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Previous discussion was archived at User talk:Dhx1/Archive 1 on 2017-07-21.

Tobias1984 (talkcontribs)
Tobias1984 (talkcontribs)

Australian Wetlands Database Australian Ramsar site number

Fralambert (talkcontribs)

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MediaWiki message delivery (talkcontribs)

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Pasleim (talkcontribs)

This is a kind reminder that the following properties were created more than six months ago: CRICOS Provider Code (P2651). As of today, these properties are used on less than five items. As the proposer of these properties you probably want to change the unfortunate situation by adding a few statements to items.

Dhx1 (talkcontribs)

Thanks @Pasleim:. I've added about 70 more uses of this property to keep it alive--will add more later. Dhx1 (talk) 08:07, 18 January 2017 (UTC)

Presto possibile (talkcontribs)
Dhx1 (talkcontribs)

Long term I think bots should be able to update software version, dependency and other properties in Wikidata based on values extracted from Linux distribution package repositories. Bots may also be able to help with importing software into Wikidata, however I have found that a fair amount of software is already listed in Wikidata as items with different labels (expanded acronyms for example) and items without labels or other identifying properties. Perhaps Mix'n'Match would be better suited to the initial import, or bots used to generate likely matches that can be manually confirmed?

Presto possibile (talkcontribs)

So, how easy it is to e.g. query the Arch Linuxs package database? I think it's just build with folders and text description files.

Dhx1 (talkcontribs)

It's easy to query and extract information from Linux distribution package repositories, but not necessarily easy matching those packages to existing entries in Wikidata/Wikipedia, or to other packages in other distributions. Binary distributions can be complicated due to having multiple packages for the same software, where each package may add a slightly different module or feature. In Gentoo, this would be handled as one package with multiple USE flags.

ValterVB (talkcontribs)

In RFD there are a lot of item proposed for the deletion created by you. If you do not agree you can participate in the debate

Dhx1 (talkcontribs)

Thanks, will provide feedback.

99of9 (talkcontribs)

Hi Dhx1. Thanks for your edits to add 2016 ASGS IDs. Glad to see someone else involved. You might be interested in these discussions en:User_talk:99of9#Mix.27n.27Max en:Wikipedia:Australian_Wikipedians'_notice_board#2016_Census_data. Now that we have nearly completed the 2011 State Suburbs, we are hoping to add most of 2016 semi-automatically by using the correspondence tables provided by the ABS. In the mean time I'd like to do a MixNMatch for the Gazetted Localities, but I haven't found a list of them.

Proposal to add KS-specific property

GreyCat (talkcontribs)
Simon Villeneuve (talkcontribs)

I saw that you have proposed the creation of WIGOS ID. I work with a meteorologist of Environment Canada and they want to give access to the data of their ~8750 meteorological stations. We have created the Wikidata:WikiProject Weather observations for that, and maybe more (other countries).
We think we must follow the « New York way », but we have 2 problems :

  1. We don't know what the "int.wmo.wigos-0-20000-0-" is for ? It seems to be a URL path, but I see nothing online about that.
  2. Our WMO ID have 6 numbers, and the WIGOS ID have 5 numbers. Example : Q3155098#P4136 = 71074 and our number = 710741. Do you have a clue about why it is like that ? Ok, this was a misinterpretation from our side.

Can you help us ? If not, do you know someone who can ?

Dhx1 (talkcontribs)
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