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Wikidata WikiProject Newsletter is live!

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Bodhisattwa (CIS-A2K) (talk) Sent through  --MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 07:21, 1 October 2019 (UTC)
(on behalf of WikiProject India.)

Jheald (talkcontribs)

It's great that you created a lot of new items for Marathi writers in an Open Refine run on 7 September; but I have found quite a few for which we already had items, which I have been merging.

I have only been checking the list items for people with matching dates of birth and dates of death (, so there may be more duplicated items that I haven't found.

It may be worth trying re-running the set through OpenRefine, trying to match eg on date of birth, or Anglicised names, to see if you can identify some more duplicates which ought to be merged.

Bodhisattwa (talkcontribs)

Hi, thanks for the merge. Actually, what I received, was a spreadsheet entirely in Marathi script and that is why, the duplication happened, as OR couldn't reconcile that with Anglicized names.

Jheald (talkcontribs)

I have found and merged a few more, using queries like and which look at the set of Marathi writers and attempt to make an exact match based on date of birth or date of death, to somebody with country of citizenship (P27) = India (Q668). I've gone through the results of these two queries, but there may be other matches, eg people whose items don't have a day-specific date of birth or date of death, or who don't have a country of citizenship (P27) recorded.

One thing that I was a bit surprised by was how many of the matched items had a Marathi wikipedia article, so should have had a Marathi label. I don't really understand why Open Refine didn't do a better job of matching these. Going forward, I don't know if there's any standard code out there that can make Anglicised versions of Marathi names, but this might be a useful thing to do, to make your remaining new items easier for others to find and match to down the line, and also may give a chance for duplicates to be picked up on pages like User:Josve05a/dupes.

Currently however there are still 763 Marathi writers on items not linked to any Wikipedia ; so quite a lot still to try to find merges for, or to create Wiki articles for. (I should have checked how many there were to start with, to get an idea of how many merges were done, but sadly I didn't !) But at least a little progress has been made.

Jheald (talkcontribs)

1197 in the whole set so clearly Open Refine did manage to match a lot.

Jheald (talkcontribs)

These two may be the same Q13120524, Raja Badhe (Q15485584); but the merge is blocked by there being two different articles on Marathi wikipedia. Could you investigate, and merge if appropriate?

Bodhisattwa (talkcontribs)
Jheald (talkcontribs)

The count of Marathi writers not linked to any Wikipedia is now down to 717. Given the number of matches I was finding against quite a small subset of items (other items tagged as Marathi writers), I suspect there are a fair number more matches to find, but at the moment I can't think of any more ways to get suggestions. The obvious thing would be on first name and family name and not-incompatible dates; but as this query shows, very few of the potential items have the family name (P734) or voice actor (P725) properties filled in yet so it's not possible to query. One alternative might be just to run the first name + last name in Open Refine, and examine which entries come back with more than one match (I'm wondered if perhaps the reason Open Refine missed some of the matches on the initial run might have been middle names present in the list, but not on the items). It's frustrating to leave it without being able to do more, but I think I'm going to move on now to some other projects that need some work.

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Indian independence day data-thon Halfway message

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Indian flag visualising Wikidata, in bars

Thanks for joining the Indian independence day data-thon (15-22 August 2019). We are at the middle point, and three and a half days to go before we end this year's iteration. This year we tried adding a variety of tasks, please see here: Wikidata:WikiProject India/Events/Indian Independence Day 2019. If you have questions, please let us know in the event talk page, or at India noticebaord.

Appreciation/Prizes: We are elated to see your enthusiastic participation. This year we are planning to gift some small token of appreciations (such as Wikidata stickers etc.) to the top-performing contributors during the event. The exact details will be announced after the edit-a-thon. For logistical reason, we may not send these items outside India at this moment.

Thanks once again, and hope to see enthusiastic participation. Regards. -- Data-thon organisers using MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 07:05, 19 August 2019 (UTC)

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Cgolds (talkcontribs)

Hi, I see that you are adding a lot of languages to various authors. It seems that you are just adding the language corresponding to what you think is their nationality. But for instance Fermat wrote in Latin, and many other of your authors wrote in other languages than their nations. Best

Bodhisattwa (talkcontribs)

I was matching entries of authors in a language Wikisource and if they have the same languages as P1412, but later realized, some of the entries don't match actually and then stopped ingesting the data. Regards,

Cgolds (talkcontribs)

Ok, good news, thank you ! The problem is : I was told not to correct here... All the best

Bodhisattwa (talkcontribs)

Please correct anything which you find is erroneous. That would be helpful. Thanks.

Cgolds (talkcontribs)

Thank you for the permission, but as explained, I was told not to do it (!?), see this discussion. Do not worry, I suppose that will be settled in due time. All the best

Indian independence data-thon 2019 starts 15 August

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Indian flag visualising Wikidata, in bars

We have exciting news to share 😃. During the Independence Day 2019 , a Wikidata-thon is planned on 15–22 August 2019. The objective is to improve India-related Wikidata items.
Please see the event page here: Wikidata:WikiProject India/Events/Indian Independence Day 2019 and the task list.
If you are interested please join as a participant by adding your name here (and contributing after that). -- Wikidata WikiProject India using MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 14:25, 13 August 2019 (UTC)

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Oravrattas (talkcontribs)

You recently ran a QuickStatements batch to change the labels of all Lok Sabha constituencies from, for example, 'Osmanabad' to 'Osmanabad Lok Sabha constituency'. The Help page for labels, however, says that this sort of disambiguation should go in the description, not in the label itself. Would you be able to undo that batch?

Bodhisattwa (talkcontribs)

Actually, I was not disambiguating between two similar terms. Lok Sabha constituency or Parliamentary constituency is the term included in the constituencies. For example, whenever a parliamentary election happens in India, Bankura Lok Sabha constituency is the term used by electorates, candidates, media, election commission and goverment etc., not only the term Bankura only. To be frank, Bankura Lok Sabha constituency comprises of area outside Bankura district, so the area of Bankura, Bankura district, Bankura Lok Sabha constituency etc. are defined as completely different area. What I am trying to say, the term Lok Sabha Constituency is included in the proper name.

Oravrattas (talkcontribs)

Thanks for the explanation. Do you have a reference we could use for these officially being part of the name? I can find lots of places where results and other sources refer only to "Bankura", for example, rather than using "Bankura Lok Sabha constituency" (including the Lok Sabha website itself)

Bodhisattwa (talkcontribs)

Hi, please check , , for example.

Oravrattas (talkcontribs)

Thanks for those. However, they don't really seem to show that this is part of the name. If anything, they use "Parliamentary Constituency" more than "Lok Sabha Constituency" (the latter doesn't even appear at all on your #3 link, AFAICS), which makes it look they're using this as a description rather than the name.

EncycloPetey (talkcontribs)

Greetings! Could you translate for me the following labels into Bengali?

English Bengali
Ancient Greek playwright

(man who wrote plays in ancient Greece)

প্রাচীন গ্রীক নাট্যকার
tragedy by Aeschylus

(tragic play written by Aeschylus (Q40939))

ইস্কিলুস রচিত বিয়োগান্তক নাটক
tragedy by Euripides

(tragic play written by Euripides (Q48305))

ইউরিপিদিস রচিত বিয়োগান্তক নাটক
tragedy by Sophocles

(tragic play written by Sophocles (Q7235))

সফোক্লিস রচিত বিয়োগান্তক নাটক
comedy by Aristophanes

(comic play written by Aristophanes (Q43353))

অরিস্তফেনিস রচিত মিলনান্তক নাটক
comedy by Menander

(comic play written by Menander (Q118992))

মিনান্দার রচিত মিলনান্তক নাটক

Thanks for any help you can provide. I can paste them in to all the data items where they apply, but I need help because I do not know Bengali myself.

Bodhisattwa (talkcontribs)

I have translated the labels. Please don't hesitate to knock me if you need any other help in Bengali.

EncycloPetey (talkcontribs)

I've noticed that neither Aristophanes (Q43353) nor Menander (Q118992) has a Bengali label. There are also no links to bn.WP so these two comic playwrights may have no articles there. They are the two most important comic playwrights of antiquity. If you can determine how their names are written in Bengali and add the labels, it would be appreciated. I am trying to ensure that the great writers of Greek drama have data items accessible in all the major languages of India and its neighboring countries.

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Sarvathi (talkcontribs)
Reply to "Translation request"

Date of death (P570) on living people

Summary by Bodhisattwa

corrected all errors

LiberatorG (talkcontribs)
Bodhisattwa (talkcontribs)

Many apologies, it was a mistake from my part. I didn't notice the discussion about not adding no value for living persons. Actually I was following the logic of this module. Anyway, I will undo my edits as soon as possible. Thanks,

Indian Independence 2018 Wikidata Edit-a-thon

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Hello, we are heading towards the 72nd Indian Independence Day (Q56106)   . A Wikidata edit-a-thon has been planned on 14–17 August to improve Wikidata content-related to India. Please join the edit-a-thon here. You may also suggest tasks (the final task list will be ready by 13 August). If you have questions, you may ask on Wikidata India noticeboard.

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