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Congratulations! Your poster proposal has been accepted for Wikimania 2019

MCruz (WMF) (talkcontribs)

Hi Criscod,
Congratulations! Your poster has been accepted for Wikimania 2019. Now what?
Start designing your poster. Remember that this is an academic poster, not a promotional one: this means that you have to share insights, technical aspects, numbers, and any technical information that would allow a participant to understand your process better. For more information about academic posters, and examples that will inspire you, please visit the Poster session page.
If you'd like us to print the poster for you, please send it by Sunday, July 21st. We'll also take care of bringing the poster to the conference, and this option is at no cost to you. Find information about where to send your poster here.
Finally, on the day of the poster session, remember that every poster presenter is expected to stand by their poster and engage session participants in conversation about it. We will not display posters whose presenters are not in the room at the time of the session.
Thank you for submitting a proposal and making Wikimania more diverse! We look forward to seeing you in a few months,
María Cruz

Ongoing Zurich Wikidata meetups

Flor WMCH (talkcontribs)


I recently gave the link to the Zurich Wikidata meetups page to new English-language WMCH members, but it seems that it has not been updated. Are the meetings ongoing? If so, can you add the next dates?


Criscod (talkcontribs)


The Wikidata Zurich Meetup page is here: Wikidata:Events/Wikidata Zurich Meetup with all the dedicated information.

There is no official announcement of the next meetup yet. The next meetup is planned for the summer. We will publish all the information in the aforementioned page, when we make it public.

Best wishes,


Criscod (talkcontribs)
Flor WMCH (talkcontribs)
Criscod (talkcontribs)

Please note that the new dates for the training event are November 2-3 (instead of September 28-29). I already updated this information both in the event page and the WMCH calendar.

Flor WMCH (talkcontribs)


Lyzzy (talkcontribs)

Hi Criscod, are you at the conference today? It would be great to meet and share some thoughts about the wiki project and how data providing governments and Wikidata connect. Perhaps our session today at 12:30 is interesting for you.

Criscod (talkcontribs)

Hi, Yes, I will be in the conference. Thanks for reaching out. I will join your session!

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