John Beer (Q5596192) is not ULAN 500048620Edit

ULAN 500048620 refers to a "British draftsman, active 1895-1915". John Axel Richard Beer (Q5596192) to a "Swedish illustrator" (1853 Stockholm–1906 London). ULAN 500065853 belongs to John Axel Richard Beer (Q5596192).It would be kind if you could revert your edit yourself. Thanks, --Marsupium (talk) 18:36, 24 September 2017 (UTC)

Now how much imagination does one need to see that "1906 London" is not in Sweden? --Anvilaquarius (talk) 17:27, 12 October 2017 (UTC)

1915 is after 1906. I have created John Beer (Q45912709) now. --Marsupium (talk) 18:54, 17 December 2017 (UTC)

Now the other John Beer (Q45912709)Edit

Please refer to the sources given on John Axel Richard Beer (Q5596192) and John Beer (Q45912709), especially for the dates of birth and death, note that there are two IDs for each of the two artists issued by five different institutions and kindly restore to the version before your edits! Thank you, --Marsupium (talk) 18:54, 17 December 2017 (UTC)

There is no proof at all in these double entries that these are two persons. Your edit "different from" makes such a claim, quite boldly, and IMHO wrongly. --Anvilaquarius (talk) 18:57, 17 December 2017 (UTC)

Haha, ok this is also a way of improving Wikidata. The dates of birth and death were already divergent, but every revert by you makes me read the sources and find some new evidence. Have a nice evening, --Marsupium (talk) 20:00, 17 December 2017 (UTC)

Well, I still cannot see any evidence that John Beer (Q45912709) existed. It's all "circa" or "active in". But feel free to make a fool or yourself, I won't hinder you anymore. --Anvilaquarius (talk) 07:52, 18 December 2017 (UTC)


If you add ISNI, pls also add VIAF if it exists. [1] ISNI sever sometimes down. VIAF used on 1 mio and more humans. 23:39, 20 April 2018 (UTC)

I know. Here, the VIAF number is wrong since it comprises identifiers for two different people. --Anvilaquarius (talk) 09:12, 21 April 2018 (UTC)
Reported it to ISNI and they split off the LC record and gave it a new ID Hopefully VIAF will split too. 09:37, 26 April 2018 (UTC)
Great, thanks. --Anvilaquarius (talk) 10:50, 26 April 2018 (UTC)

New page for cataloguesEdit

Hi, I created a new page for collecting sites that could be added to Mix'n'match and I plan to expand it with the ones that already have scrapers by category. Feel free to use, expand. Best, --Adam Harangozó (talk) 19:40, 19 October 2019 (UTC)