Permanent Antarctic stations, 2009

This page summarises recommended properties for items located in Antarctica. Antarctica has an unusual political position - it is the only major landmass in the world not controlled by any single country. Instead, it is governed under the Antarctic Treaty, where countries work cooperatively to manage the continent and the surrounding ocean, and agree to suspend their existing territorial claims.

This means that the conventional ways of dealing with geographic items, using country (P17) subdivided with located in the administrative territorial entity (P131), does not work well - items do not exist in a "country" and there is no universal hierarchy of administrative areas. Wikidata has previously used continent (P30):Antarctica (Q51) on Antarctic items but this has not always worked well. Having a consistent system will allow Antarctic items to be described accurately without causing confusion for other uses. (A consensus still needs to be developed on how to deal with the existing P30 entries.)

Geographic items

Following a discussion in 2016, consensus is that all geographic items south of 60°S parallel (60th parallel south (Q783987), the Treaty boundary) should have:

Anything north of 60°S parallel is outside the Treaty area, and should use country (P17) and located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) in the normal way.

If there are items that, by geographically, crossing the 60°S parallel, please add qualifier applies to part (P518)Antarctica (Q51) to all the statements you added according to above, this is especially true for all meridian (Q32099) items.

still need to work out - what to do with existing continent (P30) entries
Bases, refuges, and other human infrastructure

These should have all of the above, plus:

Antarctic historic sites, specially managed areas, and specially protected areas
Avoid using
Territorial claims
Map of territorial claims

There are eight territorial claims by seven countries. Three overlap, and around one sixth of Antarctica is not in any claim. These claims are, west to east

Items for claims should have -

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