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The Wikidata development team has been working on a tool to achieve this goal: fill and edit the Wikipedia infoboxes with information from Wikidata, directly on Wikipedia. We already asked for feedback in 2015, and collected some interesting ideas. We would like to present you our first prototype and collect your feedback, in order to improve and continue the development of this feature.

On this page, you will find a link to the prototype, the expected process, a video showing it step by step, and a list of the features that the tool will provide in the future. Feel free to try the prototype, watch the video, and give us your feedback, remarks and expectations on the talk page.


  • You want to add or modify information in an infobox, using the data from Wikidata
  • You open the infobox editor in the Visual Editor
  • You specify which data should be used and how it is labeled in the infobox
  • If you are not happy with data from Wikidata, you can either correct it, or display manually inserted wikitext instead


Screenshot of the first prototype of Wikidata infobox editing

This feature will allow you to add or modify data from Wikidata directly in your infobox on Wikipedia, in the Visual Editor. This will also allow you to replace the information displayed from Wikidata by other information, if you think that is necessary.

Disclaimer: The prototype is not a finished piece of software. It does not actually edit anything. It is only capable of demonstrating a particular workflow. The interface may be blocked sometimes. In this case you need to reload the page. Also the design is a work in progress and will be adapted to the actual design of the VE. This first prototype is made for checking the main workflow with you.

If the prototype doesn’t work for you, feel free to watch the video below.

You can access the prototype here! Please follow the instructions on the left side of the screen.


What the prototype shows right now:

  • fill fields of infoboxes with values from Wikidata
  • switch between local wikitext and Wikidata values for every field separately
  • add new values to a statement
  • edit existing values
dropdown with auto suggest when adding values to a statement in the Wikidata UI

Things the prototype doesn’t show now, but will be able to do in the future:

  • delete values from a statement
  • change rank of values (and thus visibility in infoboxes)
  • update/add/delete qualifiers and ranks for each value
  • save-button functionality
  • tooltips and help
  • when adding a new value to a statement, matching values are auto suggested like in the Wikidata UI
  • everything that the current visual editor can do already


You can watch a demo video of the prototype below or on Commons. The video is in English, but help with translations and subtitles is welcome!

Development planEdit

The next steps depend on your feedback. We can go back to a new iteration of UX and workflows if necessary, or jump to the next steps of development. Ideally, we would like to provide the beta version of the feature in 2018.

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