American National Standard for Extended Latin Alphabet Coded Character Set for Bibliographic Use character set ANSEL
Amiga bitmap font bitmap font format Amiga_bitmap_font
Amiga Disk File file format <no value> <no value> ADF_(Amiga)
Amiga double density disk Cannot auto-describe Amiga_double_density_disk
Amiga Fast File System file system for AmigaOS FFS
Amiga high density disk Cannot auto-describe Amiga_high_density_disk
Amiga Module audio tracker file format fmt/716 Amiga_Module
Amiga Old File System file system for TRIPOS, AmigaDOS, and AmigaOS OFS
Amiga Workbench icon file format Amiga_Workbench_icon
Amigaguide file format AmigaGuide
AMOS AmBs file format AMOS_AmBs
AMOS BASIC tokenized file file format AMOS_BASIC_tokenized_file
AMOS Icon Bank file format AMOS_Icon_Bank
AMOS Memory Bank file format AMOS_Memory_Bank
AMOS Music Bank file format AMOS_Music_Bank
AMOS Picture Bank file format AMOS_Picture_Bank
AMOS Sprite Bank file format AMOS_Sprite_Bank
AMusic module file format AMusic_module
AN2 file format AN2
Analyze AVW file format Analyze_AVW
Analyze HDR file format IMG/HDR
Analyze IMG file format IMG/HDR
Andrew File System file system and network file system, named after Andrew Carnegie, Andrew W. Mellon, Carnegie Mellon University, and Andrew Project IBM
Carnegie Mellon University
Android open-source operating system for mobile devices created by Google Open Handset Alliance
Linux kernel
Android Runtime
Category:Android (operating system) Android
Android Runtime file format ART_(Android_Runtime)
Android Runtime virtual machine for Android Google ART_(Android_Runtime)
Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules Library cataloging standard Anglo-American_Cataloguing_Rules
ANIM file format Cobham Analytic Solutions ANIM
Animatic Film file format Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition Animatic_Film
ANPA-1312 7-bit news agency text markup specification ANPA-1312
ANSI Animation file format ANSIMation
ANSI art file format ANSI_Art
ANSI escape code method using in-band signaling to control the formatting, color, and other output options on video text terminals ANSI_escape_code
ANSI Music file format ANSI_Music
Ant build file file format Ant_build_file
AOL software company Category:AOL AOL
APAC compressed audio file format APAC
APD file format APD
Aperio SVS file format Aperio_SVS
APF Imagination Machine BASIC tokenized file file format APF_Imagination_Machine_BASIC_tokenized_file
APF Imagination Machine data cassette type of compact cassette APF_Imagination_Machine_data_cassette
APK file format used for software on Google's Android operating system APK
APL Functional, symbolic programming language for operating on multidimensional arrays Kenneth E. Iverson
Lawrence M. Breed
Category:APL programming language family APL
APL code page Code pages used specifically to write programs in the APL programming language APL_code_page
APL Transfer File format file format APL_workspace
APL workspace file format APL_workspace
APNG file format fmt/935 APNG
Apple Disk Image file format Apple Inc. fmt/625 Apple_Disk_Image
Apple DOS family of disk operating systems Apple Inc. Apple_II_DOS
Apple DOS file system file system used on disks for the Apple II series Apple_DOS_file_system
Apple File System file system developed by Apple Apple Inc. Apple_File_System
Apple framework file format Apple_framework
Apple Icon Image format file format Apple Inc. ICNS
Apple II 13 sector disk Floppy disk format Apple_II_13_sector_disk
Apple II 16 sector disk Floppy disk format Apple_II_16_sector_disk
Apple II data cassette Cannot auto-describe Apple_II_data_cassette
Apple II graphics formats Cannot auto-describe Apple_II_graphics_formats
Apple Integer BASIC tokenized file file format, from 1976 Apple_Integer_BASIC_tokenized_file
Apple Intermediate Codec video codec Apple_Intermediate_Codec
Apple Lossless audio coding format Apple Inc. fmt/596 ALAC
Apple Partition Map computer disk partitioning scheme Apple Inc. Apple_Partition_Map
Apple Preferred file format Apple_Preferred
Apple SOS 8-bit Apple III operating system Apple Inc. Apple_SOS
Apple volume label image file format Apple_volume_label_image
AppleDouble file format family AppleDouble Resource Fork, version 1
AppleDouble Resource Fork, version 2
AppleSingle/AppleDouble Formats: Developer‘s Note AppleDouble
AppleSingle file format family AppleSingle, version 1
AppleSingle, version 2
AppleSingle/AppleDouble Formats: Developer‘s Note AppleSingle
Applesoft BASIC tokenized file Cannot auto-describe Applesoft_BASIC_tokenized_file
AppleWorks family of office suite software Apple Inc. AppleWorks
AppleWorks Presentation file format file format Claris fmt/753
Application Developer Documentation Data file format ADD
Application Developer Documentation Index file format ADI
Application Label Cache file format ALC
Application Label Data file format ALD
Application Label Index file format ALI
Application Label Temporary file format ALT
Application Object Index file format AOI
Applixware Bitmap file format x-fmt/228 Applixware_Bitmap
Applixware Graphics file format Applix Applixware_Graphics
AProSys module file format AProSys_module
APT file format APT
APW file format APW
ar file format family ar, BSD variant
ar, System V variant
ar, Sixth Edition Unix variant
ar, Seventh Edition Unix variant
ar, AIX big archive format variant
ar, AIX small archive format variant
ar, Coherent variant
<no value> AR
Arabic numeral any of the ten symbols (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9) Hindu-Arabic_numerals
ARC archive file format for the Commodore 64 ARC_(Commodore)
ARC archive file format used on bulletin board systems ARC_(compression_format)
ARC Digitized Raster Graphics imagery data package National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency ADRG Transmittal Header File
ADRG Test Patch Image File
ADRG Distribution Rectangle Directory
fdd000282 MIL-A-89007: ARC Digitized Raster Graphics (ADRG) ADRG
ArcFS compression filing system for RISC OS ArcFS
Archival Resource Key multi-purpose persistent identifier for information objects of any type
ArcPad Cannot auto-describe ArcPad
Arduino free hard- and software platform Category:Arduino Arduino
Arduino programming language Cannot auto-describe Arduino_programming_language
Arithmetic coding form of entropy encoding used in lossless data compression Arithmetic_coding
ARJ archive file format fmt/610 ARJ
Arkos Tracker file format Arkos_Tracker
Arma PBO file format, from 2006 Arma_PBO
Armenian Standard Code for Information Interchange set of obsolete single-byte character encodings for the Armenian alphabet defined by Armenian national standard 166-9 Category:ArmSCII ARMSCII
ArrayTag Cannot auto-describe ArrayTag
Art & Magic file format Art_&_Magic
ART image file format file format AOL fmt/666 ART_(AOL_compressed_image)
Art of Noise module file format Art_of_Noise_module
ARTS file format ARTS
Arts and Letters clip art library file format Arts_&_Letters_clip_art_library
Artweaver AWD file format AWD_(Artweaver)
ArtWorx Data Format file format ArtWorx_Data_Format
ASC Sound Master module file format ASC_Sound_Master_module
ASCII computer character encoding Category:ASCII RFC 20: ASCII format for Network Interchange ASCII
ASCII art file format ASCII_Art
ASCII Encoded HP 48 Object file format associated with HP 48 calculators ASCII_Encoded_HP_48_Object
ASCII tab file format ASCII_tab
Ascii85 binary-to-text encoding and positional numeral system Ascii85
AsciiDoc text format language AsciiDoc
ASCIIMathML mathematical markup language AsciiMath
assembly language any low-level programming language in which there is a very strong correspondence between the instructions in the language and the architecture's machine code instructions Assembly_language
Assembly manifest (Windows) XML application Assembly_manifest_(Windows)
Astrotite archive file format Astrotite
ASYLUM Music Format file format Asylum_Music_Format
Async Professional Fax file format Async_Professional_Fax
Atari 810 Disk drive for Atari computers Atari_810
Atari BASIC tokenized file Cannot auto-describe Atari_BASIC_tokenized_file
Atari data cassette Cannot auto-describe Atari_data_cassette
Atari File Management Subsystem Cannot auto-describe Atari_File_Management_Subsystem
Atari SAP music format file format Slight_Atari_Player
Atari SoundHeader file format Atari_SoundHeader
Atari ST color palette Cannot auto-describe Atari_ST_color_palette
Atari ST executable file format Atari_ST_executable
Atari800 free emulator software Atari800
ATASCII encoding for Atari 8-bit family ATASCII
atc score Cannot auto-describe Atc_score
Atom Extensible Markup Language used for web feeds RFC 4287: The Atom Syndication Format Atom
atomix.scores file format Atomix.scores
ATR file format ATR
ATRAC Advanced Lossless file format ATRAC_Advanced_Lossless
Attribute-Relation File Format Cannot auto-describe Attribute-Relation_File_Format
Audacity Project Format file format Audacity_Project_Format
Audible Audiobook file format Audible_Audiobook
Audio Data API (Mozilla) Cannot auto-describe Audio_Data_API_(Mozilla)
Audio Data Interchange Format file format fdd000112 AAC
Audio Data Transport Stream file format AAC
audio file format file format for storing digital audio data on a computer system Category:Audio file formats Audio_and_Music
Audio Interchange File Format file format family Apple Inc. Audio Interchange File Format, version 1.2
Audio Interchange File Format, version 1.3
Audio Interchange File Format, compressed
<no value> fdd000005 AIFF
Audio Interchange File Format, compressed file format Apple Inc. x-fmt/136 <no value> AIFC
Audio Lossless Coding lossless audio coding format MPEG-4_ALS
Audio Sculpture file format Audio_Sculpture
Audio Video Interleave, version 1.22.0 1992 file format, digital container format, and multimedia container Microsoft fmt/5 fdd000059 AVI
Australia Post standard customer barcode mail sorting barcode system Australia_Post_standard_customer_barcode
AutoCAD Drawing file format family Autodesk AutoCAD Drawing, version 1.0
AutoCAD Drawing, version 1.2
AutoCAD Drawing, version 1.3
AutoCAD Drawing, version 1.4
AutoCAD Drawing, version 2.0
AutoCAD Drawing, version 2.1
AutoCAD Drawing, version 2.2
AutoCAD Drawing, version 2.5
AutoCAD Drawing, version 2.6
AutoCAD Drawing, version 9
AutoCAD Drawing, version 10
AutoCAD Drawing, version 11
AutoCAD Drawing, version 13
AutoCAD Drawing, version 14
AutoCAD Drawing, version 2000-2002
AutoCAD Drawing, version 2004-2005
AutoCAD Drawing, version 2007-2008
AutoCAD Drawing, version 2010-2012
AutoCAD Drawing, version 2013-2014
<no value> DWG
AutoCAD Slide file format Autodesk x-fmt/105 Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition Autodesk_Slide
Autodesk Animator Pro FLIC file format Autodesk fmt/298 FLIC
Autodesk FLI/FLC file format family AutoDesk FLIC Animation
Autodesk Animator Pro FLIC
Autorun.inf configuration file for AutoRun fmt/331 Autorun.inf
AutoSketch software Autodesk AutoSketch
Avatar representation of users of the Xbox Live service Xbox_Live_Avatar
AVS X image file format AVS_X_image
Award BIOS logo, version 1 file format Award_BIOS_logo
Award BIOS logo, version 2 file format Award_BIOS_logo
AWD file format AWD_(Away3D)
Axc file format Axc
Axon Raw Format file format <no value> <no value> ARF_(Axon_Raw_Format)
Aztec Code type of 2D barcode Aztec_Code
AZW file format AZW
B procedural programming language Bell Labs
Ken Thompson
B's Pro Tracker module file format B's_Pro_Tracker_module
B00 file format BOO
B4S file format B4S
BACKUP file format BACKUP_(MS-DOS)
BACKUP (MS-DOS) Cannot auto-describe BACKUP_(MS-DOS)
BACS Standard 18 Cannot auto-describe BACS_Standard_18
BagIt hierarchical file packaging format BagIt
BAM file format BAM
barcode optical machine-readable representation of data Category:Barcodes Bar_codes
BARF Cannot auto-describe Matt Mahoney BARF
Base16 binary-to-text encoding RFC 4648: The Base16, Base32, and Base64 Data Encodings
RFC 3548: The Base16, Base32, and Base64 Data Encodings
BASIC programming language Thomas Eugene Kurtz
John George Kemeny
Category:BASIC programming language family BASIC
batch file script file that executes DOS or Windows command prompt commands x-fmt/413 <no value> Batch_file
BBC BASIC tokenized file file format BBC Computer Literacy Project BBC_BASIC_tokenized_file
BCIF file format BCIF
BCPL multi-paradigm programming language BCPL
BEAM executable file format associated with the BEAM virtual machine, which is designed for programs written in Erlang BEAM
Beathoven Synthesiser file format Beathoven_Synthesiser
Beepola song file format Beepola_song
BEF file format BEF
Beni Tracker module file format Beni_Tracker_module
Bennet Yee's face format file format YBM
Berkeley/IRCAM/Carl Sound Format file format Berkeley/IRCAM/Carl_Sound_Format
Better Portable Graphics digital image file format fmt/687 <no value> BPG
Big Flexible Line Interpretation file format BFLI
BigTIFF file format fdd000328 BigTIFF
Binary compressed SAM format animated image format used in the Infinity Engine, a game engine BAM
Binary Information File file format BIF_(Image_Alchemy)
Binary Property List file format Property_List/Binary
Binary Terrain file format family Binary Terrain, version 1.0
Binary Terrain, version 1.1
Binary Terrain, version 1.2
Binary Terrain External Projection file
Binary Terrain, version 1.3
<no value> Binary_Terrain
Binary Text file format BIN_(Binary_Text)
Binary Universal Form for the Representation of meteorological data file format family World Meteorological Organization Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition BUFR
BinHex file format x-fmt/416 BinHex
Bink Video file format family RAD Game Tools Bink Video, version 1
Bink Video, version 2
BioRad confocal image file format BioRad_confocal_image
Blend file opensource file format of Blender 3D Blender Foundation fmt/902
fmt/903 BLEND
BlooP and FlooP simple programming languages BlooP,_FlooP,_and_GlooP
Blorb package format for interactive fiction games Andrew Plotkin Portable Network Graphics
JPEG File Interchange Format, version 1.02
Audio Interchange File Format
Amiga Module
Blu-ray Clip info file format CLPI
Blu-ray Disc Audio-Video MPEG-2 Transport Stream container file format file format fmt/1055 M2TS
Blu-ray Disk Movie file format BDMV
Bob ray tracer bitmap file format Bob_ray_tracer_bitmap
Bonk file format Bonk
Borderlands save file file format Borderlands_save_file
Borland Graphics Interface image file format BGI_image
BRender PIX file format BRender_PIX
Brian Postma SoundMon v1.x module file format Brian_Postma_SoundMon_v1.x_module
Brian Postma SoundMon v2.x & v3.x module file format Brian_Postma_SoundMon_v2.x_&_v3.x_module
brief written legal document used in various legal adversarial systems that is presented to a court Legal_briefs
Broadcast Wave Format file format family based on the Microsoft Wave file format European Broadcasting Union Broadcast Wave Format, version 0
Broadcast Wave Format, version 1
Broadcast Wave Format, version 2
Brotli Open source free software compression library Zoltán Szabadka RFC 7932: Brotli Compressed Data Format Brotli
BSAVE image file format BSAVE_Image
BSON binary data interchange format BSON
BSP file format id Software BSP
Burmese numerals numeral system Myanmar_numerals
Buzzic v1.x file format Buzzic_v1.x
bzip Archive file format x-fmt/267 Bzip
bzip2 Archive file format x-fmt/268 Bzip2
Ć Cannot auto-describe Ć
Cabinet file format x-fmt/414 Cabinet
Calamus Raster Graphic file format Calamus_Raster_Graphic
Calendar personal calendar application for macOS made by Apple Inc. Apple Inc. ICalendar
Callus OPL Register Log file format Callus_OPL_Register_Log
CALS Raster file format file format family United States Department of Defense Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition CALS_raster
Camera Image File Format file format Canon Inc. fmt/593 <no value> Camera_Image_File_Format
Canon EOS C300 Custom Picture Profile file format Canon_EOS_C300_Custom_Picture_Profile
Canon Original RAW, version 2 file format Canon Inc. fmt/592 <no value> Canon_RAW_2
Canon XF-AVC file format Canon_XF-AVC
Canvas Picture Format file format Canvas_(Atari)
CapXML file format CapXML
CAR archiving file format associated with the SAP enterprise software system CAR
Card Verifiable Certificate file format Card_Verifiable_Certificate
Cartesian Perceptual Compression compressed image file format fmt/727 fdd000007 Cartesian_Perceptual_Compression
Cascading Style Sheets file format family World Wide Web Consortium Cascading Style Sheets Level 1
Cascading Style Sheets Level 2
Cascading Style Sheets Level 2 Revision 1
Cascading Style Sheets Level 3
x-fmt/224 fdd000482 RFC 2318: The text/css Media Type Cascading_Style_Sheets
Category:Data serialization formats Wikimedia category Serialization
Category:DOS code pages Wikimedia category MS-DOS_encodings
Category:Mac OS character encodings Wikimedia category Macintosh_encodings
CCITT Group 3 lossless compressed data format for bi-level images CCITT_Group_3
CD5 file format fmt/665 CD5
certificate signing request message from an applicant to a certificate authority to apply for a digital identity certificate; lists the public key the certificate should be issued for, identifying information (e.g. domain name) and integrity protection (e.g. digital signature) Certificate_Signing_Request
CFS open file format for archiving and compressing files Compact_File_Set
CgBI file format CgBI
Channel Player file format family Channel Player, version 1
Channel Player, version 2
Channel Player, version 3
CHDK raw file format CHDK_raw
Chemical Markup Language markup language and file format Peter Murray-Rust
Henry S. Rzepa
fmt/333 CML: Evolution and design CML
chemical/x-mdl-sdfile MIME type for MDL Structure Data Files English Wikipedia Structure_Data_File
ChordML file format ChordML
CinemaDNG data pack Adobe CinemaDNG Image Data Format Specification, version CinemaDNG
Cineon file format Eastman Kodak Cineon
Cisco IP Phone image file format Cisco_IP_Phone_image
Citation Style Language open XML-based language Citation_Style_Language
Civilization III BIX saved game format file format Civilization_BIC_saved_game_format
Civilization III saved game format file format Civilization_BIC_saved_game_format
CKiSS file format KiSS_CEL
Cloé picture file format Cloé_picture
CM3 file format CM3
CMC file format CMC
CMR file format CMR
CMS file format CMS
CMU Andrew Toolkit image file format Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition CMU_Andrew_Toolkit_image
CMU Window Manager bitmap file format CMU_Window_Manager_bitmap
Coconizer module file format Coconizer_module
Code 16K A bar code format Code_16K
Codisk Audio File file format Codisk_Audio_File
COKE file format COKE_(Atari_Falcon)
collectible card game game played using specially designed sets of playing cards Category:Collectible card games Trading_cards
ColoRIX file format ColoRIX
COM file format DOS_executable_(.com)
Comic book archive file format Comic book archive, RAR container
Comic book archive, tar container
comma-separated values file format used for store data x-fmt/18 fdd000323 RFC 4180: Common Format and MIME Type for Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Files CSV
Common Data Format library and toolkit for multi-dimensional data National Space Science Data Center Common_Data_Format
Common Log Format file format World Wide Web Consortium Common_Log_Format
Compact Audio Cassette magnetic tape recording format for audio recording and playback Museum of Obsolete Media Audio_Cassette
Compact Disc Digital Audio standard for storing audio on compact discs CD-DA
Compact Picture Format file format Canvas_(Atari)
Compartmented Mode Workstation Labeling Encodings Format file format Label_Encodings
Complete Genomics Data File Format file format Complete Genomics Complete_Genomics
Composer 669 module file format Composer_669_module
Compound File Binary File Format file format used for storing storage objects and stream objects in a hierarchical structure within a single file Microsoft fmt/111 [MS-CFB]: Compound File Binary File Format Microsoft_Compound_File
Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphics imagery data package National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Raster Product Format Table of Contents File
CADRG Legend File
CADRG Overview Image
CADRG Frame File
CADRG Update File
MIL-PRF-89038: Compressed ARC Digitized Raster Graphics (CADRG) CADRG
CompuServe RLE file format CompuServe_RLE
Computable Document Format file format Wolfram Research Computable_Document_Format
Computer assisted qualitative data analysis software software Computer-assisted_qualitative_data_analysis
computer font digital description of a typographical font RFC 8081: The "font" Top-Level Media Type Fonts
Computer Graphics Metafile image file format family Computer Graphics Metafile, version 1
Computer Graphics Metafile, version 3
Computer Graphics Metafile, version 4
Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition CGM
Computerized Speech Lab NSP file format Computerized_Speech_Lab_NSP
CompW file format CompW
Concurrent Versions System version control system The CVS Team Category:Concurrent Versions System Concurrent_Versions_System
Confide Cannot auto-describe Confide
configuration file software file used to configure the initial settings for a computer program Category:Configuration files Configuration_files
Consolidated.db file format Apple Inc. Consolidated.db
Constrained Energy Lapped Transform audio compression codec Xiph.Org Foundation CELT
contactless smart card contactless credential whose dimensions are credit-card size Category:Contactless smart cards Contactless_smart_card
Content Hash Key (Freenet) Cannot auto-describe Content_Hash_Key_(Freenet)
Content Hash Key (GNUnet) file format, from 2001 Content_Hash_Key_(GNUnet)
Content Scramble System DVD video copy-protection system DVD Forum Content_Scramble_System
Content Security Policy computer security concept, to prevent cross-site scripting and related attacks Content_Security_Policy
Cool Edit/Audition Multi Track Session file file format Cool_Edit_/_Audition_Multi_Track_Session_file
coordinate system system used to uniquely determine the position of a point or other geometric element in a measured space of dimension n, by an n-uplet of scalar values Category:Coordinate systems Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia Coordinate_system
Coq proof assistant Inria
open source Coq
Core Audio Format audio file format Apple Inc. pulse-code modulation
Apple Lossless
Advanced Audio Coding
μ-law algorithm
A-law algorithm
MPEG-1 Audio Layer I
MPEG-1 Audio Layer II
fmt/416 Core_Audio_Format
core dump dump of memory and register for debug purpose Core_dump
core rope memory read-only memory in which ferrite cores in a rope act merely as transformers, and whether a word line wire couples or not to the core encodes bits; first used in the 1960s by NASA in Mariner probes and in the Apollo Guidance Computer ferrite Core_rope_memory
Corel Chart file format x-fmt/310 CorelChart
Corel CMX Compressed file format Corel x-fmt/36 CorelDRAW
Corel Photo-Paint Image file format Corel x-fmt/144 Corel_Photo-Paint_image
Corel Wavelet Compressed Bitmap file format Corel x-fmt/202 Corel_Wavelet
CorelDRAW vector graphics editor developed and marketed by Corel Corporation of Ottawa, Canada Corel CorelDRAW
CorelDraw Compressed Drawing file format file format Corel x-fmt/31 CorelDRAW
CorelDRAW Document file format family CorelDRAW
CorelDraw Drawing, version 10 version 10 of the CorelDraw Drawing file format Corel x-fmt/375 CorelDRAW
CorelDraw Drawing, version 11 version 11 of the CorelDraw Drawing file format Corel x-fmt/378 CorelDRAW
CorelDraw Drawing, version 12 version 12 of the CorelDraw Drawing file format Corel fmt/427 CorelDRAW
CorelDraw Drawing, version 3 version 3 of the CorelDraw Drawing file format Corel x-fmt/379 CorelDRAW
CorelDraw Drawing, version 4 version 4 of the CorelDraw Drawing file format Corel fmt/465 CorelDRAW
CorelDraw Drawing, version 5 version 5 of the CorelDraw Drawing file format Corel fmt/464 CorelDRAW
CorelDraw Drawing, version 8 version 8 of the CorelDraw Drawing file format Corel x-fmt/292 CorelDRAW
CorelDraw Drawing, version 9 version 9 of the CorelDraw Drawing file format Corel x-fmt/374 CorelDRAW
CorelDraw Drawing, version X3 version X3 of the CorelDraw Drawing file format Corel fmt/428 CorelDRAW
CorelDraw Drawing, version X4 version X4 of the CorelDraw Drawing file format Corel fmt/429 CorelDRAW
CorelDraw Drawing, version X5 version X5 of the CorelDraw Drawing file format Corel fmt/430 CorelDRAW
CorelDraw Template file format Corel x-fmt/30 CorelDRAW
Courgette Cannot auto-describe Courgette
cpio archive file format fmt/635 Cpio
Crack Art file format Crack_Art
Create 2 Cannot auto-describe Create_2
Creative Commons Module file format Creative_Commons_Module
Creative Music Format file format Creative_Music_Format
Creative Music System file format CMS_(Creative_Music_System)
Creative Voice File file format Creative_Voice_File
CrLZH compression file format used on CP/M CrLZH
Crockford Base32 Cannot auto-describe Crockford_Base32
crontab file format file format Crontab
Cross-Platform Installer Module file format Mozilla Foundation Cross-Platform_Installer_Module
Crunch file format, from 1986 Crunch
CryptoLocker malware Q37824121 Cryptolocker
Crystal Caves Sound format file format Crystal_Caves_Sound_format
Crystallographic Information File file format for representing crystallographic information International Union of Crystallography fmt/334 CIF
Cubase arrangement file format ARR
Cubase file formats file format family Cubase song
Cubase arrangement
Cubase project
Nuendo arrangement
Cubase song file format ALL
CUD-FM-File file format Boom_Tracker_v4.0_module
CUPS Raster file format CUPS_Raster
Cursive Script Object Notation variant of JSON Cursive_Script_Object_Notation
CUT file format CUT_(Amstrad)
Cut & Paste Cannot auto-describe Cut_&_Paste
Cyber Paint Sequence file format Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition Cyber_Paint_Sequence
CyberCode visual tagging system based on a 2D barcode technology CyberCode
CyberTracker instrument file format CyberTracker_instrument
CyberTracker module file format CyberTracker_module
Cyrillic alphabet related alphabet based on Cyrillic scripts Cyrillic letter Category:Cyrillic alphabets Cyrillic_alphabet
Cyrillic numerals numeral system derived from the Cyrillic script Cyrillic_numerals
Cython programming language compatible to python Cython_(Pyrex)
D programming language Walter Bright
D Language Foundation
Category:D (programming language) D
D-Lusion Music File file format D-Lusion_Music_File
D-touch Cannot auto-describe D-touch
D64 Commodore 64 sector-based disk image D64
Daala experimental video coding format Xiph.Org Foundation
Mozilla Daala
Dacor stove fault codes Cannot auto-describe Dacor_stove_fault_codes
DAFT Cannot auto-describe DAFT
Dakx Wav file format Dakx_Wav
Dalvik Executable file format fmt/695 Dalvik_Executable
Dangerous Dave level format file format Dangerous_Dave_level_format
Dangerous Dave tileset format file format, from 1990 Dangerous_Dave_tileset_format
DAR archiver <no value> Disk_Archiver
Dart programming language Google Dart
DART compressed disk image format DART
Dat Cannot auto-describe Dat
Data Encryption Standard block cipher / encryption algorithm Category:Data Encryption Standard Performance Evaluation of DES and Blowfish Algorithms
Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems, 2nd edition
Data Format Description Language markup language Open Grid Forum Data Format Description Language (DFDL) v1.0 Specification DFDL
Data Format Description Language schema file format Data Format Description Language (DFDL) v1.0 Specification DFDL
Data Interchange Format spreadsheet file format Software Arts x-fmt/41 Data_Interchange_Format
Data Matrix two-dimensional matrix barcode Category:DataMatrix Data_Matrix
Data Resource File file format Data_Resource_File
Data type classification of data in computer science Category:Data types Data_type
database organized collection of data data
integrity constraints
data base
data dictionary
database management system
Category:Databases Databases
DataDiagrammingML file format DataDiagrammingML
DataGlyph type of barcode DataGlyph
Datastrip Code Cannot auto-describe Datastrip_Code
David Whittaker file format David Whittaker David_Whittaker
DB (Watcom-SQL) file format Watcom DB_(Watcom-SQL)
dBase III version 3 of the dBase file format Ashton-Tate x-fmt/9 DBase_III
dBase programming language programming language Ashton-Tate DBase_programming_language
dBASE Table File Format dBASE database file format family dBase fdd000325 DBF
DCAT Application Profile for Data Portals in Europe application profile DCAT-AP
DCR file format fmt/192 Kodak
DCT proprietary audio file format DCT
DDI sector-based disk image format DDI
DDIF Cannot auto-describe DDIF
deb Debian software package format Debian community Deb
Debian source control file file format Debian_source_control_file
DEC Special Graphics character set character encoding DEC_Special_Graphics_Character_Set
Dec64 proposed format for storing integer and decimal numbers in a computer DEC64
DEFLATE data compression algorithm Phil Katz RFC 1951: DEFLATE Compressed Data Format Specification version 1.3 DEFLATE
DEGAS Elite icon file format DEGAS_Elite_icon
DEGAS image file format family DEGAS image, low resolution
DEGAS image, medium resolution
DEGAS image, high resolution
DEGAS Elite image, low resolution
DEGAS Elite image, medium resolution
DEGAS Elite image, high resolution
DEGAS Elite Compressed, low resolution
DEGAS Elite Compressed, medium resolution
DEGAS Elite Compressed, high resolution
Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition DEGAS_image
DeltaVision format used for microscopy images DeltaVision
DeluxePaint Animation file format DeluxePaint_Animation
dendrochronology method of dating based on the analysis of patterns of tree rings Category:Dendrochronology Dendrochronology
DER binary serialization of ASN.1 format DER
DER encoded certificate Cannot auto-describe DER_encoded_certificate
DER encoded RSA private key file format DER_encoded_RSA_private_key
Design rule for Camera File system file system for digital cameras DCF
Design rule for Camera File system THM file format DCF
Desktop Color Separation file format x-fmt/149 DCS
DESR VFF file format DESR_VFF
Dev-Cpp project file format Dev-Cpp_project
Devanagari numeral Indian numerals, part of Devanagari Devanagari_numerals
Device independent file format file format fmt/160 DVI_(Device_Independent_File_Format)
DGCA application, archive file format, and file archiver DGCA
DGI file format DGI_(Digi-Pic)
Dia graphics file format x-fmt/381 Dia
Dictabelt brand Dictabelt
Diddle sketch file format Diddle_sketch
DiddleBug sketch file format DiddleBug_sketch
diff file formats associated with Unix diff utility Diff
Differential Manchester encoding Cannot auto-describe FM_encoding
DigiBooster PRO v2.x / DigiBooster 3 module file format used by DIGIBooster Pro DigiBooster_PRO_v2.x_/_DigiBooster_3_module
DigiBooster v1.x module file format DigiBooster_v1.x_module
DigiCash electronic money corporation founded by David Chaum in 1990 DigiCash
Digital Betacam broadcast television system, from 1993 Digital_Betacam
Digital Compact Cassette Philips system with digital audio on compact cassette Museum of Obsolete Media Digital_Compact_Cassette
Digital Evidence Bag Cannot auto-describe Digital_Evidence_Bag
Digital Illusions file format Digital_Illusions
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine file format fmt/574 DICOM
Medical image file formats
RFC 3240: Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) - Application/dicom MIME Sub-type Registration
Digital Negative patented, open, lossless raw image format written by Adobe used for digital photography Adobe Digital Negative, version 1.0
Digital Negative, version 1.1
Digital Negative, version 1.2
Digital Negative, version 1.3
Digital Negative, version 1.4
<no value> <no value> Digital_Negative
digital object identifier character string used as a permanent identifier for a digital object, in a format controlled by the International DOI Foundation DOI prefix DOI
Digital Picture Exchange file format family Digital Picture Exchange, version 1
Digital Picture Exchange, version 2
Digital Record Object Identification software The National Archives DROID
Digital Replica Plus file format Barnes & Noble Digital_Replica_Plus
Digital Speech Standard audio file format Grundig Business Systems
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
fmt/1007 Digital_Speech_Standard
Digital Video Interactive suite of digital video and audio formats DVI
Digital Video Interactive Alpha Channel file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive Blue Channel file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive Color Map file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive Device-dependent Data file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive Device-dependent Data (Compressed 16-bit) file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive Device-dependent Uncompressed 16-bit Data file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive Green Channel file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive I Color Channel file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive I Color Channel (Compressed 8-bit) file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive Monochrome file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive Q Color Channel file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive Q Color Channel (Compressed 8-bit) file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive Red Channel file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive Y Luminance Channel file format DVI
Digital Video Interactive Y Luminance Channel (Compressed 8-bit) file format DVI
Digital8 magnetic tape Digital_8
Digitrakker format file format Digitrakker_module
Digitrakker instrument file format Digitrakker_instrument
Digitrakker sample file format Digitrakker_sample
DigiTrekker module file format DigiTrekker_module
Dioscuri x86 computer hardware emulator written in Java Dioscuri
Direct Stream Digital system for digitally recreating audible signals fdd000230 DSD
DirectDraw Surface file format fmt/1040 DirectDraw_Surface Cannot auto-describe
Discourse open source Internet forum software application Discourse
discrete cosine transform technique representing data as sums of cosine functions DCT_compression
disk cartridge type of removable media Disk_cartridge
disk image file A computer file containing the contents and structure of a disk volume Category:Disk images Disk_Image_Formats
Disk Imploder disk image file format Disk_Imploder
Disk Masher System disk image format used on Amiga computers Disk_Masher_System
Disney Sound Source digital-to-analog sound device for the IBM PC Disney_Sound_Source
DisorderTracker 2 module file format DisorderTracker_2_module
DissidentX Cannot auto-describe DissidentX
Distinguished Encoding Rules 1994 data serialization format, part of Abstract Syntax Notation One X.690 DER
Ditto (iOmega) Disk cartridge Ditto_(iOmega)
DjVu file format fmt/255 Q9413760 DjVu
DKBTrace scene description file format Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition DKBTrace_scene_description
DMC file format DMC
DMK format for storing disk images of Tandy/Radio Shack/TRS-80 disk formats DMK
DNA molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms and many viruses polynucleotide
Category:DNA DNA
DNG camera profile file format DNG_camera_profile
doc filename extension Microsoft DOC
DocBook file format OASIS
Norman Walsh
Category:DocBook DocBook
document file format text or binary file format for storing documents Category:Computer file formats Document
Document Type Definition set of markup declarations that define a document type for an SGML-family markup language x-fmt/315 fdd000076 DTD
Dofus localization file format Dofus_localization
Dogecoin cryptocurrency developed from the 'doge' Internet meme Dogecoin
DoItAgain file format DoItAgain
DOL Executable file format DOL
Dolby TrueHD advanced lossless multi-channel audio codec Dolby_TrueHD
domain name identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet Category:Domain names Domain_name
Domain Name System hierarchical distributed naming system for computers, services, or any resource connected to the Internet or a private network Category:Domain name system RFC 1611: DNS Server MIB Extensions
RFC 1101: DNS encoding of network names and other types
RFC 2052: A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV)
RFC 1035: Domain names - implementation and specification
RFC 1034: Domain names - concepts and facilities
RFC 1612: DNS Resolver MIB Extensions
RFC 1886: DNS Extensions to support IP version 6
RFC 3596: DNS Extensions to Support IP Version 6
RFC 2874: DNS Extensions to Support IPv6 Address Aggregation and Renumbering
RFC 1912: Common DNS Operational and Configuration Errors
RFC 3467: Role of the Domain Name System (DNS)
Doodle file format Doodle_(Atari)
Doodle! compressed image file format Doodle!_(C64)
Doodle! uncompressed image file format Doodle!_(C64)
Doom MUS file format Doom_MUS
Doré Raster file format Doré_Raster
DOS device driver file format DOS_device_driver
DOS MZ executable executable file format used for .EXE files in MS-DOS Microsoft x-fmt/409 MS-DOS_EXE
DOSBox free DOS emulator DOSBox
DOSBox Raw OPL file format DOSBox_Raw_OPL
dosstart.bat Cannot auto-describe Dosstart.bat
Dot code (Olympus) barcode system Olympus Dot_code_(Olympus)
Dot Code A Cannot auto-describe Dot_Code_A
Dot Code A Cannot auto-describe Dot_Code_A
DOT language file format DOT_(graph_description_language)
DOTM Cannot auto-describe DOTM
DOTS data storage format Eastman Kodak DOTS
DotWriter Cannot auto-describe DotWriter
DOTX file format Microsoft DOTX
dotXSI file format Softimage DotXSI
double (C++) Cannot auto-describe Double_(C++)
DPD Barcode Cannot auto-describe DPD_Barcode
Dr. Halo Bitmap file format x-fmt/316 Dr._Halo
Dr. Halo Palette file format Dr._Halo
Drawing Interchange Binary Format vector graphics format Autodesk fmt/54 Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition DXB
Drawing Interchange File Format (Binary), version 2000-2002 version 2000-2002 of the binary encoded variant of the Drawing Interchange File Format Autodesk fmt/84 DXF
Drawing Interchange File Format (Binary), version 2004-2005 version 2004-2005 of the binary encoded variant of the Drawing Interchange File Format Autodesk fmt/85 DXF
Drawing Interchange File Format (Binary), version R13 version R13 of the binary encoded variant of the Drawing Interchange File Format Autodesk fmt/82 DXF
Drawing Interchange File Format (Binary), version R14 version R14 of the binary encoded variant of the Drawing Interchange File Format Autodesk fmt/83 DXF
Drawing Interchange Format file format family Autodesk Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition DXF
Drawing Interchange Format, version 10 file format fmt/74 DXF
Drawing Interchange Format, version 12 file format fmt/75 DXF
DrawingML file format DrawingML
DrawIt file format DrawIt
Drexon Laser Card Cannot auto-describe Drexon_Laser_Card
Drone Cannot auto-describe Drone
drum memory magnetic data storage device invented by Gustav Tauschek in 1932 in Austria Drum_memory
Drupal web content management system Dries Buytaert
Drupal Association
Category:Drupal Drupal
DSF file format DSF
DSK (Apple II) file format Apple Inc. DSK_(Apple_II)
DSK (CPCEMU) disk image format DSK_(CPCEMU)
Dual Module Player DSMI file format Dual_Module_Player_DSMI
Dublin Core vocabulary terms that can be used to describe web resources RFC 5013: The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set Dublin_Core
DUN-14 numbering scheme DUN-14
DVCAM format for storing digital video Sony DVCAM
DVD optical disc Category:DVD DVD
DVD-Video consumer video format used to store digital video on DVD discs DVD Forum DVD-Video
DVDisaster Error Correction File Cannot auto-describe DVDisaster_Error_Correction_File
DVM file format Magic Software Enterprises DVM
DWC file format DWC
Dyalog APL Transfer File format file format APL_workspace
Dyalog APL workspace file format APL_workspace
dynamic-link library Microsoft's implementation of the shared library concept in Windows and OS/2 Microsoft Dynamic-link_library_(Windows)
E-gold digital gold currency E-gold
EAN 2 optional additional bar code to the right of a EAN-13 or UPC-A bar code EAN-2
EAN 5 supplement to the EAN-13 barcode used on books, used to give a suggestion for the price of the book EAN-5
EAN-13 European Article Number EAN-13
EAN-14 Cannot auto-describe EAN-14
EAN-8 EAN/UPC symbology barcode EAN-8
Early Mind Manager XML format file format Early_Mind_Manager_XML_format
Earth Resource Mapper Raster file format fmt/372 ER_Mapper_Raster
EAS3 software toolkit for reading and writing structured binary data with geometry information EAS3
EBCDIC computer character encoding Category:EBCDIC EBCDIC
EBU STL file format EBU_STL
EBU Timed Text file format EBU_Timed_Text
eCache digital currency ECache
Ecash Cannot auto-describe Ecash
Echo-matic Cannot auto-describe Echo-matic
ECMAScript official specification on which JavaScript and other languages are based Brendan Eich Q32435715 ECMAScript
EDD disk image disk image format to capture Apple II floppy disks at the raw level EDD_disk_image
EdLib packed module file format EdLib_packed_module
EGG 3D model format for the Panda3D engine EGG
EGG (ALZip) Cannot auto-describe EGG_(ALZip)
EggPaint file format EggPaint
Ein-Ausgabesystem 3 file format EAS3
Elcaset audio format Museum of Obsolete Media Elcaset
Electone brand name of Yamaha electronic organs ELECTONE
Electronic Arts AS4/ASF Music file format Electronic Arts x-fmt/137 Electronic_Arts_AS4_/_ASF_Music
Electronic Arts BIG Archive file format VIV
Electronic Arts INF file format, from 1989 Electronic_Arts_INF
Electronic Arts MOV file format, from 1989 Electronic_Arts_MOV
Electronic Arts MUS file format Electronic Arts Electronic_Arts_MUS
Electronic Data Deliverable file format prescribed by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States related to Superfund data United States Environmental Protection Agency Electronic_Data_Deliverable
Element Definition Document file format used by FrameMaker to define the elements of a document Adobe Element_Definition_Document
Elm Functional reactive programming language Elm
Emacs file variable text placed towards the top of source code files to change the behaviour of Emacs software Emacs_file_variable
Embedded OpenType OpenType inherited font format, from Microsoft with MTX compression EOT
embroidery machine home or professional sewing machine designed to create embroidered designs Machine_Embroidery
Embulk software to interchange data among various databases, cloud services, and file formats Embulk
eml file format for email message fmt/278 RFC 5322: Internet Message Format Internet_e-mail_message_format
emoticon pictorial representation of a facial expression using punctuation marks, numbers and letters Category:Emoticons Emoticons
Encapsulated PostScript version 3 of graphics file format Adobe fmt/124 Encapsulated_PostScript
EnCase hash map file format EnCase_hash_map
Encoded Archival Description XML standard for encoding archival finding aids EAD
Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition book Encyclopedia_of_Graphics_File_Formats
endianness the order of the bytes, comprising a digital word, in computer memory Endianness
Endless-loop tape cartridge magnetic tape data storage Endless-loop_tape_cartridge
Enfilade class of tree data structures used in Project Xanadu "Green" designs of the 1970s and 1980s Enfilade
Enhanced Compression Wavelet file format family Enhanced Compression Wavelet, version 2
Enhanced Compression Wavelet, version 3
fmt/371 ECW
Enhanced Simplex file format Enhanced_Simplex
enterprise software software targeted towards corporations/organisations Enterprise_software
Envoy portable document file format Tumbleweed Communications fmt/1286 Envoy
Epic Megagames MASI file format Epic Games Epic_Megagames_MASI
EPOC Application Information File file format EPOC_AIF
EPOC Sketch file format EPOC_Sketch
EPOC Word file format EPOC_Word
Epson ERF file format fmt/641 Epson_ERF
Epson Printer Bitmap file format Epson_Printer_Bitmaps
Epson Standard Code for Printers printer control language developed by Epson to control computer printers Seiko Epson ESC/P
EPUB e-book file format standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum International Digital Publishing Forum
World Wide Web Consortium
ER Mapper Vector file format ER_Mapper_Vector
ERDAS IMAGINE Gray-scale Bitmap Image file format fmt/195 ERDAS_LAN/GIS
ERDAS Imagine IMG file format ERDAS_Imagine_IMG
ERDAS Inc. American company specialising in development of geospatial software and systems ERDAS
Erlang programming language Joe Armstrong
Category:Erlang (programming language) Erlang
error detection and correction techniques that enable reliable delivery of digital data over unreliable communication channels Category:Error detection and correction Error_detection_and_correction
ESC/POS Epson page description language Seiko Epson ESC/POS
ESP8266 Wifi module firmware file format ESP8266_Wifi_module_firmware
ESRI Arc/Info Export File file format Esri x-fmt/226 fdd000291 E00
ESRI Arc/Info Grid file format family Esri ESRI Arc/Info ASCII Grid
ESRI Arc/Info Binary Grid
Estate stove fault codes Error code Estate_stove_fault_codes
ETC Show File Cannot auto-describe ETC_Show_File
Ethereum public blockchain platform with programmable transaction functionality Category:Ethereum Ethereum
Euclid CAD software Euclid_(Ace_Computing)
Eudora Mailbox Table of Contents file format Eudora
Eureka Packer module file format Eureka_Packer_module
Event Trace Log file format file format Microsoft ETL
Event Viewer software Microsoft Windows_Event_Log
EVT file format EVT
eWallet Cannot auto-describe EWallet
Exact Dutch business software company Exact
Exact Yearbook DAT file file format Exact
Exact Yearbook ID file file format Exact
Exact Yearbook LST file file format Exact
Exchangeable image file format technical standard timestamp
shutter speed
focal length
metering mode
ISO speed
data compression
image resolution
software version
color space
audio codec
sampling rate
bit rate
<some value>
Executable and Linkable Format standard file format for executables, object code, shared libraries, and core dumps Unix System Laboratories fmt/689
exFAT File system for flash memory Microsoft ExFAT
Exidy Sorcerer BASIC tokenized file Cannot auto-describe Exidy_Sorcerer_BASIC_tokenized_file
Exif image file image file format family Exif image file, version 2.31
Exif image file, version 2.3
Exif image file, version 2.21
Exif image file, version 2.2
Exif image file, version 2.1
Exif image file, version 2.0
Exif image file, version 1.1
Exif image file, version 1.0
eXperimental Computing Facility file format fmt/615 XCF
eXtended Binary file format XBIN
eXtended Image File Format file format XIFF
Extended MIDI file format XMI_(Extended_MIDI)
Extended MOD file format Extended_MOD
Extended Module audio tracker file format native to FastTracker 2 Triton fmt/323 Extended_Module
Extended Vector Animation file format EVA
eXtensible ARchive format archive file format fmt/600 Xar
Extensible Binary Meta Language Binary XML EBML
Extensible Markup Language Markup language developed by the W3C for encoding of data World Wide Web Consortium fmt/101 fdd000075
Category:XML XML
Extensible Metadata Platform ISO standard XMP
Extensible Music Format tree-based digital container format used to bundle music-oriented content MIDI Manufacturers Association fmt/714 fdd000121 Extensible_Music_Format
Extensible Storage Engine Microsoft embedded database engine Extensible_Storage_Engine
Extreme's Tracker module file format Extreme's_Tracker_module
Eye of the Beholder saved game file format Eye_of_the_Beholder_saved_game
Eyeglass file format (Ross Spencer) Cannot auto-describe Eyeglass_file_format_(Ross_Spencer)
EZcode 2-dimensional bar code EZcode
F3 Font file format Sun Microsystems F3_font
F4V file format Adobe F4V
Facebook Global online social networking service Category:Facebook Lentapedia Facebook
FaceSaver file format FaceSaver
Facing Identification Mark barcode designed by the United States Postal Service United States Postal Service Facing_Identification_Mark
Falcon True Color file format Falcon_True_Color
Fallout character description file format Fallout_character_description
Family Tree Maker software for building your family tree and genealogical research Banner Blue Software
Farandole Composer format file format fmt/723 Farandole_Composer_module
Farandole Composer pattern file format Farandole_Composer_pattern
Farandole Composer sample file format Farandole_Composer_sample
Farandole Form 2.0 file format Farandole_Form_2.0
farbfeld file format Farbfeld
FASTA format file format David J. Lipman
William Raymond Pearson
Faster than Light saved game file format Faster_than_Light_saved_game
FastTracker module file format FastTracker_module
FAT12 File system FAT12
FAT32 Type of computer file system FAT32
favicon icon associated with a particular Web site Category:Favicons Favicon
fax method of transmitting images, often of documents Category:Fax Fax_formats
FC-M Packer module file format FC-M_Packer_module
FCPv1.2 Cannot auto-describe FCPv1.2
FCPv2 Cannot auto-describe FCPv2
FDB (Legacy Family Tree) file format, from 1997 FDB_(Legacy_Family_Tree)
FDF format for storing and transferring data entered into a form in a PDF file Adobe FDF
FDI disk image file FDI
FFmpeg multimedia framework Fabrice Bellard libavcodec
Category:FFmpeg FFmpeg
FIDO software for format identification FIDO
Fido BBS file format used by Fido bulletin board system Fido_BBS
Fido Opus SEAdog Standard Interface Layer standard protocol for allowing serial communication for telecommunications programs under the DOS operating system Category:FOSSIL FOSSIL
FIG file format Fig
File Allocation Table family of filesystems originally developed by Microsoft Microsoft fmt/1087 FAT
FILE ID.DIZ file format, part of ZIP <no value> <no value> FILE_ID.DIZ
file system concrete format or program for storing files and directories on a data storage device Category:Computer file systems Filesystem
file transfer transmission of computer files File_transfer
File Transfer Protocol standard protocol for transferring files over TCP/IP networks Category:File Transfer Protocol RFC 959: File Transfer Protocol
RFC 114: File Transfer Protocol
RFC 172: The File Transfer Protocol
RFC 1579: Firewall-Friendly FTP
RFC 2228: FTP Security Extensions
RFC 2389: Feature negotiation mechanism for the File Transfer Protocol
RFC 2428: FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs
RFC 2577: FTP Security Considerations
RFC 2640: Internationalization of the File Transfer Protocol
RFC 265: The File Transfer Protocol
RFC 2773: Encryption using KEA and SKIPJACK
RFC 281: Suggested addition to File Transfer Protocol
RFC 294: The Use of "Set Data Type" Transaction in File Transfer Protocol
RFC 354: File Transfer Protocol
Filesystem in Userspace software interface for Unix-like computer operating systems FUSE
Filmbox proprietary file format Autodesk fmt/1009
filmstrip common form of still image instructional multimedia Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia 35_mm_film_strips
fingerprint biometric identifier Category:Fingerprints Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia Fingerprints
Fink-Mao notation notation for expressing the different ways of tying a tie Fink-Mao_notation
Firefox bookmarks Cannot auto-describe Firefox_bookmarks
Firefox cookie database Cannot auto-describe Firefox_cookie_database
Firefox history file Cannot auto-describe Firefox_history_file
Firefox OS mobile operating system written by Mozilla Mozilla Corporation Gecko
Category:Firefox OS Firefox_OS
firmware low-level software traditionally held in ROM Category:Firmware Firmware
Firmware File System Cannot auto-describe Firmware_File_System
Fitbit Inc. company producing activity trackers Fitbit
FLA file format Macromedia fdd000132 FLA
flag semaphore telegraphy system conveying information at a distance by means of visual signals Flag_semaphore
Flash Media Manifest file format F4M
flash memory electronic non-volatile computer storage device Category:Solid-state computer storage media Flash_memory
FlashPix file format Eastman Kodak x-fmt/56 FlashPix
Flattermarken marks used on the edge of printed material such as sections of books to facilitate their being arranged in the proper order Flattermarken
Flexible File Format file format Imacon_3F
Flexible Image Transport System file format x-fmt/383 fdd000317 RFC 4047: MIME Sub-type Registrations for Flexible Image Transport System (FITS) Flexible_Image_Transport_System
Flexible Line Interpretation file format Flexible_Line_Interpretation
Flickering Flexible Line Interpratation file format FFLI
float (C++) Cannot auto-describe Float_(C++)
floppy disk removable disk storage medium Alan Shugart
Category:Floppy disk Floppy_disk
flowchart diagram representing the flow of logic, algorithms, or data through the use of boxes, lines, and arrows Flowchart
FLV file format Adobe
x-fmt/382 fdd000131 FLV
Folio file format Adobe Folio
FON font file format Microsoft FON
Font-File Format file format Microsoft FNT_(Windows_Font)
FORM TDDD file format TDDD
Form URL encoding Cannot auto-describe Form_URL_encoding
Forsyth–Edwards Notation text file format that represents a board position in a game of chess FEN
Forth script file format Forth
Fortran structured programming language IBM
John Backus
Category:Fortran ISO/IEC 1539 FORTRAN
Fountain script file format Fountain
FourCC identifier for a file type FourCC
Foursquare Labs, Inc. American technology company Foursquare
FoxPro script file format FoxPro_programming_language
Fractal Image And Sequence Codec file format FIASCO
Fractal Image Format file format x-fmt/320 Fractal_Image_Format
Fractint FRA file format FRA_(Fractint)
Free Lossless Audio Codec lossless audio data format FLAC
Master Quality Authenticated
fmt/279 fdd000198 FLAC
Free Lossless Image Format digital image file format fmt/872 FLIF
FreeArc ARC archive file format associated with FreeArc software fmt/1096 ARC_(FreeArc)
Freedom of Press Bitamp file format Freedom_of_Press
Freedom of Press Info file format Freedom_of_Press
FreeDOS freely-licensed PC-compatible DOS clone Jim Hall Category:FreeDOS FreeDOS
FreeHand file format family Aldus Freehand Drawing, version 3
Aldus Freehand Drawing, version 4
Macromedia Freehand file format, version 5
Macromedia Freehand file format, version 7
Macromedia Freehand file format, version 8
Macromedia Freehand file format, version 9
Macromedia Freehand file format, version 10
Macromedia Freehand MX file format, version 11
Freenet node protocol computer network protocol Freenet_node_protocol
Freenet node reference file format Freenet_node_reference
Friendster social gaming site Friendster
Frigidaire stove fault codes Cannot auto-describe Frigidaire_stove_fault_codes
Frodo Commodore 64 emulator Frodo
Frost message XML XML based markup language Frost_message_XML
FSH file format FSH_(EA_Sports)
FSharp Microsoft programming language Microsoft
F Sharp Software Foundation F_Sharp
Fuchs Tracker file format Fuchs_Tracker
Fuckpaint PI4 file format Extended_DEGAS_image
Fuckpaint PI9 file format Extended_DEGAS_image
Fujifilm RAW file format fmt/642 Fujifilm_RAF
FullPic Picture Format file format Canvas_(Atari)
Funcom ISS file format Funcom_ISS
FunkTracker module file format FunkTracker_module
Fuse emulator of the 1980s ZX Spectrum home computer Fuse
Future Composer (BSI) module file format Future_Composer_(BSI)_module
Future Composer v1.x module file format Future_Composer_v1.x_module
Fuxoft AY Language file format Fuxoft_AY_Language
Fuzzac Packer module file format Fuzzac_Packer_module
Fuzzy Bitmap file format FBM_image
FWKCS software FWKCS
FWKCS NDX file file format FWKCS
FWKCS SRT file file format FWKCS
G64 file format G64
G9B file format G9B
GAGS Cannot auto-describe GAGS
Galen Cannot auto-describe Galen
Game Boy Sound file format Game_Boy_Sound
Game Music Creator file format Game_Music_Creator
Garry's Mod Addon file format for downloadable game content from Garry's Mod Garry's_Mod_Addon
GB 18030 character encoding designed for the Chinese writing system GB18030
GB 2312 character encoding designed for the Chinese writing system GB_2312
GCA application, archive file format, and file archiver GCA
GDIFF generic file format for representing the differences between two files GDIFF
GE microwave fault codes Cannot auto-describe GE_microwave_fault_codes
GE stove fault codes Cannot auto-describe GE_stove_fault_codes
Ge'ez script script used for several languages of Ethiopia and Eritrea letter of the Ge'ez script Category:Ge'ez script Ethiopic_numerals
Geany project Cannot auto-describe Geany_project
GEDCOM specification for genealogical data The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints fmt/851 GEDCOM
GEDCOM file format file format fmt/851 GEDCOM
GEM bitmap font font format GEM_bitmap_font
GEM Raster file format x-fmt/159 GEM_Raster
GEM resource file file format GEM_resource_file
GEM VDI Metafile version 1 of the GEM metafile file format Digital Research x-fmt/215 GEM_VDI_Metafile
GENealogical inDEX file format GENDEX
Genecyst emulator for MS-DOS Genecyst
Genecyst Backup RAM file format Genecyst_Backup_RAM
Genecyst Save State Cannot auto-describe Genecyst_Save_State
General Data Format for Biomedical Signals file format General_Data_Format_for_Biosignals
General Digital Music module file format General_Digital_Music_module
Genital Save State file format Genital_Save_State
Geo Microformat H-geo
GeoGebra format, version 1.0 version 1.0 of the GeoGebra file format fmt/618 Ggb
GeoGebra format, version 1.x version 1.x of the GeoGebra file format fmt/619 Ggb
GeoGebra format, version 2.0 version 2.0 of the GeoGebra file format fmt/617 Ggb
GeoGebra format, version 3 version 3.0 of the GeoGebra file format fmt/620 Ggb
GeoGebra format, version 4 version 4.0 of the GeoGebra file format fmt/621 Ggb
GeoGebra Worksheet file format family Ggb
geographic map visual representation of a geographical area Category:Maps Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary
Sytin Military Encyclopedia
Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language
Small Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary
GeoJP2 Cannot auto-describe GeoJP2
GeoJSON JSON subset for geospatial data fdd000382 RFC 7946: The GeoJSON Format GeoJSON
geoPaint file format GeoPaint
GeoPaint Commodore 64 paint program GeoPaint
GEOS Convert file format GEOS_Convert
GEOS Font Cannot auto-describe GEOS_Font
GEOS VLIR file format related to GEOS OS for the C64 GEOS_VLIR
GeoTIFF file format Jet Propulsion Laboratory fmt/155 fdd000279 GeoTIFF
Gerber format file format Ucamco fmt/664 Gerber_format
GEXF file format for describing network structures GEXF
GFY file format GFY
Gibson stove fault codes Cannot auto-describe Gibson_stove_fault_codes
GIFV file format GIFV
GIMP image retouching and editing tool GNOME Foundation
Peter Mattis
Spencer Kimball
Category:GIMP GIMP
GIMP Animated Brush file format GIMP_Animated_Brush
GIMP Brush file format GIMP_Brush
GIMP Palette file format GIMP_Palette
GIMP Pattern file format GIMP_Pattern
GIS file formats file format Category:GIS file formats Geospatial
Git free and open source revision control software Software Freedom Conservancy Category:Git (software) Git
git packfile file format Git pack format Git
git packfile index file format Git pack format Git
GLE file format GLE
globally unique identifier unique key for objects GUID
GlowIcons file format GlowIcons
Glulx virtual machine for Interactive Fiction games Andrew Plotkin Glulx
Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format file format family Adobe Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition BDF
Glyph Interchange Format file format Glyph_Interchange_Format
GME file format GME
GMLJP2 file format for geospatial metadata in JPEG 2000 Part 2 images fdd000303 GMLJP2
GNOME Mahjongg history save game file format for GNOME Mahjongg Gnome_Mahjongg_history
GNU build system programming tool and free software, part of GNU toolchain Autotools
Gnumeric file format file format fmt/1219 Gnumeric
Go script file format Go
God of Thunder Music Format file format God_of_Thunder_Music_Format
GoDot 4-bit image file format GoDot
GodPaint file format GodPaint
Google Document file format Google Google_Document
Google Drive cloud storage and file synchronization service from Google Google Google_Drive
Google File System proprietary distributed file system developed by Google Google Google_File_System
Google Glass optical head-mounted computer glasses Google digital camera Google_Glass
Google Maps web product from Google Inc. which provides detailed ground imagery Google Google Maps
Google Traffic
Google My Maps
Google Street View Trusted
Google Maps pin
Google Local Guides
Category:Google Maps Google_Maps
Google Nest American home automation producer Nest
Google Sheet file format Google Google_Sheet
Gopher TCP/IP application layer protocol Mark P. McCahill
University of Minnesota
Category:Gopher (protocol) RFC 1436: The Internet Gopher Protocol (a distributed document search and retrieval protocol)
RFC 4266: The gopher URI Scheme
GPS eXchange Format family of file formats fmt/243
fmt/1134 GPX
gramophone record disc-shaped vinyl analog sound storage medium Category:Gramophone records Gramophone_record
Graoumf Tracker 2 module file format Graoumf_Tracker_2_module
Graoumf Tracker module file format Graoumf_Tracker_module
Graph Saurus SR5 file format Graph_Saurus
Graph Saurus SR7/SR8/SRS file format Graph_Saurus
GraphicConverter raster graphics editor and graphics software for macOS GraphicConverter
Graphics Interchange Format bitmap image file format family CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format, version 87a
Graphics Interchange Format, version 89a
Compressed Image File Formats GIF
Graphics Programming Language Cannot auto-describe Graphics_Programming_Language
graphics software software intended to manipulate visual images on a computer Category:Graphics software Graphic_software
GraphML XML application GraphML
GRASP font file format GRASP_font
GRASP GL file format John Bridges GRASP_GL
Grave Composer module file format Grave_Composer_module
Gravis Ultrasound patch file format Gravis_Ultrasound_patch
GrayPaint file format GrayPaint
Greenleaf ArchiveLib Cannot auto-describe Greenleaf_ArchiveLib
GRF file format GRF_(Amstrad)
GRFX file format GRFX
GRIB version 2 of the GRIB file format World Meteorological Organization fmt/285 Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition GRIB
Grid Matrix Code Cannot auto-describe Grid_Matrix_Code
Gridded Binary version 1 of the GRIB file format World Meteorological Organization fmt/284 GRIB
GROB file format GROB
Group code recording several distinct but related encoding methods for magnetic media GCR_encoding
GS1 DataBar type of barcode GS1_DataBar
GS1-128 type of barcode GS1-128
GSF file format GSF
GSpot software G-Spot
GUID Partition Table standard for the layout of the partition table on a physical storage device used in a desktop or server PC GUID_Partition_Table
Guitar Pro 4 file format Guitar_Pro_4
Gujarati numeral number system of the Gujarati script of South Asia Gujarati_numerals
Gurmukhi numerals numeral system used in the Gurmukhi alphabet for the Punjabi language in India Gurmukhi_numerals
GW-BASIC tokenized file Cannot auto-describe GW-BASIC_tokenized_file
GX1 file format GX1
GX2 file format GX2
GYM file format GYM
GZIP file format Jean-Loup Gailly
Mark Adler
x-fmt/266 <no value> RFC 1952: GZIP file format specification version 4.3 Gzip
h-adr microformat H-adr
h-card standard for publishing contact details in web pages H-card
h-entry microformat H-entry
h-event microformat H-event
h-feed microformat H-feed
h-product microformat H-product
h-recipe microformat H-recipe
h-resume microformat intended for marking up a résumé or CV for publication H-resume
h-review microformat H-review
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standard for video compression Moving Picture Experts Group
Video Coding Experts Group
fdd000081 H.264
H&R Block file format H&R_Block
HA file format HA
Habeas Warrant Mark Cannot auto-describe Habeas_Warrant_Mark
Hackaball Cannot auto-describe Hackaball
Haiku An operating system inspired by BeOS Category:Haiku (operating system) Haiku
Haiku Vector Icon Format file format Haiku_Vector_Icon_Format
Hamming code family of linear error-correcting codes Hamming_code
Han Xin Code Cannot auto-describe Han_Xin_Code
Hangul native alphabet of the Korean language jamo

Category:Hangul Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia Hangul
Hangul Word Processor Document file format Hancom fmt/1083 HWP
Hanner Linero Cannot auto-describe
hard disk drive data storage device hard disk drive platter
dynamic random-access memory
Category:Hard disk drives Hard_disk
Harmony remote Cannot auto-describe Harmony_remote
Harvard Graphics presentation and vector graphics program Software Publishing Corporation Harvard_Graphics
Haskell purely functional programming language Paul Hudak
Lennart Augustsson
John Hughes
Simon Peyton Jones
Erik Meijer
Philip Wadler
Category:Haskell programming language family Haskell
Hasselblad 3F RAW file format fmt/1062 Hasselblad_3FR
Hauntbox Cannot auto-describe Hauntbox
Hayes command set specific command language originally developed by Dennis Hayes for the Hayes Smartmodem 300 baud modem in 1981 Hayes_command_set
HD Barcode Cannot auto-describe HD_Barcode
HDRiRAW file format HDRiRAW
HDV (disk image) disk image format used for virtual hard disks used in conjunction with vintage-computer emulators HDV_(disk_image)
Hebrew numerals quasi-decimal alphabetic numeral system using the letters of the Hebrew alphabet Hebrew_numerals
Hemingwrite Cannot auto-describe Hemingwrite
Heroglyph Project Format file format Heroglyph_Project_Format
Heroku cloud platform as a service Heroku
Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language printer control language Hewlett-Packard HP-GL
HFS Plus file system developed by Apple Apple Inc. HFS+
HGT file format for elevation data for regions of the Earth's surface, as acquired by the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission HGT
Hi8 magnetic tape Sony Hi8
HIBC Cannot auto-describe HIBC
Hierarchical Data Format file format fmt/807
fmt/287 HDF
Hierarchical File System Apple file system for macOS Apple Inc. HFS
High Capacity Color Barcode technology developed by Microsoft for encoding data in a 2D "barcode" using clusters of colored triangles High_Capacity_Color_Barcode
High Efficiency Video Coding video compression format, a successor to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Moving Picture Experts Group
Video Coding Experts Group
Recommendation H.265: High efficiency video coding HEVC
High Level Shader Language shading language Microsoft High_Level_Shading_Language
HIPS file format HIPS
Hjson human-readable json Hjson
HKI file format HKI
hListing microformat HListing
hMedia microformat HMedia
HMI file format HMI
HMR file format HMR
hNews Microformat HNews
holography photographic technique using diffraction to produce three-dimensional images Category:Holography Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia Holography
HomeWord non-profit organisation in the USA HomeWord
Hoon Cannot auto-describe Hoon
Hopscotch app for teaching programming Hopscotch
Hotpoint stove fault codes Cannot auto-describe Hotpoint_stove_fault_codes
HP 100LX/200LX icon file format HP_100LX/200LX_icon
HP Paintjet file format HP_Paintjet
HR (TRS-80) Cannot auto-describe HR_(TRS-80)
hRecipe Microformat h-recipe
HRESULT data type used in Windows operating systems, and the earlier IBM/Microsoft OS/2 operating system, to represent error conditions, and warning conditions HRESULT
HSI JPEG file format HSI_JPEG
HSI Raw file format HSI_Raw
HTC splashscreen file format HTC_splashscreen
HTTP Archive format file format HAR
Hudson Entertainment System file format HES
HueCode Cannot auto-describe HueCode
Huffman coding entropy encoding algorithm used for lossless data compression David A. Huffman Huffman_coding
Hugo file format for the Hugo Interactive Fiction development system Hugo
HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System Unit Hydrograph file file format HydroCAD_Stormwater_Modeling_System_Unit_Hydrograph_file
HyperCard stack file format HyperCard_stack
hypermedia extension of the term hypertext, nonlinear medium of information that includes graphics, audio, video, plain text and hyperlinks Category:Hypermedia Hypermedia
HyperTalk programming language Apple Inc. HyperTalk
HyperText Markup Language file format fmt/96 fdd000475 RFC 2854: The 'text/html' Media Type HTML
Hypertext Transfer Protocol application protocol for distributed, collaborative, hypermedia information systems HTTP/1.0
Category:Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP
I-JSON restricted profile of JSON intended for Internet use RFC 7493: The I-JSON Message Format I-JSON
IANA character set name identifier of a character set issued by IANA IANA_character_set_name
IBM 5100 portable computer released by IBM in 1975 IBM_5100
IBM 80-column card punched card IBM_card
IBM 96-column card punched card format developed by IBM having 96 columns per a card instead of the usual 80 IBM_96-column_card
IBM Audio Visual Connection (AVC) Still Video Image still image file format IBM IBM_Audio_Visual_Connection_(AVC)_Still_Video_Image
IBM cassette tape compact cassette tape IBM IBM_PC_data_cassette
IBM KIPS bitmap file format IBM_KIPS_bitmap
IBM KIPS palette file format IBM_KIPS_bitmap
IBM Writing Assistant 1984 file format IBM IBM_Writing_Assistant
iCalendar computer file format fmt/388 fdd000394 RFC 5545: Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar)
RFC 2445: Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification (iCalendar)
ICC profile file format that characterizes a color input or output device International Color Consortium ICC_profile
ICDRAW Group Icon File file format ICDRAW_icon
ICDRAW Single Icon File file format ICDRAW_icon
ICE (ICEOWS) Cannot auto-describe ICE_(ICEOWS)
iCEDraw file format ICEDraw
ICO Windows icon file format Microsoft x-fmt/418 ICO
Icon library file format Icon_library
id Software Music Format file format id Software Id_Software_Music_Format
ID3 metadata container fdd000106 ID3
IEEE 754: IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic half-precision floating-point format
single-precision floating-point format
double-precision floating-point format
quadruple-precision floating-point format
decimal32 floating-point format
decimal64 floating-point format
decimal128 floating-point format IEEE_floating_point
IFF-DEEP file format <no value> <no value> IFF-DEEP
IFF-FAXX file format <no value> <no value> FAXX
IFF-MAUD file format <no value> <no value> IFF-MAUD
IMA file format IMA
Image Alchemy 1990s-era command-line utility for image processing and image format conversion Image_Alchemy
Image Capture Board file format TGA
Image Cytometry Standard file format fmt/577
Image Exchange Format file format Image_Exchange_Format
image file format standardized means of organizing and storing digital images Graphics
Image Processing Lab file format IPLab
ImageMagick free and open-source software ImageMagick Studio LLC ImageMagick
Imagic Film/Picture file format family Imagic Film/Picture, low resolution
Imagic Film/Picture, medium resolution
Imagic Film/Picture, high resolution
Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition Imagic_Film/Picture
Imagine Object File file format Imagine_Object_File
Imagine Texture File texture file format Imagine_Texture_File
Imago Orpheus module file format Imago_Orpheus_module
imake build automation system written for the X Window System Imake
IMD file format IMD
IMG (DOSIMG) Cannot auto-describe IMG_(DOSIMG)
IMG Picture Format file format Canvas_(Atari)
Img Software Set Blue Component file format Img_Software_Set
Img Software Set Colormapped Image file format Img_Software_Set
Img Software Set Green Component file format Img_Software_Set
Img Software Set Image Attributes file format Img_Software_Set
Img Software Set Red Component file format Img_Software_Set
ImgStar file format ImgStar
IMP file format IMP
Impression desktop publishing application for RISC OS Xara Impression
Impulse Tracker format file format fmt/715 Impulse_Tracker_module
Impulse Tracker sample file format Impulse_Tracker_sample
In the Groove PCK file format, from 2004 In_the_Groove_PCK
InBloom student data Cannot auto-describe InBloom_student_data
Indeo Video Format file format Indeo
IndyPaint file format IndyPaint
Inflate parody file compression format Inflate
Inform Inform 7 source file format Inform
Inform source code file file format Inform
Information Presentation Facility file format INF/HLP_(OS/2)
INI file file format x-fmt/421 INI
Initial Graphics Exchange Specification file format x-fmt/158 IGES
Inkjet Printer Data Stream file format Eastman Kodak IJPDS
Inno Setup self-extracting archive file format Inno_Setup_self-extracting_archive
InnoDB database file file format MySQL
INRS-Telecom file file format INRS-Telecom_file
Inset PIX file format Inset_PIX
InShape IIM file format InShape_IIM
Instabeat Cannot auto-describe Instabeat
InstallShield CAB compressed archive format InstallShield_CAB
InstallShield Z compressed archive format InstallShield_Z
Instant Artist GFX file format Instant_Artist_GFX
Instrument Bank file format Instrument_Bank
INTACTA.CODE Cannot auto-describe INTACTA.CODE
Intel HEX file format for conveying binary information Intel_HEX
Intellifont Font file format IntelliFont
Intelligent Mail barcode 65-bar barcode for use on mail in the United States United States Postal Service Intelligent_Mail_barcode
Interactive Color Raster file format ICR_(NCSA_Telnet)
interactive fiction video game genre Category:Interactive fiction Interactive_Fiction
INTERCAL Esoteric programming language INTERCAL
Interchange File Format file format Electronic Arts x-fmt/157 fdd000115 EA IFF 85 Standard for Interchange Format Files IFF
InterCode Cannot auto-describe InterCode
Intergraph Raster file format x-fmt/229 Intergraph_Raster
Interleaf image file format Interleaf_image
Interleaved 2 of 5 type of barcode Interleaved_2_of_5
International Image Interoperability Framework application programming interfaces designed to operate with the storage and presentation of digitized objects via a web-based interface IIIF Image API
IIIF Presentation API IIIF
International Standard Book Number unique numeric book identifier Category:International Standard Book Number ISBN
International Standard Recording Code international standard code for uniquely identifying sound recordings and music video recordings
International Standard Serial Number unique eight-digit number used to identify a print or electronic periodical publication Linking ISSN ISSN
Internet Adventure Game Engine interactive fiction development system IAGE
Internet Adventure Game Engine compiled game file format IAGE
Internet Adventure Game Engine source code file format IAGE
Internet Archive ARC file format family Internet Archive ARC, version 1.0
Internet Archive ARC, version 1.1
<no value> fdd000235 ARC_(Internet_Archive)
Internet Archive ARC, version 1.0 file format x-fmt/219 ARC_(Internet_Archive)
Internet Explorer favorites bookmark file format Microsoft Internet_Explorer_favorites
Internet Explorer history file file format Internet_Explorer_history_file
Internet Shortcut file format Microsoft x-fmt/454 Internet_Shortcut
InterPlanetary File System content-addressable, peer-to-peer hypermedia distribution protocol Protocol Labs IPFS
Interplay ACM file format Interplay_ACM
Inverse Frequency Sound format file format Inverse_Frequency_Sound_format
iOS mobile operating system by Apple Apple Inc. iPhone OS 1
iPhone OS 2
iPhone OS 3
iOS 4
iOS 5
iOS 6
iOS 7
iOS 8
iOS 9
iOS 10
iOS 11
iOS 12
Category:IOS IOS
iOS app subdirectory/data pack which contains all files which are part of an iOS application Apple Inc. IOS_app
iOS application archive archive file format Apple Inc. <no value> IPA
IPF binary format for raw hardware flux transition timings Software Preservation Society IPF
IPI file format IPI
IPS (binary patch format) Cannot auto-describe IPS_(binary_patch_format)
IPS archive Cannot auto-describe IPS_archive
IPS manifest file format IPS_manifest
IPTC 7901 news service text markup specification IPTC_message_format
IPTC Information Interchange Model metadata format used in some types of image files IPTC
IPUZ file format IPUZ
IRIS CMYK Front End Processor CT file format IRIS_CMYK_Front_End_Processor_CT
Island Graphics TIFF file format Island_Graphics_TIFF
ISO 2709: Information and documentation—Format for information exchange international standard ISO_2709
ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code RFCtwo-letter country codes defined in ISO 3166-1 ISO_3166-1_country_code
ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code three-letter country codes defined in ISO 3166-1 ISO_3166-1_country_code
ISO 3166-1 numeric code three-digit numeric code to identify countries ISO_3166-1_country_code
ISO 9660 file system standard for optical discs ISO_9660
ISO base media file format file format fdd000079 ISO_Base_Media_File_Format
ISO image archive file of an optical disc fmt/468 fdd000348 ISO_9660
ISO/IEC 646 international version of ASCII ISO 646:1983: Information processing—ISO 7-bit coded character set for information interchange
ISO/IEC 646:1991: Information technology—ISO 7-bit coded character set for information interchange
ISO/IEC 7813 IEC standard ISO/IEC_7813
ISO/IEC 8859 series of standards for 8-bit character encodings ISO/IEC 8859-1
ISO/IEC 8859-2
ISO/IEC 8859-3
ISO/IEC 8859-4
ISO/IEC 8859-5
ISO/IEC 8859-6
ISO/IEC 8859-7
ISO/IEC 8859-8
ISO/IEC 8859-9
ISO/IEC 8859-10
ISO/IEC 8859-11
ISO/IEC 8859-13
ISO/IEC 8859-14
ISO/IEC 8859-15
ISO/IEC 8859-16
Category:ISO/IEC 8859 ISO_8859
ISO/IEC 8859-1 character encoding ISO_8859-1
ISO/IEC 8859-15 ASCII-based standard character encodings in the ISO/IEC 8859 series ISO_8859-15
ISO/IEC 8859-2 IEC standard, Extended ASCII, and ISO standard, part of ISO/IEC 8859 ISO_8859-2
ISO/IEC 8859-3 part of the ISO/IEC 8859 series of ASCII-based standard character encodings ISO_8859-3
ISO/IEC 8859-6 IEC standard, Extended ASCII, and ISO standard, part of ISO/IEC 8859 ISO_8859-6
ISO/IEC 8859-7 IEC standard, Extended ASCII, and ISO standard, part of ISO/IEC 8859 ISO_8859-7
ISZ ISO CD/DVD image storage and transfer format ISZ
ITF-14 type of barcode ITF-14
iThmb file format Ithmb
iTunes Music Library, binary variant file format ITunes_Music_Library
iTunes Music Library, XML variant file format ITunes_Music_Library
IWA file format used by iWork Apple Inc. IWA
IWC file format IWC_(WaveL)
iWork Office suite of applications created by Apple Inc Apple Inc. Pages
Category:IWork IWork
J6I file format J6I
Jacquard loom loom fitted with a Jacquard machine for weaving complex patterned fabrics Jacquard mechanism Category:Jacquard looms Jacquard_Loom
JAGTAG type of barcode JAGTAG
JAN Cannot auto-describe JAN
Japanese postal barcode Cannot auto-describe Japanese_postal_barcode
JAR (ARJ Software) Cannot auto-describe JAR_(ARJ_Software)
Jason Page file format Jason_Page
Java archive archive file format Sun Microsystems
Oracle Corporation
x-fmt/412 JAR File Specification, JAVA SE v6 Jar
Java bytecode instruction set of the Java virtual machine Java_bytecode
Java class file file format x-fmt/415 Java
JavaScript file format that contains scripts in Javascript x-fmt/423 JavaScript
JavaScript Object Notation text-based open standard designed for human-readable data interchange fmt/817 fdd000381 Category:JSON RFC 8259: The JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) Data Interchange Format
JBIG file format JBIG
JBIG2 file format JBIG2
JCalG1 computer program and file format for Microsoft Windows JCalG1
JEDMICS C4 file format JEDMICS_C4
Jeff's Image Format file format Jeff%27s_Image_Format
Jenn-Air stove fault codes Cannot auto-describe Jenn-Air_stove_fault_codes
Jeskola Buzz song file format Jeskola_Buzz_song
JHOVE file format identification, validation & characterisation software JSTOR
Harvard Library
Open Preservation Foundation JHOVE
JIBO Cannot auto-describe JIBO
Jingle Card Cassette Cannot auto-describe Jingle_Card_Cassette
JIS encoding Collection of Japanese standards for digital character encoding JIS
JIS X 0201 Japanese single byte character encoding JIS_X_0201
Job Control Language scripting languages used on IBM mainframe operating systems to instruct the system on how to run a batch job or start a subsystem JCL
Joint Photographic Experts Group multiple related image file formats consisting of JFIF, EXIF, SPIFF and other file formats JPEG File Interchange Format
Exif image file
Still Picture Interchange File Format
JPEG file format category JPEG
JOT experimental word processor designed by Ted Nelson Jonathan Vos Post JOT
Jovian Logic VI file format Jovian_Logic_VI
JP2 file format x-fmt/392 fdd000143 JP2
JPC x86 emulator written in pure Java
JPEG 2000 image compression standard and coding system Joint Photographic Experts Group JP2
Motion JPEG 2000
JPEG 2000 compound image
JPEG 2000 Interactive Protocol
fdd000143 JPEG_2000
JPEG 2000 compound image file format fmt/463 fdd000144 JPM
JPEG File Interchange Format image file format with multiple editions Compressed Image File Formats JFIF
JPEG Network Graphics file format fmt/529 JNG
JPEG XR file format Joint Photographic Experts Group fmt/590 JPEG_XR
JPEG XT file format JPEG_XT
JPEG-HDR file format JPEG-HDR
JPEG-LS Lossless and near-lossless compression of continuous-tone still images Joint Photographic Experts Group fmt/150 JPEG-LS
JPS file format JPS
JPX file format fmt/151 fdd000154 JPX
JSON API Cannot auto-describe JSON_API
JSON-LD JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data, a method of encoding Linked Data using JSON fmt/880
JSON-RPC computer network protocol JSON-RPC
JSONx IBM's format for representing JSON in XML IBM JSONx
JuggaloCoin digital currency, named after Juggalo, from 2014 JuggaloCoin
Julia high-performance dynamic programming language Jeff Bezanson
Stefan Karpinski
Alan Edelman
Viral B. Shah Julia
K25 file format Kodak
Kaitai Struct file format Kaitai_Struct
Kannada numerals numerical digit and Indian numerals, part of Kannada alphabet Kannada_numerals
Kansas City standard digital data format for audio cassette drives Kansas_City_Standard_data_cassette
Kate file format Kate
Kayah numerals Cannot auto-describe Kayah_numerals
KDC (DC-Series) file format Kodak
KDC (P-Series) file format Kodak
Kelvinator stove fault codes Cannot auto-describe Kelvinator_stove_fault_codes
Ken's Adlib Music file format Ken's_Adlib_Music
Keurig 2.0 Cannot auto-describe Keurig_2.0
Keybase filesystem free software and cryptographic file system Keybase_filesystem
Keyhole Markup Language notation for expressing geographic annotation and visualization within Internet-based maps Keyhole, Inc
fmt/244 fdd000340 Category:Keyhole Markup Language KML
Keynote file format Apple Inc. Keynote
Keynote Zipped file format Apple Inc. Keynote
KGB Archiver utility software, file archiver, and free software for Microsoft Windows, from 2006 KGB_Archiver
Khmer numbers numeral system Khmer_numerals
Khoros Visualization image, version 1.0 file format VIFF
Khoros Visualization image, version 2.0 file format VIFF
Khronos Texture file format fmt/970 KTX
KIM-1 data cassette Cannot auto-describe KIM-1_data_cassette
Kingsoft Office office suite software by Kingsoft Kingsoft
KiriKiri Adventure Game System Cannot auto-describe KiriKiri_Adventure_Game_System
KiSS CEL 4-bit file format KiSS_CEL
KiSS CEL 8-bit file format KiSS_CEL
KiSS color file file format KiSS_CEL
Kitchen Aid built-in microwave oven fault codes Cannot auto-describe Kitchen_Aid_built-in_microwave_oven_fault_codes
Kitchen Aid Cooktop fault codes file format Whirlpool Corporation Kitchen_Aid_Cooktop_fault_codes
Kitchen Aid front loading automatic washer fault codes Cannot auto-describe Kitchen_Aid_front_loading_automatic_washer_fault_codes
Kitchen Aid front loading gas and electric dryer fault codes Cannot auto-describe Kitchen_Aid_front_loading_gas_and_electric_dryer_fault_codes
Kitchen Aid stove fault codes fault code for Kitchen Aid stove Kitchen_Aid_stove_fault_codes
KIWI GPS navigation system Cannot auto-describe KIWI_GPS_navigation_system
KIX barcode Cannot auto-describe KIX_barcode
KoalaPainter compressed file format KoalaPainter
KoalaPainter uncompressed file format KoalaPainter
Kodachrome brand name for a non-substantive, color reversal film introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1935. Category:Kodachrome Kodachrome
Kodak TIFF file format Kodak
KOI character encodings character encoding KOI8-R
Kolor Raw file format Kolor_Raw
Kontron company KONTRON
Konvertor file manager software Konvertor
Korean Postal Authority Code barcode used for mail sorting in South Korea Korean_Postal_Authority_Code
Kreyos consumer electronics company which was based in San Francisco, California Kreyos
KRIS Packer/ChipTracker module file format KRIS_Packer_/_ChipTracker_module
Krita document file format fmt/999 Krita
KSS file format KSS
KSSX file format KSSX
Kt Interchange File Format file format KIFF
La Lossless Audio file format LA
language tag abbreviated language code defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Internet Engineering Task Force RFC 5646: Tags for Identifying Languages IETF_language_tag
Lantern device under development Lantern
Lao numerals numeral system Lao_numerals
Laserdisc optical video disc format Category:Laserdisc Museum of Obsolete Media Laserdisc
Latent image barcode Cannot auto-describe Latent_image_barcode
LaTeX document markup language Leslie Lamport Category:LaTeX LaTeX
Layered Image File Format file format LIFF
LazPaint raster graphics editor and free software for Windows XP LazPaint
LazPaint LZP file format file format LazPaint
LBR archive file format for Commodore 64 systems LBR_(Commodore)
LBR file format LBR
LDAP Data Interchange Format standard plain text data interchange format for representing LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory content and update requests fmt/611 RFC 2849: The LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) - Technical Specification LDIF
Leaf MOS file format Leaf_MOS
Lego construction toy Category:Lego Lego
Lemon file format, from 2011 Lemon
Lempel-Ziv, Finite State Entropy data compression algorithm Apple Inc. LZFSE
Lempel–Ziv–Markov Algorithm algorithm used to perform lossless data compression Igor Pavlov LZMA
Lempel–Ziv–Oberhumer fast lossless data compression algorithm Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer LZO
Lempel–Ziv–Storer–Szymanski lossless data compression algorithm LZSS
Lempel–Ziv–Welch universal lossless data compression algorithm fdd000135 LZW
Lepton file format for losslessly compressing JPEGs Lepton
LevelDB Open-source key-value store system written by Google Jeff Dean LevelDB
LHA file format Haruyasu Yoshizaki fmt/626 LHA
Liberty IM Cannot auto-describe Liberty_IM
LibraryBox Cannot auto-describe LibraryBox
Libwww-perl cookie jar file format Libwww-perl_cookie_jar
LIFX Smart Light brand LIFX
Light Sheet Microscope file format LSM
Lightning Strike file format Lightning_Strike
Lightwave 3D Object 3D object file format (non-layered) LightWave_Object
LightWave Scene LightWave Scene file format LightWave_Scene
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol computer network protocol RFC 4510: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Technical Specification Road Map
RFC 1487: X.500 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
RFC 1777: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
RFC 3494: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol version 2 (LDAPv2) to Historic Status
RFC 1959: An LDAP URL Format
RFC 2255: The LDAP URL Format
RFC 4516: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Uniform Resource Locator
RFC 3377: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): Technical Specification
RFC 2251: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3)
RFC 2252: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): Attribute Syntax Definitions
RFC 2253: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): UTF-8 String Representation of Distinguished Names
RFC 2254: The String Representation of LDAP Search Filters
RFC 2256: A Summary of the X.500(96) User Schema for use with LDAPv3
RFC 2829: Authentication Methods for LDAP
RFC 4511: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): The Protocol
RFC 4513: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP): Authentication Methods and Security Mechanisms
RFC 2559: Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Operational Protocols - LDAPv2
RFC 2587: Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure LDAPv2 Schema
RFC 2589: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (v3): Extensions for Dynamic Directory Services
RFC 2596: Use of Language Codes in LDAP
RFC 2696: LDAP Control Extension for Simple Paged Results Manipulation
RFC 2798: Definition of the inetOrgPerson LDAP Object Class
RFC 2820: Access Control Requirements for LDAP
RFC 2891: LDAP Control Extension for Server Side Sorting of Search Results
RFC 3062: LDAP Password Modify Extended Operation
RFC 3112: LDAP Authentication Password Schema
RFC 3296: Named Subordinate References in Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Directories
RFC 3383: Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) Considerations for the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
RFC 3384: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (version 3) Replication Requirements
LikeUs Cannot auto-describe LikeUs
LilyPond free software scorewriter GNU Project LilyPond
Linear Executable file format Microsoft
linear pulse-code modulation method used to digitally represent sampled analog signals fdd000011 LPCM
Linear Tape File System file system that allows files stored on magnetic tape to be accessed in a similar fashion to those on disk or removable flash drives IBM Linear_Tape_File_System
Lingo bytecode Cannot auto-describe Lingo_bytecode
Linked Data Platform RESTful HTTP Semantic Web specification Linked_Data_Platform
Linux operating system family that use the Linux kernel, including GNU/Linux and Android Category:Linux Linux
Linux Unified Key Setup disk encryption software Clemens Fruhwirth LUKS
Liquid Digitized Sample file format Liquid_Digitized_Sample
Liquid Tracker module file format Liquid_Tracker_module
Lisp programming language John McCarthy
Steve Russell
Category:Lisp (programming language) LISP
list of archive formats Wikimedia list article Archiving
list of digital currencies Wikimedia list article Currency
list of digital forensics tools Wikimedia list article Forensics_and_Law_Enforcement
list of disk magazines Wikimedia list article Diskmagazines
list of distributed computing projects Wikimedia list article Distributed_computing_projects
list of emulators Wikimedia list article Emulation_Software
list of motion and gesture file formats Wikimedia list article Acclaim_ASF/AMC
LiteWave file format LiteWave
LMMS music file file format LMMS
Loadstar disk magazine for the Commodore 64 computer Loadstar
Lock file Cannot auto-describe Lock_file
Lockitron device manufactured by Apigy which can lock and unlock doors via remote control, typically via a smartphone Lockitron
LOCO-I lossless and "near-lossless" image compression algorithm Hewlett-Packard LOCO-I
LocoScript word processor LocoScript
Logo computer programming language Seymour Papert
Idit Harel Caperton
Cynthia Solomon
long double floating-point data type Long_double
Long-term prediction scheme employed in order to reduce the amount of data sent between the mobile station (MS) and base transceiver station (BTS) GSM
Longaccess Cannot auto-describe Longaccess
Lossless JPEG file format Lossless_JPEG_(original)
Lossless predictive audio compression lossless audio coding format LPAC
Lotus 1-2-3 software Lotus Software
Jonathan Sachs
IBM Lotus_1-2-3
Lotus 1-2-3 Chart image file format Lotus Software x-fmt/82 Lotus_1-2-3_Chart
Lotus Manuscript graphics file format Lotus_Manuscript_graphics
Lotus WordPro Document file format Lotus Software x-fmt/340 Lotus_Word_Pro
Lrzip file format related to lrzip compression utility Lrzip
LSB 3D scene format for the Lightscape radiosity calculator / renderer LSB
LSS16 file format LSS16
Lua lightweight programming language Roberto Ierusalimschy Category:Lua (programming language) Lua
Lucasfilm picture file format Lucasfilm_picture
LuraDocument Format file format LuraDocument_Format
LuraWave file format LuraWave
LuraWave JPEG-2000 Code Stream Format file format JPC_(LuraWave)
LXBeams Light Plot theatrical lighting design file format LXBeams_Light_Plot
Lynx archive file format Lynx_archive
Lynx bookmarks bookmark file format for the Lynx browser Lynx_bookmarks
Lytro file format Lytro
LZ4 file format LZ4
LZ77 lossless data compression algorithm LZ77
LZ78 data compression LZ78
LZHAM Cannot auto-describe LZHAM
lzip compression software for Unix-like, from 2008 Lzip
LZMA Alone Cannot auto-describe LZMA_Alone
lzop command-line compressor for LZO Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer Lzop
LZX file format LZX
LZX compression algorithm LZX
M-DISC variety of optical disc designed for long-term archival storage M-Disc
M2k file format for the qualitative data analysis software from MAXQDA M2k
m4 computer language M4
MacBinary file format Apple Inc. MacBinary
MacDraw Raster-based drawing application released along with System 6 in 1984 Apple Inc. MacDraw
Mach-O file format Carnegie Mellon University
Apple Inc.
fmt/693 Mach-O
machine code set of instructions executed directly by a computer's central processing unit (CPU) Category:Machine code Machine_language
Machine-Readable Cataloging digital formats for library cataloguing Henriette Avram UNIMARC MARC
Macintosh File System file system Apple Inc. MFS
Macintosh resource file file format Macintosh_resource_file
MacPaint software Apple Inc.
Claris MacPaint
MacPaint file format x-fmt/161 MacPaint
Macromedia Director, compressed Macintosh variant file format fmt/486 Shockwave_(Director)
Macromedia Director, compressed PC variant file format fmt/486 Shockwave_(Director)
Macromedia Director, uncompressed Macintosh variant file format fmt/317 Shockwave_(Director)
Macromedia Director, uncompressed PC variant file format x-fmt/341 Shockwave_(Director)
MacWavelets Cannot auto-describe MacWavelets
MacWrite WYSIWYG word processor application released along with the first Apple Macintosh systems in 1984 Apple Inc. MacWrite
MadTracker 2 format file format MadTracker_2_module
Maestro file format Maestro
Magic Chef stove fault codes Cannot auto-describe Magic_Chef_stove_fault_codes
Magick Image File Format file format fmt/930 MIFF
Magick Persistent Cache (.cache file) file format Magick_Persistent_Cache
Magick Persistent Cache (.mpc file) file format Magick_Persistent_Cache
Magnet URI scheme scheme that defines the format of magnet links block lock link Magnet_URI
magnetic stripe card card which stores data on a stripe of magnetic material magnetic stripe Magnetic_stripe_card
magnetic tape medium for magnetic recording Category:Magnetic tapes Magnetic_tape
magnetic tape data storage system for storing digital information on magnetic tape using digital recording Magnetic_tape_data_storage
magneto-optical drive rotating storage medium Category:Magneto-optical discs Magneto-optical_drive
Maildir e-mail format Daniel J. Bernstein Maildir
Mailpile free software for Linux
make standard UNIX utility for build automation Stuart Feldman Makefile
Make-A-Melody song file file format Make-A-Melody
Makefile file containing a set of directives used with the make build automation tool Makefile
Maker Interchange Format file format Adobe x-fmt/162 Maker_Interchange_Format
MAKIchan Graphics MAG file format MAKIchan_Graphics
MAKIchan Graphics MAX file format MAKIchan_Graphics
MAKIchan Graphics MKI file format MAKIchan_Graphics
Malayalam numeral numeral system Malayalam_numerals
MAME emulation software that aims to recreate the hardware of many arcade game systems Nicola Salmoria MESS MAME
Mamiya MEF file format Mamiya_MEF
man page electronic documentation file format Man_page
Manga Studio Page file format Manga_Studio
Manga Studio Story file format Manga_Studio
Mapsforge Binary Map file format fmt/915 Mapsforge_Binary_Map
MariaDB error codes Cannot auto-describe MariaDB_error_codes
Mario Paint Composer file format Mario_Paint_Composer
Mario Sequencer file file format Mario_Sequencer_file
Mark Sense card type of punched card produced by IBM IBM Mark_Sense_card
Markdeep file format that is an extension of Markdown intended to be viewed in a web browser Markdeep
Markdown plain text formatting syntax, which is popularly used to format readme files Aaron Swartz
John Gruber
RFC 7763: The text/markdown Media Type Markdown
markup language language for annotating a document Category:Markup languages Markup
master boot record special type of boot sector at the very beginning of partitioned computer mass storage devices Master_Boot_Record
Master of Orion saved game file format Master_of_Orion_saved_game
Master Quality Authenticated file format MQA
Master Tracker module file format Master_Tracker_module
MAT-file file format family used by MATLAB (and compatible programs) for storing data MAT-file, Level 5, version 6
MAT-file, Level 4
MAT-file, Level 5, version 7
MAT-file, Level 5, version 7.3
Material Exchange Format Object-based file format that wraps video, audio, and other bitstreams Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers JPEG 2000 fmt/200
fdd000013 MXF
Material Template Library file format Wavefront_MTL
Matlab figure file format Wolfram Research Matlab_figure
MATLAB M-File file format used by MATLAB (and compatible programs) for scripts and function files MathWorks MATLAB_script_file
Matroska file format family Matroska Audio
Matroska Video
Matroska Subtitles
Matroska 3D Stereoscopic video
fmt/569 fdd000342 Matroska
Matroska 3D Stereoscopic video file format MK3D
Matroska Audio file format fdd000346
Matroska Video file format fdd000344
Mattel Aquarius BASIC tokenized file Cannot auto-describe Mattel_Aquarius_BASIC_tokenized_file
Mattel Aquarius character set Cannot auto-describe Mattel_Aquarius_character_set
MAX (3ds Max) file format fmt/978 MAX_(3ds_Max)
MaxiCode machine-readable symbol system originally created and used by United Parcel Service MaxiCode
Maya IFF file format Maya_IFF
Maya scene file format Maya Binary File Format, 64 bit
Maya ASCII File Format
Maytag stove fault codes fault codes relevant to Maytag stoves Maytag_stove_fault_codes
MazaCoin cryptocurrency
MBASIC tokenized file Cannot auto-describe MBASIC_tokenized_file
MBM image file format Windows Bitmap EPOC_MBM
Mbox generic term for a family of related file formats used for storing collections of electronic mail messages fmt/720 fdd000383 RFC 4155: The application/mbox Media Type Mbox
MCode Cannot auto-describe MCode
mcrypt encryption software and file format MCrypt
MD4 obsolete cryptographic hash function RFC 1320: The MD4 Message-Digest Algorithm
RFC 1186: MD4 Message Digest Algorithm
RFC 6150: MD4 to Historic Status
MD5 message-digest hashing algorithm fmt/993 Chosen-prefix collisions for MD5 and applications
RFC 1321: The MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm
RFC 1810: Report on MD5 Performance
MDL Molfile file format MDL Information Systems MOL
MDR (Floppy Disk) format used to store musical registration and song settings used in the Yamaha Electone range of electronic Organs MDR_(Floppy_Disk)
MDX file format MDX
mechanical computer computer built from mechanical components such as levers and gears, rather than electronic components Category:Mechanical computers Mechanical_computer
MediaStream Processing API Cannot auto-describe MediaStream_Processing_API
MediaTrace file format MediaTrace
MediaWiki wiki software Wikimedia Foundation Category:MediaWiki MediaWiki
MEGA file system filesystem used in the cloud-based encrypted virtual disks made available to users of the MEGA system Kim Dotcom MEGA_file_system
MegaPaint BLD file format TommySoftware MegaPaint_BLD
Memory Stick Voice file format Sony fmt/472 Memory_Stick_Voice
Memoto Cannot auto-describe Memoto
Mercurial cross-platform, distributed revision-control tool for software developers Mercurial
Meridian Lossless Packing file format Meridian Audio fmt/972 MLP
Meta Cannot auto-describe Meta
Meta Raster Format Cannot auto-describe Meta_Raster_Format
Meta-Package File Cannot auto-describe Meta-Package_File
metadata data about data Category:Metadata Metadata
Metadata Authority Description Schema XML schema MADS
Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard XML schema Digital Library Federation METS
Metadata Object Description Schema XML-based bibliographic description schema MODS
Metafont font description language Donald Knuth Metafont
metaformat type of file format which describes other file formats Metaformats
MetaMorph Stack file format MetaMorph_Stack
Meteosat data file format Meteosat_data
MGR bitmap file format MGR_bitmap
MHTML file format x-fmt/429 RFC 2557: MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate Documents, such as HTML (MHTML) MHTML
Microcassette magnetic tape based audio storage medium introduced by Olympus in 1969 Olympus Category:Microcassette Museum of Obsolete Media Microcassette
MicroDesign Area file format MDA
MicroDesign Page file format MDA
microform scaled-down reproductions of documents made for the purposes of transmission, storage, reading, and printing Microform
Micrografx Draw file format x-fmt/47 Micrografx_Draw
Micrografx Draw, version 3 file format x-fmt/294 Micrografx_Draw
Micrografx Icon file format Micrografx_Icon
MicroPDF417 Cannot auto-describe MicroPDF417
Microsoft Access Database file format family Microsoft Access
Microsoft Compiled HTML Help file format Microsoft fmt/634 CHM
Microsoft Document Imaging Format file format Microsoft fmt/881 MDI
Microsoft Dynamics AX software, part of Microsoft Dynamics Microsoft Microsoft_Dynamics_AX
Microsoft Excel spreadsheet editor, part of Microsoft Office Microsoft Category:Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Fax At Work Document file format AWD_(At_Work_Document)
Microsoft Image Composer file format Microsoft_Image_Composer
Microsoft Library file format Microsoft Microsoft_Library
Microsoft Object Description Language file format Microsoft ODL_(Microsoft_Object_Description_Language)
Microsoft Office suite of office programs produced by Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Access
Skype for Business
Microsoft InfoPath
Microsoft Visio
Category:Microsoft Office Microsoft_Office
Microsoft Office File List file format Microsoft_Office_File_List
Microsoft OneDrive online office suite and file host from Microsoft Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft Paint, version 1 file format x-fmt/214 MSP_(Microsoft_Paint)
Microsoft Paint, version 2 file format fmt/912 MSP_(Microsoft_Paint)
Microsoft PowerPoint presentation application, Microsoft Office Microsoft Microsoft_PowerPoint
Microsoft Publisher file format family file format family Microsoft Microsoft Publisher file format, version 1.0
Microsoft Publisher file format, version 2.0
Microsoft Publisher file format, version 3.0
Microsoft Publisher file format, version 8.0
Microsoft Publisher file format, version 8.5
Microsoft Publisher file format, version 9.0
Microsoft Publisher file format, version 10.0
Microsoft Publisher file format, version 11.0
Microsoft Publisher file format, version 12.0
Microsoft Publisher file format, version 14.0
Microsoft Publisher file format, version 15.0
Microsoft Publisher file format, version 16.0
<no value> Microsoft_Publisher
Microsoft Publisher Pack and Go file format file format <no value> PUZ
Microsoft Update Standalone Package file format used to redistribute standalone Windows updates Microsoft Microsoft_Update_Standalone_Package
Microsoft Visio diagramming and vector graphics software application Microsoft Visio
Microsoft Word word processor developed by Microsoft Microsoft Category:Microsoft Word Microsoft_Word
Microsoft Word document template file format x-fmt/45
Microsoft Word for MS-DOS software Microsoft Microsoft_Word
Microsoft Works productivity software suite Microsoft Microsoft_Works
Microsoft Works Database file format file format Microsoft x-fmt/344 Microsoft_Works_Database
Microsoft Works Spreadsheet file format Microsoft x-fmt/120 Microsoft_Works_Spreadsheet
Microsoft Works Word Processor file format family file format family Microsoft_Works_Word_Processor
Microsoft XNA Compiled Format file format Microsoft Microsoft_XNA_Compiled_Format
mime.types configuration file about media type Mime.types
MINC file format Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital MINC
Mind Manager formats File format family Early Mind Manager XML format Mind_Manager_formats
MiniCode Cannot auto-describe MiniCode
MiniDV video cassette format MiniDV
Minolta Digital Camera file format Minolta_MDC_(Minolta_RD-175)
Minolta RAW file format fmt/669 Minolta_MRW
MintChip digital currency created by the Royal Canadian Mint MintChip
mIRC scripting language scripting language embedded in mIRC, an IRC client for Windows MIRC_scripting_language
MITAB file format Proteomics Standards Initiative Broadening the horizon – level 2.5 of the HUPO-PSI format for molecular interactions MITAB
MIX Cannot auto-describe MIX
MIX file format Microsoft fmt/936 MIX_(Picture_It!)
MIX (PhotoDraw) file format Microsoft fmt/594 MIX_(PhotoDraw)
Mixed Raster Content file format Mixed_Raster_Content
MLM file format MLM
Mm file format Mm
MOBI file format Mobipocket fmt/396 fdd000472 MOBI
Mobile multi-coloured composite type of barcode MMCC
modem device that modulates an analog carrier signal to encode digital information Category:Modems Modem
Modified Frequency Modulation run-length limited line code, used to encode the actual data-bits on most floppy disks; first introduced in disk drives with the IBM 3330 hard disk drive in 1970 MFM_encoding
Modified Huffman coding used in fax machines to encode black on white images Modified_Huffman
Modified Modified READ image compression algorithm Modified_Modified_READ
Modified READ Cannot auto-describe Modified_READ
Modo Software The Foundry Visionmongers LXO
MongoDB cross-platform document-oriented database MongoDB Inc. MongoDB
Monkey's Audio file format fmt/1086 Monkey's_Audio
Monkey's Audio algorithm for lossless audio compression Monkey's_Audio
Mono file format Mono
Monochrome Recursive Format file format MRF_(Monochrome_Recursive_Format)
Monu-CAD CAD program for designing monuments and headstones Monu-CAD
Moodle e-learning platform Martin Dougiamas Category:Moodle Moodle
Mork file format fmt/612 Mork
Morse code method of transmitting text information as a series of on-off signals Category:Morse code Morse_code
Mosaic hotlists bookmark file format for Mosaic browser Mosaic_hotlists
Motion JPEG 2000 file format fmt/337 fdd000127 MJ2
Motor Vehicle Event Data Recorder Cannot auto-describe Automotive_black_box
Mouse Calc Cannot auto-describe Mouse_Calc
Moving Blocks Cannot auto-describe Moving_Blocks
Moving Picture Experts Group working group of experts Category:MPEG MPEG
Mozilla Archive file format Mozilla Corporation Mozilla_Archive
Mozilla Archive Format file format MAFF
MP3 open standard lossy compression format for digital audio Fraunhofer Society
Karlheinz Brandenburg
Heinz Gerhäuser
Bernhard Grill
Harald Popp
fmt/134 fdd000012 Category:MP3 MP3
MPEG-1 standard for compression of video and audio Moving Picture Experts Group fmt/649
MPEG-1 program stream file format Moving Picture Experts Group x-fmt/385 MPEG-1
MPEG-2 program stream file format Moving Picture Experts Group x-fmt/386 MPEG-2
MPEG-3 designation for a group of audio and video coding standards MPEG-3
MPEG-4 Family of standards defining compression of audio and visual digital data Moving Picture Experts Group fmt/199 fdd000037 Category:MPEG-4 MP4
MPEG-4 Part 14 digital multimedia format most commonly used to store video and audio fmt/199 MP4
MPEG-4 Scalable Lossless Coding extension to the MPEG-4 Part 3 (MPEG-4 Audio) standard MPEG-4_SLS
MPlayer bitmap font Cannot auto-describe MPlayer_bitmap_font
MPLS file format MPLS
MRC file format British Medical Research Council MRC
MrSID file format LizardTech fmt/392 fdd000031
MS-DOS discontinued operating system for x86 Microsoft IO.SYS
MS-DOS Editor
Category:MS-DOS MS-DOS
MS-DOS installation compression Cannot auto-describe MS-DOS_installation_compression
MS-DOS version 3.30 version of the MS-DOS operating system Microsoft MS-DOS_3.30
MSA (Magic Shadow Archiver) floppy disk image format for Atari computers MSA_(Magic_Shadow_Archiver)
MSI Barcode barcode symbology MSI
MSX BASIC graphics file format MSX_BASIC_graphics
MSX Interchange Format file format MIF_(MSX)
mtree file format associated with the mtree utility from BSD Unix Mtree
MTV ray tracer bitmap file format MTV_ray_tracer_bitmap
Multi Palette Picture file format Multi_Palette_Picture
Multi Picture Object file format Camera & Imaging Products Association CIPA DC-007-2009 Multi-Picture Format Multi-Picture_Format
Multiboot Specification standard specifying a file format for bootable kernels and requirements for boot loaders that execute them Multiboot
Multics operating system Massachusetts Institute of Technology
General Electric
Bell Labs Multics
MultiMate word processing software MultiMate_Professional_Word_Processor
Multipage Z-Soft Paintbrush Bitmap Graphics file format x-fmt/348 DCX
multipart/form-data Data format and media type RFC 7578: Returning Values from Forms: multipart/form-data Multipart/Form-Data
Multiple Resolution Bitmap file format Segmented_Hypergraphics
Multiple-image Network Graphics file format Portable Network Graphics
JPEG Network Graphics
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Internet standard that extends the format of email Category:MIME RFC 2046: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Two: Media Types
RFC 2184: MIME Parameter Value and Encoded Word Extensions: Character Sets, Languages, and Continuations
RFC 1521: MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Part One: Mechanisms for Specifying and Describing the Format of Internet Message Bodies
RFC 1522: MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Part Two: Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text
RFC 2045: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part One: Format of Internet Message Bodies
RFC 2047: MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Part Three: Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text
RFC 2048: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Four: Registration Procedures
RFC 2049: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) Part Five: Conformance Criteria and Examples
MultiTracker format file format fmt/719 Multi_Track_Module
MUMPS programming language MUMPS
Musepack file format Musepack_Audio
music box automatic musical instrument Music_box
Music Editor format file format OctaMED_module_(MED)
Music Macro Language programming language for generating computerized music Music_Macro_Language
music software software used for musical composition, digital recording, the creation of electronic music, and other musical applications Category:Music software Music_score_and_production_file_creation_software
musical notation graphic writing of musical parameters Category:Musical notation Riemann's Music Dictionary (1901–1904) Musical_notation
Musink project file format Musink
MVG file format MVG
MyHeritage Family Tree Builder file format MyHeritage_Family_Tree_Builder
Myspace social networking website Category:Myspace Lentapedia MySpace
MySQL SQL database engine software MySQL AB
Sun Microsystems
Oracle Corporation
Category:MySQL MySQL
MySQL error code error code returned by the MySQL database server MySQL_error_codes
MzML file format mzML: a single, unifying data format for mass spectrometer output
Mass spectrometer output file format mzML
N-Dimensional Data Format Cannot auto-describe N-Dimensional_Data_Format
Namecoin cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin Marjorie-Wiki Namecoin
NASA Object Description Language generic structured data format developed by NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration ODL_(NASA_Object_Description_Language)
NASA Raster Metafile file format NASA_Raster_Metafile
NASCOM BASIC tokenized file Cannot auto-describe NASCOM_BASIC_tokenized_file
NASDAQ TotalView-ITCH, version 4.1 file format NASDAQ ITCH
National Imagery Transmission Format Standard file format National Imagery Transmission Format, version 2.1
National Imagery Transmission Format, version 2.0
National Imagery Transmission Format, version 1.1
National Imagery Transmission Format, version 1.0
National Transmission Format file format Association for Geographic Information National_Transmission_Format
Native Image File Format file format NIFF_(xloadimage)
Navy Image File Format file format NIFF_(Navy_Image_File_Format)
NDS Cannot auto-describe NDS
Nearly Raw Raster Data file format family NRRD
Nearly Raw Raster Data software library NRRD
Nearly Raw Raster Data, version 1 version 1 of the Nearly Raw Raster Data file format fmt/1002 NRRD
Nearly Raw Raster Data, version 2 version 2 of the Nearly Raw Raster file format fmt/1003 NRRD
Nearly Raw Raster Data, version 3 version 3 of the Nearly Raw Raster Data file format fmt/1004 NRRD
Nearly Raw Raster Data, version 4 version 4 of the Nearly Raw Raster Data file format fmt/1005 NRRD
Nearly Raw Raster Data, version 5 version 5 of the Nearly Raw Raster Data file format fmt/1006 NRRD
Nemeth Braille Braille code Abraham Nemeth Nemeth_Code
NEOchrome file format Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition NEOchrome
NEOchrome Animation file format Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition NEOchrome_Animation
NeoDesk icon file format NeoDesk_icon
Neos digital currency Neos
Nerdtracker II module file format Nerdtracker_II_module
Nero CoverDesigner Document file format Nero_CoverDesigner
Nero CoverDesigner Template file format Nero_CoverDesigner
Nero Super Video CD compilation file format NSD
NES Sound Format file format NES_Sound_Format
NES Sound Format Extended file format NES_Sound_Format_Extended
NetCDF file format University Corporation for Atmospheric Research fmt/283
fdd000332 NetCDF
Netpbm software library Netpbm
Netscape bookmarks file format fmt/1132 Netscape_bookmarks
New Executable file format Microsoft x-fmt/410 New_Executable
NewIcons file format NewIcons
NewIcons third-party extension to the icon handling system for AmigaOS 2 and newer NewIcons
News Industry Text Format XML specification published by the International Press Telecommunications Council International Press Telecommunications Council
Newspaper Association of America
fdd000014 News_Industry_Text_Format
Newsroom file format The_Newsroom
NeXT 2-bit RLE Cannot auto-describe NeXT_2-bit_RLE
NFC Ring Cannot auto-describe NFC_Ring
NFF scene description format Eric Haines Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition NFF
NFO file format <no value> NFO
Nginx sites-available Cannot auto-describe Nginx_sites-available
Nickfile file format Microsoft Nickfile
NIF file format NIF
NII version 2 of the Neuroimaging Informatics Technology Initiative file format fmt/1094 NII
Nikon Capture Image Dust Off File file format Nikon
Nikon Dust File file format Nikon
Nikon Electronic File file format Nikon fmt/202 Nikon
Nikon Electronic Format (Coolscan variant) file format Nikon
Nikon Electronic Format (Nikon D1 variant) file format Nikon
Nikon RAW file format Nikon fmt/202 Nikon
Nintendo Game Boy cartridge SAV file file format Nintendo GB
Nintendo GameCube/Wii ADP file format Nintendo_GameCube_/_Wii_ADP
Nintendo GameCube/Wii AST file format Nintendo_GameCube_/_Wii_AST
Nintendo GameCube/Wii BRSTM file format Nintendo_GameCube_/_Wii_BRSTM
NIST IHead file format NIST_IHead
Nko numerals Cannot auto-describe Nko_numerals
Nock programming language Nock
Node.js Server-side JavaScript framework Node.js Foundation Category:Node.js Node.js
nofollow microformat to indicate to some search engines that a link should not influence the link's target search rankings Rel-nofollow
NoiseTracker module file format NoiseTracker_module
Nokia Group Graphic file format Nokia_Group_Graphic
Nokia Logo Manager bitmap file format Nokia_Logo_Manager_bitmap
Nokia Operator Logo file format Nokia_Operator_Logo
Nokia Picture Message file format Nokia_Picture_Message
Nokia Startup Logo file format Nokia_Startup_Logo
North American Presentation Level Protocol Syntax graphics language for use originally with videotex and teletext services NAPLPS
Notation Interchange File Format file format fmt/974 Notation_Interchange_File_Format
Notes Storage Facility file format Lotus Software Notes_Storage_Facility
NovaMind file format Nmind
noweb literate programming tool Noweb
Noweb file format Noweb
NSIS file format NSIS
NTFS proprietary file system developed by Microsoft Microsoft NTFS
NTSC analog television system NTSC
NuFX file format NuFX
Numbers file format Apple Inc. fmt/825 Numbers
Numbers Zipped file format Apple Inc. Numbers
numeral system writing system for expressing numbers Category:Numeral systems Numeric_and_counting_systems
NV12 file format NV12
NZB file format Newzbin NZB
object file file containing relocatable format machine code object code Object_file_format
Object File Format file format to describe 3D objects OFF_(Geomview_Object_File_Format)
Object File Format, binary variant file format Randi J. Rost OFF_(DEC-WSE_Object_File_Format)
Object File Format, text variant file format OFF_(DEC-WSE_Object_File_Format)
Objective-C general-purpose, high-level, object-oriented programming language Category:Objective-C Objective-C
Oculus Rift virtual reality headset by Oculus VR Facebook Technologies, LLC Category:Oculus Rift Oculus_Rift
Office Open XML family of document file formats mostly known for use with Microsoft Office 2007 and newer Microsoft
Ecma International
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, ECMA-376 1st Edition
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, ECMA-376 1st Edition
Office Open XML Presentation Document, ECMA-376 1st Edition
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2008
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2008
Office Open XML Presentation Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2008
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2008
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2008
Office Open XML Presentation Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2008
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2011
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2011
Office Open XML Presentation Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2011
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2011
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2011
Office Open XML Presentation Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2011
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2012
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2012
Office Open XML Presentation Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2012
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2012
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2012
Office Open XML Presentation Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2012
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2008, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2008, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Presentation Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2008, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2008, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2008, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Presentation Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2008, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2011, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2011, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Presentation Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2011, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2011, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2011, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Presentation Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2011, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2012, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2012, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Presentation Document, Transitional, ISO/IEC 29500:2012, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2012, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2012, with Microsoft extensions
Office Open XML Presentation Document, Strict, ISO/IEC 29500:2012, with Microsoft extensions
fmt/189 fdd000395 Category:Office Open XML Office_Open_XML
Office Open XML Presentation Document, ECMA-376 1st Edition document file format conforming to ECMA-376 1st Edition ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 1: Fundamentals
ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 2: Open Packaging Conventions
ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 3: Primer
ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 4: Markup Language Reference
ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 5: Markup Compatibility and Extensibility
Office Open XML Spreadsheet Document, ECMA-376 1st Edition document file format conforming to ECMA-376 1st Edition ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 1: Fundamentals
ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 2: Open Packaging Conventions
ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 3: Primer
ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 4: Markup Language Reference
ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 5: Markup Compatibility and Extensibility
Office Open XML Wordprocessing Document, ECMA-376 1st Edition document file format conforming to ECMA-376 1st Edition fmt/412
ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 1: Fundamentals
ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 2: Open Packaging Conventions
ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 3: Primer
ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 4: Markup Language Reference
ECMA-376, 1st Edition, Office Open XML, Part 5: Markup Compatibility and Extensibility
OFIP file format OFIP
Ogg digital container format Chris Montgomery
Xiph.Org Foundation
fmt/944 fdd000026 Ogg
Ohio Scientific BASIC tokenized file file format Ohio_Scientific_BASIC_tokenized_file
Oktalyzer format file format fmt/722 Oktalyzer_module
Olive Executable Archive file format Olive
OLPC 565 file format OLPC_565
Olympus Raw Format file format Olympus fmt/668 Olympus_ORF
OME-TIFF file format OME-TIFF
OME-XML file format OME-XML
on-board diagnostics vehicle system which provides self-diagnostic and reporting capability On-board_diagnostics
ontology specification of a conceptualization Category:Ontology (information science) Ontology
Onyx Music File file format Onyx_Music_File
Open Archival Information System conceptual model for digital information management and preservation Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems OAIS
open reel audiotape reel of magnetic tape used for sound recording and reproduction Open_Reel_Audiotape
open reel videotape reel of magnetic tape used for video recording and reproduction Open_Reel_Videotape
Open Virtualization Format data pack; directory of files which together form a package describing a virtual machine Open Virtualization Format Descriptor OVF_(Open_Virtualization_Format)
Open Virtualization Format Archive Package file format OVF_(Open_Virtualization_Format)
Open Virtualization Format Descriptor file format OVF_(Open_Virtualization_Format)
Open Web App Manifest file format Mozilla Corporation Open_Web_App_Manifest
Open XML Paper Specification file format Microsoft fmt/657 OpenXPS
OpenDocument family of file formats most known for use with LibreOffice and OpenOffice software fdd000247 Category:OpenDocument OpenDocument technical specification OpenDocument
OpenDocument Graphics type of OpenDocument format OASIS OpenDocument_Drawing
OpenDocument Presentation type of OpenDocument format OASIS OpenDocument_Presentation
OpenDocument Spreadsheet type of OpenDocument format OASIS OpenDocument_Spreadsheet
OpenDocument Text type of OpenDocument format OASIS OpenDocument_Text
OpenEXR file format Industrial Light & Magic fmt/1001 OpenEXR
OpenGL Shading Language shading language OpenGL Architecture Review Board OpenGL_Shading_Language
OpenOffice Draw, version 1.0 file format fmt/127 SXD
OpenOffice Impress, version 1.0 file format fmt/130 SXI
OpenOffice Writer template, version 1.0 file format STW
OpenOffice Writer, version 1.0 file format fmt/128 SXW XML open XML-based file format OpenOffice.org_XML
OpenRaster file format fmt/998 OpenRaster
OpenSCAD parametric CAD software Category:Book:OpenSCAD User Manual OpenSCAD
OpenSSL open-source implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols OpenSSL
OpenSSL salted format file format OpenSSL_salted_format
OpenStack Swift cloud file service system OpenStack_Swift
OpenStreetMap freely editable world geographic database Category:OpenStreetMap Open_Street_Map
OpenType Font file format fmt/520 OpenType
OpenXML Spreadsheet Macro-Enabled variant of the OpenXML Spreadsheet file format which allows the use of macros fmt/445 XLSM
Opera Binary Markup Language markup language Opera Software OBML_(Opera_Binary_Markup_Language)
operating system software that manages computer hardware resources kernel
file system
memory manager
Category:Operating systems Operating_Systems
Optical Archiver system for encoding data in a paper-printed code Optar
optical disc flat, usually circular disc which encodes binary data Category:Optical discs Optical_Discs
optical mark recognition computerized recognition of written or printed marks Optical_mark_recognition
OptimFROG file format OptimFROG
Opus audio compression format Jean-Marc Valin
Timothy B. Terriberry
Koen Vos
Xiph.Org Foundation
fmt/946 Category:Opus Audio Codec RFC 6716: Definition of the Opus Audio Codec Opus
Opus Computer Based Conversation System bulletin board system (BBS) program that runs under MS-DOS Opus-CBCS
Opus Embedded Commands commands consisting mostly of control characters used by the Opus-CBCS bulletin board system software Opus_Embedded_Commands
Oracle database backup format file format ARC_(database_backup_format)
Oracle database error messages type of error message produced by Oracle database software Oracle_database_error_messages
Org-mode Emacs mode for task managing and notetaking Bastien Guerry Org-mode
Organya file format Organya
Oriya numerals numeral system Oriya_numerals
OS/2 Bitmap Array file format OS/2_Bitmap_Array
OS/2 Bitmap, version 1.0 file format x-fmt/25 BMP
OS/2 Bitmap, version 2.0 file format x-fmt/270 BMP
OS/2 Boot Logo file format OS/2_Boot_Logo
OS/2 Icon file format OS/2_Icon
OS/2 Pointer file format OS/2_Pointer
OSM XML OpenStreetMap XML format OpenStreetMap Open_Street_Map
Osmanya numerals numeral system Osmanya_numerals
OTA bitmap file format OTA_bitmap
Outerra file format Outerra_engine
Outlook Express Database file format fmt/838 Outlook_Express_Database
P-touch Editor Label file format Brother Industries P-touch_Editor_Label
P-touch Editor Lite Label file format Brother Industries P-touch_Editor_Label
Pack file format Pack
Pack-Ice file format Pack-Ice
Pack, Encrypt, Authenticate archive file format fmt/1095 PEA
Package file format World Wide Web Consortium Package_(Web)
Package File file format Package_File_(OS_X)
PackBits fast, simple lossless compression scheme for run-length encoding of data PackBits
Packdir file format Packdir
Packed Font File Format file format PK_font
Packetized Elementary Stream format by which streams of audio or video, and other content such as subtitles, are stored within MPEG-2 data Packetized_Elementary_Stream
PackIt data compression utility for Classic Mac OS PackIt
packJPG file format PackJPG
packPNM file format PackPNM
page description language computer language that describes the appearance of a printed page in a higher level than an actual output bitmap Category:Page description languages Page_description_languages
PageMagic file format PageMagic
PagePlus application for Microsoft Windows Serif Europe Serif_PagePlus
Pages file format Apple Inc. fmt/824 Pages
Paint.NET image file format Paint.NET_image
PaintJet soft font file format PaintJet_soft_font
PaintShop Pro raster graphics editor Jasc Software PaintShop_Pro
PaintShop Pro Browser Cache file format fmt/217 PaintShop_Pro_Browser_Cache
PaintShop Pro image file format PaintShop_Pro
PAL Colour encoding system for analogue television PAL
Palette Format file format Canvas_(Atari)
Palette Master file format Palette_Master
Palm bitmap file format Palm_bitmap
Palm Database ImageViewer file format Palm_Database_ImageViewer
Palm Resource Compiler file format fmt/396 PRC
PalmOS Database file format Palm, Inc. PalmOS_Database
Panasonic RAW/RW2 file format fmt/662 Panasonic_RAW/RW2
PaperDisk type of barcode PaperDisk
PaperPort file format fmt/1223
papyrus writing and painting material Category:Papyrus Ottův slovník naučný
Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary
PAQ file format PAQ
Parchive type of file format Parity_Volume_Set
parchment animal skin processed for writing or painting on Category:Parchments Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia
Ottův slovník naučný
Partimage free software for Linux and cross-platform, from 2001 Partimage
Pascal script file format Pascal
passwd file format passwd
PASTI disk image file STX
patent set of exclusive rights granted by a sovereign state to an inventor or their assignee so that he has a temporary monopoly patent application Category:Patents Ottův slovník naučný Patents
Pawn script file format Pawn
PC Screen Font file format PC_Screen_Font
PC-DOS 1.2M format floppy disk format PC-DOS_1.2M_format
PC-DOS 1.44M format floppy disk format PC-DOS_1.44M_format
PC-DOS 160K format floppy disk format PC-DOS_160K_format
PC-DOS 180K format floppy disk format PC-DOS_180K_format
PC-DOS 2.88M format floppy disk format PC-DOS_2.88M_format
PC-DOS 320K format floppy disk format PC-DOS_320K_format
PC-DOS 360K format floppy disk format PC-DOS_360K_format
PC-DOS 720K format floppy disk format PC-DOS_720K_format
PC-Write 1983 text editor and word processor Bob Wallace PC-Write
PCAP file format fmt/779 PCAP
PCBoard file format PCBoard
PCO B16 file format PCO_B16
PCPaint clipping format file format PCPaint_CLP
PCPaint PIC file format x-fmt/170 PCPaint_PIC
PCRaster Map file format PCRaster_Map
PCX file format ZSoft Corporation fmt/86 PCX
PDF417 type of barcode PDF417
PDMark barcode scheme for data encoding on paper documents PDMark
PDP-1 alphanumeric codes coded character set PDP-1_alphanumeric_codes
PDS4 file format PDS4
PearPC Computer software PearPC
Pebble smartwatch model Pebble
Pegasus Mail software, from 1989 David Harris Pegasus_Mail
PEM encoded certificate file format PEM_encoded_certificate
PEM encoded RSA private key file format PEM_encoded_RSA_private_key
Pentax Electronic File digital file format Pentax_PEF
percent-encoding mechanism for encoding information in a Uniform Resource Identifier Percent-encoding
Perfect Clarity Audio file format Sony Perfect_Clarity_Audio
Perfect Writer text editor Perfect_Writer
Perfect ZX Tape file format PZX
Perl 6 script file format Perl
Perl Common Gateway Interface script file format Perl
Perl header file format Perl
Perl module component of software for the Perl programming language Category:Perl modules Perl
Perl script file format fmt/870 Perl
Permacoin cryptocurrency system designed to also store/archive data as a distributed file system Permacoin
Personal Ancestral File file format PAF_(Personal_Ancestral_File)
Personal Filing Cabinet file format AOL fdd000456 AOL_Personal_Filing_Cabinet
Personal Folder File family of file formats related to Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Personal_Folder_File
Personal Information Exchange file format PFX_(original_format)
PES file format PES
PETSCII character encoding on Commodore computers PETSCII
PFB Postscript font format Adobe fmt/525 Adobe_Type_1
PFS: 1st Publisher Clip Art Format file format ART_(PFS:_First_Publisher)
PGP public key file format PGP_public_key
PGX raster and character graphics file format for Atari Portfolio computers PGX_(Portfolio)
PGX uncompressed raster image file format used in JPEG 2000 conformance testing PGX_(JPEG_2000)
Pharmacode type of barcode Pharmacode
Phonautogram audio recording which uses the method of transcribing sound waves onto paper Phonautogram
Phonebloks modular phone concept Phonebloks
phonograph cylinder medium for recording and reproducing sound Phonograph_cylinder
Photo CD system designed by Kodak for digitizing and saving photos in a CD Photo_CD
Photo CD file format fmt/211
Photo Line Document file format PLD_(PhotoLine)
Photochrom process for producing colorized images from black-and-white photographies PhotoChrome
PhotoChrome file format PhotoChrome
PhotoDeluxe file format x-fmt/167 PhotoDeluxe
photographic film sheet of plastic coated with light-sensitive chemicals Category:Photographic films Photographic_film
photographic paper paper coated with a light-sensitive chemical formula, used for making photographic prints Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary Photographic_paper
photographic plate target medium in photography Photographic_plate
PhotoParade slideshow file format PhotoParade_slideshow
Photoshop Big file format Adobe fmt/996 Adobe Photoshop File Formats Specification, August 2016 edition PSB
Photoshop brush file format Photoshop_brush
Photoshop Curve file format fmt/667 Adobe Photoshop File Formats Specification, August 2016 edition Photoshop_Curve
Photoshop File Format proprietary file format of Adobe System's Photoshop Adobe x-fmt/92 Adobe Photoshop File Formats Specification, August 2016 edition
Encyclopedia of graphics file formats, second edition
Photoshop Text Engine Data file format used for the editable text elements of the Adobe Photoshop PSD format Adobe Photoshop_Text_Engine_Data
Photoshop Thumbnail Cache file format Photoshop_Thumbnail_Cache
Photoshop Transfer Function file format Adobe Adobe Photoshop File Formats Specification, August 2016 edition Photoshop_Transfer_Function
PHP script file format family x-fmt/169 PHP
phpBB open-source Internet forum package written in PHP phpBB Limited Category:PhpBB PhpBB
Pi image file format Yanagisawa Pi_(image_format)
PI6 file format Extended_DEGAS_image
piano roll music storage medium used to operate a player piano, piano player or reproducing piano Piano_Rolls
PIC image file format Yanagisawa PIC_(Yanagisawa)
PIC2 image file format Yanagisawa PIC2
Pickle serialization format used by the Python programming language Pickle
PICS file format x-fmt/166 PICS
PICT file format x-fmt/80
Picture Packer file format Picture_Packer
Picture Publisher file format Micrografx x-fmt/176 Picture_Publisher
Piecewise-Constant Image Model file format PWC_(Piecewise-Constant_Image_Model)
PIM file format PIM
Pinterest Photo sharing and publishing website Category:Pinterest Pinterest
Piston Collage song file format Piston_Collage_song
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center 3D Metafile file format Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center P3D_(PSC)
Pixar picture file format Pixar_picture
Pixia file format Pixia
Pixia raster graphics editor for Microsoft Windows Pixia
Pixie file format Pixie_(vector_graphics)
Pixie script file format Pixie_(programming_language)
Pixilang programming language designed for cross-platform graphics and sound applications Pixilang
PKCS#7 certificate file format PKCS7_certificate
PKPass file format Apple Inc. PKPass
PL/I procedural, imperative computer programming language IBM PL/I
plain text file format x-fmt/111 Plain_text
Planetary Data System file format National Aeronautics and Space Administration PDS
Planets Core Registry registry for data archival technical information Planets_Core_Registry
PLASMA programming language and bytecode format for 6502 processors PLASMA
Play SID Audio, version 1 file format fmt/314 SID
Play SID Audio, version 2 version 2 of the Play SID Audio file format fmt/315 SID
PlayStation 1 Saved Game file format PS1_saved_game
Pleo animatronic pet dinosaur toy Pleo
Plessey British company Plessey
PM file format PM_(XV_image)
PMA file format PMA
PmDraw file format PmDraw
Pocket PC Bitmap file format Pocket_PC_Bitmap
Pocket Rockers brand of personal stereo produced by Fisher-Price in the late 1980s Museum of Obsolete Media
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team file format Pokémon_Mystery_Dungeon
Pokémon ROM file format Pokémon_ROM
Polaroid Corporation company Category:Polaroid Corporation Polaroid
Poly Tracker module file format Poly_Tracker_module
Polychrome Recursive Format file format PRF_(Polychrome_Recursive_Format)
Polyomino Compressed Image Format file format PCIF
Pono proposed proprietary audio file format Pono
Portable Anymap file format fmt/405 Netpbm_formats
Portable Arbitrary Map file format Portable_Arbitrary_Map
Portable aRchive eXchange file format Pax
Portable Bitmap Format file format Jef Poskanzer Portable_Bitmap_Format
Portable Bitmap, binary variant file format fmt/409 Netpbm_formats
Portable Bitmap, text variant file format x-fmt/164 Netpbm_formats
Portable Compiled Format font file format PCF
Portable Document Format family of file formats used to present documents Adobe Portable Document Format, version 1.0
Portable Document Format, version 1.1
Portable Document Format, version 1.2
Portable Document Format, version 1.3
Portable Document Format, version 1.4
Portable Document Format, version 1.5
Portable Document Format, version 1.6
Portable Document Format, version 1.7
Portable Document Format, version 2.0
<no value> fdd000030 Q9062295 PDF
Portable Draughts Notation file format Portable_Draughts_Notation
Portable Executable file format x-fmt/411 Portable_Executable
Portable Float Map file format PFM_(Portable_Float_Map)
Portable Floatmap Stream file format PFS_(Portable_Floatmap_Stream)
Portable Game Notation computer data format for recording chess games PGN
Portable Graymap, binary variant file format fmt/406 Netpbm_formats
Portable Graymap, text variant file format fmt/407 Netpbm_formats
Portable Network Graphics family of lossless compression file formats for image files Portable Network Graphics, version 1.0
Portable Network Graphics, version 1.1
Portable Network Graphics, version 1.2
Multiple-image Network Graphics
Compressed Image File Formats
Portable Pixmap, binary variant file format fmt/408 Netpbm_formats
Portable Pixmap, text variant file format x-fmt/178 Netpbm_formats
Portable Sound Format file format fmt/959 Portable_Sound_Format
Portable Web Publications specification under development via W3C in order to present electronic publications in a manner which can be used both online and offline World Wide Web Consortium Portable_Web_Publications
Portfolio Graphics file format PGF_(Portfolio_Graphics)
Portfolio Graphics Compressed file format PGC_(Portfolio_Graphics_Compressed)
Portland Common Data Model domain model for expressing archive metadata and their relationships Portland_Common_Data_Model
Poser Bump Map file format Poser_Bump_Map
Postal Alpha Numeric Encoding Technique type of barcode PLANET
Postal Numeric Encoding Technique type of barcode POSTNET
PostBar black-ink barcode system used by Canada Post in its automated mail sorting and delivery operations PostBar
Posterous simple blogging platform started in May 2008
PostScript file format Adobe fmt/501
Category:PostScript PostScript
PostScript font type of font files encoded in outline font specifications developed by Adobe Systems for professional digital typesetting PostScript_font
PostScript Printer Description file format Adobe PostScript_Printer_Description
POV-Ray scene description file format POV-Ray_scene_description
PowerPacker file format PowerPacker
PowerPoint Binary File Format file format Microsoft fmt/126 <no value> [MS-PPT]: PowerPoint (.ppt) Binary File Format PPT
PowerVR header file, version 2 file format PowerVR
PQA file format PQA
Precision Graphics Markup Language XML application and markup language, from 1998 Precision_Graphics_Markup_Language
Prediction by Partial Matching by Dmitry compression software PPMd
Prescription Drug Event format file format Prescription_Drug_Event
Presentation Manager Metafile file format x-fmt/67 Presentation_Manager_Metafile
presentation program software package used to display information in the form of a slide show Category:Presentation software Presentation_file_creation_software
Pretty Good Privacy data encryption and decryption computer programkl NortonLifeLock Category:OpenPGP RFC 4880: OpenPGP Message Format PGP
Printer Command Language page description language in United States of America PCL
Printfox bitmap Printfox (or Printfox/Pagefox) bitmap is a raster graphics format associated with the Printfox and Pagefox desktop publishing programs for the Commodore 64 Printfox_bitmap
PrintMaster 1991 software, from 1991 Encore, Inc. PrintMaster
PrintMaster Graphics file file format PrintMaster
PrintMaster Index file file format PrintMaster
PrintMaster Names file file format PrintMaster
Prism Paint file format Prism_Paint
Privacy-enhanced Electronic Mail family of file formats associated with RFC 1421 RFC 7468: Textual Encodings of PKIX, PKCS, and CMS Structures PEM
Pro Tracker v1.xx module file format Pro_Tracker_v1.xx_module
Pro Tracker v2.xx module file format Pro_Tracker_v2.xx_module
Pro Tracker v3.xx module file format Pro_Tracker_v3.xx_module
Processing Development Environment file format fmt/701 Processing
ProDOS file system file system used on Apple II series disks under the ProDOS operating system ProDOS_file_system
Professor Calhoon quiz file file format Professor_Calhoon
Program information file file format Program_information_file
programmable calculator calculator Category:Programmable calculators Programmable_calculators
Programmable Command Language programming language Programmable_Command_Language
programming language language designed to communicate instructions to a machine Category:Programming languages Programming_Languages
Progressive Graphics File file format PGF_(Progressive_Graphics_File)
project management software computer software to manage projects Category:Project management software Project_management_file_creation_software
Project Xanadu first hypertext project Project_Xanadu
Prolog programming language that uses first order logic Category:Prolog programming language family Prolog
PRONOM online registry of technical information The National Archives PRONOM
PRONOM Persistent Unique Identifier unique identifier within the PRONOM registry PUID
Propellerhead Reason NN-XT Patch File file format Propellerhead_Reason_NN-XT_Patch_File
Property list file format GNUstep
Apple Inc.
fmt/984 Property_List
Protected Interoperable File Format file format Protected_Interoperable_File_Format
Protein Data Bank textual file format describing the three-dimensional structures of molecules held in the Protein Data Bank Protein_Data_Bank
Protocol Buffers data serialization format Google Protobuf
ProtonMail Encrypted email service
PRT scene description file format PRT_scene_description
PSF file format PSF_(PhotoStudio)
PSF1 file format PSF1
PSF2 file format PSF2
PSI-MI XML file format PSI-MI_XML
PSI-PAR file format PSI-PAR
Psion PIC image file format Psion Psion_PIC
Psion Series 3 Word file format Psion_Series_3_Word
PTG file format PTG
Public Key Cryptography Standard 10 file format PKCS10
Public Key Cryptography Standard 11 technical standard PKCS11
Public Key Cryptography Standard 12 an archive file format for storing many cryptography objects as a single file, commonly used to bundle a private key with its X.509 certificate or to bundle all the members of a chain of trust RSA RFC 7292: PKCS #12: Personal Information Exchange Syntax v1.1 PKCS12
Puffchat social networking service Puffchat
Pumatracker module file format Pumatracker_module social networking server by E14N E14N API Marjorie-Wiki
punched card paper-based recording medium Category:Punched card Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia Punched_card
punched tape form of data storage Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia Punched_tape
Punycode method of representing Unicode with the limited character subset of ASCII (letters, digits, and hyphen-minus) supported by the Domain Name System; e.g. 日本語 → kn6bt1bbz6g; München → Mnchen-3ya RFC 3492: Punycode: A Bootstring encoding of Unicode for Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) Punycode
PUPA Font Format, version 2 file format PFF2
PUZ file format PUZ_(crossword_puzzles)
Puzzle image file format Puzzle_image_(X11)
PVK file format Microsoft PVK
PWG Raster file format PWG_Raster
PXM Pixelmator image file format PXM_(Pixelmator)
Python bytecode file format Python
Python script file format that contain python code Python Software Foundation fmt/938 Python
Q0 Bitmap file format Q0
Q0 Image Attributes file format Q0
QCDml markup language QCDml
qcow virtual hard drive format introduced by QEMU Qcow
QDV file format QDV_(Giffer)
QEMU free virtualization and emulation software Fabrice Bellard Category:QEMU QEMU
QPW file format QPW
QR code trademark for a type of matrix barcode QR_code
QRT Ray Tracer bitmap file format QRT_Ray_Tracer_bitmap
QRT Ray Tracer scene description file format QRT_Ray_Tracer_scene_description
QSF file format QSF
QTL file format QTL
Quadruple D Archiver file format Quadruple_D_Archiver
Quantel VPB image file format Quantel_VPB_image
Quantum compressed archive file format Quantum_compressed_archive
quantum computer theoretical computation device relying on quantum mechanics Category:Quantum computers Quantum_computer
Quattro Pro software Corel Quattro_Pro
Quetzal file format file format Quetzal
Quick Release Sector Transfer file format Quick_Release_Sector_Transfer
Quick UDP Internet Connections experimental transport layer computer network protocol implemented on User Datagram Protocol Google QUIC
QuickMark Code 2D barcode and file format QuickMark_Code
QuickTime Animation video compression format and codec created by Apple Computer to enable playback of RGB video in real time without expensive hardware Apple Inc. QuickTime_Animation
QuickTime File Format file format that wraps video, audio, and other bitstreams Apple Inc. x-fmt/384 fdd000052 QuickTime
QuickTime Image Format file format QTIF
quipu communication media historically used in the region of Andean South America Q9583794 Quipu
Quoted-printable binary-to-text encoding Quoted-printable
QWK offline mail reader format QWK
R programming language for statistical computing Category:R (programming language) R
Racket script file format Scheme
RAD Game Tools United States video game technology business RAD_Game_Tools
Radiance HDR file format Radiance_HDR
Radiance Scene Description file format Radiance_Scene_Description
radio communications medium Category:Radio broadcasting Radio
Radio Data System communications protocol standard for embedding small amounts of digital information in conventional FM radio broadcasts Radio_Data_System
radio-frequency identification technology using electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects Category:Radio-frequency identification Radio-frequency_identification
RAGE Package Format file format RAGE_Package_Format
Ragnarok Online 2 RMP file format Ragnarok_Online_2_RMP
Random Dot Software Graphic QDV file format QDV_(Random_Dot_Software)
Rant programming and markup language designed for generating random text Rant
RAR file format family Eugene Roshal fdd000450 RAR
Raspberry Pi series of low cost single-board computers used for educational purposes and embedded systems Raspberry Pi Foundation Raspberry Pi Zero
Raspberry Pi Zero W
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
Raspberry Pi Model A
Raspberry Pi Model B
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Raspberry Pi Model A+
Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+
Raspberry Pi Compute Module
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+
Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+
Compute Module 3
Compute Module 3 Lite
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
Category:Raspberry Pi Raspberry_Pi
RASTER Music Tracker module file format RASTER_Music_Tracker_module
Raw audio file format family RAW_(Audio)
Raw bitmap type of file format x-fmt/185 Raw_bitmap
Raw disk image file format for files which store raw disk images of floppy disks, hard drives, or optical discs Raw_disk_image
Raw FL Studio Project file format Image-Line fmt/733 Raw_FL_Studio_Project
Rawzor file format Rawzor
Rawzor software Rawzor
Rayshade Heightfield file format Rayshade_Heightfield
RayShade Scene Format file format Rayshade_scene_description
RC4 stream cipher RC4
RDF/XML syntax defined by the W3C to express an RDF graph as an XML document World Wide Web Consortium fmt/875 RDF
RDFa format for expressing RDF statements in HTML documents RDFa
ReactOS free software Windows NT-like operating system Category:ReactOS ReactOS
read-only memory non-volatile memory used in computers and other electronic devices; class of storage medium used in computers and other electronic devices Read_Only_Memory
Real Lossless Codec file format RealNetworks x-fmt/190 RALF
Real Tracker module file format Real_Tracker_module
RealAudio file format x-fmt/278
fdd000051 RealAudio
Reality AdLib Tracker module file format Reality_AdLib_Tracker_module
RealMedia file format x-fmt/190 RealMedia
RealMedia Variable Bitrate file format RealNetworks x-fmt/190 RealMedia_Variable_Bitrate
RED digital pictures file format fmt/588
Redcode virtual assembly language used to program warriors in the Core War computer game Redcode
Redcode oBJect file format RBJ_(Redcode_oBJect)
Reed–Solomon error correction error-correcting codes Reed-Solomon_error_correction
Reel-to-reel audio tape recording and recorders type of magnetic tape audio recording Armenian Soviet Encyclopedia 1/2"_Open_Reel
ReFS 2012 multi-device file system for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8.1 Microsoft ReFS
Regin sophisticated malware Regin
registry file catalog of installation and tuning data about applications and the system on Windows Microsoft Windows_Registry
rel="author" microformat Rel-author
rel="home" microformat Rel-home
rel="license" microformat Rel-license
rel="payment" microformat Rel-payment
rel="tag" microformat to link to a keyword/subject "tag" for the origin document Rel-tag
Relocatable Object Module Format file format Relocatable_Object_Module_Format
Remote keyless system electronic lock that controls access to a building or vehicle without using a traditional mechanical key Keyless_entry_systems
RenderMan Interface Bytestream file format Pixar RIB
Report Program Generator programming language from IBM IBM RPG
RePub file format Google fmt/483 RePub
ReSample file format SRS
ReScene file format SRR
Research Articles in Simplified HTML file format RASH
Resource Description and Access standard for descriptive cataloging providing instructions and guidelines on formulating bibliographic data Resource_Description_and_Access
Resource fork Cannot auto-describe Resource_Fork
Resource Interchange File Format tagged file structure for multimedia resource files Microsoft
fdd000025 RIFF
reStructuredText lightweight markup language ReStructuredText
Retro Computer Image Library software RECOIL
RF64 file format European Broadcasting Union fmt/712
RFC 2315: PKCS #7: Cryptographic Message Syntax, Version 1.5 request for comments publication PKCS7
Rhapsody 2/3 file format Rhapsody_2/3
Rich Music Format file format Rich_Music_Format
Rich Site Summary family of web feed formats Category:RSS RSS
Rich Text Format document file format developed by Microsoft Microsoft fdd000473 RTF
RIFF DIB file format RDIB
RIFF MIDI file format fmt/956 RIFF_MIDI
RIFF Palette File file format fmt/624 RIFF_Palette_File
RIFX file format RIFX
RIPEMD cryptographic hash function RIPEMD
RIPEMD-160 cryptographic hash function RFC 2286: Test Cases for HMAC-RIPEMD160 and HMAC-RIPEMD128 RIPEMD-160
RIPscrip file format RIPscrip
RIPscrip version 1 Hot Icon file format RIPscrip_Icon
RIPscrip version 1 Icon file format RIPscrip_Icon
RIPscrip version 1 Icon Mask file format RIPscrip_Icon
RIPscrip version 2 Hot Icon file format RIPscrip_Icon
RIPscrip version 2 Icon Mask file format RIPscrip_Icon
RK proprietary compression file format RK
RK Audio file format RK_Audio
RLA file format x-fmt/188 RLA
RNA family of large biological molecules nucleotides
RNA motif
Category:RNA RNA
Robots exclusion standard standard used to advise web crawlers and scrapers not to index a web page or site Robots.txt
RobotWar 1981 video game Silas Warner