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Constraint violations report for applies to jurisdiction (Discussion, uses, items, changes, related properties): the item (an institution, law, public office ...) or statement belongs to or has power over or applies to the value (a territorial jurisdiction: a country, state, municipality, ...)
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The report is generated based on the settings on Property talk:P1001.
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"Self link" violationsEdit

Violations count: 1

"Type rule (Q1151067), organ (Q895526), symbol (Q80071), organization (Q43229), title (Q216353), position (Q4164871), Wikidata property (Q18616576), national identification number (Q1140371), designation for an administrative territorial entity (Q15617994), heritage register (Q15097084), heritage designation (Q30634609), supreme audit institution (Q43306178), embassy (Q3917681), consulate general (Q372690), diplomatic mission (Q213283), consulate (Q7843791), police (Q35535), tax (Q8161), legal form (Q12047392), law (Q7748), motto (Q42470), educational institution (Q2385804), legal concept (Q2135465), protected area (Q473972), prison (Q40357), inquiry (Q21004260), legal act (Q1864008), coat of arms (Q14659), bill (Q686822), cadastre (Q191072), legislative term (Q15238777), religious organization (Q1530022), award (Q618779), fictional legislation (Q65554936), public holiday (Q1197685), judiciary (Q105985), currency (Q8142), police district (Q4992061), military unit (Q176799), criminal charge (Q329525), violation of law (Q24962887), telephone number (Q214995)" violationsEdit

Violations count: 7092

Too many results. 2091 records skipped.

Types statisticsEdit