Here is a list I try to work through:

 1. Check each name in the author-disambiguator
 2. Assign the correct publications, possibly create other people with the same name and assign their papers as well
 3. Change the condition (in the SPARQL query) and also look for authors with have several entries in Wikidata
 4. Repeat

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WDQS | PetScan | YASGUI | TABernacle | Find images Recent changes | Query: SELECT (COUNT(?paper) AS ?countPapers) ?item ?nameString { ?item wdt:P108 wd:Q317070 ; rdfs:label ?name . BIND(STR(?name) AS ?nameString) FILTER(LANG(?name)="en") FILTER NOT EXISTS { ?anotherPerson wdt:P31 wd:Q5; rdfs:label ?name . FILTER(?anotherPerson != ?item) } ?paper wdt:P2093 ?nameString . } GROUP BY ?item ?nameString ORDER BY DESC(?countPapers)
label description image ?countpapers
Georg Bitter German writer 43
Bernhard Ebbinghaus German sociologist 40
Michael Gebel researcher 26
Matthias Mader researcher, ORCID id # 0000-0002-4593-2392 18
Susumu Shikano Japanese political scientist 17
Joachim Weickert mathematician 17
Oliver Brand German jurist 15
Ursula Wolf German philosopher and writer
Ursula Wolf 2.JPG
Christian Mann German historian of classical antiquity and chess player
Johannes Pfeifer researcher ORCID ID = 0000-0002-6756-6418 7
Barbara Grunewald German jurist 7
Carsten Schäfer German jurist 5
Stefan Janke researcher 5
Norbert Groeben German professor 5
Stefan Lucks German cryptographer 5
Rainer Mausfeld German psychologist and university teacher 4
Jonathan Pool American political scientist
Martha Michalkiewicz researcher 4
Rainer Loose German professor 4
Jürgen Beckmann German psychologist and university teacher 3
Kai Brodersen German historian of ancient history
Kai Brodersen.png
Berthold Rittberger German basketball player, university teacher, and political scientist (*1975) ♂; member of Die Junge Akademie 3
Karl Ulrich Mayer German research fellow 3
Franz Urban Pappi German political scientist 3
Rolf Peter Sieferle German historian 3
Gerard J. van den Berg economist and university teacher (*1962) ♂; Alexander von Humboldt Professorship and Fellow of the Econometric Society; member of Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences 3
Miles Hewstone British psychologist 2
Hans Rattinger Political scientist (*1950) ♂ 2
Oskar Niedermayer German political scientist 2
Anna Lisa Gentile researcher 2
Markus Gangl German university teacher 2
Wolfgang Gerke German economist 2
Angela Keppler German university teacher 2
Reinhardt Kiehl German mathematician 2
Christian Bizer researcher 1
Edgar Erdfelder German psychologist 1
Sabine Sonnentag German psychologist 1
Matthias Kohring German non-fiction writer 1
Klaus Winckler German economist and university teacher (1934–2019) ♂ 1
Sabine Gehrlein University Librarian of Mannheim University Library 1
Armin Heinzl German economist and computer scientist 1
Jürgen Bähr German geographer 1
Jutta Mata researcher 1
Eibe Riedel German jurist
Eibe riedel.jpg

∑ 44 items.

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