Wikidata 8th birthday events in IndiaEdit

Hello ZI Jony!,

I am happy to inform you that we are organizing a series of events on the occasion of the 8th birthday of Wikidata on behalf of WikiProject India in the form of webinars, datathon and merchandise distribution. Details of the events can be found here.

  1. Webinars- 3 sessions on 3 very interesting topics will be conducted as follows. The sessions will be open for all.
  • October 11 2020, 6 pm IST:- Jane023 will talk about Sum of all Paintings, describe and demonstrate the workflow on improving data about paintings on Wikidata. A data-thon on Indian paintings will follow for the next 16 days.
  • October 17 2020, 7 pm IST:- DVrandecic (WMF) will be introducing the newest sister project of the Wikimedia universe, the Abstract Wikipedia and WikiLambda to the Indian community and how as a community, we need to be prepared for this upcoming exciting and ambitious project.
  • October 18 2020, 7 pm IST:- Mahir256 will conduct a session on the Wikidata Lexeme. He will explain the importance of lexicographical data and demonstrate the workflow.
  1. Datathon - October 12 to October 28, 2020:- A 16-days long online datathon will be conducted on Indian paintings. The output of the datathon will be given as a birthday gift to Wikidata on October 29.
  1. Merchandise distribution- During the month of October, CIS-A2K will be sending Wikidata special merchandise to Indian affiliates and communities upon request as well as active contributors of Wikidata residing in India. Details on how to request merchandise can be found here.

The above mentioned activities are already finalised. If any of the Indian communities or affiliates are planning activities on the occasion of Wikidata's 8th birthday, please feel free to enlist them here.

Bodhisattwa (CIS-A2K)
Wikidata Co-ordinator, CIS-A2K
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Hello ZI Jony,

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