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Previous discussion was archived at User talk:Salgo60/Archive 1 on 2018-05-21.

Nikantmark (talkcontribs)
Salgo60 (talkcontribs)
Nikantmark (talkcontribs)

In fact, I have already created a template there for this project. To continue, simply create separate wikidata item for all objects and link them using properties such as part of - for an object and it has part for Skansen. For Google, it may be quite important to get as much information and valid identifiers as possible. Hälsnigar.

Salgo60 (talkcontribs)

@Nikantmark "template there for this project" ?!?!?!

my plan is to get a consistency between Kulturnav and WIkidata --> = Skansens byggnadsmiljöer (Skansen) that has parts Skansens byggnader =

I have started with some Python code but my feeling is that what Skansen has done is not 100% logic... ;-) I guess 98% is correct today but I would like to go there and take more photos etc.... is the plan.... I guess now is the time of the year when its better taking photos... (talkcontribs)

but my feeling is that what Skansen has done is not 100% logic... ;-)

If you mean the Skansen website, then in my humble opinion this website has еру terrible and incorrect information architecture, irrelevant structured data, еру chaotic hierarchical structure of web pages. In short, everything is bad there. Probably the web administrator / webmaster of this website stopped in its development somewhere in 2007. Probably this website has no a ban of Google just because it is the official website of this open-air museum. However, I consider it the shame that this is one of the main tourist attractions in Sweden and has such the bad website. When I came to help them, it was ignored.

Salgo60 (talkcontribs)

Agree most of the culture institutions are a mess and they dont use Digitalisation to deliver something better. I have added maybe 5-10 Properties to WIkidata see my Phabricator workspace but the communication with the museums or reuse is nearly nothing only exception is a commercial company Arkiv Digital

Example of things I have done

My feeling is that liked data could make that one museum created material that the next could use....

I tweeted today about the new possibilities I see with the WIkibase installation that today was set in production on WIkicommons implementing I can see the possibility with easier also supporting multilingual experiences see tweet

Nikantmark (talkcontribs)

In my humble opinion, the Skansen website has an wrong hierarchical structure. They have the zoo, the aquarium, the museum (the most famous part of Skansen with many separate objects) and the children's playground. All this you will not see on the home page and this is their huge problem with the structure of the website. In addition, the UX of the home page leaves much to be desired. Of course, there is no work with the data there, although Google constantly focuses webmasters on working with data.

The Kulturnav you reported has the database in the format rdf-xml which is now outdated and little used because of the excessive code and as a result has strong loading web channels. Currently, Google uses dataset structured data and there is quite a bit of information about creating relevant data.

Do you have the resident of Sweden? If you are the Kulturnav worker, I can assist you in creating a database that will be relevant to the rich results of SERP Google. And anyway, I can help you with many web problems. I am the expert for the websites included in the category Your Money Or Your Life (YMYL) which includes almost all websites representing the medical business. Also I am the expert of Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (EAT) and the expert of structured/linked data all of this with nikname nikant25. You can directly contact me by email

Salgo60 (talkcontribs)
Nikantmark (talkcontribs)

In my humble opinion, Sweden has huge problems with websites representing some kind of business.  This can have negative consequences for the Swedish economy. If you noticed, many Swedish video rental companies have closed or collapsed after Netflix landed in Sweden. Currently, this scenario can be repeated with the arrival of the Amazon in Sweden. Check out my article Gratis sökmotoroptimering till företagswebbplatser. This backlog of Sweden in the informatics sector can turn the country into an informational “banan republic”. I tried to influence this, but probably I do not have good communication skills with the Swedes. If you wish, then we can try to change it.

For example, Kulturnav is the database. Each object in this database is has file as rdf-xml. Their website is outdated by about 12 years. Here you can optimize the following:

- Create a database based on the format JSON-LD. This is the serialization format and this format is used by the Google Knowledge Graph.

- Fully optimize or even create a new website from scratch. which will correspond to all modern search algorithms.

- Build structured data for this website and create linked data with object of format JSON-LD of files.

All this will create a representation of the objects of this database in three levels, such as:

- The user level at which the website can be viewed on any input device.

- A search engine level at which search robots and artificial intelligence will be able to get all the information about each object and which will be useful for machine learning.

- The level of the server, which will be information to exchange between servers. This will be the database for REST.

All this can be created for any database in Sweden, for example for the Swedish Open Cultural Heritage, SELIBR ID identifier per National Library of Sweden Libris library catalog, Kungliga biblioteket, Swedish Nationalencyklopedin ( site and so on.

The next rather interesting example is the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. Their website states the following: "Sweden's Chambers of commerce primarily promote infrastructure projects in which Sweden's Chambers of commerce wishes to see more interaction between the state and private enterprise". If you look at the website THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF MÄLARDALEN (my location) then on the start page you will not find any information about any particular business or business project that this chamber is promoting. There are many smiling faces, breakfast and lunch information, but there is no information at all about the subject mentioned in the main website, such as business promotion. This is even contrary to the basic principles of Google for webmasters: do not be fooled by users. Such websites may well be considered as spam.

What is your opinion: Can we cooperate in helping for Swedish websites?

Med vänlig hälsning,

Nikolaj Antonov

Salgo60 (talkcontribs)

I agree the problem i see is skills and competencies... and I can also see a big difference between "business" living in a commercial environment and tax paid....

I have given up communicating with those institutions and I guess some of them will disappear....

I feel kulturnav is an early test of LOD but it doesnt develop ---> so nothing happens. I have tried speaking with them on twitter and also visit a user group meeting but I guess nthing will happen.... I guess Structured data in Wikicmmns and WIkibase will maybe be a game changer....


Magnus Sälgöälgö-148890/

Nikantmark (talkcontribs)

I guess Structured data in Wikicmmns and WIkibase will maybe be a game changer....

Here the following scenario is possible. More specific information on Wikidat will link all the data submitted and Google will return search results for all the languages and data presented. Currently mobile traffic accounts for approximately 57% of total web traffic. These mobile users will see information about places of interest to them in Sweden and will actively follow these links. However, due to the fact that all these websites have very low download speeds, and many do not have a mobile design, users will leave after 3 seconds waiting for the download. Google informs us: "In the latest research into the mobile brand, experiences have unearthed data that reinforces what you may already suspect: Speed and relevance are crucial to customer satisfaction". According to BrightEdge, 69 percent of mobile searchers stated they were more likely to buy from a brand with a mobile site that addressed their concerns. There will be a large percentage of users coming out (in 1-3 seconds) from these websites and the popularity of these websites will decrease. Google will notice this and begin to study these websites more closely. There he will see that these websites contradict almost all Google recommendations for webmasters. Surely these websites will fall under Google’s algorithmic penalty and will be lowered in search rank. At best, these websites will return to their old place in the search rank, but can be lowered even lower (if there is still a place to go down). Thus all your work and my work will have no effect and benefit. This job will not make sense, because in search engine optimization all parts of the website, both online and offline, and files and UX are linked in a single tangle.

Reply to "change 861104005"
Nikantmark (talkcontribs)
Reply to "Google Knowledge Graph ID"
Jc86035 (talkcontribs)

Hi, just noting that I effectively reverted Special:Diff/814291599 and Special:Diff/420823447/420824665. This is because I set up autofixes for uses of described at URL (P973) with Spotify URLs, so KrBot converted the statements to the identifier properties.

I think if these are significant it would be better to create items for each of the songs, instead of effectively representing the songs using Spotify's data.

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Ainali (talkcontribs)

Should Q61415478 and Q61443777 be merged? Or is it something that differ them from each other?

Ainali (talkcontribs)

I saw you merged them, great. I still wonder about the object. Is it really about the occupation being a baker at Skansen? Has anyone ever had that? Or is it actually an occupation still? Either way, is it notable as such, or should it rather be that a person has occupation tunnbrödbagare with qualifier employer (P108) Skansen (Q725108)?

Salgo60 (talkcontribs)

Call me if you want 070-5937579 I am trying to map Skansen. The idea is to get a better understanding how a more developed model of Skansen impacts our experience of visiting Skansens and/or whatis needed to connect all database SILOS with material related to Skansen

  • Add Wikidata for all building
  • Add occupations/(sysselsättningar) they display
  • Connect the object from Open Street Map to Wikidata
  • Next step is
    • See how to connect this to Kulturnav/Digitalt museum
      • See if how good DIgital museum is helping me to find material for all buildings/enviroments (Skansen gör som RAÄ att dom grupperar ihop saker till en museum miljö som skall visas något sedan har dom plockat ihop massa byggnader so jag också gör spårbara
    • See how we connect to Kulturnav
    • Lesson learned so far is if we have a occupation or a building in Wikidata its a god connection to kulturnav Skansens dataset "Skansens byggnadsmiljöer "but pictures uploaded to DIgitat Museum is often not connected to building
      And much more see Listeria :Salgo60/Listeria/Skansen/WD_objekt
Ainali (talkcontribs)
Salgo60 (talkcontribs)

Jag svara på svenska Det är ett yrke som visas på Skansen. När det gäller byggnader så kallar Skansen det byggnadsmiljö och en byggnadsmiljö kan ha en eller flera byggnader som skall skapa en Fäbodsmiljö, Samisk miljö, Deösbogårdsmiljö På Skansen visas då och då yrken som inte finns nu men även olika sysselsättningar tanken är lite vag men att man precis som gör Skansens byggnader så skall yrkena kunna knytas till platser på Skansen och även knyta källor, bilder, filmer till Skansens yrkesmiljöer men även till objektet gör yrket om det passar Är inte 100 om det kommer att sluta med denna uppdelning men skall en plats som Skansen beskrivas i Wikidata så känns inte detta helt fel en fråga är om var gränsen går mellan Skansen och Wikidata eller hur gör vi i Wikidata på bästa sött för att hitta källor i mindre utvecklade databaser som Digitalt museum, Stockholmskällan, eller andra som fortfarande har egna nyckelord eller bara grupperar saker via fritextsökning

Ainali (talkcontribs)

Då ska det inte ha "instance of" "yrke" eller "gammalt yrke" (det senare är dessutom knasigt, det borde bara vara yrke med någon tidskvalifikator). Det ska vi bara sätta på sådant som folk kan ha i occupation (P106). Du får hitta på något annat, som utställning, utställningsobjekt eller liknande.

Salgo60 (talkcontribs)

översättningen är knas på svenska kallar jag det museal sysselsättning/yrkesmiljö eftersom vissa saker som visas upp från äldre tider gissar jag inte var en heltidssysselsättning

analogt med att Skansen för byggnader uttrycker att dom har

1) Museal byggnadsmiljö [sv] -

som kan ha en eller flera

2) Museala byggnader

där ofta dom enskilda byggnaderna kommer från olika ställen och tidpunkter och visar olika saker ex.

består av byggnaderna

Jag försöker sätta igång en dialog med bl.a. Digitalt Museum att vi hittar rätt begrepp/samma begrepp/koncept. Dock saknar jagbra platser att kommunicera på plus att jag uppfattar detta som svårt och lite oprövad mark länk

Ainali (talkcontribs)

Aha, ja det låter ju mer passande! Nu ser ju objektet lite fattigt ut, utan några egenskaper eller länkar och med olika etikett på svenska och engelska. Du bör nog förbättra det för att undvika vidare förvirring.

Salgo60 (talkcontribs)

Tanken känns mer och mer rätt. Skansen verkar vara ett av få ställen om man har tur som visar upp ett av Sveriges vanligaste yrken Q61442369 Is utbärare..... och efter säkert en timmes letande i lika databaser så fanns det lite mer info/bilder

Ainali (talkcontribs)

Jag har tyvärr inte orkat sätta mig in i ditt projekt. Det här var mest ett sidospår i mina brödredigeringar som behövde redas ut.

Salgo60 (talkcontribs)


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Bovlb (talkcontribs)
Reply to "2-d locations within 3-d artwork"

Structured Data - file captions coming this week (January 2019)

MediaWiki message delivery (talkcontribs)

My apologies if this is a duplicate message for you, it is being sent to multiple lists which you may be signed up for.

Hi all, following up on last month's announcement...

Multilingual file captions will be released this week, on either Wednesday, 9 January or Thursday, 10 January 2019. Captions are a feature to add short, translatable descriptions to files. Here's some links you might want to look follow before the release, if you haven't already:

  1. Read over the help page for using captions - I wrote the page on because captions are available for any MediaWiki user, feel free to host/modify a copy of the page here on Commons.
  2. Test out using captions on Beta Commons.
  3. Leave feedback about the test on the captions test talk page, if you have anything you'd like to say prior to release.

Additionally, there will be an IRC office hour on Thursday, 10 January with the Structured Data team to talk about file captions, as well as anything else the community may be interested in. Date/time conversion, as well as a link to join, are on Meta.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to seeing those who can make it to the IRC office hour on Thursday. -- Keegan (WMF) (talk) 21:09, 7 January 2019 (UTC)
Reply to "Structured Data - file captions coming this week (January 2019)"
MediaWiki message delivery (talkcontribs)
The previous message from today says captions will be released in November in the text. January is the correct month. My apologies for the potential confusion. -- Keegan (WMF) (talk) 20:43, 7 January 2019 (UTC)
Reply to "Captions in January"

Hur förhåller sig Q24680756 och Q58034313 till varandra?

Larske (talkcontribs)
Salgo60 (talkcontribs)

Fel merge som jag städar upp.... det var fel i artikeln så jag mergade av misstak och upptäckte efteråt felet...

Reply to "Hur förhåller sig Q24680756 och Q58034313 till varandra?"

P582 för Q46808188 som P26 till Q6029797?

Larske (talkcontribs)

Du la förra året in maka för Åke Ortmark i Wikidata. Har du möjlighet att gräva fram ett slutdatum (gärna även startdatum) för när Ortmark var gift med Sinikka? Har har väl varit gift en eller flera gånger efter det och det vore jättebra om det framgick av infoboxen att han inte var gift med Sinikka när han dog. Start- och slutdatum presenteras ju som (g. start-slut) under namnet i infoboxen.

Salgo60 (talkcontribs)

hm lite olika ledtrådar

  • Vem är Vem säger 1961
  • i Gift kvinna 1975-06-20 på Sinikka Onerva Almgren, född 1935-07-15 - Sveriges befolkning 1975

men det är nog med Bertil Almgren (Q46944138)

  • Åke verkar omgift med Ida Annika Richardsdotter Ortmark 1974-06-08
Reply to "P582 för Q46808188 som P26 till Q6029797?"
Larske (talkcontribs)

Hej här la du in en församling som födelseort för en person som föddes 1856 då församlingen hade ett annat namn. Jag antar att du inser vad resultatet kommer att bli.

Salgo60 (talkcontribs)
  • Församlingen är no label (Q10512441)
    • Namnbyten har skett 1 maj 1916 från Gävle församling till Gävle Heliga Trefaldighets församling.

Vi har inte riktigt tagit höjd för detta med namnbyten men det blir nog som du skrev för ett tag sedan....

Larske (talkcontribs)

OK, jag har lagt in de tre name (P2561) som objektet har haft. Då kan detta objekt vara ett försöksobjekt för den kommande funktionen att hämta namn per ett visst datum, till exempel datum enligt date of birth (P569).

Salgo60 (talkcontribs)

Det är väl så vi hoppas det skall fungera. Det jag fortfarande känner är lite gungfly är vad ett Wikidata objekt fr en Svensk församling står för där hoppas jag vi landar i en tydlighet. Jämför SCB Regina och deras församlingskoder som verkar vara den del av församlng inom en kommun MEN där församlingskoden "återanvänds" lite svårförståeligt

Jag saknar bra plattformar att fråga saker som detta idag känns det som Wikidata folk smyger omkring och hämtar det vi kan på gott och ont.... undantaget Arkiv DIgital som är lätta och snabba att prata med men dom ser ju en affärsvinst i detta - Salgo60 (talk) 10:21, 18 October 2018 (UTC)

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