Wikidata:Database reports/Complex constraint violations/P4908

Complex constraint violations report for season (Discussion, uses, items, changes): season of a television show or podcast series
Data time stamp: 2020-12-01 02:24 (UTC)
The report is generated based on the settings on Property talk:P4908.
Updates overwrite this page. Some may already be fixed since the last update: check RecentChangesLinked.
The report can include false positives. No need to "fix" them.

Ordinal qualifier would generally be unique within seasonEdit

define exceptions when needed

violations count: 65

Ordinal qualifier on series statement would generally be unique within seriesEdit

define exceptions when needed

violations count: 59

Episode titles are generally uniqueEdit

Currently checks English labels. Excludes a few series with repeating titles

violations count: 49

Label of season should be different from seriesEdit

Seasons generally have a label in the format "[name of series], season [number]". Sometimes bot create items stripping the season number. Limited to English. See Wikidata:WikiProject_Movies/reports/TV_seasons/label/as_series.

no results or query error

Episodes generally have this propertyEdit

Episodes of television series with multiple seasons generally have this property. Limited to 500.

violations count: 500

Episodes generally have this property (count by series)Edit

Series with most episodes lacking P4908. Limited to 100.

violations count: 50